Fluxteria Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 3/10
    Estimated time to platinum: 1 hour
    Missable trophies: None
    Glitched trophies: None
    difficulty related: None
    Playthrough: 1


    Welcome to the Fluxteria Trophy Guide! A non-stop arcade-space-shooting action in full 3D. Play 20 different levels in a beautifully stylized science-fiction setting.


    NOTE: all the modes of the game can be played in “Baby Difficulty” in order to ease all the steps.

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    Step 1: Assault Mode

    This is the first mode you can play, and it consists of destroying a certain target to beat the level. Three of the five levels are set on a linear path and take a few minutes each. After this stage, you’ll have five trophies.

    You’ll be earning these trophies:

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    Bronze Hazel’s Salute
    Silver Turretus Incubus
    Silver Factoring The Robots
    Silver Plant Saver
    Gold Command Demise

    Step 2: Obstacle Mode

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    Obstacle Mode is all set on linear courses, where the whole point is to make it to the end of the level while avoiding obstacles on the way. This is honestly the hardest part of the platinum. Especially two of the levels. After this stage, you’ll have another five trophies.

    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:

    Bronze Course Rookie
    Silver Space Roller Coaster
    Silver Ironing The Speed
    Silver Wreck Breeze
    Gold Gate Warper

    Step 3: Survival Mode

    This game mode is a lot easier than the last. All you have to do is kill the number of enemies that are on the level. For the most part, you get to just fly forward and the enemies come into your view, to be shot down. Five more trophies are yours after all this.

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:

    Bronze Weapons Surmount
    Silver Nebula Maestro
    Silver Fleet Destroyer
    Silver Dominator
    Gold Reign In Space

    Step 3: Time Attack Mode

    This mode is all about getting items in each of the levels within a time limit. Luckily all the items are giants and glow yellow, so they’re easy to see!

    After this stage, you’ll get these trophies:

    Gold Antenna Gaffer
    Gold Tube Master
    Gold Hacker’s Triad
    Gold Lab Honcho
    Gold Pod Chief
    40-platinum Fluxteria Platinum

    Trophy Guide:

    Fluxteria Champion
    The whole star system feels gratitude towards you.
    Hazel’s Salute
    Cleared the way to Planet Axteria

    You get this for finishing the first level of Assault Mode. You just keep flying until you reach the giant space station and shoot it down.

    Turretus Incubusupscale-245262160018212
    Now, they will have hard time to reconstruct those ground forces.

    Once you finish the second level of Assault Mode, this is yours. You’re going to dodge enemy fire in this level. Once you blow up the big ship at the end, the level is over.

    Factoring The Robotsupscale-245262160018212
    Our rebel forces will feel safer with your efforts

    This 3rd mission of Assault Mode is a little different than the other two. You’re in a giant open area, with a big gate in front of you. You have to fly to that gate and shoot the lock. Once through, fly to the next big gate where the boss enemy sits. Kill him and the level is over.

    Plant Saverupscale-245262160018212
    United Space Force won’t be able to exploit the nature anymore because of your brutal attack.

    This is the 4th mission in Assault Mode and it’s dreadful. You have to destroy 3 big factories on the level that are guarded by buggy enemies. You see two right away, as they glow purple. The 3rd one is on the other side of the big opening. Slowly make your way to it and destroy it. Once all 3 are blown up, you get this trophy.

    Command DemiseGold
    Planet Liberated but you need to develop many more skills.

    This is for completing the last mission of Assault Mode. You just have to fly on the straight line to the enemy base and you can either shoot the building on the ground or the building in the sky. Eventually, it will blow up and you will finish the level. Then you will get this trophy.

    Course Rookie
    Do you think this is fast?

    After you finish the first level of Obstacle Mode, you get this. This level isn’t that hard. The little objects deal no damage, but the big objects have to be avoided as they can blow you up easily.

    Space Roller Coasterupscale-245262160018212
    It will get faster, this is nothing.

