UltraGoodness 2 Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 3/10.
Estimated time to Platinum: 20 – 30 Mins.
Missable trophies: None.
Glitched trophies: None.
Difficulty related: None.
Playthrough: –


Welcome to the UltraGoodness 2 Trophy Guide!
Shoot enemies and die a lot in this hectic twin stick bullet hell, where time only moves, when you do!


Step 1: Beat the first 7 levels
I know it’s a very basic step and is a little obvious. But in all honesty, it’s your main priority, and by the time you’re done the 7 levels, you’ll probably have the platinum! Unless of course you’re super awesome and don’t die a lot! Then you’ll need to grind some kills….. but for the most part, let’s just say this is the only part!

You can also refer to “Level 7” for my super long death filled video that has all 7 levels shown, so you know what you’re up against.

You’ll be earning these trophies:
Bronze Level 1
Silver Level 2
Silver Level 3
Silver Level 4
Silver Level 5
Gold Level 6
Gold Level 7
Silver Exterminator
Bronze Newborn
Silver Infant
Silver Toddler
Gold Kid
Gold Tenn
Gold Adult
Gold Deadly
Gold Cruel
Gold Brutal
Gold UltraViolence
40-platinum Platinum UltraGoodness

Step 2: Kill grinding
In the chance that you’re a super god and you still need some enemy kills, I’d say the best place to grind them is level 5! As when the level opens, you get attacked by 30+ enemies! So you don’t have to go hunting all over the place for them!
Then by the end of this, you’ll definitely have the platinum!


I feel like, with this way this game plays and controls, this section may help! So here goes nothing!


  • Left Stick – Move
  • Right Stick – Aim
  • – Shoot
  • – Bomb
  • – Armageddon, drop 3 meteors down on the reticule. Press to place where they go.


  • The game moves when you move or shoot. If you don’t, everything is in slow motion. So if things get hectic, stop and see what your options are!
  • You can destroy the wall traps! Or any trap really!
  • Don’t step on floor tiles. They are usually always bad.
  • Use your bombs and Armageddon often! These really help to stay away from enemies!
  • Grab all the rupees you see for the cat upgrades! This way it’s bullets can help you more!

Trophy Guide:

Platinum UltraGoodness
Get all other trophies

Get all other trophies

Level 1
Complete level 1.

This is obtained for beating level 1! The first level just consists of cute little bunnies to kill. Once you have them all dead, go to the exit and you win!

Level 2 upscale-245262160018212
Complete level 2.

This is obtained by beating level 2! This is where the levels start getting bigger, and traps are added, and enemies that shoot back come in.

Level 3 upscale-245262160018212
Complete level 3.

This is obtained by beating level 3! In this level, the mushroom enemies are introduced. When you kill them, they explode like bombs and kill anything near them! If there’s other bombs near them, they will also explode! It’s glorious!

Level 4 upscale-245262160018212
Complete level 4.

This is obtained by beating level 4! In this level, the bat enemies are introduced. They have guns as well to shoot you with, and the closer they are to death, the faster they’re guns. They also have a chance of turning into a giant demon when they die that can shoot bullets like mad! So be very careful around them, and when you see the focus on them. I even recommend using bombs with !

Level 5 upscale-245262160018212
Complete level 5.

This is obtained by beating level 5! No new enemies are added in this level. But there are a lot of bomb enemies, and the enemy count is huge! So be careful when working your way through this one! Don’t forget to use all of your abilities as well!

Level 6 Gold
Complete level 6.

This is obtained by beating level 6! This level is a lot easier than the previous levels, as it’s just one straight line, going to the right, with all the enemies in front of you! So there’s no exploration needed.

Level 7 Gold
Complete level 7.

This is obtained by beating level 7! Luckily the enemy count on this level is relatively small compared to other levels, but you do get introduced to one more enemy type before the end. It’s an enemy that can dig underground and move towards you. Then it pops out of the ground and shoots bullets at you! Nothing too hard, but make sure you’re watching the ground all around you in this level!

Here is a video showing every level, and the time codes for each level are in the description!

Exterminator upscale-245262160018212
Buy any cat upgrade.

When you kill enemies, they drop rupees. You have to pick up these, to get the in game currency. When you press triangle while playing, a menu will pop up with upgrades to your cat. The cheapest one is 1,000 Rupees. When you open the menu, use the d-pad to select the number, then hit purchase, and the trophy will unlock!

Kill 25 enemies.

After you kill 25 enemies, this trophy is yours! This will easily come by the end of the first level.

Infant upscale-245262160018212
Kill 50 enemies.

Once you kill 50 enemies, you get this trophy! It’ll probably pop within level 2!

Toddler upscale-245262160018212
Kill 100 enemies.

Killing 100 enemies is what needs to be done for this trophy! Chances are, it’ll be popped by the time you finish level 3!

Kid Gold
Kill 250 enemies.

The number is getting bigger! 250 enemies are required for this trophy! Considering how tough the levels get, you’ll have this probably by level 5!

Teen Gold
Kill 500 enemies.

500 enemies are needed to be killed to get this trophy! If you were to make it through every level with minimal deaths, this would pop by the time you’re done level 7!

Adult Gold
Kill 750 enemies.

Were all grown up now, with 750 kills under our belt! If for some reason you’re a master at this game, and don’t have this by the time you’re done level 7, the best place to grind kills is level 5. As the level starts, there are 25+ enemies right in front of you. So you can kill them, and die, and kill them, and die and rinse and repeat until it pops!

Deadly Gold
Preform a Deadly kill combo.

You need to get a kill combo of 2 to be able to get a deadly combo and then this will pop.

Cruel Gold
Preform a Cruel kill combo.

Once you get a kill combo of at least 4, this trophy will pop!

Brutal Gold
Preform a Brutal kill combos.

The Brutal combo begins somewhere around 8 kills. When I got this trophy I had a combo of 9 and when it ended, I got a brutal combo.

UltraViolence Gold
Preform an UltraViolence kill combo.

To get this trophy, the kill combo is around 25. In level 3, bomb enemies are introduced. They’re usually in big packs of 15+, with a lot of enemies around them as well. So when you destroy some, you rack up a huge combo. On the top portion of the level on the far right is a good spot for this. Or you can get it even easier in level 5 at the beginning where 20+ enemies attack you right away!



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