Valentino Rossi The Game Compact Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 3/10.
    Estimated time to 100%: 5 – 10 hours.
    Missable trophies: None.
    Glitched trophies: None.
    Difficulty related: None.
    Playthrough: N/A.


    Welcome to the Valentino Rossi The Game Compact Trophy Guide!
    Milestone S.r.l have been making a habit of bringing “compact” versions of their releases. Valentino Rossi The Game Compact is no different to the MXGP & MotoGP Compact games that have been released in the past.

    Valentino Rossi The Game Compact enables you to choose all the official riders, teams and tracks in the 2016 MotoGP season. There are various game modes available: Quick Race, Championship, Split Screen, as well as 5 legendary events which have come to exemplify the 9-time world champion’s career!

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    This game serves as an introduction to the full game; giving players the ability to try out some of the main game modes. Unlike the main version of the game, this compact version does not have the need for the “upgrades”, or “experience”, as the game itself is fairly short and 100% can be obtained in a short space of time.


    Step 1: Complete 25 Races Online
    Online on this game can at times be dead; therefore in order to achieve Gold Online Expert you will probably need a boosting partner.
    It doesn’t matter which tracks you do, just complete 25 races. Sachsenring (Germany) is the quickest track, so keep playing over and over until you and your partner have notched up 25 completed races each.

    During this step you can also take the opportunity to adjust your Guided Settings for Bronze In your hands and have the race setting correct for Gold The aspiring Doctor.

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    You’ll be earning these trophies:
    Gold Online Expert

    Bronze For the crowd
    Bronze In your hands
    Gold The aspiring Doctor
    Silver The fastest

    Step 2: Split-Screen
    Sign in with either a guest account or a second account, and head over to Split-Screen. Simply complete one race and the relevant trophy will be yours.

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    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
    Bronze Here’s your side

    Step 3: Race Weekend
    Start up a MotoGP Single Player Race Weekend (“Qualifying & Race”) on Very Easy. Qualify in Pole Position over the 2 sessions and the trophy will pop when qualifying is finished. You do not even have to start the race.

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
    Bronze Pole Position start

    Step 4: Historic Events
    By this time you should be very familiar with the controls and the physics of the game and should have no problems here. The historic events serve as a flashback to Valentino’s past and both can be completed on Very Easy. Complete the 2 relevant events and to reenact pieces of racing history!

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
    Bronze A star is born
    Bronze 3 for the price of 1

    Step 5: Mileage
    You will need to ride a total of 500km on a MotoGP bike. This will likely need some grinding out.
    Unfortunately, there is no in-game statistics menu; therefore, you have no idea of how much mileage you have actually traveled. You will therefore need to keep playing any event until you have reached the 500kms. Depending how you went about the previous steps will decide how long this actually takes.

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
    Bronze Asphalt roads

    Tips and Strategies:

    All trophies can be earned on Very Easy Difficulty and you also have the ability to use flashbacks via the  button. It is also worth noting that you will have to grind out some Mileage for Bronze Asphalt roads, so it is not always worth picking the shortest/quickest track when completing some of the events.

    When playing Online just like the main game you do need to complete each race. A DNF will not count as a completed race, so ensure you and your partner both finish. There is a 40 second countdown once the first player has crossed the line, so if you are boosting ensure that you and your partner are within 40 seconds of each other.

    Trophy Guide:

    22Lff65e1Online Expert Gold
    Complete 25 races online

    The quickest way to complete the requirements for this trophy is to select the shortest track. The shortest track in the 2016 calendar is Sachsenring (Germany).

    Have the host set the race to 3 laps with no AI. You will also need track “Voting” enabled so that you can both vote for Sachsenring. Using this method should take you around 3-4 hours to complete.

    2L1ac2b7Here’s your side
    Complete a split-screen race

    Select Multiplayer – Split-Screen from the Main Menu. If you have not connected your second controller, you will be prompted to do so prior to moving on.

    You will be against AI in this race, but there is no requirement to win. Select any track and simply complete the race with your main profile. The second player does not have to complete the race. Just wait for the 30 second countdown to finish at the end of the race and the trophy will be yours.

    20L35ad35The fastest upscale-245262160018212
    Beat a track record on any track with a 2016 MotoGP™

    Ensure that when you are going for this you have Auto-Brakes & Penalties turned off.

