What Are You Playing This Weekend? (June 18th 2021)

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    After a long week it’s finally weekend again, so that means that it’s time to sit back, relax and play some games! So what is the team playing this weekend?

    Dino_Roar – Guide Writer

    This weekend is going to be filled with Trophies, and lots of them! All the jobs around the house have been done and I’m ready to get started on a trophy marathon….. The list this weekend includes Crossbow Crusade, Independence Day Break Head to Head, Farm Frenzy: Refreshed & more….!

    Don’t worry I’ll not neglect the site, as I have a couple of guides that will be finished off this weekend and published shortly. I’ve also got to get to work on the improvements to our new A-Z of guides (If you haven’t checked it out yet, you really should).

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    Update from May 28th 2021: Battlefield V is ready for that milestone, so let’s get to it!

    EssTee – Guide Writer

    This weekend I have the usual weekly code for the new eastasiasoft game to take a look at and make a video guide for, ready for the game’s release next week. I hope it’s a platformer! It’s always a little exciting like opening a Christmas present what’s it gonna be! A visual novel this time perhaps? Maybe a puzzle game? Maybe… Something with boobs lol. Who knows! But yea I do hope it’s a platformer 🙂
    I may this weekend play some Dead Rising 2: Off the record, a game I started 3 years ago and still haven’t finished! Should be fun getting some stuff done CO-OP. We all know I’m a zombie fan, and a fan of the Dead Rising franchise, but a lot of their platinum’s are quite long and hard work, so it’s gonna take some time but it will be nice to work towards wrapping this one up, and ping that plat!

    Update from June 11th, 2021: For a little backlog clean-up I decided to finish the plat for an old game, Lara Croft GO. It reminded me how wonderful Square Enix games are. Yes, it is a simple old puzzle game, but the style and little details were just a delight, was a nice enjoyable easy platinum!

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    Oniwalker – Guide Writer and Reviewer

    Oh it is the weekend and I have absolutely no idea what I want to do! Aside from playing Vermintide 2, I may play Furi alongside some friends. I also may start reading the Visual Novel called Sables Grimoire, as I got a code from the devs! I honestly just don’t know! Ahhhhh!

    Update from June 11th, 2021: I played a few games last weekend, but as I was visiting family, I didn’t play too many games. I did play Vermintide 2 though. Plus Black Ops 4, but that was about it!

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    Dex Fragg – Founder

    My mood has been super down the past 2 weeks due to some things happening, so I’ve been playing a few sad games to try and hope to cheer me up. The first game on the list is Life is Strange! I’m going to try and complete the whole series this weekend and probably overlapping into next week, so I’m just going to sit back and relax and enjoy the story.

    Update from June 11th, 2021: My weekend was amazing! I got the platinum for Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, but sadly it was rather short.


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