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Yakuza 6: The Song Of Life Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 4/10
Estimated time to platinum/100%: 25 – 40 hours
Missable trophies: BronzeDandling Dragon
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: GoldDragon Of Legend
Playthroughs: 2


Welcome to the Yakuza 6: The Song Of Life Trophy Guide!

Re-enter Kamurocho and close off the tale of The Dragon of Dojima. 3 years after the events of Yakuza 5, Kazama Kiryu walks the streets hunting for answers about his adopted daughter Haruka Sawamura. Learning that she has been in a Hit-and-Run incident in Kamurocho the trail for answers leads Kiryu to the Hiroshima town of Onomichi where powerful forces strive to prevent the dragon’s quest.


Step 1: The Song of Life
This stage will see you battling your way through the story in whatever difficulty you would like in order to complete the campaign once. Within this difficulty, you should endeavour to enjoy the story and not worry about any of the side activities that you would normally want to distract yourself with in Yakuza games. These things will be addressed in the second step of the roadmap once you reach Premium Adventure.

You’ll be earning these trophies:

Bronze Welcome Back
Bronze Hiroshiman Shadows
Bronze Her Secret Life
Bronze A Dead End
Bronze Priceless Child
Bronze The Secret of Onomichi
Bronze Cycle of Blood
Bronze Tell Me a Story
Bronze Troubleshooter
Bronze Skill Dabbler
Bronze Skill Pro
Bronze Life of the Dragon
Bronze Strength of the Dragon
Bronze Vitality of the Dragon
Bronze Speed of the Dragon
Bronze Heat of the Dragon
Bronze A Man’s Experience
Bronze A Fighter’s Experience
Bronze Just Getting Started
Bronze Maybe You Can Do It
Bronze Dandling Dragon
Bronze How Fortuitous
Bronze Get Out and Stay Out!
Bronze Off the Beaten Path
Bronze Not the Brightest Idea
Bronze Can of Whoop Ass
Bronze Life Through Kiryu’s Eyes
Bronze No Photos!
Silver Thank You.
Silver A Dragon’s Experience

Step 2: Rising Dragon
This stage will see you completing all the random trophies The Song Of Life has and preparing for GoldDragon Of Legend. Although this stage isn’t strictly necessary since this Yakuza is the easiest in the series it’s best to keep with the formula. Here you will be completing all the Side Missions, Activities and levelling Kiryu to the max if you haven’t already.

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:

Bronze Tell Me a Story
Bronze Hero of the Story
Bronze Story of My Life
Bronze Troubleshooter
Bronze This Is My City
Bronze Feeling the Heat
Bronze Live to Fight Another Day
Bronze Skill Dabbler
Bronze Skill Pro
Bronze Limit Breaker
Bronze Kiryu Clan Founder
Bronze Kiryu Clan Captain
Bronze Word on the Streets
Bronze Kiryu Clan Enforcer
Bronze On the Winning Team
Bronze What a Player
Bronze Dragon of DoGYMa
Bronze I’ll Have the Calamari
Bronze Where Everybody Knows Your Name
Bronze Club Shine Star
Bronze The Internet’s Real Purpose
Bronze To Be This Good Takes AGES
Bronze That’s Purrecious
Bronze Play Ball!
Bronze How Fortuitous
Bronze Get Out and Stay Out!
Bronze Pretty Tasty
Bronze Commemorative Photo
Bronze Can of Whoop Ass
Bronze Life Through Kiryu’s Eyes
Bronze No Photos!
Silver Skill Master
Silver Peak Kiryu
Silver Amon Defeated
Silver A Dragon’s Experience
Silver You Did It
Silver Kiryu Clan Patriarch

Step 3: Legends NEVER Die
Your final stage of the Roadmap will be to undertake Legend Difficulty. As iterated in Step 2 of the roadmap this is the easiest Yakuza, and that means the Legend Difficulty is easier as well. It will still set you back around 3 – 5 hours to complete even with skipping Cutscenes and avoiding unnecessary fights.

During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:

Gold Dragon Of Legend
40-platinum The Song Of Life

Tips and Strategies:


Yakuza 6: The Song Of Life Trophy Guide - controls


There are Spoilers within this Guide
Although this is the best Yakuza game for the story, graphics and everything in between, it is highly advised to start on either Kiwami or Zero. Kiwami is the origin of Kazama Kiryu, whereas Zero is a prequel adventure that shows developed characters in a new way, set 10 years (20 if you want to be technical) before Kiwami.


Throughout the game, you can come across some safes that are randomly in the world. There are 6 in Kamurocho and 5 in Onomichi, the only reason for the extra one in Kamurocho is because the 6th one is a Code Lock rather than the Key Lock that the others are.

Kamurocho Safes:

The Key to the Safe
Key locked Safes. In-game Icon
Special Safe, located on the Roof of New Serena and requires a Code.

New Serena Safe:

New Serena Safe (Code Lock). It is thought that you need to get to chapter 12 in order to input this code, however, you can put it in once you enter Kamurocho in Chapter 1. The code is KP56VFA9MX2B7LH, Credit to the Internet for the code.

Tenkaichi St:

On the opposite side of the street to New Serena, you can find a building that you can enter, on the map you will see it as a Mahjong parlour. On the first set of stairs that leads you to the first floor is a glowing object, this is your key. The safe is located on the 3rd floor in the break room of the Mahjong parlour.

W Taihei Blvd:

Just around the corner from Wild Jackson, you will see a building that you can enter, If you a familiar with the Yakuza Series you might know it as Doc Emito’s Clinic. On the ground by the list is the Safe Key, and following the lift into the building you can locate the safe in the office.

Yoshida Batting Centre:

Up at the Batting Centre, you will find a Safe, start by heading to the back of the building and finding the stairs leading to the roof. On the stairs you will see a shiny object that you can pick up, this is the key. Continue following the path up to the roof and all the way around to the back corner and find the safe.

Nakimichi Alley:

Just down from Millenium Tower is an empty lot between some buildings. If you look around this location you will find an empty convenience store, inside behind some boxes is the Key to this safe. Head out of the store and around the corner to find the safe sandwiched between a moped and a truck.

Senryu Ave:

The final safe in Kamurocho is located on Senryu Ave, in the building with the Cat Cafe. The Key is located on the ground floor behind the sign at the entrance of the building. The Safe is on the roof, you can either use the stairs inside the building or use the ladder around the corner on Pink Alley.

Onomichi Safes:

Shishido St:

This first safe in Onomichi can be seen when you first enter chapter 3, however, it is best to wait until you are free to roam and are not carrying Haruto. The Key for this safe is on the wharf, once you have collected it head back to the safe and claim your prize.

Shopping District:

This is a little deceptive as the safe isn’t actually in the Shopping District. The Key is located on the roof of the Shopping District, there are 2 ladders to climb up to it. One is located not far from the Pharmacy and the other is at the other end of the shopping district just down from Pocket Circet Fighter. Once you have the key head over to the bar the Hirose family runs, instead of heading up to the entrance go through the passage to the right of the stairs. You can find the safe before you leave the back.

National Route:

This is possibly the easiest of the safes in Onomichi, the key is located on the bridge over the road and the safe is at the bottom of the stairs that lead to the bridge.


This safe and key are located on different sides of Hana-no-kubo. The key is located up a ladder and on a shelf in the little alcove to the right of the location on the map. The safe is found by shimmying through a secret passage, which will get you Bronze Off the Beaten Path. Once you head through one of the 3 shimmy points the trophy is yours, and you can open the safe.