    If you are combining this with the online races as per the Roadmap, you will have at least 50 attempts of this (not counting the first lap with the standing start). Keep practicing, and with the ability to cut the occasional corner, you should have no issues beating the lap time.

    You will need to select a decent 2016 MotoGP bike (Yamaha or Honda were the best during 2016) and select the track that you feel most comfortable with. Personally I was more comfortable at Phillip Island; however, if you are struggling with that one then Sachsenring is a good track to master.

    Once you have registered a lap time quicker than the 2016 fastest lap your trophy will pop.

    2L1ac2b7For the crowd
    Hold a wheelie for 8 consecutive seconds

    In order to perform a wheelie you need to move the weight of the biker to the back of the bike and accelerate hard from the slow (ish) speed. This can be done by holding the and using the  to accelerate.

    There are a number of tracks that this can be achieved on. Just pick one with a long straight (Austin, Sepang, Valencia) and show the crowd what you can do.

    2L1ac2b7In your hands
    Win a MotoGP™ race using Guided Settings

    An easy way to achieve this is when you are grinding out the 25 races online.

    Just before the race start screen your have the option to use “Guided Settings”. It’s a bit like the “Engineer” or “Technical Discussion” you had in previous MotoGP Games. You will be prompted through a few options regarding how you bike is handling and then you will be asked if you want to use the new settings. Simply accept the new settings and win the race.

    2L1ac2b7Pole Position start
    Gain pole position in a MotoGP™ race

    You will need to enable Qualifying for a race weekend to achieve this trophy.

    If you have the fastest time once the Qualifying ends, you will achieve this trophy. From the Main Menu change the preset race weekend to “Qualifying & Race”. Also, set the AI to Very Easy to make this easier.

    You will have to go through 2 sessions of qualifying:

    • Session 1 – 10 Opponents / 15 Minutes
    • Session 2 – 11 Opponents / 15 Minutes

    If you are confident that you have set the fastest lap, you can pause the game and return to your pit. To view how the AI times are compared yours you will need to select “Session Information”. You can also hold  to speed up time on the timing screen.

    22Lff65e1The aspiring Doctor Gold
    Win a MotoGP™ race with PRO physics, tyre wear and damages activated

    This can be achieved online whilst boosting, or during a 2 player split-screen.

    Prior to selecting the race, you will need to change the bike/race settings in the options menu. Pro physics is not that difficult to master. It does disable “Joint Brakes”, “Braking Assist” and “Cornering Assist”, but if you are doing this online with no AI, there should be no issues in achieving a win.

    2L1ac2b7A star is born
    Complete the 1996 VR|46 Historic Event

    Select Rossi Experience from the Main Menu and then head to VR|46 Historic Events.
    For this trophy you will need to complete the event “A star is born”.

    This is a throwback to Valentino’s first ever World Championship Grand Prix Win and takes place at Brno (Czech GP). You will need to finish in first place on your “AGV Aprilia RS125R” to reenact the historic event.

    You will start this event in second place and have 1.5 laps of Brno to gain first place. Cross the finish line ahead of all your opponents and this trophy will be yours.

    2L1ac2b73 for the price of 1
    Complete the 1998 VR|46 Historic Event

    Select Rossi Experience from the Main Menu and then head to VR|46 Historic Events.
    For this trophy you will need to complete the event “3 for the price of 1”.

    This time you will be riding Rossi’s famous Aprilia RS250! This is a timed event where you will start in fourth place.

    The objective here is to overtake the 3 opponents ahead of you at the start and remain in first place until the time expires. If you are in first place once the 3.5 minute timer hits zero, this trophy will be yours.

    2L1ac2b7Asphalt roads
    Race a total of 500 km – 311 miles on a MotoGP™ bike.

    Unfortunately, there is no in game statistics menu, however every race event you do in the game is with a 2016 MotoGP Bike (excluding the historic events), so you don’t need to worry about the bike.
    When racing, ensure that you complete the event to register your mileage.

    The 500kms is roughly 136 laps of the Sachsenring (500km / 3.670km = 136.2 laps).
    After the 25 online races I had completed roughly 275kms; therefore needing to complete a further 225kms, which equates to 21 (3 lap) races of Sachsenring (or 63 laps).

    You can of course choose any track to reach the 500kms and the trophy will pop as soon as you’ve hit the distance, even if it’s mid-race.


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