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The Legend of Korra Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 4/10.
Estimated time to Platinum/100%: 15 Hours.
Trophies: 31. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 4 / Silver 14 / Bronze 12 .
Missable trophies: Silver Jill of all Trades
Glitched trophies: Silver Jill of all Trades
Difficulty related: Gold Extreme Avatar,Gold The Fire Ferrets Strike Again!
Playthrough: 2


Welcome to The Legend of Korra Trophy Guide!
Based on the Nick series of the same name, The Legend of Korra game features the series protagonist Korra in an attempt to regain her stolen bending and fight the evil of the world. This guide will help you earn the game’s somewhat challenging plat.


Step 1: First Playthrough on Normal Difficulty
Your first playthrough will need to be completed on normal, as extreme is not immediately available. Along the way, you should complete all the tutorials, get a few of the miscellaneous trophies, and likely make good progress on some others.

You’ll be earning these trophies:
Bronze Down and Out
Bronze Escape from the City
Bronze The Power of Water
Bronze To the South!
Bronze Nowhere Else to Go
Bronze Sure, Come On In
Bronze That Escalated Quickly
Bronze The Aftermath
Bronze More than Hot Leaf Juice
Bronze Ready for Battle
Bronze Zhu Li! Do the Thing!
Bronze Ooooh, Shiny!
Silver Jill of all Trades
Silver Hop Hop Hoppity

Step 2: Stage 2: Extreme Difficulty Playthrough
Your next step will be to complete the game on extreme. The game must be beaten on normal to unlock extreme. DON’T start a new game, just hit  or  on the chapter select menu to change the difficulty. This way, you will carry over your items, energy, upgrades, trophy progress, etc. Having certain talismans will make this playthrough significantly easier. Refer to Gold Extreme Avatar for more information about this difficulty and tips for it.

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
Gold Extreme Avatar

Step 3: Miscellaneous Trophy Cleanup
All of the miscellaneous trophies carry over between playthroughs, so you will likely earn at least a few of them during your first two playthroughs. The remaining ones will likely require you to collect more spirit energy, find vanity items, and complete other various combat actions. This step is best completed on casual, aside from Gold Biz Bender, as some of the items are easier to obtain on higher difficulties.

During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
Silver Combo Master
Silver Full-Baked Avatar

Gold Talisman Collector
Gold Biz-Bender

Silver Be the Leaf
Silver Right Back at Ya!
Silver Kung Fu Master
Silver Buh-Bye!
Silver Go in Peace
Silver Not a Booster Rocket
Silver Good Girl!
Silver My Cabbages!!

Step 4: Pro Bending Finale
Pro bending is fairly complicated, as the rules are never really discussed in the TV show, and they aren’t necessarily clear in the game either. Provided below are the list of rules in this part of the roadmap:

  • Pro bending is a competition between two teams of three, each member using a different element (no airbending).
  • You always play as Korra (waterbending), but the higher leveled your earth and fire bending are in the main game, the better Mako and Bolin (your teammates) will perform, though the differences are minor.
  • Each side of the arena is divided into three sections called zones.
  • Each round is three minutes long, and up to three rounds are played per match.
  • When any player’s health bar is empty, they will be knocked back one zone. If a player is knocked out of zone three (the edge of the arena), they are eliminated for the rest of the round. If Korra is knocked out, you automatically lose the match.
  • All players will have their health refilled every time they are knocked back a zone.
  • You (or the opponent) can win a round by pushing all members of the opposing team back at least one zone (which allows your team to advance into their territory).
  • Additionally, if both teams are in zone one at the end of a round, the team with more players still in the round wins it.
  • Unlike on the TV show, if a player is knocked back one zone further than his or her teammates, if the rest of the team is knocked back, that player rejoins them in their new zone. For example, if you knock one player of the enemy team all the way back to zone three but only knock the other two players back to zone two, when your team advances, the player in zone three moves back up to zone two.
  • Also unlike the TV show, there are no fouls, and you can re-direct/counter any of the opponents’ bending types.
  • If both teams have all three players in their respective zone ones at the end of a round, the round is decided by a faceoff (see Silver Face-Off for more information).
  • knockout earned at any point in the match is an automatic win for the team that did it. See Silver Knockout!! for more information.