Second Hill:

The final safe in Onomichi is located not far from the Ropeway Station. Head down the path from the Ropeway Station and you will see the Safe hidden near some vending machines. If you continue around the corner a little way there is a small path which is designated by stairs leading up, you should see something shining in the mailbox, this is the key to the safe. Pick it up and head back to the safe to get your reward.

Needless to say, you should endeavour to open these early, this is for a few reasons. The main one is that they will give you some good resources. In addition to this, the Code Lock Safe in Kamurocho is extremely valuable as you can make an easy million ¥ for just putting a code in. This should be used to help with the Hostess Minigame and get some of the resources that will help you, such as healing items. The downside to the Code Lock safe is you can’t apparently access it until you reach Chapter 10 when the code is given to you in the game, ironic right? In practice, this wasn’t the case and the code worked in Chapter 1.

EXP & the Dilemma of Technique and Charm?:

Although EXP can be acquired rather easily you will probably have a harder time getting both the Technique and Charm points up. There are 2 ways to make this “Grind” not so bad, one that will require a vast amount of money and one that will not.

Method 1:

The first method is Highlighted in the image below but using the RIZAP food items is one of the fastest ways to go about this. This is a very costly solution and as you can see in the image a stockpile of ¥ is needed. The Limit+ and Quick Burn+ are what you will want from here to farm the required skill points. In order to farm enough money to finance this method it is advised to utilise the Kiryu Clan.

Method 2:

The second method will require a good amount of funds but nowhere near the same. You will spend your time going to Sushi Gin, which is the best restaurant in the Kamurocho to gain Technique skill points, however, you could also visit the bar (La Pente) where the Kiryu Clan is based in Onomichi. Both of these are good for Technique skill points and are relatively cheap.

Just remember to not exceed your stomach capacity, as you will not gain skill points if you pass the limit that you can consume. If you need to use an Appstim or the like to burn off some of the food or enter into battle.

Additionally to this, you can always use the Yakuza Training Gear if you are feeling confident. Although it will increase the amount of EXP you gain, it will hinder you more. For the Training Gear, you will gain an additional 30% EXP and Digestion, however, it will decrease your:

  • Attack by 20
  • Evasion by 30
  • Defence by 10
  • Stamina by 30

Overall this means that your sprinting will take a big hit and your effectiveness in combat will be drastically reduced. Use this wisely! If you are feeling really brave you could equip the Wrist Training Gear or Ankle Training Gear which will increase your gain by an extra 10% for EXP and Digestion.

Enemy Item Drops:

Upon defeating enemies you will sometimes obtain pickups from them, in the form of either Money or a Healing Item. They are pretty much the same across all Yakuza games, however, there are some differences. The pick-ups from enemy drops can be seen below.

Photos from the Past:

Throughout the game, you can find some photos of characters that have been in previous instalments of the series. There are 10 of these photos to find, there is no real reason to but they can be a fun distraction. They are all found in Kamurocho, and range from Yakuza 1/ Kiwami all the way to Yakuza 4 (Yakuza 5 was a special case), you can find out where to find them all.

WhoLocationImage Ref
Yumi Sawamura
(Yakuza 1/ Kiwami)
The very back of Millenium Tower in the Out path from the car park on Shichifuku St
Shintaro Kazama (Yakuza 1/ Kiwami)Outside Bantam on the other side of the Street
Akira Nishikiyama (Yakuza 1/ Kiwami)Millenium Tower Floor B1, in the middle of the room.
Shinji Tanaka
(Yakuza 1/ Kiwami)
Inside MEB (Mens Entertainment Booth)
Osamu Kashiwagi
(Yakuza 1/ Kiwami – Yakuza 3)
At the entrance to Tenkaichi St is an Information Station, you should see a Girl’s Bar called Becky next door.
Sohei Dojima (Yakuza 1/ Kiwami)Outside his old office, located on Theater Ave. opposite side to Club SEGA
Lau Ka Long (Yakuza 1/ Kiwami & Yakuza 3)Inside Little Asia in the side alley
Yoshitaka Mine
(Yakuza 3)
Just down from Smile Burger Theater Square
Masaru Ihara
(Yakuza 4)
South of Kanri on the corner of NSenryo Ave. and E Shichifuku St.
Yoshinobu Tokugawa (Like A Dragon Restoration: Ishin)Under the Tori Gate at Tenkaichi St.

Once you have found one you can pull out your camera and take some photos in some specific locations around Kamurocho and something magical will happen. When you take a photo in one of these locations, that relates to one of the people you have a photo for, you can get a ghost of them appears in the photo. Although this is interesting it is not needed for anything in particular.


  • Levelling up Kiryu is important as you progress through the story
  • Haruto can NOT be taken into battle
  • When carrying Haruto your sprinting speed is drastically reduced.
  • You will fully heal between chapters
  • You only need to play all the minigames once, it does not matter what score you get.
  • You can fall back on the auto-save in a pinch, however, this is not recommended.
  • There are conversations throughout the game that will point back to other games and events within the series, be warned!
  • You can Pause in Cut Scenes to get time to read the subtitles.
  • There is a Black Market Dealer in both Onomichi and Kamurocho. He will be revealed to you once you have beaten the first boss in the Kiryu Clan and spoken to the Bartender at La Pente. Here you can find some pretty impressive gear at a high price.
  • If you are coming from a previous instalment in the series you might know how useful weapons and items that can be used as weapons are. In this instalment, they are less useful and break more quickly, you can’t even equip them to a weapon slot.
  • The Tiger Drop is your most powerful and trusted attack when fighting 1-1.
  • In a tricky situation, Dragon Spirit is a nice way to clear groups of enemies and deal heavy damage to bosses.
  • Using the Dragon Spirit will make it so you can not die so long as it is active. You will however be left with 1 HP.
  • DLC can only be unlocked once Per Save File, Be warned!
  • You Save the same way that Kiwami 2 Saves, on the pause menu there is a Save Option.
  • Although EXP is common to obtain there are more common types than others.
    • Red, Blue, and Yellow are easy to find anywhere. Green and Purple are rare and will take some effort to farm, and you will need a lot of each
  • The best way to get EXP is to farm Sodachi (Kamurocho) and Saigo (Onomichi). They will appear as Trouble Missions on the map and are amongst the fastest way to get a good amount of EXP with giving you a semi-tough fight. You will need to beat them a few times before it becomes worth it.
  • It is highly recommended to get the Boost EXP Gain Lv. Skills as quickly as you can. These will increase the amount of EXP you gain from doing absolutely anything in the game, and they will help limit the EXP grinding in later parts.



If you are English/ American (or another nationality) and you are playing 龍が如く6 命の詩 (the Asian Version of the game) be warned:

  • You will not understand the story (unless you played the Western version) because it is in Japanese and NO English Sub
  • This guide was written off the Western release but used for the Asian release to compare to.
  • The Menus are in Japanese. DO NOT be surprised.
  • One of the most significant troubles if you do not speak the language is that the X and O Buttons are remapped. In the Asian version, the O Button is to accept and the X is to cancel/ decline.


Even if you are playing the Asian release of the game and do not speak the language the experience of Yakuza is still present and as emotionally thrilling as ever before.

Trophy Guide:

The Song Of Life
Obtain all other trophies

With the adventure concluded and the Dragon ready to rest the Platinum Trophy is yours.

