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The Language of Love Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 0/10. 
Estimated time to Platinum: 3 Mins. 
Missable trophies: None. 
Glitched trophies: None. 
Difficulty related: None. 
Playthrough: 1. 


Welcome to the The Language of Love Trophy Guide!
This is the easiest platinum of the year. It is a visual novel published by Ratalaika Games.


Step 1: Go to the Options Menu
Here you will changing a few settings to make things go as fast as possible.

Just copy the settings above. 

Step 2: Start a new game
Start a new game and press to skip through all the text. You do not need to make any choices, the game will simply go by and all your trophies will pop in about 3 mins.

Suggestions for things to do in the 3 mins you’ll be waiting.
– Make 2 min noodles
– Have a tea/coffee
– Plan out your next Platinums
– Write a guide like this one
– Make soup
– Learn to do handstands

After 3 mins you’ll earn
40-platinum Love Platinum 

Video Walkthrough

In this section of the guide, you can find an amazing video provided by Dino_Roar Gaming that will help you through the road to the Platinum Trophy.

Trophy Guide:

Love Platinum
Get all other trophies.

Every trophy will be earned over about 3 mins. You literally just have to wait after starting a new game.

Meet Tama.
Omelette rice
Get on Tama’s good side.
Kyouko upscale-245262160018212
Meet Kyouko.
Interrupted Gold
Walk in on Kyouko at an inopportune time.
A quiet moment Gold
Share a moment of peace with Kyouko.
Sun and surf Gold
It’s the beach!
Shaved ice Gold
Enjoy a sweet treat.
Victory Gold
Watch Tama win an amazing reward!
Hot springs Gold
Go to the hot springs with the Himuro family.
Stumble Gold
Kyouko trips -but you’re there to save her!
Intoxicated Gold
Share a drunken kiss with Kyouko.
Alone Gold
Help Kyouko come to terms with missing Tama.
Confession Gold
Tell Kyouko how you feel about her.
The Language of Love Gold
Thank you for playing the game!


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