Zombieland Double Tap: Road Trip Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 2/10.
    Estimated time to Platinum: 10 Hours.
    Trophies: 28. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 6 / Silver 13 / Bronze 8 .
    Missable trophies: Gold Direct Flight.
    Glitched trophies: None.
    Difficulty related: None.
    Playthrough: One.


    Welcome to the Zombieland Double Tap: Road Trip Trophy Guide!
    Welcome back, to the United States of Zombieland! Taking place just before the second movie, you will be fighting through hordes of zombies on your way to Washington DC so Tallahassee can be President!


    Step 1: Complete the Game Quickly
    Your first stage in obtaining the platinum trophy is to complete all 10 story mission, preferably as quickly as possible. Don’t focus too much on side missions and miscellaneous trophies on this stage.

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    You’ll be earning these trophies:
    Bronze Walk in the Park
    Bronze Wild Deuce
    Bronze Coupon Clipper
    Bronze Well Done
    Bronze Road Warrior
    Bronze 20 to Life
    Silver Silver Life a Fox
    Silver Buying in Bulk
    Silver Tanking the Horde
    Gold Casablanca
    Gold Direct Flight

    Step 2: Miscellaneous Tophies
    With the main story completed, you will now want to go back and complete all the side missions and random miscellaneous trophies.

    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
    Bronze Variety is the Spice of Life
    Bronze They’re All the Same Now
    Silver 10 Times the Violence
    Silver 10 Times the Bullets
    Silver 10 Times the Blood
    Silver 10 Times the Action
    Silver 10 Times the Amazement
    Silver Innovation & Industry
    Silver Was that a Triple Tap?
    Silver Gotta Love the Classics
    Silver Burn, Baby, Burn
    Gold Just as Great as the Original
    Gold Sweetennial

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    Step 3: Co-op
    Finally, to finish off the platinum trophy, there are a couple on random co-op trophies.

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
    Silver Fully Loaded
    Gold For Your Consideration
    40-platinum Brains of the Operation

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    Tips and Strategies:

    Zombieland Double Tap: Road Trip is a top down twin stick co-op shooter set just before the events of the second movie Zombieland Double Tap. The four main characters decide to travel all the way across the country to Washington DC, with Tallahassee “campaigning” to become President along the way.

    The game plays very similarly to Dead Nation, but with a much more lighthearted, humorous tone. It’s a reasonably fun experience for a few hours, though the game is very short, consisting of ten story missions, five side missions, and a horde mode. It also features a simple character upgrade system.

    The platinum is actually pretty easy. Between the short length of the game and the helpful upgrades, you shouldn’t have much trouble outside of a few challenging areas.

    Here is a link to a playlist by AnonymousAffection showcasing a playthrough of every main and side mission, as well as completion of the horde levels. Use this if you happen to get stuck somewhere.


    The game is designed to be played in co-op by up to four players. However, only couch co-op is available. If you play in co-op, the zombies become tougher to kill, and supplies become more scarce due to them being shared between multiple players. Also, you will be given a few revives, equivalent to the number of players, but they must be used within 10 seconds of a player going down or they are out for the rest of the mission.


    • You can only carry one weapon at a time, whether that weapon is a minigun or a pitchfork, as well as one type of explosive.
    • There is no melee attack, unless the one weapon you carry is one of the five available melee weapons.
    • There are NO checkpoints in this game. If you die, you will have to restart the level.
    • There are a handful of power ups available in the game. Twinkie Packs refill your entire health bar, Brass Knuckles increase your damage temporarily, and Soda Bottles temporarily increase your speed. The final side mission and the final horde level contain a Nuke power up that kills all zombies on screen.
    • Each character has a special ability. It corresponds to the yellow meter under your health bar, and is activated by hitting +. For example, Columbus’s ability slows time for everyone except himself and his weapons, Little Rock’s increases her reload and healing speed, and Wichita’s creates a decoy to lure away zombies.
    • There is a new game plus mode that is unlocked after completing the main story, though it isn’t required for any trophies.

    Trophy Guide:

    Brains of the Operation
    Earn all other trophies.

    Earn all other trophies.