Welcome Back
Arrived in Kamurocho for the first time


Simply re-enter Kamurocho at the beginning of Chapter 1.

Hirochiman Shadows
Complete Chapter 2


Chapter 1:

Within this chapter you will return to Kamurocho and begin your hunt for information, this chapter will conclude when you need to meet Date at the hospital.

Chapter 2:

Once you have been told to return to the hospital by Date to meet with Akiyama about something you will need to complete a battle sequence and learn what direction you need to go in next. This will end the chapter and move you into a new location for the continuing story, it is advised to complete everything in Kamurocho before heading to the hospital.

Her Secret Life
Complete Chapter 4


Chapter 3:

You will go to your new location and meet some new friends, most of this chapter will introduce you to the newly added (and what this guide will be calling) the Haruto Mechanic. This is pretty much Kiryu taking care of Haruto and there is not that much, but you should keep in mind that just like Haruka in Yakuza Kiwami, Kiryu cannot do battle while taking care of Haruto. You will also need to Complete one of these sequences and make Haruto happy, this will get you the missable trophy BronzeDandling Dragon.

Chapter 4:

Continuing from the last chapter you will be continuing your investigations, and trying to find out why Haruka was in town. Towards the close of this chapter, Kiryu is forced to reveal the secret he carries and learns a portion of the information that he was looking for.

A Dead End
Complete Chapter 6


Chapter 5:

You will conclude by learning about why Haruka was in Onomichi, and go on to finish this chapter by fighting a tough boss battle that leads you through a few smaller battles. Before you head up the cable car to speak about Haruka. It is advised to be prepared by sorting out your health and getting any healing items you think you might need for the coming battle.

Chapter 6:

Return to Kamurocho on the trail for answers with 2 members of the Hirose family, hunting for Haruto’s father. Upon returning some revelations are made apparent, including a returning enemy which must be confronted head-on.

Priceless Child
Complete Chapter 8


Chapter 7:

Now with things seeming to go nowhere Kiryu must locate a new lead and confront the Saio Triad. This chapter concludes with Kiryu assaulting Little Asia and a set of battles, it is advised that you are prepared for any eventuality when attempting this on Legend as the number of enemies is rather drastic.

Chapter 8:

After escaping a precarious situation at the climax of the previous chapter Kiryu and his friends must prepare and plan out a strategy for the upcoming truths they will hear. Chapter 8 is as long or short as you want to make it, in terms of gameplay all you will need to do is inform Akiyama that you are ready to go and subsequently make your way to a familiar place. Anyone who has played Yakuza Kiwami (or 1) will know this place as the heart of Kamurocho’s pleasure sector, formally known as Shangri-La now just an empty shell. The basic idea is to battle your way up to the top room through a building that is falling apart, once there you will have a boss battle which will close the chapter.

The Secret of Onomichi
Complete Chapter 10


Chapter 9:

You will return to Onomichi to discover what is going on. Upon returning you will be assaulted by the Yakuza hunting for Hirose and inevitably get caught up in the conflict to find him first. Once you learn the information on where to look you can start to finish this chapter, it is just a simple thing of following the story until you beat the boss.

Chapter 10:

Once Hirose is found all the pieces start to fall into place and the true identity of Haruto’s father is revealed to all. Just after everything is revealed attackers turn up and Kiryu must fight to defend all. When the battle is done an assault from Kiryu and his allies is called for, this assault will pit you against a good number of enemies and a boss battle.

Cycle of Blood
Complete Chapter 12


Chapter 11:

Continuing in Onomichi Kiryu will work out that he will need to return to Kamurocho in order to end things with the Saio Triads, after spending a night in Onomichi you get the option to travel back. Once in Kamurocho, all you would need to do is head to Little Asia after a slight detour. Little Asia is a run-and-battle situation where you will get several encounters and need to take them out and progress. The last 2 will be boss battles, one after another, really they are straightforward watch out for the second one however, you might want to stock up on some heat and medical items prior to this sequence.

Chapter 12:

Kiryu will return to Onomichi in the hunt for the Secret that keeps popping up and to finally put an end to everything that he pulled the Hirose family into. This chapter sees an introduction to a puzzle which is really rather interesting which is a code that needs breaking, in short, this is a cypher which will take you all over Onomichi to find the answer, and lead you to the Secret of Onomichi.

Thank You. upscale-245262160018212
Complete all of the main story


Now with everything all but done, all that’s left is to clean up the final bits that have gone without Kiryu’s attention. Like in all other Yakuza games, there is a PONR (Point Of No Return), in Yakuza 6 this will be on the roof of New Serena after talking with Nagumo.

Refer to GoldDragon of Legend

Dragon of Legend Gold
Complete the game on LEGEND Difficulty


For completing the game on Legend Difficulty you will want to turn your attention to having a good number of health items as well as a near fully upgraded Kiryu, if not already fully upgraded. This will give you the best chance to beat the game on Legend difficulty as well as make some of the combat easier.

One of the best moves in the game, like in other Yakuza Games, is the Tiger Drop, however, to unlock it you need a high enough set of stats. The other difficulty with this move is getting your timing right, the extended timing helps with this but you will still need to work out when to perform the move on an enemy-by-enemy basis. Bosses are the ones that you will want to abuse this move for as a good Tiger Drop will deal some good damage, drop an enemy to the ground in most cases and you should receive no damage.

There shouldn’t have been very difficult parts other than boss fights, the most prominent one being the final or the 2 “Running” boss fights in Onomichi. These are the 2 main fights that you will have where you are fighting your way through a large group of enemies and end in a boss fight.

Tell Me a Story
Complete 10 Substories

Easily obtained in Chapter 1, there are 11 sub-stories that can be found and 10 that can be completed by the time you have visited Little Asia.

Refer to BronzeStory of My Life

Hero of the Story
Complete 40 Substories

Refer to BronzeStory of My Life

Story of My Life
Complete all Substories

There are a grand total of 51 Sub stories in Yakuza 6, and much like the other entries in the series, the final one, which you should attempt, is always to confront the Amon Clan. With that being said you can actually just complete 2 of the Sub Stories and spawn Amon, these 2 are:

  • A Man Rises Up
  • Crisis Management Professional

This makes taking on the big bad assassin pretty easy in this instalment.

01 The Kabedon Prince02 Hey, It’s Me!03 Haruka’s Biggest Fan
04 Runaway Robot05 I, Hiji06 Like, Comment, Subscribe
07 Follow That Drone!08 Baring Their Fangs09 A Rivalry Reborn
10 Swipe Right11 A Favor for an Old Friend12 The Legendary Paul Lim
13 Showdown with Paul Lim14 Face Your Fears15 A Shady Business
16 Listen to Your Heart17 Caught in a Love Triangle18 The Hostess with a Heart of Gold
19 Step Up to the Plate20 A Promise Between Men21 Look What the Dragon Dragged In
22 The Temptation of Live Chat23 We’re Committed to Results24 A Man Rises Up
25 The Fools Who Dream26 Sins of the Father27 Pocket Circuit Fighter Returns
28 The Curse of Onomichi29 Oh No! It’s Ono Michio!30 The Ono Michio Show
31 Putting on a Brave Face32 The Girl Who Leapt Through Time?33 A Freaky Situation
34 Assemble the Team35 We Need a Ringer36 The Sweet Taste of Victory
37 Decisive Battle! Jingai Thunders38 The Throne of Onomichi39 True Bonds
40 The Joys of Adulthood41 What’s the Matter with Kids Today?42 Powerful Memories
43 Tech Support44 The Price of Love45 Kaneko’s Resolve
46 Thanks for Everything, Mama47 The Old Man and the Sea48 World’s Best Octopus
49 Deep Blue Sea50 Crisis Management Professional51 Jo Amon

All of them are pretty simple and, barring Jo Amon, can all be completed by Chapter 7. Below you can see when each is available using the numbers highlighted above.

