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What Are You Playing This Weekend? (February 5th 2021)

After a long week it’s finally weekend again, so that means that it’s time to sit back, relax and play some games! So what is the team playing this weekend?

EssTee – Guide Writer

I’ve been playing a new wonderful indie game called Arrog, a game that has been made with a lot of love and I adored every second of it. It is a narrative story with no words, that takes you on an impacting visual journey about a man accepting his death through his poetic dreams. An important and main feature of Arrog is it’s beautifully hand-drawn art inspired by traditional Latin American Peruvian art. The style is very intimate, but simple. And this art direction cleverly works perfectly to gently ease people through what can be a sometimes difficult topic, death. Gradually colour accents are introduced to help you realise death is not all about sadness, it has a larger meaning. It reminds you of the relationship people have with nature, and that death is the natural part of the necessary balance of the circle of life. Upon a death it reminds you to drink, sing, play music, remember people with not only sadness but also with joy, make it not a funeral but a celebration of life.
It may be a very short 30 minute experience but I highly recommend that you all do try this game and enjoy this short beautiful and poetic tale.

Dino_roar – Guide Writer

Something fun is in store for me this weekend, as I take on PAW Patrol: On a Roll for the second time!
Yes that’s right… I have already done the EU stack of the game and in my natural trophy hunter way I am going to do the NA stack.

If you have not seen anything of this game, then it is worth checking out for its cheesy fun factor. It is a true trophy hunters dream, as it has a easy trophy list that can be chalked off in a few hours of completing levels and find all the collectibles (which is easy enough).

Other than that I have picked up a few little Indie Games that I will be trying out for the first time. Plus….. Valentine’s Candy Break drops this weekend, so I am sure I will be picking that up and adding to our extensive library of guides from smobile (BreaskSushi).

Oniwalker – Guide Writer and Reviewer

The snow is blowing, it’s freezing cold outside, but I’m gonna stay inside and play me some Vidya Gaemz! Seen that the weekend is here, have you decided what to spend your time on? I’ll be playing quite a mix. There’s still Star Ocean going on, surprise surprise. Then a speedrun of Resident Evil 5 before I start the harder difficulties, then No Man’s Sky, and last but not least Strange Brigade! Although I may also play some Siege. So I have myself a full schedule of stuff to play to keep myself busy and warm inside!

New-Stirum – Guide Writer

This weekend I’m making an exception and leave my backlog cleanup in a corner. After years, I’ve decided to activate a monthly Ps plus subscription again just for Concrete Genie which is one of the three ps+ free games of February 2021.

It’s been a while since the last Ps+ subscription, but this game convinced me again and I can’t wait to enjoy it after a heavy week. However, I won’t be able to do the DLC as I don’t have a VR, unfortunately, but I’m sure this game won’t upset me.

A notable mention goes to Control as well which is an amazing game, but it won’t be my priority. Despite that, I will for sure play and hopefully finish it before the expiration of the month.

Dex Fragg – Founder

This weekend I’m gonna go on a trophy spree like a madman, I have so many ratalaika games that I haven’t played yet and I need about 200 trophies to fill the spot between my next milestone: 4000 trophies!

the 4000th trophy is going to be Immortals Fenyx Rising, I already have everything set up and ready to pop, but I will probably end up starting my next big game while grinding out Rogue Company.

My next “big” game that I’m going to be playing is Batman: The Telltale Series and Batman: The Enemy Within, I have had them on my to-do list for a while now and I think I’m ready to finally get those out of the way

Update from January 29th 2021: I kinda finished Immortals Fenyx Rising! I just have that 1 trophy left over for a milestone! and that adventure time game? yeah still haven’t started………


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