Teratopia Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 4/10.
Estimated time to Platinum: 10 – 15 Hours.
Missable trophies: 17 Trophies
Bronze Hoarder, Bronze Boing!, Bronze Bait n’ Switch,
Bronze Ghost Hunter, Bronze Tower Defense,
Bronze Wait For It…, Bronze Double Whammy,
Bronze 20/20 Vision, Bronze Like A Glove,
Silver Minion Lady, Silver King Of The Hill,
Silver Collector, Silver Skilled Engineer,
Gold Deckbuilder, Gold Three Time Two,
Silver Gravekeeper, Silver Quicksaving…
Glitched trophies: None.
Difficulty related: None.
Playthrough: –


Welcome to the Teratopia Trophy Guide!
When a strange race invades your lands, and steals your friends, and starts destroying your land, it’s up to you to take action! Run and jump and fight your way to freedom in this action platformer!


Step 1: Play the game until the point of no return, while also watching out for missables!

First things first, as in every game, just play and have fun! You can also be getting chests and minion capacity upgrades as you’d like. The capacity upgrades are very useful though! But also be aware of the missable trophies. You only get one chance to fight bosses, so if you don’t do the missable requirement in some fights, you won’t have another chance until you restart! My favourite race was the blue race, playing as Tucho. When you break down The Big Wall, make sure to get the costume from level one, that does “-10% healing, 2x Damage Taken”, as that’s the costume you need for the “Three Times Two” trophy. As Tucho, the costume makes him look like a Bubble. As Bernito is wearing a headband and wristbands. Then finally Horacio is wearing a snail shell. Once you get a warning about a point of no return, we’ll stop and move to the next step. After this though, you’ll have a majority of the trophies.

You’ll be earning these trophies:
Bronze The Gang’s All Here
Bronze The Big Wall
Bronze Chaos
Bronze Boing!
Bronze Overlord
Bronze Combo Master
Bronze Bait n’ Switch
Bronze Ghost Hunter
Bronze Tower Defense
Bronze Wait For It…
Bronze Double Whammy
Bronze 20/20 Vision
Bronze Like A Glove
Silver Du-Du-Ajo
Silver Mad-Bad-Mama
Silver Punko
Silver Hippe-Bro
Silver Pinko
Silver Grandfarter
Silver Gardenia
Silver Vicka
Silver Bertha
Silver Drunska
Silver Minion Lady
Silver Tycoontopia
Silver Collector
Silver Skilled Engineer
Gold Three Time Two
Silver Gravekeeper

Step 2: Any collectible you missed + level 50

Before we tackle the final boss, make sure you grab all the possible chests and minion upgrades in the off chance that you missed any! Also, make sure you get to level 50, and only have 2 boss entries left on the Teratopedia. Once you enter the point of no return, YOU CAN’T DO ANYTHING. Once you beat the game, your save gets deleted and you have to start FRESH. After this step, you’ll have a few more trophies to go.

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
Bronze Hoarder
Silver King Of The Hill

Step 3: Final boss time

Now it’s time to kill the final boss! Afterwards, you’ll be able to free roam, and level up and finish the Teratopedia! When you unlock the big scary final door, make sure you also kill every enemy in the hallway to be able to get the “Quicksaving…” trophy! After this step, you’ll only need a few more trophies!

During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
Silver Quicksaving…
Gold Ragon

Step 4: Teratopedia

When you beat the game, you’ll be forced back to the main menu, and your data is deleted. Before you do ANYTHING else, go to the Teratopedia menu, and claim the last two things! Thus getting you the last trophy and the platinum.

During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
Gold Deckbuilder
40-platinum Trophy Baron

Trophy Guide:

Trophy Baron
Complete all trophies
The Gang’s All Here
Unlock the 3 races

Unlocking all 3 races is relatively easy, as you get the blue race right away. Then, after you kill the baby boss, you unlock the second area. If you go from the teleporter, and work your way to the platform above you, you find Bernito, the green race. Then in the skull graveyard level after Hippe Bro, you end up finding a plant that shoots you upward, with 2 purple glowing enemies on it. When you defeat them, you unlock Horacio, the yellow race!