ChapterSub Story
Chapter 1: The Price of Freedom3, 5, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 21, 22, 23, 24
Chapter 4: Deception25, 26, 28, 29, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 47, 48, 49, 50
Chapter 5: Masked27, 30, 31, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46
Chapter 6: Footsteps1, 2, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 19, 20
Chapter 7: Heihaizi4, 7
Final Chapter51

Below is the icon that you will need to look for to indicate a side story. The little chat boxes will appear once you have initiated a side story, none of them are that hard to find Below is a list of the more irritating ones with locations.

12 The Legendary Paul LimBantam (Play Darts against person in Bantam)
13 Showdown with Paul LimBantam (Once you beat all other Darts Players)
14 Face Your FearsClub Shine (Saki)
15 A Shady BusinessClub Shine (Hikaru)
16 Listen to Your HeartClub Shine (Sora)
17 Caught in a Love TriangleClub Shine (Erina)
18 The Hostess with a Heart of GoldClub Shine (Riona)
19 Step Up to the PlateBatting Center (Play all Home Run Courses)
20 A Promise Between MenBatting Center (Play all Challenge Course)
35 We Need a RingerBaseball
36 The Sweet Taste of VictoryBaseball
37 Decisive Battle! Jingai ThundersBaseball
38 The Throne of OnomichiBaseball
39 True BondsBaseball
41 What’s the Matter with Kids Today?Bar Chat (Hatakeyama)
42 Powerful MemoriesBar Chat (Akiyoshi)
43 Tech SupportBar Chat (Gen)
44 The Price of LoveBar Chat (Ando)
45 Kaneko’s ResolveBar Chat (Kaneko)
46 Thanks for Everything, MamaBar Chat (Mama)
47 The Old Man and the SeaSpeargun Fishing
48 World’s Best OctopusSpeargun Fishing
49 Deep Blue SeaSpeargun Fishing

Baseball and Speargun Fishing are once the previous mission is completed. Below are maps that highlight the locations of the missions.

Kamurocho Sidestories Map:

Onomichi Sidestories Map:

Complete 5 Types of Trouble Missions

Refer to BronzeThis Is My City

This is My City
Complete 20 Types of Trouble Missions

You are introduced to the Troublr app in Chapter 2 when you return from Tojo Headquarters by Mama at New Serena. Once you head out you will meet with the JUSTIS guys, skip them and head up the street to the mission location where someone will talk to you about the App. From this point, you will be able to undertake missions through the Troublr App. They are normally pretty simple and straightforward to complete, giving little difficulty. Below is an example of what you will see on your map to indicate a Trouble Mission. Sodachi (Kamurocho) and Saigo (Onomichi) will appear as these missions when they are active in either city, as well as when you have to care for Haruto. It is uncertain if these events count towards the trophy like streetfights but it’s all EXP.

Feeling the Heat
Activated Extreme Heat Mode 10 Times

Extreme Heat Mode is similar to previous games, when you have enough Heat simply press the R2 button and Kiryu will enter a form where he is practically invincible. All you need to do is activate and not even land a hit, you learn about this in the prologue fight and will come naturally.

Live to Fight Another Day
Ran away from 10 encounters successfully

For this trophy you must fight to run away, basically, all you are required to do is enter into a combat situation and then run as far and fast as you can to end a combat situation. Provided you have the combat started you can start your escape, this does not count encounter that has not started where guys are running up to fight you. You might have to run to the far side of the city to escape enemies but since there are lots of guys on the street who want to fight a living legend it shouldn’t be too bad. On your 10th successful escape, you will get the trophy.

Skill Dabbler
Obtained 10 Skills

Refer to SilverSkill Master

Skill Pro
Obtained 25 Skills

Refer to SilverSkill Master

Skill Master upscale-245262160018212
Obtained all Skills

For this, you must purchase all the skills and abilities that Kiryu has in the Battle Skills, Heat Actions, and Other Skills. You do not need to complete the Basic Stats, however, it is advised that you focus on that category first.

Battle Heat Other
Boost Combo Speed Lv1Boost Heat Action Lv1Boost Sprint Lv1
Boost Combo Speed Lv2Boost Heat Action Lv2Boost Sprint Lv2
Boost Combo Speed UltimateBoost Heat Action MaxBoost Sprint Lv3
Dash AttackHeat RushBoost Sprint Lv4
Quick RecoveryBoost Heat Orb Lv1Boost Sprint Max
Rising TornadoBoost Heat Orb Lv2Boost EXP Gain Lv1 (Strength)
Relentless BlowsBoost Heat Orb MaxBoost EXP Gain Lv2 (Strength)
Re-GuardBoost Extreme Heat Mode Lv1Boost EXP Gain Lv3 (Strength)
ParryBoost Extreme Heat Mode Lv2Boost EXP Gain Lv4 (Strength)
Parry MasteryBoost Extreme Heat Mode MaxBoost EXP Gain Max (Strength)
Evasion StrikeEssence of Seizing: Blunt objectBoost EXP Gain Lv1 (Agility)
Double QuickstepEssence of Seizing: BladeBoost EXP Gain Lv2 (Agility)
Triple QuickstepEssence of Seizing: FirearmBoost EXP Gain Lv3 (Agility)
Quickstep CancelEssence of ReversalBoost EXP Gain Lv4 (Agility)
LungeEssence of Tiger CrushBoost EXP Gain Max (Agility)
Leaping FistEssence of Dynamic ThrowBoost EXP Gain Lv1 (Spirit)
Enhanced CounterEssence of Repeating KneeBoost EXP Gain Lv2 (Spirit)
Tiger DropEssence of Raging DragonBoost EXP Gain Lv3 (Spirit)
Tiger Drop MasteryEssence of Spinning RoundhouseBoost EXP Gain Lv4 (Spirit)
Guard Crush MasteryEssence of Face StompBoost EXP Gain Max (Spirit)
Escape CounterEssence of Fast FootworkBoost EXP Gain Lv1 (Technique)
Finishing HoldEssence of Forceful SwingBoost EXP Gain Lv2 (Technique)
Stun ResistanceEssence of Rising Tornado ThrowBoost EXP Gain Lv3 (Technique)
Charge AttackEssence of Chopstick MasteryBoost EXP Gain Lv4 (Technique)
Collateral DamageEssence of Electromagnetic TortureBoost EXP Gain Max (Technique)
 Essence of Tragic DownfallBoost EXP Gain Lv1 (Charm)
Essence of Driving LariatBoost EXP Gain Lv2 (Charm)
Essence of WeaponryBoost EXP Gain Lv3 (Charm)
Essence of ManhandlingBoost EXP Gain Lv4 (Charm)
Essence of Knock Out PunchBoost EXP Gain Max (Charm)
Essence of Knock Out ThrowBoost Meal EXP Lv1
Essence of Knock Out KickBoost Meal EXP Lv2
Essence of Knock Out HeelBoost Meal EXP Lv3
Essence of Knock Out SuplexBoost Meal EXP Lv4
Essence of Knock Out SlamBoost Meal EXP Max
Essence of Knock Out SlamBoost Fortune Lv1
Essence of Knock Out FallBoost Fortune Lv2
Essence of Demonic SpiralBoost Fortune Lv3
Essence of Wall CrushBoost Fortune Lv4
Essence of Stand CrushBoost Fortune Max
Essence of Pole CrushBoost Hunger Gauge Lv1
Essence of Rain DropBoost Hunger Gauge Lv2
Essence of Corner BreakBoost Hunger Gauge Lv3
Essence of Cooperative AttackBoost Hunger Gauge Lv4
Essence of Cooperative ThrowBoost Hunger Gauge Max
Essence of Cooperative KickBoost Digestion Lv1
Essence of ThrowingBoost Digestion Lv2
Essence of Unlucky ManBoost Digestion Lv3
 Boost Digestion Lv4
Boost Digestion Max
Boost Vending Machine Drink Lv1
Boost Vending Machine Drink Lv2
Boost Vending Machine Drink Lv3
Boost Vending Machine Drink Lv4
Boost Vending Machine Drink Max
Boost Vending Machine Luck
Alcohol Tolerance Lv1
Alcohol Tolerance Lv2
Alcohol Tolerance Max
Boost Clan Member Growth Lv1
Boost Clan Member Growth Lv2
Boost Clan Member Growth Lv3
Boost Clan Member Growth Lv4
Boost Clan Member Growth Max
Ladies’ Man
Ladies’ Man Max
Art of Conversation Lv1
Art of Conversation Lv2
Art of Conversation Max
Social Skill Lv1
Social Skill Lv2
Social Skill Max
Life of the Dragon
Raised Health to a Natural 150