    Fully Loaded upscale-245262160018212
    Beat a level with 4 players, each playing a main character

    For this trophy, you will need to complete an entire level with a full four player group, with each player playing as one of the original four characters (Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita, and Little Rock). The more players you have in the game, the tougher the zombies will be, so it is best to do this trophy on the first level of the game Pacific Playland Again, as this one is short and only has regular and clown zombies. Alternatively, you can do mission 3 Shop Till You Drop; while the zombies are tougher and more numerous, the level can be completed in about 5-7 minutes if you play quickly.

    Unfortunately, the game has no online mode, so you will either need to have four controllers at your disposal, or utilize the switch user method, detailed below. If you happen to have four controllers, then you can simply move your other three characters up to the first group of zombies and let them go down. Don’t revive them, instead just play through the rest of the level with your main account. The trophy will unlock after turning on all five rides.

    Switch User Method:

    • At the character select screen, ready up as your main account.
    • Hold down the PS Home button, go to quick menu, power, switch user.
    • Select new user, choose to play as a guest, and do not sign in when prompted.
    • This will put you back on the dashboard as guest #1.
    • Select the game and press  to join with the guest account.
    • Repeat this process until the roster is filled out.
    • Select a level, either the first or third would be the best.
    • Once in a level, move forward with a guest account and let yourself be killed. Let the other two guest accounts go down.
    • Switch user again back to your main account and complete the level. The trophy will pop at the upgrade screen.
    • Credit to for this method.
    Walk in the Park
    Beat the first level

    This trophy is earned by completing the first level of the game, Pacific Playland…. Again. This is a tutorial mission, teaching you the controls, the rules of zombie survival, etc. Your only real objective is to turn on five rides at the amusement park.

    Wild Deuce
    Beat the second level

    This trophy is earned by completing the second level of the game Bathroom Break. This level is all about Columbus needing to use the bathroom. Unfortunately, port a potty’s are not a good choice, as they often contain infinite zombie spawns. This level will introduce you to zombie spawning structures (such as port a potty’s and certain vehicles) that will continue to spawn zombies until destroyed, and require the defense of a bathroom door.

    Coupon Clipper
    Beat the third level

    This trophy is earned by completing the third level of the game Shop Till You Drop. This level has players entering a supermarket and clearing all the zombies, dealing with two new types of enemies along the way. The last part of the level will have you fighting three of the new T-800 zombies.

    Well Done
    Beat the fourth level

    This trophy is earned by completing the fourth level of the game Old People. This is an escort mission where you have to lead a granny to a friend’s house. While this is an escort mission, she has a lot of health and will automatically heal over time. Following the escort section, you will fight a boss known as the Rump Roaster, who is a bit of a bullet sponge with a long range fireball attack. Once he is killed, you will complete the mission.

    Road Warrior
    Beat the fifth level

    This trophy is earned by completing the fifth level of the game Detour Signs. This mission is all about finding a fire extinguisher and putting out some fires so you can continue your journey. You will encounter two new types of zombies before you get the extinguisher, and will then have to fight off a large zombie horde before putting out the fires.

    20 to Life
    Beat the sixth level

    This trophy is earned by completing the sixth level of the game Huffing and Puffing Fumes. During this mission, you will have to navigate a scrapyard while killing zombies including then new prisoner zombie. After finding a key to open a gate, you will have to turn on the power to the gas pumps and then siphon gas from five of them. Each of these interactions requires a few seconds, but the zombies seem to have trouble hitting you during these segments. Once all pumps are siphoned you will complete the mission.

    Silver Life a Fox upscale-245262160018212
    Beat the seventh level

    This trophy is earned by completing the seventh level of the game Granny Part 2: The Revenge? The vast majority of this mission is another escort for possibly the same lady as the fourth level. While there will be more zombies and a greater variety of them, you should be relatively well upgraded and shouldn’t have any trouble with the escort sections. After you finish the second part of the escort (behind the house), you will have to destroy some SWAT vans, which will infinitely spawn SWAT zombies. Destroy all the vans to complete the mission.

    Buying in Bulk upscale-245262160018212
    Beat the eighth level

    This trophy is earned by completing the eighth level of the game Shopping For Shortcuts. The first part of the mission is based around escaping the giant grocery store, introducing you to the new King and Scream Queen zombies. The store has a similar layout to the one in mission 3, but is far larger and contains a ton of zombies of every non boss variety. Once you have gotten close to the entrance, you will be sealed into a small area and have to kill all the zombies that spawn. After they have been killed, exit the store to complete the mission.