During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
Silver Knockout!!
Silver Face-Off
Gold The Fire Ferrets Strike Again!

40-platinum Video Game Bender

Tips and Strategies:

  • The game takes place between the second and third seasons of the TV show, and revolves around Korra attempting to regain her bending and defeat an enemy referred to as the “old man”.
  • This guide can be used for both the PS3 and PS4 versions, but there is no cross save.
  • This game is a $15 downloadable game.
  • Your health is noted by a bar next to the types of bending. If it is depleted, you return to the previous checkpoint.
  • Chi is noted by a bar (or bars) under each type of bending in the wheel. You can charge your attacks as many times as the chi bar allows, and it is upgraded as you level up your bending. Health is also upgraded this way.
  • Enemies flash red for half a second or so before they attack, giving you time to react.
  • This game fortunately features a new game + style feature. Once you complete the game on any difficulty, you can hit or  on the chapter select menu to start playing on other difficulties. All of your spirit energy, store purchases, bending levels, and trophy progress will carry over. DO NOT start a new game, at least not until you have unlocked all the trophies (possibly aside from Silver Jill of all Trades).
  • In addition to the above tip, you will have the ability to bend all elements on all missions, though you will still be forced to “re-unlock” each type of bending at those points in the game.
  • Medals are basically pointless, as there are no trophies related to them. Higher medals can yield better spirit energy rewards, but otherwise, they have no real purpose.

There are four types of bending: air, water, earth, and fire. Each functions differently, especially when fully upgraded.

  • Water: Focused on long range, medium power attacks. You probably won’t be using it much on your extreme playthrough, even when it is upgraded.
  • Earth: Focused on close range, slow, high powered attacks. Earth is almost useless on extreme, and is really not that helpful once you get airbending. The attacks are just too slow and inaccurate to be useful.
  • Fire: Focused on close range, very fast but low powered attacks. Fire is useless on casual or normal, but once it is fully upgraded (and the right talismans have been equipped), fire is very useful on extreme.
  • Air: Focused on short and medium range, medium power and meant to serve as a more defensive move. Air is really overpowered, especially with talismans and upgrades, so it will be the primary type you use.

There aren’t a lot of different enemies in the game, but they are listed below:

  • Normal equalists: Attack with quick, low powered melee strikes but have very little health.
  • Blue equalists: Attack by launching cables that will temporarily immobilize you; have similar health to normal equalists.
  • Red equalists: Attack by launching electric balls that can’t be blocked and cause quite a bit of damage; have similar health to the other equalist enemies.
  • Spirits: Similar to normal equalists in all aspects, though uncommon until the later levels of the game.
  • Triads: Earth, water, and fire benders that will attack you with their respective bending types. They have a lot of health and can do a lot of damage if they manage to hit you. The earthbenders are the most dangerous because they tend to combo a lot of health out of you, so focus on them first. There are also spirit versions that are occasionally fought in the later levels that behave exactly the same.
  • Mecha-tanks: Large mechanical tanks that have a variety of attacks. There are normal and red tanks, but they all perform similar attacks and have similar health. They serve as mini bosses.
  • Boss spirits: Very large black/blue spirits that are tougher than normal spirits, but behave in a similar fashion. They don’t have too much health or variety in their attacks.
  • The old man: final boss

Trophy Guide:

Video Game Bender
Got all other trophies.
Down and Out
Completed Chapter 1.

The first chapter is quite easy, and only takes a few minutes. You will begin in the spirit world, fighting a large number of spirits with maxed out bending abilities. After learning some basic controls, you will have to fight a round of pro bending (which you must win to progress through the game). The bending match is very easy, and serves as a tutorial for blocking, dodging, and counter-attacking. Once you win the match, you will complete the level and earn this trophy.

Escape from the City
Completed Chapter 2.

For the second chapter, you have to escape Republic city without access to any bending abilities. Fortunately, you will only be fighting chi-blockers (equalists in the TV series), and they are generally quite easy to kill. You will also be introduced to vanity items/treasure chests during this chapter.