    This is gained after beating the second level of Obstacle Mode. This level is a bit tough, but for a few sections, you can avoid everything completely by staying at the bottom of the screen. The level ends after the giant gold rings.

    Ironing The Speedupscale-245262160018212
    Now we are talking…when it comes to speed.

    This is obtained from the third level of Obstacle Mode. Prepare for some pure, unadulterated, stupidity. This level makes you fly fast the whole time. No way to speed up, or slow down. You just have to get lucky. There are points where an obstacle will take up the whole screen and there’s no way to avoid it. You just have to keep trying until the game finally lets you survive to the end.

    Wreck Breezeupscale-245262160018212
    Rebels enjoyed watching you cruising through the wreckages.

    Forget what I said about the last Obstacle Mode level. This level takes a new cake. You can get stuck, on objects. Stuck, so you die! Luckily the level is short. But there’s a lot of death. Once you make it to the end of the fourth level though, the trophy pops.

    Gate WarperGold
    Now, you can jump through star systems, with this level of speed endurance.

    This is obtained for finishing level five of Obstacle Mode. Luckily this is a lot easier than the past two levels! So you shouldn’t have any issues here! After you go through the giant warp gate, the trophy is yours.

    Weapon’s Surmount
    You can’t rely on your existing skill set, you have to work harder.

    This is for beating level one of Survival Mode. This isn’t too hard as you just have to kill the 10 enemies that are scattered across the map. After all 10 are dead, you win and the trophy is yours.

    Nebula Maestroupscale-245262160018212
    United Space Force is literary worried about your existence, they are afraid of you.

    You get this when you beat level two of Survival Mode. This one has 15 enemies in it. Though if you fly in a straight line, a lot of them will end up in front of you for easy kills. Then it’s the matter of flying around and destroying the rest of them!

    Fleet Destroyerupscale-245262160018212
    Now, you are acting like a real commander.

    This is the third mission of Survival Mode and an easy one too! All the enemies are robots, so you can fly around the map without looking for them. Once you get close, they’ll fly to you, then get in front of you to attack. So you just mow all 20 of them down easily!

    You have brought real panic to United Space Force.

    This is the fourth level of Survival Mode and it’s annoying. One, because it takes place in the large map, and two, because it has the twitchy aircraft. This has 25 enemies in it to kill, so it’ll take a few minutes. There’s nothing too hard about it though. If you can’t get behind a ship, just fly straight, and it’ll fly in front of you.

    Reign In SpaceGold
    This star system is now free because of your efforts.

    This is obtained for clearing the fifth and final level of Survival Mode. This is probably the longest level of this mode. The map is huge. Sure there are only 25 enemies, but flying to them all, takes so long. After you defeat all 25, this level is done, the trophy is unlocked, and you don’t have to play this mode any longer.

    Antenna GafferGold
    War needs ammo as well as communication.

    This is earned from the first level of Time Attack Mode. There are 7 big antennas you have to pick up in the level, within the time limit. You should have no problem with this, as it’s quick and easy.

    Tube Master Gold
    Pipeline is everything in space battles.

    This is obtained from beating the second level of Time Attack Mode. On this level, you just have to mine big yellow tubes to beat the level!

    Hacker’s TriadGold
    We have to rewire those mechs.

    You get this for beating level three of Time Attack Mode. On this level, you have to gather ten desks. Yes, desks, to beat the level and get the trophy. This level is one of the large open levels, so it’s easy to not see much. But if you look for yellow giant rotating balls, that’s where a desk is.

    Lab HonchoGold
    We need to study the enemy’s chemistry.

    After you complete level four of Time Attack Mode, you will get this trophy.
    On this level, you have to gather twelve pieces of lab equipment. These are giant yellow microscopes. Once you get them all, another level is done!

    Pod Chief Gold
    Don’t let them escape.

    This is the last level of Time Attack Mode. In this level, you have to collect seventeen drop pods around the map. They are all mostly clustered together, but it’s a large map so it still takes a long time to get to them. Once you get all seventeen, the level and mode are done.


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