The Big Wall
Pull down the Big Wall

This is story related and can’t be missed. After you beat the first 6 bosses, the only area you can go to is a giant wall with 6 holes in it. Stand in front of it and press triangle to insert all the boss seals into the holes that you have, and the wall will fall and you can progress!

Have 20 minions on the battlefield

After you beat level 2, and go back to level 1 & 2 to unlock the special chests, to get more Minion Capacity, it’s possible to get this trophy. Stock up on as many monsters as you can. So you should end up with about 18. If you kill an enemy, and they drop 2 monster eggs, summon every monster you have, to have 20 summons on the field, all at once!

Grab 15 chests

This is missable, because if you don’t get 15 chests before going past the point of no return, you can’t get this until you beat the last boss and start a new game. After you beat a level, chests appear in the level. You then have to find them in the level, and use eyes to open them. Eyes are gained from enemies, and are basically the currency of this game. To open a chest, you have to feed the plant that’s covering them. After you open 15, this trophy is yours!

Kill 50 enemies with Belly Blow

This is missable, because if you don’t kill 50 enemies with the Belly Blow skill, before going past the point of no return, you can’t get this until you beat the last boss and start a new game. When you level up to level 6, you get the belly blow ability. This lets you deflect projectiles by pressing triangle when they’re near you. You have to defeat 50 enemies by deflecting their shots back at them, to get this trophy.

Have a minion of each class on the battlefield

After you kill Hippie Bro, you gain access to the wizard class, which is the last class. Then simply gather a class pickup for each class, and summon all of them at once, and you’ll have this trophy!

Combo Master
Combine two powers

As you level up, you’ll gain access to special powers that you can select with the d-pad. When you have two unlocked, use one with L2, and switch to another, and mash L2 to use the other, and this trophy will unlock.

Bait n’ Switch
Only feed enemies to the carnivorous plant

This is missable, because if you feed minions to the plant even once, you void the trophy. After you make it through The Big Wall, there’s a door that you can only get through with Bernito, the green race. At the end of this level, just before the boss, you’ll get introduced to a flower that eats things it’s near. You have to lure enemies to it, for it to eat, to grow. This will take many times of getting to the plant. Get there, let the plant eat the enemies, run back to the level exit pad at the beginning of the section, and go again. Took me three times to have it eat enough enemies to get the trophy!

Ghost Hunter
Kill 5 ghost Katoos

This missable, as it can only be done in the boss fight against Vicka. If you kill her without getting this, you have to replay the game. Now Katoos are the creatures that spit stuff at you that you can bounce back. There are 5 of them in the arena with Vicka. Just kill them all, and this trophy is yours!

Tower Defense
Kill 25 enemies with turrets

This is missable, because if you don’t kill 25 enemies with the turrets before going past the point of no return, you can’t get this until you beat the last boss and start a new game. After you beat level 2, you unlock the Engineer Minions class. As you’re going through levels, you’ll find little nests, with a cog icon above them. If you summon the minions, that are the 3rd selection, they’ll hop in the Turret and shoot enemies. When they kill 50 enemies, this trophy unlocks.

Wait for it…
Kill 50 enemies with strong attack

This is missable because if you don’t kill 50 enemies with the heavy attacks before killing the last boss, you won’t get a chance unless you kill the last boss and level up again. Once you reach level up to be level 4, you unlock the Strong Attack, which is used by holding square, then releasing it to do a ton of damage. Defeat 50 enemies using this, and you get this trophy.

Double Whammy
Kill 2 Elite enemies using Monstrocity

This is missable because if you don’t do this before the point of no return, there’s no longer Elite enemies. So you’ll need to start a new game and level up again. When you level up, you’ll eventually unlock a power with Tycho (the blue race) so that you can triple your damage output for a certain amount of time. To select the power, you have to press down on the d-pad, and then press L2 to activate it. Now it doesn’t need to be two elite enemies in one activation. You just need to kill two elite enemies in total with it activated. You’ll know an enemy is an elite when it has a purple glow around it!

