Trove Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 4/10
    Estimated time to platinum: 200+ hours
    Missable trophies: None
    Glitched trophies: 3
    Lands Of Learning
     Quite Classy
    Gold Completely Classy
    Difficulty related: None
    Playthrough: 1


    Welcome to the Trove Trophy Guide!
    This game is a cube-shaped brew of RPG features combined with the thrill of exploring worlds and the unlimited creative freedom to build your own!


    Step 1: Play the game
    There are no real steps to follow for this game as you will earn progress and trophies by simply playing it.
    In this section, you can find a recommended way to do things but you don’t need to follow it if you don’t want to. Play at your own pace and try to at least have fun.

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    This game crashes a lot and you may remain stuck between the various loading screens. However, in 99% of the cases, if you restart the game, you will not lose any progress and you will respawn in the exact location you were before the loading screen.

    There are a lot of materials and crafting you can do and find while playing Trove which is almost impossible to track in a trophy guide.
    For more details on how and where to find a specific item you need, it’s recommended that you use the Trove WIKI | Fandom or the Trovesaurus site.

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    The first thing to keep in mind is that every day of the week provides you different bonuses so it’s recommended to focus on different things on different days. 
    Also, if you want to spend real money, remember that there is a paid feature, the Patron Pass, which gives additional bonuses.
    Here you can find the actual Non-Patron bonuses you can get each day:

    • Monday – Delve Day:
      • Double Crystal drop;
      • Double Shadow Shard drop;
      • Double Inert Geode drop.
    • Tuesday – Gathering Day:
      • Double Radiant Shard drops;
      • 20% Bonus Harvest chance;
      • 50% Bonus Ore chance;
      • Double Fishing speed.
    • Wednesday – Gem Day:
      • Gem Upgrade Dust Cost reduced by 10%;
      • 25% Bonus Gem Box Drop chance;
      • Dungeons can drop up to 3 Lustrous Gem Boxes.
    • Thursday – Adventure Day:
      • 50% more Adventurine;
      • Double chance to find Adventure Boxes;
      • Double chance to find Talismans.
    • Friday – Dragon Day:
      • 2x Dragon Coins from Challenges;
      • 2x Lesser Dragon Caches from Challenges;
      • 2x Chance Of finding Dragon Fragments.
    • Saturday – XP Day:
      • 50% more adventure experience;
      • 50% more club experience;
      • 50% more arena win Experience.
    • Sunday – Loot Day:
      • +100 Magic Find;
      • Double chance To find Flux Artifacts;
      • Increased Chaos Chest drop Chance.

    Another thing to keep well in mind is that for players with a +10 Mastery Rank there are challenges that appear in the first 20 minutes every hour.
    These are really important because they give Dragon Coins and/or Lesser Dragon Caches that are one of the required materials for crafting Dragons at the Dragon Crucible.

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    Now it’s time to dig into the various biomes of Trove!


    • to fish with an equipped Fishing Pole close to the water, lava, chocolate, or plasma;
    • Hold to glide while mid-air with a winged mount or a pair of wings equipped;
    • Hold to select what type of mount you want to ride between, “Mount”, “Mag Rider” and “Boat”;
    • Hold to open up the “Character Select” Menu;
    • and buttons can be customizable with some items in your inventory;
    • Holding will immediately open the “Character Sheet” section;
    • In Adventure mode, , , , and buttons are used to activate the skills of your characters;
    • In Build Mode, use the button to destroy blocks and the button to place them.


    Once you start the game, you will be catapulted into the Tutorial World where you can choose your first class and learn the basics of the game.
    After that, you can teleport yourself to the Hub World. Here, press the Options button to open the menu and head into the in-game store to redeem the Free Class Coin and being able to unlock another of the 15 available classes (the Vanguardian class cannot be redeemed with a Class Coin). 
    Later on, you will be able to craft other classes as well but you will mostly do it just for increasing your mastery rank.
    Here the various classes and their required crafting materials:

    ClassType of DamageCrafting Materials
    Physical1x Chaos Core
    1.000 Flux
    80x Mushroom Chunk
    20x Enchanted Wood
    Magical1x Chaos Core
    1.000 Flux
    30x Bottle
    10x Bleached Bone
    Fae Trickster
    Magical3x Chaos Core
    15.000 Flux
    200x Faerie Dust
    30x Blank Scroll
    100x Diamond
    Magical1x Chaos Core
    1.000 Flux
    10x Primordial Flame
    10x Bleached Bone
    Neon Ninja
    Physical3x Chaos Core
    15.000 Flux
    500x Robotic Salvage
    150x Diamond
    10x Golden Soul
    Candy Barbarian
    Physical1x Chaos Core
    1.000 Flux
    20x Wild Cupcake
    25x Glacial Shard
    Ice Sage
    Magical3x Chaos Core
    15.000 Flux
    500x Glacial Shard
    30x Blank Scroll
    350x Bottle
    Shadow Hunter
    Physical3x Chaos Core
    15.000 Flux
    2.000x Radiant Shard
    20x Somber Souls
    1.500 Crystallized Cloud
    Pirate Captain
    Magical1x Chaos Core
    1.000 Flux
    200x Golden Seashell
    1x Ancient Scale
    Physical1x Chaos Core
    1.000 Flux
    10x Primordial Flame
    1x Golden Soul
    Tomb Raiser
    Magical1x Chaos Core
    1.000 Flux
    3x Blank Scroll
    10x Bleached Bone
    Lunar Lancer
    Physical1x Chaos Core
    1.000 Flux
    100x Radiant Shard
    8x Faerie Dust
    Physical3x Chaos Core
    15.000 Flux
    200x Bleached Bone
    20x Somber Soul
    150x Wild Cupcake
    Magical3x Chaos Core
    15.000 Flux
    1.200 Sunlight Bulb
    750x Mushroom Chunk
    175x Enchented Wood
    Dino Tamer
    Magical3x Chaos Core
    15.000 Flux
    50x Meteorite Fragment
    500x Sticky Ichor
    100x Bleached Bone
    Physical1x Coded Message
    1x Intriguing Kernel Map
    60x Sentience Shard

    After the tutorial, your main task will be to increase your class level, your Power Rank, and your Mastery Rank:

    • The class level is based on the XP you gain (See Gold Completely Classy);
    • The Power Rank is based on the power of your equipment and, mostly, on the gems (See Gold Phenomenal Cosmic Power)
    • The Mastery Rank is based on everything you can add up to your collection (See Gold The Heights of Mastery).

    While exploring, keep on collecting everything on your road and NEVER sell anything as you will need a lot of materials and stuff later.
    Kill every monster and complete as many dungeons as possible to earn good equipment and gems as well to build your character.
    NOTE: Even if Recipe Dungeons are useless for that, do them as you can receive a recipe you can learn and gain mastery points. Furthermore, ALWAYS collect pieces of equipment that are not in your collection and loot them to gain other mastery points!

    You will also start earning Glim, Flux (the most used currency of the game), and Cubits (the non-paid version of the Credits). Use them to buy mounts, allies, and everything you can add up to your collection to increase your mastery rank.

    When you reach Mastery Rank +10, start focusing on the challenges as well for gathering as many Dragon coins you can. It’s totally recommended to craft at least one Ancestral Dragon (The Soul Dragons are the “easiest” ones).
    Ancestral Dragons and Legendary Dragons can shoot fireballs while gliding so you can destroy blocks while flying around without the need to craft tons of Bombs (You will need a lot of them tho). This is really useful for raising your Mastery Rank and to rack up the number of destroyed blocks while wandering around the world of Trove (See Gold Blockbuster).

    NOTE: Some mounts have the ability to shoot fireballs and destroy blocks like the Turtle Tank. If happens that you find it on the marketplace for a cheap price, don’t hesitate and buy it as fast as you can.