    Tanking the Horde upscale-245262160018212
    Beat the ninth level

    This trophy is earned by completing the ninth level of the game In The Army Now. This is the hardest main mission in the game. It is rather long, and contains pretty much every type of non boss zombie in the game. You will first have to make your way to a disabled tank in a junkyard, and then turn on the power so you can access the ammo depot. Once you get to the depot, pick up a tank shell and return to the tank. Place the shell in the tank and interact with it a few times (). You will eventually fire the shell and complete the mission.

    What makes this level difficult is a combination of several factors. There are tons of zombies, including a ton of tougher Prisoner, Big Hoss, Gut Buster, and SWAT zombies. While there are quite a few traps, there aren’t a ton of weapons available, so you risk running low on ammo. There also aren’t a lot of health pickups. Finally, the level has a ton of narrow passages, making it easy to get yourself surrounded and overwhelmed. Try to save your explosives for big groups of the tougher zombies, and liberally use your special attack.

    Casablanca Gold
    Beat the tenth level

    This trophy is earned by completing the tenth and final level of the game Drain My Swamp Ass. This level has a massive number of zombies and spawn points around each turn, but is arguably easier than mission 9. You have a lot more room to maneuver, there are plenty of weapons crates, and tons of health, damage, and speed power ups. By far the hardest part of the level is the final battle, in which you have to hold out in front of the White House for 240 seconds (4 minutes) against a gigantic horde of infinite spawning zombies. You will encounter pretty much every type of non boss zombie here, as well as a Coach Cannibal zombie. Use every item at your disposal, including all the weapons crates, and don’t be afraid to pop your special ability constantly. Upon surviving the horde, you will complete the game and unlock this trophy, as well as a new game plus mode and playable character Nevada.

    Road Less Traveled Gold
    Beat all the side missions

    There are a total of 5 side missions in the game. They are found by scrolling to the push pins on the level select map. These missions will be unlocked automatically by completing levels 4-8 of the main story. Complete all five missions to earn the trophy. Each side mission will unlock a new playable character.

    Snack Attack:
    This one requires you to navigate the supermarket from mission 3 and locate eight boxes of supplies. The layout is fairly linear, though a number of the supplies are hidden in obscure areas. As long as you follow the general path and do a bit of exploration, you should be fine.

    Expiration Dates:
    A pretty short mission with a goal of finding some Twinkies. The first part of the mission plays like any other with mostly easy to kill zombies, until you reach a gate. Past the gate, you will have to kill the Alpha T800. He functions exactly like a normal T800 but with more health. Once you kill the boss, pick up the Twinkies and run back to the beginning of the level.

    Style Points:
    This is definitely the hardest side mission. You will have to kill a grand total of 450 zombies within a short time limit. Not only is the playable area rather small and cramped, but you won’t have access to any firearms aside from your default pistol. You will have to use melee weapons and explosives, both of which are in limited supply. It is best to save this one for later in the game, once you have purchased a lot of upgrades. The only saving grace is that you won’t encounter many of the tougher types of zombies. This level will probably take a few tries and a bit of luck with the weapons you find.

    Quantity is Job #1:
    This one is very simple, kill 500 zombies in any way you wish. No time limit, plenty of weapons scattered around the area. Just have fun! This is a great place to grind for skill points.

    High School Reunion:
    The final side mission will have you fighting through an abandoned high school killing pretty much every type of zombie along the way. The number of zombies isn’t too bad, but the tight hallways can make movement difficult. You will eventually end up in a gym where you will have to kill a Coach Cannibal boss zombie. He has quite a bit of health and attacks by throwing lots of green dodgeballs, or by jumping and slamming a large part of the ground. Thankfully his attacks aren’t hard to dodge, so just whittle down his health and avoid getting hit until he goes down.

    Direct Flight Gold
    Travel from L.A. to D.C. in under 5 hours and 45 minutes

    This trophy is actually extremely easy, as you can definitely complete the main story in under three hours if you rush through. To make sure you get this trophy, don’t bother with the side missions or grinding any skill points until you have finished the story. If you have a good co-op partner, you might be able to complete the game even faster, but keep in mind that the zombies become more difficult to kill with more players. Pausing the game also pauses the timer.

    Though very unlikely, it could be possible to miss this trophy if you take way too long on multiple levels. If you do miss the trophy, it is currently unknown whether or not you can just replay any levels you took a long time on to reduce your overall run time, or if you have to start an entirely new game/new game plus.