20/20 Vision
Feed 20 carrots to the engineers

This is missable, because if you don’t get your Engineers to eat 20 carrots before going past the point of no return, you can’t get this until you beat the last boss and start a new game. After you get through The Big Wall, and go through the door you need Bernito, the green race, to open, you’ll encounter carrots. On the way to the boss, you’ll discover long tentacle enemies. Use your Engineer minions on these, and they’ll eat them. You can either run this route 4 times, or you can also get this in the fight with Gardenia, as she spawns carrots too. When your Engineer class eats 20 carrots, this trophy is yours.

Like A Glove
Equip a costume

This is missable, because if you never end up equipping an outfit, you will have to redo Teratopedia entries on a new game, if you go past the point of no return. This will come naturally, as you need to equip an outfit for the “Three Times Two” trophy!

Du-Du-Ajo upscale-245262160018212
Defeat the baby

Du-Du-Ajo is the very first boss of the game. This boss is super easy. If you have many minions, summon one, and let the boss start hitting him. Then get behind him and just start mashing square to attack the boss. If your Minion dies, summon another, and get the boss to attack it, so you can get behind him and attack him again. After he’s dead, this trophy is yours! Below is a video of the fight if you’d like to see!

Mad-Bad-Mama upscale-245262160018212
Defeat the mom

This boss fight is the second fight of the game. The fight is also a bit annoying. The boss spawns a bunch of enemies throughout the fight, but luckily they die easy enough. The real problem is when the boss starts doing her ground pound attacks. Luckily these hurt the enemies as well! When she raises her bat over her head, she’ll send out a straight shockwave line, that’s easy enough to dodge. When she grabs the end of her bat with her other hand, this is where she does a horizontal shockwave line. This is the annoying one to avoid. She will eventually send out white goop. If you hit enough of these onto her face, she will be stunned for a short time, allowing you to get damage in on her! When she dies, this trophy is yours! Refer to the video below for the boss fight!

Punko upscale-245262160018212
Defeat the punk brother

Punko is one of the two bosses to fight in the 3rd level. When the fight starts, Punko will be up on a stage, making spikes pop out of the ground. You need to destroy the four speakers before he jumps down. He’ll then continue to make spikes pop out of the ground to try and attack you. Eventually the gates will open on either side, and you need to either go up to the turntable yourself, or use an Engineer minion. I recommend using a Minion to get credit to the “Skilled Engineer” trophy. Afterwards, he’ll get stunned and then you can attack him. Continue this until he dies and the trophy is yours. Below is a video of the fight!

Hippie-Bro upscale-245262160018212
Defeat the hippie brother

Hippie-Bro is the other boss you can fight in level 3. This fight is a bit annoying, as you can’t really get close to him. He will send rocks flying from his body in lines through the fight, and if you get close to him, he’ll send out a very damaging cloud of green gas. What you need to do is wait for the bugs to fill the water flower above him, then send an Engineer minion up to it, so it falls over to get the boss wet. Now is your chance to go all out on the boss, with all the minions you can! Remember to use the Engineer for credit towards the “Skilled Engineer” trophy. When he dies, you get this trophy. Refer to the video below to see the fight!

Pinko upscale-245262160018212
Defeat the sister

This boss fight is actually pretty simple. Pinko will slap you if you are around her, so try not to be around her. Try to get her to stand on a water spout, so when it blows up water, you can damage her! When she whistles, enemies will end up coming out to attack you. These are very weak, so defeat them quickly. There’s also a chance Pinko will pull her shirt down, and expose herself. Yes, really. When you get her on a water spout, spawn a ton of minions to keep her there. When she dies, you will get your trophy! Refer to the video below to see the fight!

Grandfarter upscale-245262160018212
Defeat the grandpa

The Grandfarter is the boss that becomes available after beating Hippie-Bro. This fight is relatively easy. During the fight, Grandfarter will dash at you really fast. To dodge it, all you need to do is move to the side. Eventually he will go to the center of the arena and spawn 3 tombstones. You HAVE to keep all 3 standing for the “Gravekeeper” trophy. Refer to it for more info. When you defeat the enemies that attack the tombstone, stand behind one, as he will shoot out a damaging light. Then he starts dashing around again. Get him to dash into a tombstone, to get stunned, to be able to deal damage! Rinse and repeat until he’s dead, and you get this trophy. Refer to the video below for the fight and the “Gravekeeper” trophy.