    If you feel bored or you see that it’s getting hard to earn XP, it’s recommended to level up by doing Bomber Royale matches; every match will give you tons of XP, especially if you play on Saturday because there is a 50% bonus on all the types of experience.
    Furthermore, you can also start grinding kills for the Gold Glorious Gladiator trophy. 
    IMPORTANT NOTE: While leveling up by doing Bomber Royale matches, be sure to stop BEFORE reaching level 30 because you won’t get the Gold Completely Classy trophy if you reach the maximum level with a class while playing this mode.


    Play the game at your own pace while focusing on these three main things:

    1. Power Rank and Class Level;
    2. Mastery Rank;
    3. Destroying Blocks.   

    That’s Trove if you just want the platinum trophy but you will spend tons of hour on it that’s practically impossible to not discover every inch of this huge game.

    Trophy Guide:

    Awarded for successfully collecting all trophies in Trove.
    Lands Of Learning
    Finish the Tutorial.


    The tutorial is the first thing you have to do when you start playing Trove. 
    Here you will learn the basic controls and mechanics of the game and choose your first class.

    NOTE: Some players reported that the trophy did not pop after the end of the tutorial. If that happens to you as well, you can use the Atlas in the Hub World or in the “Options Menu” to travel to the Tutorial World and repeat it. You can also type the command /tutorial in the chat to teleport.

    Not Just Browsing
    Claim your free Class Coin or Wooden Box from the Trove Store.

    Once you are in the Hub World after the tutorial, press the Options button and go to the in-game store and redeem the only available Class Coin you have.

    This coin will allow you to claim a class for free.
    Once you have claimed the Class Coin, you will get the trophy.

    Daring Dungeoneer upscale-245262160018212
    Enter an adventure world and complete ten 3-Star dungeons (Look for them on the map).

    Dungeons can be found on almost every biome of Trove. You can check the map by pressing the button. 
    After that, you will need to wander around the area to discover new places and dungeons.

    3-Star-Dungeons are the biggest ones you can find in normal biomes (5-Star Dungeons are only available in Geode Topside) and they are signaled by a castle-like icon on the map
    You will also have a compass in the upper middle part of the screen that can show them if you are pretty close to them.

    These dungeons have 3 bosses but you can only defeat the last one to make the dungeon count. 
    If you are a newbie, you will need other people to be able to tackle them but if you are skilled already, you can do them solo.
    Once you have completed 10 3-Star-dungeons, you will unlock this trophy.

    All up in the club
    Join a club, or create your own!

    Clubs are Player-Created world you can join from the Hub World Props section. 
    However, to unlock this trophy you must become a member of a club and for that, you will need an invitation from an officer or higher rank member.

    Often check the global chat in the bottom left corner of the screen because there are a lot of recruitment messages where you need to write a specific word to receive an invite. 
    However, if you want, you can also create your own club by crafting the Club Card from the Builder’s Crafting Bench but you will need 25.000 Flux and 200x Golden Souls which are rare to find. 

    Adept Artisan upscale-245262160018212
    Achieve the Master rank in any crafting skill.

    There are 3 Professions in Trove in total (4 if you count the Crystallogy one which is related to the Geode Update) but you only need to achieve the Master Rank for only one of them.
    To gain mastery points in a specific profession, you need to craft items on their related Workbenches.

    Each profession has 6/7 tiers of expertise and you will need to gain 50 points (craft 50 items) for being able to pass to the next one. Pay attention that you will only gain mastery points if you craft an item of the tier you are!
    Once you reach the last tier available you will unlock the trophy.

    Here you can find the best ways to efficiently level up them: 


    If you are searching for the useful but slowest profession to level up, Gardening is what you are looking for. 
    Gardening is needed for gathering crafting materials from crops and plants. The most noted material is the Steed Feed as you can use it to craft a lot of mounts.
    You will need 4 Crafting Stations: The Gardening Bench, the Compost Bin, the Harvesting Station, and the Vegetable Sink (optional). 

    NOTE: You will need to reach level 300 for the trophy instead of level 250. 