You will eventually have to complete the first of three Naga running sequences in the game. Once you complete the run, you will complete the chapter.

The Power of Water
Completed Chapter 3.

The third chapter is the first one that might cause some players trouble. The level begins with Korra having to break four jars to regain her waterbending; this part just involves some normal combat against equalists. Once you regain your waterbending, you will have to fight triads for the first time. Triads are much tougher enemies that use earth, fire, and water bending to attack. The firebenders and waterbenders aren’t really that big of a threat, but the earthbenders are very dangerous. They have an attack that brings a pillar of earth out of the ground. It is very difficult to avoid and if you are hit, the triad will usually get in a couple more hits before you can get away. Fighting these new enemies may take a few tries, but you will eventually get through it, so just keep trying.

The final battle of this chapter will pit you against all three types of triads, as well as a few equalists. Focus on the earthbender first, then go after the other two benders, and save the remaining equalists for last. After you beat them, you will complete the chapter.

To the South!
Completed Chapter 4.

Chapter 4 takes place in Republic City, and mainly involves Korra escaping to the docks. Along the way, you will fight a mecha tank for the first time, during which you will unlock your earthbending (by countering five tank attacks). The tanks can take a lot more damage, but many of their attacks are easy to counter, which is how you should do the majority of your damage. Once you kill the tank, you will continue through the city, fighting more equalists and triads. Eventually, you will do another Naga run sequence, slightly tougher and longer than the first. Finally, you will have to defeat another mecha tank, but this one uses electrical attacks, which can’t be countered. Use whichever type of bending you prefer to defeat the boss. Once he goes down, you will complete the chapter.

Nowhere Else to Go
Completed Chapter 5.

Much of chapter 5 is basically the first four chapters with a different background, as you will just be fighting various groups of equalists, triads, and a few mecha tanks. At the very beginning, you will regain your firebending by maintaining a long combo. For the most part, this is nothing you haven’t seen before.

Later in the chapter, you will do the final Naga running sequence; it is the toughest of the three but still isn’t all that difficult. However, you will then have to fight three mecha tanks at once, which is the toughest part of the game on extreme. Refer to Gold Extreme Avatar for more information about this fight, especially for extreme difficulty, though it isn’t all that bad on casual and normal.

After beating the three tanks, you will have to defeat some spirits and equalists. During this fight, you will regain your airbending, which requires you to dodge attacks. After you regain your airbending, you will complete the level.

Sure, Come On In
Completed Chapter 6.

The sixth chapter revolves around reaching the tree of time in the spirit world, fighting many spirits along the way. You will gain the ability to spirit-bend at the beginning of the chapter, but the rest of it will be simple fights against spirits and a few equalists on the higher difficulties. The chapter also has a lot of treasure chests containing vanity items, though many are a bit off the path. You will fight a few larger spirits that serve as mini bosses, but they are arguably easier to kill than the mecha-tanks. Once you kill the two large spirits at once, you will have to quickly rush to the tree to end the level.

That Escalated Quickly
Completed Chapter 7.

Chapter 7 is a whole lot of combat against just about every type of enemy in the game. First, you will basically have to complete part of chapter 3 (in a nightmare style form of the level) again, including the fight at the end against the three benders and equalists. This fight should be much easier this time, as you will have all of your bending types unlocked and somewhat upgraded.

The second fight will put you up against the “Dragonfly Bunny Spirits” in a pro bending style match. However, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose the round, as you will then have to fight the spirits like you would any normal enemies. This fight is basically just like fighting the triads, though a spirit version of the old man will appear in the background and shoot purple lightning at you.

The third fight will allow you to play as the giant spirit version of Korra from book 2 of the show, against three mecha tanks and a few equalists. Your attacks do a lot of damage, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble with the fight.

Finally, you will enter the spirit world again, and you will just keep fighting spirits until you gain the ability to go into the avatar state (+). When you enter the avatar state, a very large number of enemies will attack you, but you can just keep hitting  to take them all out quickly. After completing this fight, you will complete the chapter.