Refer to SilverPeak Kiryu

Strength of the Dragon
Raised Attack to a Natural 150

Refer to SilverPeak Kiryu

Vitality of the Dragon
Raised Defense to a Natural 150

Refer to SilverPeak Kiryu

Speed of the Dragon
Raised Defence to a Natural 150

Refer to SilverPeak Kiryu

Heat of the Dragon
Raised the Heat Gauge to a Natural 150

Refer to SilverPeak Kiryu

Limit Breaker
Raised all stats to a Natural 200

Refer to SilverPeak Kiryu

Peak Kiryu upscale-245262160018212
Raised all stats to a Natural 300

For this, you will need to increase all your Basic Stats from the Default 100 all the way to 300. This will take a good number of each of the 5 Experience types.

  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Spirit
  • Technique
  • Charm

There is a catch, however, which is you will need to get each to a Natural 200 first which will allow you to Level Break your stats past your mortal limits. It is worth noting that you can only carry 9999 of each experience type, which means exceeding this number is pointless DO NOT try to hoard past 9999 of a single type of exp.

Amon Defeated upscale-245262160018212
Defeat Amon on any Difficulty

Amon is the Ultimate test in any Yakuza game, unfortunately, the Amon battle in this game is lacking compared to the other entries to this unrelenting boss. There are some tricky parts to this fight which only come into play just above the 65% health mark, at this point he will call in drones that will deal minimal damage but knock you out of combos and leave you open to attack. Once Amon’s health is at around 20 – 30% is when this fight starts getting troublesome, he uses the sphere that will drastically lower the damage he takes to the point he seems invincible, at this stage the drones will start to detonate and cause mass damage or even kill you outright. The Drones will beep when they are getting ready to detonate, so make sure that you are out of the predicted area of damage when you hear them beeping. An alternative to this is to activate Extreme Heat Mode which will save you if the drones detonate on you. You will be left with 1HP, but alive.

The basic strategy for this is to use the Tiger Drop to deal a lot of damage and get him down to the bubble form, now you should have a few drones going around. Make sure you have a good amount of health probably around the 80% or more and use the Dragon Extreme Heat. Now just pound on him and deal all the damage you can while using it, when you are out of Extreme Heat back away and use Stamina drinks or Trauriner drinks to increase your Heat to go back and do it to him again. This might take 2 or 3 cycles to kill him depending on the damage you deal, how long you stay in Extreme Heat Mode, and what Health you have. You will require a good number of healing items for this but If you have fought Amon in the past you should be all too familiar with how tough he has been in previous instalments in the Yakuza series.

A Man’s Experiance
Obtain 1,000 Total Experience Points

Refer to SilverA Dragon’s Experience

A Fighter’s Experience
Obtained 10,000 Total Experience Points

Refer to SilverA Dragon’s Experience

A Dragon’s Experience upscale-245262160018212
Obtained 100,000 Total Experience Points

Experience can be earned in any number of ways from eating meals at eateries to fighting enemies, although the amount will be varied on what you do get the EXP for, any and all will count for these trophies.

Just Getting Started
Completed 10 Items on the Completion List

Refer to SilverYou Did It

Maybe You Can Do It
Complete 31 Items on the Completion List

Refer to SilverYou Did It

You Did It upscale-245262160018212
Complete 100 Items on the Completion List

For these trophies, you will need to complete a set number of items on the Completion List, in the game you will find this being called Awards in the bottom middle of the phone screen. A total you will need is 100 items, simply pick your favourite and work on them, however, this will likely come with natural progression and working towards the Platinum. There are 285 items on the list so the 100 is a fair bit below the 50% margin. If you complete all the Sub Stories the game has to offer you will knock out 52 towards this total and as an added benefit the other easy items to do are Restaurants, defeating enemies, and some of the Minigame section.

Kiryu Clan Founder
Assembled the Kiryu Clan

Simply once you have beaten your first story-based battle you will only need to talk to Joe in order to enter into battle. When you speak to him for the first time you will get this trophy.

Kiryu Clan Captain
Reach Level 3 in the Kiryu Clan

Another easy trophy like the BronzeWord on the Streets, all you will need to do is carry on playing through missions and levelling captains in order to level up your overall Clan Level. This should come at some point near or at the end of the Onomichi campaign.

Kiryu Clan Patriarch upscale-245262160018212
Completed the Clan Creator Storyline

See the lower section of this trophy for how to play this mode.

The story in the Kiryu Clan is pretty easy and straightforward, in all honesty, the story is about a 4-hour endeavour that you can just glance at to make sure your units stay alive and are progressing well (This will vary depending on who you use). The bit that will take effort is building your units up and getting the hang of the mechanics. The campaign of the Kiryu Clan starts in Onomichi and you can play the first 8 battles to kick JUSTIS out of town and return them to their base in Kamurocho. The next time you can do some work on this in Chapter 7 in Kamurocho, Joe will come up to you and take you over to the new base. This will let you play the next 8 battles and will finish the campaign.

The main story of the Kiryu Clan is highlighted by the gold-looking mission tag, the side objectives in the clan are in sliver and these are the ones that you will probably want to farm in Onomichi to level up a little before you attempt some of the missions, this will also let you practice and try out units to see who your strike team is.

How to play:

Kiryu Clan is not too different from the Majima Construction Clan Creator in Yakuza Kiwami 2 in terms of how to play it and the way it works. The way it differs is you can revive any and all members of your strike team if they have been killed, although there are some other differences this is the main one that anyone who has played Kiwami 2 will see. There are some key things that should be noted before we go into any strategizing, these are explained below;

  • Missions
  • Organization
  • Training


These are any and all missions that you can undertake, both Main and Sub Missions. There are a total of 16 Campaign Missions and 16 Sub Missions, they can be tracked through the Awards App on your phone menu to find out which ones need to be completed for the story and what is Sub.

