Storm Boy Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 1/10.
Estimated time to Platinum: 15 – 30 Mins.
Trophies: 12.  40-platinumGold11
Missable trophies: None.
Glitched trophies: None.
Difficulty related: None.
Playthrough: 1.


Welcome to the Storm Boy Trophy Guide!
Storm Boy The Game is based upon the 1964 children’s book of the same name by Colin Thiele. Set on Australian beaches the story about the boy and his pelican is retold through mini-games and narrative.

This game is a trophy hunters dream, so simple, so short, and still a pleasant enjoyable experience to play. It is extremely easy to get this platinum, and extremely fast – you’re looking at about 15 minutes. No skill is required, it’s more of a walking sim taking you through the story, and you don’t even have to complete the mini-games; most don’t even have much of a goal, you can just grab the trophy and exit with  or .


Step 1: Complete the game
Just keep on walking right until you pass a circular icon on the screen which is a mini-game. You can’t really miss them because they are quite large, and you can’t get lost because there is only left or right. There are 9 mini-games to play, with the final being for the hidden trophy for ending the game.

The only 2 mini-games you need to complete are the final 2, for the Gold Our Hero and Gold Goodbye Mr Percival trophies. The others you only need to stay in for a few seconds to grab the corresponding trophies (see the trophy guide below for more details) and then exit with or . There is only 1 mini-game that has no trophies (on a sled), so just exit it as soon as you enter.

Here you will earn:
Gold Hangry Birds
Gold Our Hero
Gold Commitment
Gold Adventurist
Gold Digger
Gold Goodbye Mr. Percival
Gold Fish Magnet
Gold Born to Fly
Gold Artist
Gold Dive Expert

Step 2: Play each mini-game once through the Remember Menu
Now only one trophy remains, Gold Remember, but yet again it is super fast to achieve.
Once you have completed the game, a ‘Remember’ option will become available from the title screen. Ignore the 4 square icons; you need to select each of the 9 circular icons. You don’t need to do anything just give it a couple of seconds in each and then exit.

Here you will earn:
Gold Remember
40-platinum Storm Boy

Trophy Guide:

Storm Boy
Get all other Trophies in Storm Boy

Get all other Trophies in Storm Boy. Congratulations!

Hangry Birds Gold
Have all 3 Pelicans get angry during the Feeding Mini-Game

Do Gold Fish Magnet first, then this trophy.

To make the birds angry, feed one 2 fish in a row. It will make another bird shake its head. Do this to all 3 birds, then all 3 would have gotten mad at you and this will pop.

Exit the mini-game with once you got both trophies.

Our Hero Gold
Save the Sailors from a Sinking Ship

The pelican will be getting blown off the screen by the wind of the storm so just hold left or right on the analogue stick to try and remain in the centre until you reach the boat. Once you reach the boat you with get a prompt with allowing you to enter the final part of the game.

Commitment Gold
Have Mr Percival Fetch the ball from underwater 3 times

Pick up the ball with , pulling back the left analogue stick and push it forward to throw the ball into the water. Repeat 3 times. It will only count if you see the pelican fly into the air and dive into the water to retrieve the ball – it won’t count if you haven’t thrown the ball far enough and the pelican just trots down the beach.

You can exit the mini-game as soon as you got your trophy.

Adventurist Gold
Dive to the deepest part of the ocean

The deepest part of the ocean is at the SE/South East corner.

There are 4 corners. From your starting position, there’s one at NE, SE, SW, NW. (A corner has 2 pegs/buoys close together). You’ll know the correct one as it has about 4 boats to the right-hand side of the corner. Press to dive into the water once you’ve reached the edge, then keep swimming down until you touch the ground. Other corners are shallow, but the correct spot will take about 9 strokes to reach the bottom.

Also grab Gold Dive Expert while you’re down here. Then you can exit the mini-game.

Digger Gold
Find 20 Cockles

There are 100 cockles total. They’re everywhere, so grabbing 20 will be fast and easy. Mash about 6 times to dig the hole, and then make sure he has picked the cockle up. You will see the counter at the top in the centre of your screen.

You can exit the mini-game when you got the trophy.

Goodbye Mr Percival Gold
Say Goodbye to Mr Percival

Unmissable. Just complete the game.
This is the final mini-game. As the pelican, all you have to do, is fly directly down to the lookout post.

Remember Gold
Play each Mini-Game once through the Remember menu

Once you have completed the game, the title screen will have a “Remember” option.
Once selected, ignore the 4 square thumbnails. You need to select each of the 9 circular icons that represent the mini-games. Once selected you don’t need to do anything, just exit after a few seconds.

Fish Magnet Gold
Feed all 3 Pelicans once

Grab a fish with and swing back and forth with the left analogue stick to throw. Give each of the 3 pelicans one fish each.

After this trophy, grab Gold Hangry Birds before exiting the minigame.

Born to Fly Gold
Change Direction in the Sanctuary Dream mini-game 15 times

With the left analogue stick hold up or down till the bird loops around. Keep on looping around until you get the trophy (15-20 times), and then exit the mini-game with .

Artist Gold
Leave an artwork on the beachfront

Hold to either make a squiggle or a masterpiece (your choice), then press to exit. The trophy will pop when you have backed back out of the mini-game and can see your art on the beach.

Dive Expert Gold
Stay underwater for the maximum amount of time

Get this trophy the same time that you have touched the bottom of the ocean for Gold Adventurist.

Once you’re at the bottom of the ocean you can just idle for about 30 seconds – 1 minute, and when Storm Boy has been underwater for as long as he can he will automatically return to the surface, giving you the trophy.



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