    • Newbie (0-50) – 25x Water Sponge and 25x Unripe Compost Heap;
      • 125x Mushroom Chunk.
      • 400x Glim.
      • 25x Water.
    • Dabbler (50-100) – 30x Lava Sponge, 10x Ash Pile, and 10x Steed Feed Seed;
      • 90x Shapestone Ore.
      • 280x Glim.
      • 10x Lava.
      • 10x Primordial Flame.
      • 50x Rich Fertilizer
      • 350x Sunlight Bulb.
    • Enthusiast (100-150) – 20x Chocolate Sponge, 20x Plasma Sponge, and 10x Plasma Condenser;
      • 40x Wild Cupcake.
      • 270x Glim.
      • 20x Formicite Ore.
      • 30x Robotic Salvage.
      • 10x Plasma.
    • Gardener (150-200) – 1x Compost Bin, 1x Harvest Station, 8x Watering Can, and 40x Qubbage Seed;
    • Green Thumb (200-250) – 50x Purp’lil Seed ;
    • Botanist (250-300) – 50x Qumato Seed;  
    • Horticulturist.


    • Newbie (0-50) – 300x Diamond (You actually need 300 of them to be able to reach the Lords of the Rings tier);
      • 10.500 Flux.
      • 300x Primordial Flame.
      • 7.500 Shapestone Ore.
    • Dabbler (50-100) – 50x Box based on the stat you want;
      • 50x Diamond.
      • 500x Shapestone Ore.
    • Enthusiast (100-150) – 50x Box based on the stat you want;
      • 50x Diamond.
      • 750x Shapestone Ore.
    • Jeweler (150-200) – 50x Box based on the stat you want;
      • 50x Diamonds.
      • 1.000x Shapestone Ore.
    • Master Ringcrafter (200-250) -50x Box based on the stat you want;
      • 100x Diamond.
      • 1.250 Shapestone Ore.
    • Lord of the Rings.


    • Newbie (0-50) – 50x Standard Block Recipe;
      • 50x Blank Scroll.
      • 250x Crystallized Cloud.
      • 1.500x Radiant Shard.
    • Dabbler (50-100) – 25x Glass Block Recipe and 25x Metallic Block Recipe;
      • 50x Blank Scroll.
      • 500x Crystallized Cloud.
      • 2.500x Radiant Shard.
    • Enthusiast (100-150) – 25x Glowing Block Recipe and 25x Texture Block Recipe;
      • 100x Blank Scroll.
      • 750x Crystallized Cloud.
      • 5.000x Radiant Shard.
    • Inscriber (150-200) – 25x Hat Vault Style Stash and 25x Mask Vault Style Stash or 50x of one Stash of your choice;
      • 500x Crystallized Cloud.
      • 2.500 Flux.
      • 2.500 Radiant Shard.
    • Runecarver (200-250) – 10x of each Stash available or 50 of a single Stash;
      • 500x Crystallized Cloud.
      • 5.000 Flux.
      • 5.000x Radiant Shard.
    • Runic Master.

    NOTE: Every new tier reached for each profession will give you 75 Mastery Points which are useful for Gold The Heights of Mastery trophy.

    Pearls of Power upscale-245262160018212
    Completely upgrade a piece of equipment with Pearls of Wisdom.

    Pearls of Wisdom are rare forging materials that can be found in Chaos Chests or Pinatas or as a drop from the shadow invaders mobs.
    If you want to save you a huge grind, you can also buy them from the marketplace.

    Pearls of Wisdom are used in the Enchanted Forge to add a fourth stat to a fully forged piece of equipment. If a piece of gear already has a fourth stat, it will just boost it. 

    To get this trophy, you will need an Enchanted Forge and around 10 of these pearls to be able to completely upgrade a piece of equipment.

    Enchantment? Enchantment! upscale-245262160018212
    Apply an enchanted Aura to a piece of equipment.

    Auras are visual effects you can apply to radiant or better rarity weapons (Radiant Auras only) or Stellar or better rarity hats (Stellar Auras only).

    To get this trophy, you first have to find a specific rarity weapon or hat and, obviously, an Aura.  
    Once you have everything ready, simply interact with an Enchanted Forge and equip it.

    The First Step
    Achieve 20 Mastery.

    Refer to Gold The Heights of Mastery trophy for further details.

    The Heights of Mastery Gold
    Achieve 300 Mastery.