Save SachikoBattle Against JUSTISThe Yano Army Invades!
Yano’s Relentless Assault!Tory Yano of the Six Lunatics!Naito’s Right-hand Men
Tetsuya Naito. ActivatedTetsuya Naito of the Six Lunatics!Battle Against Tenzan!
Battle Against Kojima!The Fearsome TenCozy TagTanahashi’s Assassins
Tanahashi’s OffensiveHiroshi Tanahashi of Six Lunatics!The Rains of Kamurocho
The Kiryu Clan’s Final Battle  

Above are the Main Missions that you will have to complete for the trophy.


Within this menu, you will be able to set up your leaders and decide who to take with you in your Strike Team. Your leaders will be anyone you pick to be used as heroes, and will be set up as if in a Yakuza clan. Your Strike Team will be made up of these units, so pick wisely. In the most basic form, the Strike Team are the pawns you control to do battle with. If you pick a weak set of people and you are likely to have a hard time but don’t forget that you will need to level them to be more effective.


This will let you use your own hard-earned EXP to increase the effectiveness of the members of your Strike Team. Depending on the level they are the amount needed to upgrade them will differ as well as how far through a level they are, the higher the amount of EXP needed the more it will cost you.

In Battle:

When you are in a battle situation you will see an interface overtaking the left and bottom of the screen. Going down the left of the screen:

  • Timer
  • Enemies Remaining
  • The Area & Enemy Leaders

Going across the bottom (Left to Right):

  • Present Units summon/ Total Units
  • 5 Basic Units
  • 6 Hero Units
  • Summon Resources (Across the bottom)

Once the battle has begun you will have limited control over what happens, however, you will be able to:

  • Summon
  • Control movement of heroes
  • Move the cursor to the selected Leader
  • Use Selected Leader Skill

Now to play, in order to start you will need to tell the game to start and after that pick a unit to spawn. If you are a beginner you might want to experiment with the basic units and only call on a Hero when things start to go bad. If you have experience in the Clan battles you might be better off having a hero spawn, and using a skill when in trouble like a Dropkick or Healing.

Down to actually playing, on most levels you will have an easy time, when it gets hard is when you reach the Amon Sub Missions, however, they are not really needed for anything other than completion (If you want to) and the rewards.


If you want to have a relatively easy time you can always use the codes listed below to get some powerful allies, much like recruiting Amon once you have beaten him. Personally, it is a better idea to just use Amon as he is a really mean character to have on your team, the downside to him is he causes splash damage and will kill your own guys who are near.

CharacterCode to Use
Kazama Kiryu (SR)AtPercentDragon
Shun Akiyama (SR)0InThereDakiyama
Daigo Dojima (SR)KiryuSaveMePleaz
Makoto Date (SR)DateWithMako2018
Hiroshi Tanahashi (SR)TheDragonSleeper
Kazuma Kiryu (R)NoRestForKazumaK
Jo Amon (R)TheSecretJoAmon
Goro Majima (R)MadDogGoroMajima
Daigo Dojima (R)The6THHeadOfTojo
Shun Akiyama (R)ADreamingAkiyama
Makoto Date (R)DetectiveManDate
Ono Michio (R)OhNoOnoMichioKun

The above characters are the most recommended as they are ones in the Yauza series and have some useful abilities. An example of this is Ono Michi being able to heal Or Hiroshi Tanahashi being able to revive fallen heroes.

Word on the Streets
Raised the Kiryu Clan’s Influence to 10,000

This requires you to get a total strength of 10k, which isn’t that hard. Provided you have been working on all the Silver missions that appear until you beat Yano and recruit him, you should only be a little off this trophy and your team will have new slots. Simply slot in 3 leaders into the newly opened up Soldier ranks and you should reach around the 11.5k mark if not just do some more battles, it is really easy to get considering what you need to do for the Kiryu Clan.

Kiryu Clan Enforcer
Maxed out a Kiryu Clan Leader’s Stats

The Max rank is 99 and it will take a really long time to level even a single member to that. Your focus should start with completing the Kiryu Clan storyline. Once that is done you should look at doing the 100 Victories. While doing these you will note that you are gaining EXP and money, it is recommended to use the highest level you are comfortable with playing on to farm the most EXP for your team and more specifically your individual who you are powering up. You should be somewhere in the range of level 70 – 75 by the time you have got the victories which will leave you at a bit of a sticking point. Assuming that you have been levelling Kiryu up and unlocking abilities when you can and as you need them, you should, by now have got the SilverPeak Kiryu and SilverSkill Master trophies. This means that any extra EXP will be just sitting there going to waste, now is the time to use that “Wasted” EXP to upgrade your chosen unit. When you get him to level 99 you will get the trophy.

On the Winning Team
Achieved 100 Victories with the Kiryu Clan

Once you have completed the Story of the Kiryu Clan you should be somewhere around 27 or so Victories, if you have been completing the Sub Missions that have become available along the way. This sets you in a good starting point to win the remaining 70 or so missions and work on levelling your team, but more importantly, you’re individual for the BronzeKiryu Clan Enforcer trophy. Simply win 100 Matches and the trophy is yours.

What a Player
Played Every Minigame

Unlike previous entries in the Yakuza series (0, Kiwami, Kiwami 2, 3, 5) you DO NOT need to 100% complete the Minigames. For this instalment, you only need to have played all the minigames, for convenience’s sake there is a list below highlighting what you need to play.

KAMUROCHO Minigames:

  • Mahjong (Lullaby or Modern)
  • Darts (Club SEGA Theater Square, and Bantam)
  • Batting
  • Karaoke
  • Hostess (Club Shine)
  • Cat Cafe
  • Live Chat
  • Virtual Fighter 5FS (Club SEGA Nakamichi Street)
  • Puyo Puyo (Club SEGA Nakamichi Street)
  • Out Run (Club SEGA Theater Square)
  • Super Hang-On (Club SEGA Theater Square)
  • Space Harrier (Club SEGA Theater Square)
  • Fantasy Zone (Club SEGA Theater Square)

ONOMICHI Minigames:

  • Baseball
  • Speargun Fishing
  • Bar Chat
  • Jizo Statue
  • Fortunes
  • Temple Donation
  • Kiryu Clan
Dragon of DoGYMa
Experienced every RIZAP training

This is completed at the building that was once Match Bowl (in the previous Yakuza games) and is still the big building that is located at the back of Theatre Square. Once you have completed the Sub Story you will be able to do any kind of training that you would like to. For this you will need to complete the 6 different training sessions once to unlock the trophy, below is a list of what you will need.

  • Bench Press
  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Jump Squats
  • Lat Pullups
  • Seated Row

Once you have completed a set you get a challenge which involves you eating some food from somewhere around Kamurocho. Upon eating something, whether it is right or wrong, you will finish the session and need to go and find a group of enemies on the streets before you can undergo a new session. A total of 3 sessions will be needed, however all you need is the activity and not the challenge, and you can always continue your training if you enjoy it.