The Aftermath
Completed Chapter 8.

Chapter 8 is the final chapter of the game, and involves the final boss fight against the old man. You will have to defeat a group of spirits first, but this shouldn’t cause you any trouble. Now, you fight the old man himself. He has three health bars, and a large number of attacks that do varying levels of damage. The best strategy is to counter him every time he jumps or charges at you, as the counters will deal a lot more damage than normal bending will. Basically, you will just need to chip away at his health until you have depleted about a fourth of it (when the top bar is nearly empty) to advance to the next phase.

Now, the old man will teleport out to one of the platforms around the arena to launch attacks. He can shoot lightning at you, fire off streams of spirit “snakes”, or throw boulders at you. Only the boulder attack can be countered, the others must be dodged. Continue attacking him until he duplicates himself; you will need to attack the real version of him to quickly eliminate the duplicates. Just keep repeating this cycle until he gets down to about half health, and he will teleport back to the main arena.

The third phase of the fight is basically just a combination of the first two, as he will randomly teleport out to the platforms and possibly duplicate himself. The only real difference is that he will sometimes put up spirit barriers that can only be destroyed by a specific type of bending. Basically, you will want to continue through this phase just like the first two, until you get him down to about a quarter of his health (less than a full final health bar).

The final phase begins when the old man does an unavoidable attack that throws you into the air. As you fly up, you will be able to enter the avatar state. From here, just spam  until his health bar is gone, then complete the QTEs to win the fight. The order of the QTEs will be:

  1. rapidly mash
  2. rapidly mash
  3. spin ​ in the indicated direction

Once you finish the QTEs, you will just have to hit  to end the fight. Now, you will have to fight a pro bending match as the credits role, but this match is very easy. You should easily get a knockout within two minutes. Now, just sit back and enjoy the credits until you reach the end of level screen, where you will also receive a medal for your performance throughout the entire playthrough (it still means nothing), as well as the trophy.

Extreme Avatar Gold
Completed the game on Extreme difficulty.

First off, you can’t play extreme difficulty until you beat the game once on normal difficulty. Secondly, you do not want to start a new game; instead hit or  after beating the game (from the chapter select menu) to start playing on extreme. On extreme, enemies can take more damage, you can’t take as much damage, and in many locations, more enemies (or stronger enemies) will appear. However, you will be able to carry over any items, such as talismans and bending level upgrades, which can make this playthrough surprisingly easy. You can play the eight chapters in any order you want.

You will want to equip at least three talismans:

  1. Healing: allows you to automatically regenerate health. This means that if you take damage, you can just run around away from the enemies and regenerate, making longer fights much easier.
  2. Full charge, HP 1/2: This makes your attacks significantly more powerful, as they will act as though your chi is fully charged with every attack. Unfortunately, it halves your health, but the positives of this talisman significantly outweigh the negatives.
  3. Either Power x2, HP 1/2 or Charge Armor: The former doubles your attack damage but halves your health. The effects stack with the previous talisman, so your health will be at a quarter of the maximum, but your damage will be crazy high. The latter of the two prevents all stuns, staggers, and knockbacks, which can help you continue to attack at all times.

If you only equip one of the last two, then you will have an open spot to place whatever item you want. If you want to equip one of the healing items, feel free to do so. Otherwise, just pick any talisman or other item you like and equip it to the final slot.

As for the actual extreme difficulty playthrough, you will mostly be using fire and air. Air will allow you to create tons of whirlwinds and powerful attacks that will destroy groups of enemies extremely fast. However, air doesn’t work perfectly against mecha tanks, so you will want to use fire for those enemies, as the fire attacks are extremely fast paced and effectively home in on the enemies, allowing for very quick movement. Water and earth are almost useless on extreme, though water works fairly well on the final boss.