    This trophy will be for sure the last one you will need before obtaining the platinum trophy.
    Be ready because you will need to reach a level of Mastery Rank of 300.

    To reach a new level, you will need to accumulate a specific number of Mastery Points by adding new items into your collection or by increasing your character level.
    Unfortunately, the point requirements to level up increases so you will need more points to do just a single level. In total, you will need 29,100 Mastery Points.

    Here you can find the point cap you need for each level:

    • From 1 to 4 – 25 Mastery Points needed;
    • From 5 to 9 – 50 Mastery Points needed;
    • From 10 to 19 – 75 Mastery Points needed;
    • From 20 to 300 – 10 Mastery Points needed.

    There are also Geode Mastery Levels which are added to your total Mastery Rank but they DON’T COUNT towards this trophy but Geode items also give main Mastery Points.

    But… How to earn Mastery Points? Basically, you can earn them from everything in the game, but don’t expect a walk in the park.
    You can earn Mastery Points from:

    • Styles (gears collected and looted);
    • Recipes (gained from recipe dungeons, by crafting or rarely by mining);
    • Some Badges;
    • Mementos;
    • Fish (by Fishing – Useful guide here but note that the Weird Fisheye and the Octo-BUS Drone can now be fished in the Shadow Tower Hub);
    • Allies;
    • Companions;
    • Sails and Boats;
    • By leveling up a class and by reaching Level 20 and 30 with a class;
    • Tomes;
    • Flask and Emblems;
    • Costumes;
    • Mounts;
    • Every type of dragon;
    • Mag Riders;
    • By Leveling up Profession tiers;
    • Wings;

    There isn’t a proper way to reach Mastery Rank 300 but if you want to speed up things a little, the best way is to level up each class to Level 30 and grinding for Dragons.
    Furthermore, you can also use the Marketplace to buy tons of things but you will need a lot of Flux.
    To avoid buying something that is already in your collection, head into the “Options” menu, and click on the “Collection” section to display everything that can be collected.
    Also, you can rapidly have access to the Marketplace by pressing the button on the chosen item if tradeable (they have a circle icon with 2 red and blue lines on the right) and see if some player is selling it at the moment. 

    NOTE: Sometimes, the developers give some codes in the global chat you can redeem if you have a Glyph account by going on the “Apply code” section. These codes give free stuff that can be useful for your Mastery Rank. 
    If you miss some of them, you can find an updated list of working codes HERE.

    Inkling of Power
    Achieve 100 Power Rank.

    Refer to the GoldPhenomenal Cosmic Power trophy description for more details.

    Power Rank and File upscale-245262160018212
    Achieve 550 Power Rank.

    Refer to the GoldPhenomenal Cosmic Power trophy description for more details.

    Power Ascendant upscale-245262160018212
    Achieve 2500 Power Rank.

    Refer to the GoldPhenomenal Cosmic Power trophy description for more details.

    Phenomenal Cosmic Power Gold
    Achieve 10000 Power Rank.

    The Power Rank is given by your equipment and mainly from the Gems you can socket. This trophy will pop naturally while going for all the other trophies as you will need to upgrade yourself to be able to tackle harder biomes and enemies.

    To efficiently level up your Power Rank, it’s safer to reach level 30 of your class first, then focus on farming gears and gems that work with your class.
    The best gear you can obtain is the Crystalline rarity one (except for the rings which the best are the stellar rarity ones) and the best gems you can socket are the Stellar rarity ones.
    Remember that you gain Power Rank points for each Mastery Rank level, for crafting dragons, for your equipped vial, ally, and mount as well. 

    Once you reach Power Rank 10.000, you will unlock this trophy and you will be able to go on every uber biome but REMEMBER that the Power Rank is not bound to your actual strength (damage dealt, health, etc) so you may still be weak for harder enemies.

    Glorious Gladiator Gold
    Achieve a rank of 50 in PVP or get 500 kills in Bomber Royale.

    This trophy became incredibly easier with the Geode Update as it introduced a new competitive combat mode: the Bomber Royale.