    For Your Consideration Gold
    Earn ZKOTW 12 times

    Unfortunately, Zombie Kill of the Week can only be earned in co-op games. To be nominated for ZKOTW, you will need to earn an environmental multikill. This means you have to kill multiple zombies with an environmental hazard such as an exploding car or forklift. The best option for this trophy is to replay the first or third mission of the game in two player mode. Have the second controller run into a group of zombies and die, but don’t revive them. Get a multikill with an environmental object, and then complete the level. You should win ZKOTW automatically. Do this 12 times to earn the trophy.

    The best mission to grind this out is mission 3. It is very short if you just run past most of the zombies. Unlike the first mission, there isn’t too much in the way of dialogue and cutscenes, so you can complete a single run in 5 – 7 minutes.

    10 Times the Violence upscale-245262160018212
    Fully upgrade Weapon Damage

    See Silver 10 Times the Amazement for more information about leveling up your abilities.

    10 Times the Bullets upscale-245262160018212
    Fully upgrade Weapon Durability

    See Silver 10 Times the Amazement for more information about leveling up your abilities.

    10 Times the Blood upscale-245262160018212
    Fully upgrade Health

    See Silver 10 Times the Amazement for more information about leveling up your abilities.

    10 Times the Action upscale-245262160018212
    Fully upgrade Speed

    See Silver 10 Times the Amazement for more information about leveling up your abilities.

    10 Times the Amazement upscale-245262160018212
    Fully upgrade Special Meter

    fter every mission, you will be given a score based on your number of kills, accuracy, environmental kills, etc. Your overall score will fill a bar that will translate into skill points. For the five upgrade trophies, you will need to fully upgrade all five abilities to their maximum level. Each ability can be upgraded 10 times for a total of 50 skill points.

    These are the five abilities that can be upgraded:

    1. Damage: each upgrade increases the damage you deal by 5% for a 50% overall boost.
    2. Ammo: each upgrade increases the amount of ammo you can carry for firearms by 5% for a 50% overall boost. Upon fully upgrading this ability you will be able to carry an extra explosive.
    3. Health: each upgrade increases your maximum health by 5% for a 50% overall boost.
    4. Speed: each upgrade increases your movement speed by 3% for a 30% overall boost.
    5. Special: each upgrade increases the speed at which your special meter fills by 10%, so once fully upgraded your meter will fill twice as fast as it did at the beginning of the game.

    It is best to upgrade your speed first, as it will allow you to outrun every type of zombie and sprint through levels more quickly. Damage and health should be your next two priorities, as the damage will allow you to kill zombies faster and the health will keep you alive for longer on the tougher missions. Ammo isn’t overly effective if you are playing solo due to the abundance of weapons, but if you are playing in co-op, it can be a little more useful. Special really isn’t that useful due to the special meter being of limited use to begin with.

    You likely will not have all the upgrades purchased by the time you have completed all the other trophies in the game, though you should be fairly close. To grind out the last few skill points, it is best to play the fourth side mission Quantity is Job #1 (connect to mission 7 on the level selection map). All you have to do is kill 500 zombies using whatever weapons and methods you want. There are tons of weapons, traps, and plenty of health pickups. Each 5-10 minute run should net you at least 2 skill points.

    Note: Upgrades are exclusive to each character. You only need to get all the upgrades for one character. It is best to stick with one specific character for your entire platinum journey.

    Variety is the Spice of Life
    Earn a kill with every weapon

    There are a total of 17 weapons you can use in the game. Weapons will randomly spawn inside green boxes and the trunks of vehicles. Since the spawns are random, you won’t always find the same weapon in the same spot each time you play a level. It is best to keep track of which weapons you have used, and immediately get a kill with a new weapon when you find one.


