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What Are You Playing This Weekend? (May 7th 2021)

After a long week it’s finally weekend again, so that means that it’s time to sit back, relax and play some games! So what is the team playing this weekend? With this week someone from the community: JaykVale!

Dex Fragg – Founder

It’s finally time to play games for fun again! I completed Avengers so nothing is holding me back! So this weekend it’s finally really time to play Sea of Solitude. I’ve had my eyes on this for a while so now that I got the time I will finally do it.

The game is only 3 hours long so I have plenty of time to do some other stuff, yesterday I did Friday night I got my Battlefield V platinum, an easy one that only takes 10 hours to do. but what I’m gonna do otherwise? I have no clue yet. I kinda wanna do Spyro but also wanna do some Playstation 3 stuff like Infamous.

Update from April 30th: I actually managed to get the platinum for all 3 games in the Ratchet and Clank Trilogy! it was so great playing them again and seeing how great they still are. I would for sure recommend everyone playing them!

JaykVale – Community Member

Lately I have been playing Tokyo Xanadu Ex+ a lot since I wanted to lose myself in a JRPG and wasn’t sure if I wanted to commit myself to a long journey. Boy, was I wrong.

Not only was Tokyo Xanadu Ex+ a longer journey than I had anticipated but it also ignited that spark again. The spark of fascination over a well-crafted world; the spark of curiosity, of wanting to engage with characters and learn more about them.

And now I want more – I have been reading a lot about The Legend of Heroes series and specifically the Trails (‚Kiseki‘ in Japan) subseries which got 7 official releases in the West. While in the past I had heard of Trails of Cold Steel and how elaborate the world was built, it always felt daunting having to catch up.

Thanks to my rekindled love for the genre I feel like I am finally ready. And I will start with the first game in the Trails series – Trails in the Sky (Sora no Kiseki) which is what I will be playing this weekend.

EssTee – Guide Writer

I’ll be playing only one thing all weekend, and probably all week, because: Resident Evil Village is here!
I was hugely hyped for it, the first new story (not remake) RES game we’ve had since Biohazard in 2017, so it was a big deal! I’ve only played a few chapters so far but yep I absolutely love it of course! They’re going a new route with the inclusions of other monsters, werewolves, or maybe they are meant to be werewolf zombies I’m not sure yet! Lol, but it’s exciting! No doubt some people will moan about that. But that’s dumb you gotta embrace new things. The intro with that werewolf chase was exhilarating! And I adore the funny and freaky group of enemies/bosses/supervillains? They’re really different, but all brilliant! Also when you get into the castle it feels very much like classic res again, which was nice to have a real good mix of old and new. So that’s me sorted for a few days, they say it’s about a 25 hour platinum but I know it will take me much longer because I wanna really take my time with it, do many playthroughs gradually working towards the trophies, while I continue to enjoy every second of it 🙂

Update from April 30th: I just caught up on some platinum’s, so went up a couple of spots to #28 in the UK leaderboard. I played Heal by Jesse Makkonen which genuinely touched me, again like Distraint, and Distraint 2. This guy really can tell a great story and make a great game. If you’re anti-rata then you’re missing out cuz when it’s got this guys name on it it’s good stuff. And if you have had any elderly family with dementia or Alzheimer’s then yea it’ll get ya, with it’s beautiful ending.

Oniwalker – Reviewer

It’s the weekend, and I had big big plans for the weekend! To shut myself into a castle and run from a vampire and her daughter’s! But Amazon never brought me my copy of Resident Evil 8! So instead I’ve had to play other things.

Those things have been the Castlevania Anniversary collection, which I’ve actually almost finished! I only have 3 games left to play, then I’ll be done it all! Then I’ve been working my way through Lego Movie Vita in the downtime that I can’t play my Ps4. At night, I’ve also been playing Warhammer Vermintide with my friends, as we try and get through the hardest difficulty together! It is such a blast that we get real tense with, but least were tense together!


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