    You can access this mode from a red portal in the Hub World in the Pvp area.
    In this mode, you compete with a max of 20 other players in a Battle royale match where you have to throw bombs.
    Despite this mode can be a little laggy, it’s also the best way to level up your classes (Refer to the GoldCompletely Classy trophy description for more details).

    You will need a total of 500 kills to get this trophy, so be ready to play a lot of matches because it’s not easy to get a defeat a lot of other opponents.

    In Bomber Royale, all players have the same stats: 35.000 health, a fixed rate of health and stamina regeneration but a different style of dodging based on the equipped class. 

    Upon entering the portal, you will spawn inside a transparent area above a randomly chosen map. The match will start after 12 players join, and will instantly start once there are 20 other opponents. 
    In the beginning, you will only have a Climbing Claw and you can only throw normal bombs by consuming your stamina, but you will be able to pick up different powerups once you drop in the map below. 

    Peddling for Profit
    List an item on the marketplace.

    To get this trophy, you need to open the options menu and go into the “Marketplace” section. Here you have to sell an item.

    This method is really useful to earn Flux and to buy a lot of things but there are no fixed prices, so always be careful.

    Quite Classy
    Achieve Level 20 with any class.

    Refer to the GoldCompletely Classy trophy description for more details.

    NOTE: this trophy is marked as bugged because if you reach Level 20 while playing Bomber Royale matches, the trophy won’t pop so make sure to reach it normally with enemies, dungeons, or missions.

    Completely Classy Gold
    Achieve level 30 with any class.

    To get this trophy, you have to reach level 30 with one of the available classes.
    It’s not that hard to reach the maximum level but requires quite a long grind.

    The best way to level up is by doing Bomber Royale matches but be careful because if you reach Level 20 or Level 30 while in a match, you won’t get the trophy due to a bug. To avoid that, make sure to drop out when you are close to one of these two levels and gain XP by doing Dungeons, Missions, or Challenges.

    Furthermore, try to focus on leveling up during Saturdays as there is a double experience bonus.
    Sometimes, you can also obtain a double experience potion as well that lasts for an in-game hour so make sure to use them wisely.

    Keep in mind that with this method, you also start grinding for the 500 kills needed for the Gold Glorious Gladiator trophy and you can also level up all your classes easily to increase your Mastery Rank needed for GoldThe Heights of Mastery trophy as well.

    NOTE: This trophy is marked as bugged because if you reach Level 30 while playing Bomber Royale matches, the trophy won’t pop so make sure to reach it normally with enemies, dungeons, or missions.

    Diamond in the Rough
    Equip a Gem.

    Gems are a type of equipable gear that will allow you to easily raise your Power Rank. They can easily be found from defeating dungeons and bosses from uber worlds.
    To equip a gem, you have to obtain it and go in the “Character Sheet” section under the “Gems tab”. Once there, select it to socket it and get the trophy.
    Keep in mind that you can equip your first gem when you reach Level 10.

    There are 3 types of Gems (Normal, Empowered and Class Gems), 4 elemental variants (Fire, Water, Air, and Cosmic).

    You can socket 12 gems in total, but you need to reach a specific level to unlock all the slots:

    – Level 10: Normal Water Gem;
    – Level 12: Emporewed Water Gem;
    – Level 23: Normal Water Gem;
    – Level 13: Normal Air Gem;
    – Level 15: Empowered Air Gem;
    – Level 26: Normal Air Gem;
    – Level 17: Normal Fire Gem;
    – Level 20: Empowered Fire Gem;
    – Level 29: Normal Fire Gem
    – Level 25: Empowered Cosmic Gem;
    – Level 27: Normal Cosmic Gem;
    – Level 30: Normal Cosmic Gem.

    NOTE: You can simply put the first gem you find for the trophy but try to always socket gems that have good Stats based on the class you are using. For example: If you are using The Gunslinger Class, it’s useless to equip gems with a physical Damage stat.

    Polished to Perfection Gold
    Equip a class gem.

