Trophy Hunt Fan Site PSNProfiles Wants To Make It As Hard As Possible For People To Play Together

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    Trophy hunt fan site PSNProfiles bans Discord, communities, and regular play sessions to try and make it harder for people to play together. Gaming in a group makes it a lot more fun, sadly, PSNProfiles has a different perspective on this.

    When reaching out to the site PSNP employee Beyondthegrave he replied with the following:

    No exceptions being made and the point of the rule is to make it much harder.

    Over the past 3 years, a lot has changed, and the environment around PSNProfiles has attracted a lot of toxicity since then. Stuff like death threats, harassment, and massive troll groups is not something new, but making it harder for people to connect and make friends is a strange one.

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    In late 2020 PSNProfiles also already banned linking to other websites for guides to promote their own guide system more and endorsed/covered people that copy content from other sites.

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