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The Walking Dead: Michonne Review (PS4)

The Walking Dead: Michonne is a story-driven point and clicks type game developed by Telltale Games and published by Skybound games (Before also Telltale Games). The game is available/playable on mobile devices, Xbox One/series xs, Playstation 4/5, and PC (Steam). This review might include spoilers to the game, the comic, and the tv show.

The gameplay of the game is just like any other telltale, it offers nothing that is really news, you do some Quick Time Events walk and interact with some people and that’s it. If it works it works and it still does. The only thing that is new with the QTE is that you can waggle the Left thumbstick to do some things but that isn’t really utilized a lot.

Where the game really shines is the story and the choices that you make. Well, it is supposed to shine on that aspect, but in this game other then 2/3 choices none of them really felt like they mattered in changing the story. I know every Telltale game makes it looks like choices matter and then never really do, but here it felt like that way more.

If you are a fan of the Comics or even the tv show you will for sure love this short story. This is not the Michonne from the tv show but from the comics so there are some differences between her and her backstory, but they kinda click pretty quickly but might feel strange to people that don’t know the comics.

The story is about Michonne, she left Alexandria for a while to find herself again after getting hallucinations of her “dead” daughters. If you spend some time watching/reading her already you kinda get her and her story but if you don’t know her you would not even care that much, so the drive feels a little bit empty. Even if you read the comics and know what’s going to happen later in the story it really feels like an empty and pointless story *Spoiler here* One of her daughters is totally fine and she finds her years after the zombies began to rise and even makes it till the end of the comic series.

Because of that I really didn’t care that much about the plot points with them in it and cared way more about the people that were actually there. But as character development for her, it feels like a complete story.

Even the characters other then Michonne were great and had a lot of personality and didn’t feel like a copy-paste from what we had already seen in the universe, too bad that most of the ship crew barely got any screen time (they might have developed them further in the comics, I’m not sure, I knew Siddiq is in the comics as well but I’m not sure about the others).

During the story, you will come across a few great characters that will help you and drive Michonne’s story forward in a smooth and not really a forced way. you and the crew get stuck and need supplies to repair the boat so they look for supplies on another boat, from there on you will just go with the flow and let people guide you the way like how the kids guide you to the right places as well.


This is a telltale story by heart and it shows, although the game is and its episodes are shorter than other Telltale games it still has an amazing story and is fun for all the time you will spend with the game.


  • Dex Fragg

    Founder of DEX.EXE. Guide Writer and Reviewer. Believes this site should be a Persona 5 fan site with the amount of Persona 5 mentions.

The Walking Dead: Michonne











  • Great graphics
  • Amazing Story
  • Cool Music


  • Disappointing choice differences
  • Short
Dex Fragg
Dex Fragg
Founder of DEX.EXE. Guide Writer and Reviewer. Believes this site should be a Persona 5 fan site with the amount of Persona 5 mentions.
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