    Class Gems are a variant of Empowered Gems and they will change one of your character abilities.
    Unlike the other gems, to get these you need a little bit of work:

    • First of all, you have to find 3 Class Key Fragments to be able to craft a Class Gem Key. These fragments can be commonly found from Empowered Gem Boxes. If you are lucky enough you can also directly find a Class Gem Key as an uncommon drop;
    • Once you craft/obtain a Class Gem Key, you need to go to the Shores of the Everdark world Uber-8 or Uber-9 (you must have a minimum of 5.000/10.000 Power Rank), search for a Colosseum-like structure, and activate the cursed skull inside to begin a challenge. To complete it you must survive for 1 minute and defeat three Shadow Golems for an Everdark Vault to spawn;
    • There, you can use the Class Gem Key to finally drop a Class Gem useful for the class you are using.

    Unfortunately, enemies are really strong and cause massive damage. Sometimes, you can also receive 2/3 Shaper Stars instead of a Class Gem from the vault so be ready to repeat it in case something goes wrong.

    Once you have obtained the Class Gem, go to the Gem Tab located in the “Character Sheet” and equip it.

    Here comes a new challenger!
    Complete ten Challenges in any adventure world.

    Challenges occur every hour for the first 20 minutes and you will mostly receive Dragon Coins or Lesser Dragon Caches for completing them. 

    Actually, there are 2 types of challenges:

    1. Dungeon Challenges – You need to complete at least 5 Dungeons in a specifically selected biome. This challenge has 3 levels but you only need to complete the first one to make it count towards the trophy. 
      There are also some multipliers if you complete these Dungeons in Uber-6 biomes and with one of the requested classes.
    2. Collection Challenges – You have to enter a portal in the spawning area in the Hub World to start this challenge. You will be tasked to collect a specific number of coins scattered around the map. There are 4 levels in total and it’s recommended to complete them all. Don’t worry if you can’t in a single run, you can re-enter the portal and retry.

    Once you have completed 10 of them, you will unlock the trophy.

    Raise the Roof upscale-245262160018212
    Place 1000 Blocks.

    Refer to the GoldImperial Estate Builder trophy description for more details.

    Imperial Estate Builder Gold
    Place 5000 Blocks.

    Blocks can be only placed in Build Mode so press the Touchpad once to switch mode and equip 5.000 blocks from your inventory. After that, start to place them by pressing the button.
    If you haven’t 5.000 blocks in your inventory, don’t worry, you will surely have them while going for the GoldBlockbuster trophy.

    Small-Time Landscaper upscale-245262160018212
    Destroy 5000 Blocks.

    Refer to the GoldBlockbuster trophy description for more details.

    Blockbuster Gold
    Destroy 1,000,000 blocks.

    This trophy will be one of the latest you will unlock as it’s a massive grind. Like the description says, you have to destroy a total of 1 million blocks.

    First of all, let’s start by saying that Dungeon Blocks don’t count towards the total number. You can just increase the counter by destroying World Blocks and the best way to grind these out is by building tons of bombs from the Adventurer’s Crafting Bench.
    Here a bunch of useful tips to cut a little this massive grind:

    • Even it’s better to use Bombs and similar to destroy blocks, you can also enter build mode and press the  button to destroy them with a laser. Remember that the higher your Lasermancy stat is, the faster you will destroy blocks with it;
    • Some mounts such as Ancestral Dragons and Legendary Dragons can shoot fireballs while gliding so you can destroy blocks while flying around. Alternatively, if you have some Flux search for the Turtle Tank mount in the marketplace as well (If you are very lucky you can also find it inside the Troves of Wonders);
    • Craft and use Bombs to mainly gather Primordial Flames and Shapestone Ore to be able to craft others. Bombs can also be found randomly by destroying the grass;
    • If you want, you can also craft Big Bombs which are more powerful. However, you will need more materials and you will only receive 3 of them instead of 4;
    • You can check your progression by going into the “Gameplay Badges” section and look at the “Platinum Blocks Destroyed Badge”;
    • If you want to spend real money, there’s a Legendary Tome (Pyrotechnics Papers) that costs 2.500 credits. It grants you 40 Big Bombs each week when filled.


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