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The survivalist is an open world game in the style of The Escapist made by Team17 This game is an open world, treasure hunting, Dungeon looting, survival game. That is so much fun, You’ll be playing it for 8 hours without even realizing it.

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The game starts you off on a small part of an island that is connected to the sea and the rest of a randomly generated island. This game has a learning curve where you’ll be learning crafting and how to gather and make items and structures, but fear not for it has very informative tutorials to help you slowly along the way without getting to much in the way of your enjoyment.


This game plays very similarly to The Escapist with its top-down camera system, gameplay revolves around gathering resources and building structures while trying to find all the missing parts to a Ship called the Galleon. These parts are spread around 4 Labyrinths which are basically large dungeons. These Labyrinths contain a ton of loot from chests like weapons, tools, resources, and of course a unique item that doesn’t go into your inventory but can be viewed from the menu.

The building mechanics of this game are very fun to use and figure out, it has a stable unlock system that progresses from each previous build. You can make walls for defense as every 5 to 10 days you’ll be raided by enemies. Your base is defined by where your most recently used bed is.

Graphics Style

This game has a beautiful pixelated style, similar to The Escapist, It has an amazing lighting system for a 2D pixelated game, as it probably takes advantage of Unities new 2D lighting engine. Other than that, there’s not much else to be said about its amazing look.


This game has a randomly generated world each time you start a new game, This gives the game much more replayability as no two worlds will be the same, this goes for the Labyrinths throughout the game as well as Vaults.


This game supports Co-op with up to 3 friends. Meaning 4 of you can enjoy roaming the islands of The Survivalist and have fun raiding the deadly Labyrinths. This is extremely fun and you don’t just have to join or host for friends. You can host and public game and join a public game and meet a new survivalist.

If you’re interested in getting all Trophies and Achievements then consider checking out our Guide Here.

The Survivalists








Unique game mechanics



  • Randomly Generated Worlds
  • Beautiful Pixel Style
  • Fun Co-op Experience
  • Interesting Dungeons/Labyrinths


  • Learning Curve at start
  • Menus controlled with Joy-Stick
  • Monkeys in big groups tend to take your held items


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