Gardenia upscale-245262160018212
Defeat the gardener

Make sure you’re wearing a “-10% Healing, 2x Damage Taken” outfit for this boss fight to get credit for “Three Time Two”! After The Big Wall, the way to Gardenia is through the wall where you need to use Bernito to open up! Gardenia herself is a fairly easy fight. All she does is throw carrots out, and jumps up high to slam the ground. This is a good fight to get progress on the “20/20 Vision” trophy! What you need to do to beat Gardenia is use heavy attacks to break her armor. Then when it’s all gone and she starts taking actual damage, just summon a whole load of minions and watch her health drain! When she’s dead, this trophy is yours! Refer to the video below to see the boss fight!

Vicka upscale-245262160018212
Defeat the witch

Make sure you’re wearing a “-10% Healing, 2x Damage Taken” outfit for this boss fight to get credit for “Three Time Two”! After The Big Wall, the way to Vicka is through the wall where you need to use Tucho to open up! Vicka is a weird boss fight. Instead of losing health when she attacks, you instead gain health. If you gain all your health back, you lose, and have to talk to the NPC again who’s just outside the fight. When you start the fight, there will be some Katoo enemies around the arena. Kill 5 of them, to get the “Ghost Hunter” trophy. Then all Vicka does is stir a pot and make enemies appear out of it. So just punch her then dodge the bugs, and she will teleport away, killing the bugs around her. The quicker you hit her, the less bugs she makes, so the more you get to attack her! When she’s dead, you get the trophy for her fight! Refer to the video below to see the fight!

Bertha upscale-245262160018212
Defeat the sailor

Make sure you’re wearing a “-10% Healing, 2x Damage Taken” outfit for this boss fight to get credit for “Three Time Two”! After The Big Wall, the way to Bertha is through the wall where you need to use Horacio to open up! This is another very unique fight. Where as you don’t hit the boss to kill her, but you shoot cannons at her! There are 4 tentacles that spawn in the fight that you have to constantly hit, or else they throw barrels at you. When they’re no longer around, shoot the barrel that Bertha is in. Eventually it will break and you can start damaging her. Once you can hit her, she doesn’t take very long to kill! Below is a video of the fight!

Drunska upscale-245262160018212
Defeat the grandma

Drunska is the second to last boss fight in the game! This fight is very very annoying. Not only does the arena have Katoos in it, but they also shoot fireballs that can set you on fire. So I suggest working on getting rid of them first thing. Now for Drunska herself, just be prepared. She can shoot pools of fire out of her mouth. Easy enough to dodge. But it’s her other attacks that are god awful. She can breathe fire, and rotate at crazy speeds while breathing it, to cover the arena in fire, so you’ll have very small safe spots to stand, and it feels like she breaths forever! But so long as you’re dodging with circle, you shouldn’t be taking damage. Then she can fart and make a big cloud of poison gas come up around her, that damages you if you are in it. So this battle boils down to having a lot of minions that you can just summon for them to go beat on her. Once she’s dead, this trophy is yours. Refer to the video below to see the whole fight.

Minion Lady upscale-245262160018212
Achieve maximum minions capacity

This is missable, because if you don’t get all the minion capacity upgrades before going past the point of no return, you can’t get this until you beat the last boss and start a new game. Each time you clear a level, a Minion Capacity upgrade will appear in the level that you have to find and unlock with eyes from enemies. You have to unlock all 11 minion capacity upgrades to get this trophy!

King of the Hill upscale-245262160018212
Reach level 50

This is missable, because if you don’t get to level 50 before you kill the last boss, you have to restart the game at level 1! This is just for reaching level 50! You get experience points for beating enemies and opening chests! There’s also costumes for each character that increases experience gain! All you need is tentacles to unlock them. Which are obtained for completing the Teratopedia entries! Once you reach level 50, this trophy is yours!

Tycoontopia upscale-245262160018212
Spend 1000 eyes

This trophy is as simple as spending 1,000 eyes. Eyes are the currency in this game, and they drop from every enemy you kill. They’re used to open up doors and chests, and get minion capacity upgrades. You’ll easily spend 1,000 eyes by the time you open your first few chests, so this is nothing to really worry about.