For the most part, thanks to the upgrades and higher leveled bending powers, extreme isn’t that tough. However, there is one specific portion of the game that is very aggravating and difficult; the final battle of chapter 5 where you fight three tanks on Naga. During Naga sequences on extreme, getting hit once results in instant death, so one little mistake can end your run. The best strategy is to spam fireballs with  every time the fire meter fills, as Naga’s swipes do very little damage. Also, hit to create a water shield, which can absorb one hit. That meter refills very fast after the shield is destroyed, so always activate it when you can. As for the tanks, they will attack a few different ways. They can launch wires out, slide at you, shoot electrical wires, create icy blocks in front of you, and swipe at you up close. The wires can be dodged by moving left or right after they are shot. The icy blocks can be destroyed, including the large ones that cover the entire area, but only if you spam fireballs as quickly as possible. When the tanks slide, you can just move out of the way. As for the swipes, you will either have to move out of the way (if the tank doesn’t move while attacking), or slide with  (if the tank moves with you). This will take quite a few tries, so just keep working at it until you complete the battle.

Aside from this one part of the game, extreme probably won’t cause you too much trouble.

Chapter 5 Tanks Section on Extreme Difficulty

Credit to ReverendSID for the video.

More than Hot Leaf Juice
Bought your first item at the shop.

Once you complete chapter 2, you will have access to the shop from the main menu, as well as from the menu that pops up when you die. In the shop, you can trade spirit energy (the blue, yellow, and red orbs that pop out of enemies and objects) for various shop items. Simply buy any item and the trophy will unlock.

Ready for Battle
Equipped your first item on the Korra’s Room.

As soon as you have bought an item, you can access Korra’s room by hitting the touchpad either from the chapter select menu or any time in a chapter. Once you enter the “room”, equip one of your items to any of the four directional pad buttons to unlock the trophy.

Zhu Li! Do the Thing!
Used your first equipped item.

Simply use any item you have equipped to the directional pad while in a chapter and the trophy will unlock. This trophy DOES NOT include the talismans, which are automatically in use once equipped. Therefore, you will have to use one of the other items, such as Iroh’s tea.

Ooooh, Shiny!
Entered the Collection Screen for the first time after finding a treasure.

You can first find treasures/vanity items in chapter 2. You will need to break open any one chest during the level (there are plenty of them on each chapter from 2-6, so you should have no problem finding one). After you complete the mission and find at least one treasure, you will be able to view your treasure collection by hitting the options button on the chapter select menu. Once you view the collection, you will get the trophy.

Combo Master upscale-245262160018212
Obtained all combos.

Combos are obtained by purchasing scrolls from the shop. You DON’T have to actually do every combo attack, you just have to buy all the scrolls. The books don’t count for this trophy, so don’t buy them unless you have a lot of extra spirit energy to spend. The scrolls unlock upon reaching a specific level or levels of each type of bending, but all scrolls for a bending type will be unlocked before maxing out that type of bending.

  • Fire scroll: somersault: 20000 spirit energy
  • Fire scroll: breath of fire: 30000 spirit energy
  • Water scroll: freeze attack: 30000 spirit energy
  • Water scroll: water whip: 12000 spirit energy
  • Water scroll: ice shot: 50000 spirit energy
  • Earth scroll: rock kick: 14000 spirit energy
  • Earth scroll: earthquake: 16000 spirit energy
  • Earth scroll: stone pillars: 18000 spirit energy
  • Air scroll: tornado fist: 40000 spirit energy

The total cost is 230,000 spirit energy

Full-Baked Avatar upscale-245262160018212
Maxed out all bending types.

Each type of bending has a total of ten levels that can be reached, with level 10 being the max. You will get XP for each type of bending when you defeat enemies using the different types, though the amount will differ depending on your difficulty level, the type of enemy, and any items you may have equipped. You will likely have all four maxed out by the end of your extreme difficulty playthrough, provided you mix up your attacks fairly often. If you haven’t managed to max out all of them by the end of that playthrough, then you can simply replay your favorite levels on casual or normal and use only those types of bending until all four are maxed out. As you upgrade your bending abilities, you will gain additional moves, as well as larger health and chi bars.

Talisman Collector Gold
Purchased 12 talismans.

