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These are the Games with Gold games of September 2019

September is almost over and that means there are new games coming to Games with Gold in September 2019 on Xbox. Yesterday Microsoft released a video showcasing all the new games.

The Xbox one is getting Hitman: The Complete First Season and We Were Here.

Hitman: The Complete First Season is available from the 1st of September until the 30th. The popular puzzle game  We Were Here is available from September 16th until October 15th.

For the Xbox 360, you will be getting Earth Defense Force 2025 between September 1st and the 15th and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 between September 16th and the 30th. 

You can also still get Forza Motorsport 6 until September 15th from the August games with gold so get it while you still can.

My career of trophy hunter starts from the AC II platinum. I love videogames and I want to transmit my passion to the whole world by writing guides etc.


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