Submerged: Hidden Depths First Impressions (Steam)

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    The sequel to the critically acclaimed game Submerged from 2015 is finally here. The game is so open to what you do and it’s not linear. There is so much to see and explore in this big world with dying plants that you will need to save. Here are our Submerged: Hidden Depths First Impressions (Steam)!

    Submerged: Hidden Depths is developed by Uppercut Games and will be released for all major consoles and PC. It also came out for Google Stadia in December 2020. For these first impressions, we got an early copy and 1 hour of playtime.

    The game starts off with 2 characters coming to a home island filled with black vines and you will have to follow the male character and find some sort of ball. The ball is stuck in a machine with a bunch of modern electronics around it, grab the ball and put it in some hole to restore the island. That is basically the whole premise of the game and it’s kinda a rinse and repeat that you do on other islands as well.

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    Over the course of my hour of playing, I managed to do 3 of those islands and collect some of the collectibles. The collectibles are pretty fun to get, there are islands in the world where you can grab a few of them but they are mostly just for padding to the main story. The story itself has a charm to it with the cutscenes, but to learn more you need to collect books and read them. The characters have their own language, I’m not really sure how I feel about that, to be honest, sometimes it was charming, but sometimes off-putting.

    Submerged: Hidden Depths First Impressions (Steam)

    Every island has its own set of platforming to do to find both collectibles and the main objective. Sometimes they took a while because I didn’t understand what I needed to do, but it was still fun. I would wish they gave a few more tips when you got stuck because there is 0 indication of where you need to go sometimes.

    There are a few types of collectibles to collect from boat upgrades to visual changes to your boat, island, or character. Most of the collectibles are indicated on the map, and the map really feels like a massive world. I only had 1 small issue of being stuck on some small corners and minor frame drops, but that could just be my old pc. Overall I had a lot of fun during my hour and I can’t wait to play more because it really is fun to play.

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