The talismans are special items that can be purchased at the shop (often for very large amounts of spirit energy) that can give you great boosts throughout the game. There are actually 13 total talismans, and only 10 actually require spirit energy to purchase. One becomes available after completing the game on normal, and another after completing pro bending on ace. Both of these are free. The other 10 that are immediately available cost a total of 1,210,000 spirit energy to purchase, which is actually not all that much. By the time you finish your extreme difficulty playthrough, you will have likely been able to buy most, if not all of these items by that point. If you need more energy, chapter 6 is a good place to grind for it, as there are a ton of enemies and chests/vanity items that can yield large amounts of spirit energy.

The last talisman is unlocked by inputting a secret code. While in the shop, press ,,,, (right, right, left, left, square) to unlock an additional talisman for free!

Biz-Bender Gold
Collected every treasure item.

Treasure items, also known as vanity items, are obtained by destroying chests or occasionally from killing groups of enemies/bosses. There are 25 different items you have to find. The more damage you do to a chest in a short amount of time, the better items you will (usually) get. However, the items you get are completely luck based, so it could take a very long time to get some of the items. Also, your difficulty level can change what items you get, as you tend to get very few level C items on extreme, and very few S and SS items on casual. The items are listed below.

C level: Cabbage, Yuan, Fried Fish, Dice, Dragon Kite, Wanted Poster, Exterminator Tank, Flower Basket, Pentapus

  • These items tend to come out of small chests, and sometimes large chests if you don’t do much damage to them. It is best to go after these on casual, as they tend to be more common.

B level: Movie Poster, Water Tribe Necklace, Head Shaver, Papaya Melon, Tui and La, Stuffed Bison, Blue Spirit Mask

  • These items will come from large chests if you do a decent amount of damage to them. They tend to be most common on casual and normal.

A level: Telescope, Radio, Gramaphone, Electric Glove, Rally Invitation

  • These items will only come from large chests, and are best gone after on normal or extreme.

S level: Airbender Glider, Amon’s Mask, Pai Sho Piece

  • S items are fairly rare and can only come from large chests. Generally, you will want to go for these on extreme, though you may occasionally get one on normal.

SS level: Avatar Wan’s Tea Pot

  • There is only one SS item, and it is arguably easier to get than the S items. If you score a platinum medal on the final battle, you will get this automatically. This has been confirmed on both normal and extreme difficulty. It will very occasionally come out of a large chest on extreme difficulty.

The best place to grind for these items (if necessary) is chapter 6, as there are a lot of chests, large and small. Chapter 7 also has a couple large chests right at the beginning. 

Be the Leaf upscale-245262160018212
Dodged 100 times.

You can dodge attacks by hitting just before you are hit. While you would think that you can just keep hitting  until the trophy pops, that is actually not the case. You actually have to truly dodge 100 attacks using this button to get the trophy. Not every dodge seems to be counted, so it could take more than 100 dodges. As long as you hit the button just before you get hit by something or someone, it will usually count as a dodge, so just keep working at it and you will get the trophy eventually. This is easiest to do against the equalists that use ranged attacks, as they are easier to avoid.

Right Back at Ya! upscale-245262160018212
Countered 100 times.

You can counter attacks by hitting  when an enemy is attacking you. If you press the button just before you are hit, you will re-direct the attack and generally strike the enemy with it. This can be a ranged attack (such as the equalist spinning cables) or a melee attack. Electrical attacks can’t be countered, so they must be avoided, and thus they don’t work for this trophy. Certain boss and mecha tank attacks also can’t be countered. Countering is extremely useful, especially against bosses, so you should have this by the end of your first playthrough.

Kung Fu Master upscale-245262160018212
Went into Clash Mode 10 times.

When fighting the triad enemies at very close range, you will sometimes be put into “clash mode”, in which you will have to hit the control stick in various directions to dodge and counter attacks. If you fail one of these QTEs, the enemy will damage you. Clash attacks don’t seem to do a whole lot of damage, so it doesn’t really matter if you succeed at them or not. Just enter this clash mode ten times and you will earn this trophy. You will likely get it without even specifically trying to do so during your first playthrough.

Buh-Bye! upscale-245262160018212
Performed 100 Finishing Moves.