I’ll Have the Calamari
Defeat the Emperor Squid

This is related to a Sub Story, which is called The Old Man and the Sea. This will introduce you to Spear gun fishing which is an interesting new addition to the series, and opposed to the Sea fishing we see in other instalments of the Yakuza Series we have to learn a new and completely unique way to fish. All that being said all you need to do for this is play through the Sub Story and kill the boss at the end which is the Emperor Squid. As for tips, there are a few things below:

  • You don’t have just 1 shot
  • Reload manually
  • Keep an eye on the number of spears you have to use.
  • When the fish has a red outline you will have it locked as your target
  • Keep an eye out for treasure chests they contain points or air
  • There are hostile fish; these are normally Devil Scorpionfish, which will charge you. You can see if an enemy fish is about to ram you by the flashing red hue on the fish.
  • There will be a shark near the end if it catches you before you kill it you will sustain a big bit of damage (This is only for this fishing spot)
  • When fighting the boss he will spawn smaller squids, you will need to down these if they are ramming you before continuing to attack the boss. The other 2 bosses will spawn smaller units to hinder you as well.
  • The Ahab’s Revenge is the best Speargun in the game, and only obtainable from the Black Market Dealer, it will, however, set you back ¥300,000
Where Everybody Knows Your Name
Reach Beloved Customer Rank a Snack New Gaudi

This trophy sounds very much like a reference back to the TV show Cheers, and all you really need to do for it is make friends with people at the bar. You will gain access to this in Chapter 5 by starting the Sub Story The Joys of Adulthood, after this point, you will be able to enter the bar for ¥3000. Once inside you will find a few things that you can do, talk to people, play darts, sing karaoke, and order food from Mama. To make friends you will need to talk to some and work up to be able to talk with others. The reason that not everyone will talk to you at first is that they don’t think you will be a regular so they will not invest the time and effort on someone they believe will leave and never return. You will start with Hatakeyama who will invite you into the bar, Mama will also be unlocked to befriend, and if you sing Karaoke you will unlock Gen. These are your first 3 people to work on, however, Mama is the hardest to befriend and will take a long time. Below you can find who you need to befriend:

HatakeyamaSub Story: The Joys of Adulthood
MamaDefault Entering the Bar
GenSing a round of Karaoke
AkiyoshiIntroduced to after completing Hatakeyama
AndoAfter completing Hatakeyama, Gen, and Akiyoshi
KanekoAfter completing Hatakeyama, Gen, and Akiyoshi

So we now know how to unlock each person, we need to know now how to befriend them, which is easy. Once you have raised the friendship of a person to around the 75% mark you will unlock the Sub Story (Refer to the image above), which will require you to pick an option, if it is correct you will add some to the friendship gauge. If you manage to get it high enough (The Star on the bar) you will complete the event and move on the story, once you complete it, return to the bar and talk to the person and you will get a result screen where you see your Friendships, and the Custom Status. For the Trophy, you will need to get the Customer Status to rank 2 (The second tier down the pyramid), which can be done with 2 people left over. This might be the case however you will need to fully complete all people in order to complete all Sub Stories.

Club Shine Star
Requested every hostess

A simple trophy that can be obtained a short way into Chapter 1, simply head over to Pink St in Kamurocho to Club Shine. This is a Cabaret Club that has featured in previous Yakuza titles, and where you will play the Hostess Minigame. For this trophy all you will need to do is order all the Hostesses on the menu, there are 5 in total and you will need to get each of them to Diamond Rank for the Sub stories trophy. Each visit will cost ¥10,000 and an additional ¥5,000 to extend the stay a little longer, which will help with building up to Diamond Rank.

The Internet’s Real Purpose
Chatted with both lovely Live Chat ladies

You are introduced to the Live Chat Minigame in the Sub Story The Temptation of Live Chat which is in Chapter 1. Once you have completed it you can head to any Internet Café and chat with 1 of 2 women. These 2 are Anri and Yua. All you need to do for this trophy is to play a session with them both, win or fail it doesn’t matter. You can always start a session and quit to get the trophy.

To Be This Good Takes AGES
Played every Club SEGA Game

There are a total of 7 Minigames located within club sega that you will need to play.

  • Out Runner
  • Super Hang on
  • Space Harrier
  • Puyo Puyo
  • Fantasy Zone
  • Virtual Fighter 5FS
  • Darts

2 can be located in Club Sega Nakamichi St whereas the other 5 can be found in Club Sega Theatre Square. You will gain this trophy while working towards the BronzeWhat a Player, Which is for playing all Minigames.

That’s Purrecious
Rescued three stray cats

When in Kamurocho in chapter 1 you can head over to the Cat Café, which is distinctly lacking in the Feline department. Because of this, you will be asked to “Recruit” stray cats from both Kamurocho and Onomichi. From the point of completing the Sub Story, you will be able to start recruiting the cats, however, you will need 2 things first. The first is to find the location of the cats, and the second is to have some cat food. Cat food can be bought at the Cat Café or in Convenient Stores, so there are no real shortages of places you can find it. Finding the cats seem difficult at times but you only need 3 for the trophy, below is the information on finding the cat and the preferred food they like:

NameAreaFavourite Food
ViolaAround New SerenaNone
MusashiOn Suppon St. or W Taihei BlvdBonito
KotetsuIn Tenkaichi AlleySalmon
FukuAround Poppo (Showa St)Beef
MilkNear Kyushu No. 1 Star and out onto Senryo AveWhite Fish
ShizukuIn Nakamichi AlleySalmon
LeonSouth East Corner of Millenium TowerChicken
MaronTheatre Ally around RIZAPChicken
VictoriaOn the road around Children’s ParkWhite Fish
ToraAround the Ryunan Shrine areaBeef
NanaAround or near La PenteFresh Tuna
HimeIn the Ropeway Station going towards Second Hill.Chicken
MikeCentral Shopping District not far from Fighter’s ShopFresh Tuna
RinClose to the Navy ApartmentsWhite Fish
KuroAround the Jingai Ferry DockSalmon
ShiroThe South East part of Hana-no-KuboWhite Fish
KokoCentre of Hana-no-KuboWhite Fish
KaiThe North East part of Hana-no-kuboBeef

These are only rough locations, there are 3 points within these areas where a cat can spawn and the spawn point for each cat forms a Triangle shape, so it’s best to pick a start point and look in a triangular rotation to see if the cat you are looking for has spawned in the area. An Example of this is Shiro:


  • Far South East Corner little north of the Taxi
  • Outside Snacks Kiyomi
  • Outside Snacks New Gaudi

These are the 3 locations you can find this cat.

Play Ball!
Won a Baseball Game

This can be done in Chapter 3 once you have got to the day and Mama is looking after Haruto. Once you are free to look around you will need to go and start up the Sub Story quest line for the Baseball, which starts with going to the waterfront near your apartment. Walk along the waterside and you will be approached by a member of the warriors (the Baseball team you played for in the story situation) he will ask you to play for them, which ends in you becoming the team captain. Your next Sub Story will see you recruiting and unlocking the ability to recruit people around town. The 3rd Sub Story in this set will see you actually playing and winning a game, honestly, they are not that tough if you use your new pitcher which you recruited in the previous Sub Story. Winning this game will unlock this trophy.

Dandling Dragon
Experienced the Trials of Raising a Baby


These can show up as events that happen when you are going around with Haruto, the first and best opportunity to achieve this trophy is in the first instance. This is early in Chapter 3 when Kiryu needs to find Milk for Haruto. The mission will activate and you will be forced to play and attempt to please and calm Haruto down. The way you do this is by using the Touchpad, Joysticks, and motion of the controller, to perform an action to satisfy Haruto. For this trophy you will need to win the Minigame, to this end you will see that you have a gauge similar to the “Love” gauge for hostesses at the side of the screen, and a timer above it. If the timer finishes counting down you lose, likewise, if you fail to fill the bar, to add to the dilemma, there is only a finite number of these and if you fail to meet the criteria on all of them you will miss the trophy. NOTE: Make a manual save when you get to your room, this will let you return to the point before you attempted the minigame and try again until you manage the trophy. There were not very many times after Chapter 3’s compulsory section that this occurs.