    1. Pistol: your default weapon, a semi auto, low damage handgun with a 10 round mag. However, this weapon has infinite ammo, and you will switch to it automatically when your main weapon runs out of ammo.
    2. Dual Pistols: same as the standard pistol but with twice the firepower and ammo. First found in mission 1.
    3. Shotgun: a pump action shotgun with a 6 round mag. Deadly at close range and has a good amount of spread, allowing you to hit multiple close zombies with one shot. First found in mission 1.
    4. SMG: a fully automatic machine gun with a very high rate of fire, lower damage, and a 48 round mag. Pretty good at close range against groups of weaker zombies, but not too effective against tougher enemies. First found in mission 1.
    5. Dual SMGs: same as the standard SMG but with twice the firepower and ammo. First found in mission 1.
    6. Sniper Rifle: a bolt action sniper rifle with a 12 round mag, though it fires pretty fast. Very high damage at all ranges but the slowest rate of fire of any gun in the game. First found in mission 1.
    7. AK47: a medium damage and rate of fire assault rifle with a 30 round mag. Arguably easier to use than the M4. Can occasionally be found in the first mission but probably won’t spawn until mission 2 or 3.
    8. M4 Burst Rifle: a 3 round burst assault rifle with a 42 round mag. Relatively powerful with a potentially high rate of fire. First found in mission 1.
    9. Minigun: one of the strongest weapons in the game. Though you have to spool the weapon up by holding the fire button for a second or two, the gun has a very high rate of fire and high damage with a 125 round clip. Not particularly common. Can potentially be found in mission 3 but is guaranteed to spawn in some of the later missions as well as the fourth side mission.


    1. Grenade: thrown handheld explosive that will go off a few seconds after hitting the ground. First found in mission 1.
    2. Molotov: when thrown, it will immediately light the area of impact on fire, slowly burning away the health of anything caught in the blast. First found in mission 1.
    3. Land Mine: a very powerful handheld explosive that you will plant on the ground and will detonate a little later when enemies are nearby. Not particularly common and first found in mission 4.

    Melee Weapons:
    All of the melee weapons are pretty much the same. They all have a very similar damage output and range. All of them should be encountered by the end of the fourth mission, likely earlier.

    1. Axe
    2. Katana
    3. Pitchfork
    4. Guitar
    5. Nail Bat
    They’re All the Same Now
    Kill one of every zombie

    There are a total of 13 types of zombies to kill in the game. If you are playing solo, you will automatically get this trophy, as you have to kill all of them by the time you finish the main story.

    The zombie types are as follows:

    1. Regular zombie: unmissable, in every mission.
    2. Clown: spawns from random spots and clown carts, slightly tougher than normal zombies and have a ranged attack, first appears in mission 1.
    3. Ninja: a very fast moving but low damage enemy that first appears in mission 2.
    4. Big Hoss: fat zombies with more health, first appears at the beginning of mission 3.
    5. T-800: very tough zombies with a lot of health and a damaging melee attack, first appears at the end of mission 3.
    6. Vombie: normal health zombies but have a long range vomiting attack, first appears at the beginning of mission 4.
    7. Rump Roaster: a boss zombie at the end of the fourth mission. He has a lot more health than normal zombies and has a long range fireball attack that can take out a quarter of your health bar if you get hit. As long as you avoid this attack you shouldn’t have a problem killing him.
    8. Gut Buster: a very fat zombie with very little health that explodes shortly after being hit, or when you get close. This explosion can kill other zombies. First encountered at the beginning of mission 5.
    9. Hawking: a mini boss type of zombie found midway through mission 5. They really aren’t that different from normal zombies, just with a bit more health than normal.
    10. Prisoner: similar to the T-800 but wears an orange jumpsuit, first appears in mission 6.
    11. Swatter: zombies wearing SWAT gear and carrying a riot shield. They have a good amount of health and their shields can block all damage from one direction. They have a powerful shield charge attack that can drain half your health in a single hit. First appears in mission 7.
    12. The King and Scream Queens: a group of three large zombies. The King functions like a Prisoner or Big Hoss zombie, while the Queens have a powerful screaming attack that has about double the range of a grenade explosion. First appears in mission 8.
    13. Coach Cannibal: a boss zombie only encountered twice in the game (at the end of the side mission High School Reunion and in the final horde at the end of mission 10). He has a lot of health, throws large numbers of green dodgeballs, and can jump into the air and slam the ground.
    Innovation & Industry upscale-245262160018212
    Gain a kill with every environmental hazard

    Environmental hazards are objects you can interact with by hitting , and effectively function as traps. Most of them are pretty easy to get kills with, but a few are only found in one or two missions.

