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Ultra and Digerati Announce Publishing Partnership for Available and Upcoming Titles

Ultra and Digerati will be working to utilize Ultra’s carbon-neutral blockchain network into 2022. 

Ultra, the gaming platform utilizing carbon neutral certified blockchain technology to create a fairer ecosystem for gamers and developers, has revealed that they have signed a publishing partnership with Digerati, a publisher helping independent developers bring their creations to market. 

Digerati and Ultra will be working to bring more to game developers looking to self publish on Ultra, continuing into 2022 as Ultra opens its doors to more users. Ultra aims to provide better discoverability for all of their games, including a big reduction in development and costs,

“We’ll be teaming up with Digerati to continue fulfilling our mission of supporting indie developers. Ultra’s blockchain technology can be used in a myriad of ways and providing these newfound possibilities to game developers around the world will create a fairer and more rewarding gaming experience to everyone involved,” said Nicolas Gilot, Ultra Co-CEO

“Digerati is a publisher that supports blockchain and NFTs, so we’re incredibly excited to see how Ultra is using these technologies in its new gaming service. We can’t wait for users to discover the great selection of Digerati titles we’re bringing to Ultra, which will include a roguelike deck-builder, stunt-based FPS, and a mystical narrative adventure,” added Nick Alfieri, Head of Publishing.

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