Now it might sound like you are playing a guessing game with Haruto, but this is not the case, he will actually indicate what you are meant to do with his arms and head. In addition to this, you will get prompts from Kiryu after a few seconds with what he thinks Haruto wants. Overall the trophy is not all that hard and you shouldn’t have too much trouble with getting it, just be patient and pay attention to what Haruto wants, and if you are experienced in the Cabaret Club you can probably obtain this naturally.

How Fortuitous
Pulles “Great Blessing ” at the Temple

In Onomichi there is a temple on the hill and you will probably head here a few times while just looking around, however, if you do not, Chapter 12 will send you here for a mission constraint. When you get to the upper level, before the observation deck you will see a temple-looking building. Simply go up the stairs again and round to the front, which will have 2 inter-actable points. The middle one is for donations to the temple, whereas the right one is for drawing your fortune. Interact with this right point and pick your fortune, hope it’s a good one and that’s the trophy.

Get Out and Stay Out!
Made a store employee angry at you

Much like the BronzeRepeat Offender trophy in Yakuza Kiwami 2, this trophy requires you to damage a convenience store, the difference with this trophy is you only need a single store. Simply get into a fight near one of the Poppo Stores around Kamurocho and make sure you damage it in some way, destroy a window or something. When the fight is concluded simply walk into the store and talk to the clerk to get scolded for damaging the establishment. Below is an example of how you could damage it.

Off the Beaten Path
Found a secret passage

Relatively simple trophy, all you need to do is find a secret path which you can see on your map. They are normally represented by small lines that don’t look like a man could squeeze through between buildings, and there are plenty of these in Kamurocho. Simply walk up to one and Kiryu will go side-on and sort of shimmy through the gap. If you haven’t found one by Chapter 7 you won’t need to worry as there is one in the story which will guarantee you getting this trophy.

Not the Brightest Idea
Jumped from a Dangerously high place

This one is surprisingly easy, and you can claim it in chapter 1 if you can go on top of the batting Centre. Simply go up top and sprint at the edge, Kiryu will do a panicked leap and flail around in the air before coming to an abrupt landing. There are a few locations during the story that this should unlock as well but the batting centre is a good one if you want it early.

Pretty Tasty
Activated five types of eatery combos

Like in Yakuza Kiwami 2, you can gain food combos, which will increase your experience from eating there and work towards points on your completion list. For the trophy, you will only need 5, but there is a good number throughout the game at different eateries. You will probably obtain this through natural progression however you can also find a list below.

Combo NameWhat ItemsWhere
An Elegant Time at AlpsStrawberry Parfait
Sandwich Set
Cafe Alps
The Standard Smile SetSmile Burger
Smile Fries
Smile Shake
Smile Burger
Healthy SmileTuna Burger
Smile Salad
Smile Burger
The Ultimate Sushi GinKiwami Set
Kiwami Chirashi
Kiwami Seafood Rice Bowl
Sushi Gin
Blissfully Drinking AloneBeef Plate
Draft Beer
Depth of 30 YearsThe Macallan 30 Years Old
Hibiki 30 Years Old
Ballantine’s 30 Years Old
Harmony of Rice and NoodlesSoba in Hot Broth
Fuji Soba
Rice LoverKatsudon
Curry & Rice
Fuji Soba
This is Gindaco HighballAbsolutely Tasty Takoyaki!
The Kaku Highball
Gindaco Highball
A Yakiniku StapleSalted Tongue
Nothing Grilled at Yakiniku!?Kimchi Combo
Stone-cooked Bibimbap
Spicy Beef Soup
The Holy TrinityKyushu Tonkotsu Ramen
Fried Rice
Kyushu No. 1 Star
A Solid LineupTenderloin Steak 200g
Ikinari Steak
Eating WildWild Steak 300g
Wild Hamburg Steak 300g
Ikinari Steak
Bread Over RiceSandwich
M Side Cafe
Spicy CombinationSichuan Dandan Noodles
Shrimp in Chili Sauce
Mapo Tofu
Osaka King
Griddle TrioOriginal Fried Gyoza
Mixed Fried Rice
Osaka King
Full of CakeChocolate Cake
Quadra Garden
Veggie LoverVegetable Champon
Vegetable Saraudon
Veggie-filled Soup
Ringer Hut
TunaliciousSpecial Bluefin Tuna Bowl
Tuna Zanmai
Sushi Zanmai
Delicious Side DishesOnion Rings
Tomato Onion Soup
Wette Kitchen
Wild ComboWild Burger
Wild Fried Chicken
Wild Jackson
I’ll Have This to Start!Edamame
Draft Beer (Medium)
I’ve Gotta Order That!Sashimi Platter 3 pcs
Hand-Selected Vinegar Mackerel
Kotchori Salad
A Cut AboveLarge Onomichi Ramen
Large Chashu Onomichi Ramen
Jumangoku Chinese Soba
Testing Your LuckSalt-Grilled Rockfish
Fisherman’s Soup
Octopus Sashimi
Oyster Shack
Aspiring Sommelier!?Red Wine
White Wine
La Pente
Original Course MenuSpecialty Green Salad
Tournedos Rossini
Special Strawberry Shortcake
La Pente
The Yonetoku Standard!Meat Nabe
Crunchy Shochu Highball
Quick & EasyEdamame
New Gaudi

Below is an example of an eatery combo that you could have.

Commemorative Photo
Took a photo of Ono Michio-Kun

Ono Michio is a character you are introduced to in some of the Sub Stories, and in short is the Mascot of Onomichi. You can NOT find him before you have completed the Sub Stories related to him, of which there are 3. He is, in short, a person with a fruit for a head and wares a bowl of ramen for a hat, pretty distinctive and unmissable right? There are a set of locations where this guy will spawn which are listed below, and all you need to do is walk up to him and press the X Button to have him pose for you. This will pull out the camera and let you take a photo, when you have taken the picture just close the camera with the O Button and the trophy should pop.


  • On the rooftop opposite Snack New Gaudi
  • West of Snack Kiyomi, at the junction to the main road before the corner
  • At the end of the Central Shopping District, Just South of Fujisawa Tofu
  • Next to his cardboard counterpart at the Ropeway Station
  • On the Jingai Ferry Dock
Can of Whoop Ass
Engaged enemies while a drink’s effect is active

This is simply done when you are under the influence of a vending machine drink. Find a vending machine on the map, they are the little green cans, you can find them all most everywhere and they are hard to miss. When you have picked one find a drink you want, the EXP or Money are the preferred options. When you have picked something look for some enemies and when you find some hold the O Button to drink all of the chosen drink, you should see the effect in the top left under where the health should be. Now just engage in battle and the trophy is yours.

Life Through Kiryu’s Eyes
Walked 30 Seconds in First-Person Mode

Simply click the R3 and walk around the city viewing the world like Kiryu. If you get into a fight you will be taken out of it and put back into 3rd person to fight.

No Photos!
Got surrounded by enemies while trying to take a picture

Pull out your camera with the Up button on the D-Pad and have some enemies in range, when they spot you they will run over to you and initiate a battle. When this happens Kiryu will put his phone down to do battle and the trophy will pop. You can also quickly pull out your camera after a group of enemies have seen you and are approaching you.


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