When an enemy has been heavily damaged, they will often appear stunned and give you a prompt. If you hit  when the prompt appears over the stunned enemy’s head, you will do a finishing move. Finishing moves cause a lot of damage and will usually kill the equalist enemies, though they may not always finish off the triads. As your bending becomes more powerful, you run the risk of killing your opponents before getting the ability to do a finishing move, so be careful. You should have this by the end of your extreme difficulty playthrough.

Go in Peace upscale-245262160018212
Spirit-bended 200 dark spirits.

You won’t unlock the ability to spirit-bend until the beginning of chapter 6. You can use this ability by weakening spirits until they are stunned and turn yellow, and then pressing the  button. This will instantly defeat the spirit. The problem is that you will often end up killing the spirit before getting the chance to bend it, which does not count toward the trophy. Once you have bended 200 dark spirits (which can be done over multiple playthroughs), you will get the trophy. Chapter 6 has a lot of spirits, so if you need to grind spirit-bends, replay the chapter a few times until you have enough.

Not a Booster Rocket upscale-245262160018212
Went into Avatar State 10 times.

You will first gain the ability to go into the avatar state at the end of chapter 7, as well as during the boss fight in chapter 8. You should be able to go into the avatar state twice during the final battle, so you will still need to do it quite a few more times.

You can buy an item at the shop for 4,000 spirit energy and equip it to the directional pad, which will allow you to go into the avatar state one time. So, you could just buy one, use it, die and go to the shop, buy another, and keep repeating until you get the trophy. You can also enter the avatar state in subsequent playthroughs/chapter select by filling up the white circle inside of the four bending types. The circle will fill as you attack and kill enemies, but will empty if you die or exit the chapter.

Good Girl! upscale-245262160018212
Completed a Naga Running sequence without hitting anything.

You will encounter Naga running sequences in chapter 2, 4, and 5. These sections basically require you to control Korra’s polar bear dog Naga in a Temple Run style game. To get this trophy, you have to complete one without hitting anything. I suggest doing this on casual, as higher difficulties seem to spawn larger numbers of obstacles. Your health is depicted by the white circles in the upper left corner; when you get hit, you lose one. You also can’t just kill yourself and reset to the last checkpoint, the entire run must be completed in one attempt without getting hit.

If you don’t get this while playing through the game your first time, then you can go to any of these chapters (though chapter 2 is definitely the easiest) and hit  to play just the running sequence. If you get hit during it, simply pause and return to the chapter select menu and try again. This will likely take a few tries, but isn’t too challenging.

Good Girl! Video Guide

Credit to ReverendSID for the video.

Now as you will see in the video, it appears that if you hit a car at certain angles, it won’t actually count as a hit. However, it is best just to try to avoid them completely so there is no risk involved if you actually touch one.

Knockout!! upscale-245262160018212
Got 10 knock-outs in Pro-bending matches.

A knockout in pro bending occurs when all three members of a team are knocked out of the arena in the same round. Even if a team has won the first two rounds, if the opponents manage to get a knockout, that team automatically wins the match. To get this trophy, you must win ten matches with knockouts. You will likely get this on the way to Gold The Fire Ferrets Strike Again!, as the rookie, normal, and first two or three matches of the ace difficulty are all very easy to win. If you somehow still don’t have it after completing all three levels of pro bending, just keep playing casual difficulty matches and it should unlock in no-time.

Face-Off upscale-245262160018212
Won a Face-Off in a Pro-bending match.

A face-off only occurs when each team has the same number of players left in a round, and both teams are in zone one. In a face-off, one member of each team (which will always be you as Korra and the enemy waterbender) fight on a tiny platform to see who gets knocked off first. The best way to win this is to just counter the enemy’s attacks until they make a mistake. When they miss the counter, it should immediately knock them off, winning the round. Your opponent will likely counter your attack at least twice on the higher difficulties, so be ready. Also, this is very difficult to do on rookie or even normal difficulty, as the opponents are usually easy to beat.

Face-Off Video Guide

Credit to OnPSX for the video.

The Fire Ferrets Strike Again! Gold
Completed the highest difficulty of Pro-bending.

