Submersed Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 3.5/10.
Estimated time to Platinum: 2 Hours.
Trophies: 22.  40-platinumGoldSilverBronze10
Missable trophies: Most of them. 
Glitched trophies: None.
Difficulty related: None.
Playthrough: 1 is possible. 


Welcome to the Submersed Trophy Guide!
You are a coast guard responding to an emergency call from an offshore structure out in the high seas, when you get there the place is abandoned… except for the devils from the deep… Sharks.

Submersed is a shark-infested indie horror game, and it can be a little tricky if you don’t know how to go about things, but in this guide and the video below I’ve done the hard part for you, and show you quickest and best ways to complete the game.

Roadmap & Tips:

The walkthrough video provided will show you the best routes and methods to pass all levels without ever being touched. Ignoring any unnecessary paths/rooms/actions, to help you get the platinum in the quickest way. I highly recommend you refer to it if you want to make this platinum easy and completed in one playthrough. 

If doing the game in one go, be most aware of these trophies:

Gold Untouchable – Never die! Make USB or CLOUD SAVES at all checkpoints. There will be a checkpoint at the end/start of each new level, and another checkpoint mid-level. If you die, or get injured too much, re-download your latest cloud save to try again and continue.

Gold Without Help – Never use any healing items! As above, if you get bitten too much, or even at all, re-download to your system your latest USB/cloud save, to try again.
*Of course if you are struggling to do both Untouchable and Without Help together, then split them up for 2 different playthroughs.

Gold The Collector – Make sure to always have a near full inventory & safety box, as you have to finish the game with all inventory slots filled.

There are 8 short chapters (and a prologue) all very short, each about 5-10 mins long.

The game is quite dark so turn your in-game brightness up to max.

There are notes everywhere but you can ignore them all as there are no collectables trophies! Yay!

Out of the 22 trophies, 10 are story related, for completing the chapters and game. 
11 are missable but mainly easy, please see the trophy descriptions below for full information on how to do them all and in what chapter/order they will occur, or use the video.

Video Walkthrough:

Full game and trophy guide, platinum walkthrough video (50 mins).
All chapter & trophy timestamps can be found in the video description:

Trophy Guide:

The Last Survivor
Get all the trophies

Get all the trophies

False Hopes
Finish the Chapter 01

Story Related
Finish the Chapter 01 (Prologue).

Welcome to Hell
Finish the Chapter 02

Story Related
Finish the Chapter 02.

There´s something out there
Finish the Chapter 03

Story Related
Finish the Chapter 03.

Finish the Chapter 04

Story Related
Finish the Chapter 04.

Searching for answers
Finish the Chapter 05

Story Related
Finish the Chapter 05.

Finish the Chapter 06
Back to the abyss

Story Related
Finish the Chapter 06.

Ins and Outs
Finish the Chapter 07

Story Related
Finish the Chapter 07.

Pushing the limits
Finish the Chapter 08

Story Related
Finish the Chapter 08.

Just think about getting out
Finish the Chapter 09

Story Related
Finish the Chapter 09.

The Good Samaritan upscale-245262160018212
Try to save Martin after the accident

**At the beginning of this chapter is is important to make a cloud save! So we can grab Silver The Good Samaritan & Silver Burning Man together, and then download back to your system the cloud save so you can erase the death and carry on.**

When your helicopter crashes, try to save Martin the pilot by trying to open the helicopter pilot door.

A Generous Man Gold
Finish the prologue without picking up any objects

This is self explanatory, don’t pick anything up in the prologue, except the mandatory access card (which is in a white box floating in the water). 

Also it doesn’t matter at all because you’ll be returning to the same area in the very next chapter, where you can then pick up all of the items you saw. 

A Man of Principle upscale-245262160018212
Try to extract an eye from a living patient

From the room that you just picked up the pliers and made a lock pick, directly opposite will be a door to open. In here will be a woman in pain on an operating table, with the scalpel next to her. Pick up the scalpel and interact with the woman for the trophy. (but don’t worry he doesn’t do it! But you will need to keep the scalpel to take an eye from a corpse from the morgue down the corridor).

Burning man upscale-245262160018212
Die in the helicopter explosion

**At the beginning of this chapter is is important to make a cloud save! So we can grab Silver The Good Samaritan & Silver Burning Man together, and then download back to your system the cloud save so you can erase the death and carry on.**

When trying to open the pilot door for the previous trophy, just stay still next to the burning helicopter until it explodes and kills you. Now download that cloud save back to system and continue on, like nothing ever happened, death free.

The Shark Charmer Gold
Hit a shark 5 times with the electric weapon

**As soon as you go through the eye reader door you will get a checkpoint and it is important to make a cloud save here!**

We will farm the 5 hits here, as its right next to free taser charges and sharks.

When you die these hits still register.

Go into the security room straight ahead and pick up the taser and charge, and use/combine them. Straight next to this room go down the stairs to the flooded room where there will be 2 sharks. Hit the shark, let it eat you, then you’ll be straight back with another free charge to pick up with the taser and a shark right there to get. Rinse and repeat 5 times until your trophy unlocks, now download your cloud save and continue on with your no death run like nothing ever happened.

In the Jaws Gold
Finish the game

Story Related
Finish the game.

Without Help Gold
Finish the game without using any health item

Never use any of the healing items. Following the walkthrough video will show you how to complete the game without ever being touched, without ever needing to heal. 

 However if you struggle, do a 2nd playthrough where this trophy is all you need to worry about, then it will be fine as any time you die it would replenish your health back.

Untouchable Gold
Finish the game without any deads

This isn’t as bad as it sounds because when you reach checkpoints you can close out of the game and make a cloud save, which you can then download if you die. So I would recommend making a cloud save at any checkpoint you reach to try and minimise any loss of progression.

Pay most attention to the underwater sections in scuba, as here the shark can one-hit kill you. Take advantage of the covered passages where the shark cannot catch you, and pay attention to the light on your dive gear which will show you if the shark is near. (green for clear.)

Inside, out of water you will hear music to warn you if a shark is near.
You can use magnetic bombs to distract the shark if need be.

I’m Still Alive Gold
Unlock the post-credits scene saving your life in the final explosion

At the end scene when you are going down in the cage with the explosive, when at the bottom just drop the explosive outside of the cage and make sure to press the cage button to take you back up to the surface. It will appear like you have died when the credits roll, but if you press skip a couple of times it should bring you to a short scene showing you just about alive under some rubble surrounded by fire where this trophy will unlock.

The Collector Gold
Finish the game with your inventory and security box full of items

In this last level make sure all slots in your safe box and inventory are full. The point of no return is going down in the cage. In this final level there will be 4 items you can pick up, (more if you use the green key) before you go down to the depths in the cage. BE AWARE at the start of the level you have to pick up a mandatory access card. Once used the access card will disappear from your inventory, creating another free slot. Do make sure to fill it again after! I use the green chemical light item that is right next to the cage that ends the game.

Treasure Hunter Gold
Find the hidden room in chapter 02

The hidden room is underwater where you found the access card in the prologue. Before this door was closed, but in this chapter it has an opening at the bottom that you can swim through. It is directly behind where the white box (that held the access card) is. Dive down to swim through. Don’t be in there too long or you’ll drown!

The doorkeeper
Make your first lock pick

It is not mandatory to make a lock pick for the story so this is missable.
This chapter starts in a room where you will see a ‘metal piece’ to pick up. Now go through the duct and in this next room you will see the ‘pliers’ to pick up. Combine the two in your inventory and voila you have a lock pick.



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