Collector upscale-245262160018212
Buy all avatar costumes

This is missable, because if you don’t get all the costumes from the shop before going past the point of no return, you can’t get this until you beat the last boss and start a new game. For this, you just have to collect every single costume. To get the currency to be able to buy costumes, you have to complete entries in the Teratopedia! Then you go back to level one, to the costume shop, and use the tentacles to buy some! Each character has 4 costumes, and all together they cost 700 Tentacles for one character! So in total you need about 2,100 tentacles! Once you get all the costumes, this trophy is yours!

Skilled Engineer upscale-245262160018212
Use an Engineer against Punko and Hippie-Bro

This is missable, because you can only fight each boss ONCE! In the fight with Punko, eventually, he will jump down and attack you. You then need to summon an engineer class to go to his turntable, and mess with it, to be able to deal a ton of damage to him. During Hippie-Bros fight, he’ll have a thing of water above him, that you need to have an engineer push over, so you can deal a ton of damage to him!

Deckbuilder Gold
Complete the Teratopedia

This is HIGHLY MISSABLE! Read the bottom of the description for more info. To get this, you have to complete the Teratopedia. This isn’t as bad as it sounds, as it’s just little in game achievements. Like defeating enemies a certain amount of times, summoning a certain minion class each time as each character, and defeating bosses! You also have to do these to get the tentacles to unlock the costumes for others trophies as well! You have to make sure you only have 2 entries left before you go past the point of no return! Or you won’t get a chance to kill other enemies! Then after you beat the last boss, you have to go to the Teratopedia menu and claim the last rewards BEFORE starting a new game, or you lose all the progress in the Teratopedia! Once you finish the entire Teratopedia, this trophy will be yours!

Three Times Two Gold
Defeat the three aunts with a double damage costume

This is highly missable, because if you kill even one of the three bosses for this trophy, without using a costume, the trophy is void. When you break down The Big Wall, you have to go get the costumes from level one, that does “-10% healing, 2x Damage Taken”, as these are the costumes you need. As Tucho, the costume makes him look like a Bubble. As Bernito is wearing a headband and wristbands. Then finally Horacio is wearing a snail shell. You then have to beat Vicka, Bertha, and Gardenia while wearing these costumes. Once you unlock the door to each boss, using the required character, you can then switch back to your favourite character for the boss fight!

Gravekeeper upscale-245262160018212
Protect the 3 Grandfarter’s tombstones

This is missable, because you can only fight each boss ONCE! In the Skull Graveyard level, when you fight Grandfarter, he’ll end up summoning Tombstones when he goes to the middle of the map. You have to protect all 3! So spawn a ton of minions at one tombstone and run to the other two as fast as you can, and kill the enemies at the other two. You have plenty of chances in the fight, but if you run out of minions, die and gather more. The second you kill Grandfarter, you lose the chance for this. Refer to “Grandfarter” for a video on this trophy and the fight itself!

Quicksaving… upscale-245262160018212
Kill all the guards in the Ancient’s castle

This is missable, because technically you can skip these enemies at the beginning of the point of no return! If you beat the last boss without killing these enemies at least once, you’ll need to play the whole game again. At the end of the game, when you unlock the big door with a key, an NPC will tell you you’re at a point of no return. Inside the gate are about 8 enemies. Simply kill them all and get this trophy!

Ragon Gold
Defeat the Ragon

Welcome to the final boss of the game. Make sure you have EVERYTHING done before you even open to the door the boss. This boss is a bit annoying. As it makes you swap between every character throughout the fight. So make sure you have full minions for everyone as well. The best costumes to wear would also be to do extra damage. Now what you wanna do is spawn a good handful of minions, and let them do the work on the boss, while you mash circle to dodge his projectiles. There’s three kinds of projectiles he’ll throw. One is electricity, which is easy to dodge. The other two problematic ones are fire or poison, as they do crazy amounts of damage and can kill you in seconds. You may get lucky and he may never use those though. So as you switch from character to character, just summon minions, dodge the projectiles, and hit the boss and he’ll eventually die. Then you win! If you happen to die, hold the PS Button and quit the game fast! Or else you lose all your minions, and that would make the boss fight very hard and annoying! Refer to the video below on the whole fight!



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