    There are a total of 13 environmental hazards in the game:

    1. Pharaoh’s Fleet
    2. Ferris Wheel
    3. Tower Drop
    4. Xtreme Frisbee Ride: the first four hazards are the rides you can activate during the very first mission of the game. The roller coaster doesn’t count toward this trophy. Just be careful with these kills, as the rides can easily kill you if you stand in their path.
    5. Ticket Booth: the objects that spawn clown zombies during mission 1.
    6. Port a Potty: the objects that spawn zombies starting on mission 2.
    7. Cars: red cars found throughout pretty much every mission. If you shoot them a few times, their alarm will go off and a few seconds later, they will explode.
    8. Fuel Tanks: found throughout pretty much every mission starting with mission 2. Function the same as exploding cars.
    9. Crane/Backhoe: first found in mission 2. Large machines with a big scooper that will move in a 180 degree semicircle a few times per activation.
    10. Shopping Carts: only found in a few missions including mission 3. When you activate them, they will move in a linear path forward and explode once they hit a zombie.
    11. Fork Lifts: first found at the end of the third mission. Move forward and then back when activated, killing all zombies in their path.
    12. Fire Hydrants: first found in mission 4. This weapon only counts if you hit a zombie with the stream of water.
    13. Helicopters: only found in a couple of missions, including the final part of mission 7 where you have to destroy all the SWAT vans. Functions like the crane/backhoe but uses propeller blades from a downed helicopter as the weapon.
    Just as Great as the Original Gold
    Last 88 minutes in a single Horde Mode

    For this trophy, you will have to survive for at least 88 minutes in a single round of the Horde Mode. This trophy is a reference to the run time of the first Zombieland movie. In Horde mode, the goal is to survive a set number of waves by either killing zombies, lasting for a certain amount of time, or destroying nests (the objects that spawn zombies).

    There are a total of three Horde Mode maps you can attempt this trophy on:

    1. Strategic Reserves: set in the gas station area of mission 6, tasks the player with surviving 10 waves.
    2. Not So Pleasantville: set in a large suburban area resembling the fourth and seventh missions, tasks the player with surviving 15 waves.
    3. Circus Swarms: set in a carnival area, tasks the player with surviving 25 waves.

    Instead of attempting to win each Horde map by completing all the waves, your only goal for this trophy is to survive for at least 88 minutes, regardless of how many zombies you kill and waves you survive. There is thankfully an extremely easy way to get this trophy. Load up the second map Not So Pleasantville and move directly up from your starting position. You should see two barrels. For whatever reason you are able to climb on top of these, putting you completely out of range of any zombie attacks. Stand on the taller barrel, plug in your controller, and find something else to do for 88 minutes. After hitting that time, let yourself be killed or quit the game to unlock the trophy. It is recommended to wait a few extra minutes just to make absolutely sure you get the trophy.

    Was that a Triple Tap? upscale-245262160018212
    Kill three zombies with one sniper rifle shot

    The Sniper Rifle is found in random green boxes starting on the first mission. For the trophy, you need to kill three or more zombies with a single shot from the rifle. The rifle is very powerful, so getting three kills with one shot should be no problem. The best mission is the first one, as all the zombies are weaker. Simply line up a big group of zombies and fire away, you should easily kill at least three.

    Gotta Love the Classics upscale-245262160018212
    Kill four zombies with one shotgun blast

    The Shotgun is another common weapon found in random green boxes in every mission. For this trophy, you will need to kill four or more zombies with a single shotgun blast. Like the sniper rifle, the shotgun is very powerful, and there is a good chance this will come naturally by beating the game. If it doesn’t, load up the first mission of the game and play until the “Grab The Key” objective. Once you get here, there will be tons of groups of zombies for you to kill.

    Burn, Baby, Burn upscale-245262160018212
    Kill six zombies and light yourself on fire with a single Molotov

    Molotov cocktails are found in green weapon boxes. For this trophy, you will need to kill at least six zombies with a molotov while also lighting yourself on fire. The best chance for this trophy is the very first mission of the game, as the zombies will be weaker. Once you find molotovs, wait until a group of zombies is nearby, then throw the weapon while very close to the group, With luck, you will kill at least six zombies and catch yourself on fire.

    Sweetennial Gold
    Collect 100 Twinkies to celebrate 100 years of Hostess!

    Twinkies are this game’s health pickup. A pack of Twinkies will instantly refill your entire health bar. For this trophy, you will need to pick up 100 of these packs. This will most likely come naturally by the time you have finished the story and side missions, as there are plenty of Twinkies throughout each mission. Even if your health bar is full, you can still pick up Twinkies, and they will still count toward the total.


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