There are three difficulties available for pro bending: rookie, captain, and ace. You will have to beat the first two in order to unlock ace. The pro bending matches from the story mode don’t relate at all to this trophy, though you could still potentially unlock Silver Knockout!! and Silver Face-Off from the story battles. Each difficulty of pro bending consists of five consecutive matches of increasing difficulty. While rookie and captain probably won’t cause you a whole lot of trouble, ace can be problematic, especially the final match. You will not stand a chance unless you can counter attacks really well, as that is the only way to stop enemies that constantly block. Counters also do a ton of damage, especially after you’ve countered the same attack twice or more, and will often knock the victim back a zone (no matter what their health is). 

On rookie and captain, you will probably get a knockout in every match; you may not even go into the second round or a face-off. You might even manage to get knockouts in the first few rounds of ace, so you can really breeze through the majority of the matches. However, the final battle on ace (against the Wolf-Bats) will be challenging no matter how good you are.

The Bats will block seemingly every attack you send at them, or counter them back at you. Getting a knockout is nearly impossible (but can be done, as seen in the video) in this match, so there’s usually no real purpose in going for one. However, if you manage to back them up to zone two, try to focus all your attacks on one enemy in an attempt to send that enemy back to zone three and then off the arena. If you can manage to knock one enemy player off in a round, you are almost guaranteed to win that round. Face-offs can happen often in this match, so be ready. If you manage to win the first two rounds, then just defend in the third round and make sure they don’t get a knockout. Once you win this match, you will get the trophy.

If you fail to win a match on any level, you will have to re-do that match; you don’t have to do the entire difficulty again. Also, your progress on a difficulty level doesn’t save, so if you quit playing, you will have to complete the entire difficulty again.

Pro Bending Ace Final Match

Credit to ReverendSID for the video.

Jill of all Trades upscale-245262160018212
Completed all tutorials.

This trophy is extremely annoying, because if you miss a tutorial at any point in the game, you will have to start an entire new game to get it. Tutorials will pop up a few times throughout the game on the left side of the screen. A tutorial has been completed once you get a red mark over the name of the move. Tutorials can be found in chapters 1-4, as well as chapter 7 or 8 (the avatar state tutorial). However, if you miss out on doing a tutorial, they do not appear on subsequent playthroughs, even if you change the difficulty. As stated above, you will have to select a new game to view any tutorials again. If you don’t get this trophy during your first playthrough, get all other trophies first, then back up your save file (if you want), and only then should you select a new game. This time, just play on casual and pay special attention to doing all the tutorials.

The most commonly missed ones are in the first chapter, the charged attack tutorial in the third chapter, and the avatar state tutorial near the end of the game. Fortunately, the tutorials you have done carry over even when starting a new game. Finally, the tutorials when using Naga do not appear to count, though this has not been officially confirmed.

Jill of all Trades Video Guide

Credit to LukaLaurent for the video.

My Cabbages!! upscale-245262160018212
Collected 10 cabbages.

Cabbages are a level C treasure, meaning you will generally need to be playing on casual (or doing very little damage to chests) in order to collect them. Like any other vanity item, cabbages can randomely come out of chests when you open them, but trying to collect them this way is too luck based.

The best method to get this trophy is to start up chapter 7 and play through until you reach the fight against the three mecha-tanks. When the fight begins, focus all of your attacks on the normal enemies, while trying to avoid the tanks. Once you kill the majority of the enemies, they will drop a cabbage. Once you get the cabbage, let the tanks kill you, then repeat this step nine more times. After you have done this at least ten total times, finish the level and the trophy should pop. These enemies will drop a cabbage every time, no matter what the difficulty.

This trophy is a reference to a humorous running gag from the Avatar the Last Airbender series (the prequel to Legend of Korra).

My Cabbages!! – Reference From the Show

Credit to LukaLaurent for the video.

Hop Hop Hoppity upscale-245262160018212
Jumped 100 times.

Simply jump () 100 times throughout your playthroughs of the game and this trophy will unlock. You should easily have this during your first playthrough.

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