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Stifled Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 3/10. 
Estimated time to Platinum: 2 – 5 Hours.
Trophies: 26.  40-platinumGoldSilver10  Bronze9
Missable trophies: None, there is chapter select.
Glitched trophies: None.
Difficulty related: None.
Playthrough: 1.5. 
Needed: Mic.



Welcome to the Stifled Trophy Guide!
Stifled is a multi award winning sound based stealth thriller, compatible for PSVR (or without). Reveal the environment around you by generating sound waves using and throwing items you find, or by using your own voice via the mic. But tread carefully… If you make too much noise you might attract some unwanted attention… They hear your fear…

This interesting focus on echolocation exploration makes for a very unique and enjoyable gaming experience. The game is half a walking sim in coloured scenes where nothing can hurt you, and the other half is black and white scenes where you have to silently navigate around some enemy encounters.  There’s nothing too much to worry about difficulty-wise here, it’s a fairly simple and quick game to complete with a straightforward trophy list. It’s just a well-made game that I would recommend to all.



Step 1: Scream!

Plug in any old mic, from the title menu go to ‘mic calibration’ and calibrate, start your game and as soon as you get control of your character have a good old scream down the mic!

Now return to the main menu, and adjust your settings ready for your Gold Stifled full playthrough. Via ‘mic calibration’ turn your mic off, and I suggest to make it a little easier to see during the dark sections to turn the gamma up to max via the options menu.

Here you will just earn:
Silver Screamer

Step 2: Complete the game never pressing R2 (voice). Grabbing all miscellaneous trophies & all collectibles if you wish. And selecting ‘NO’ for the final option.

There are 2 separate sound based trophies.  If you complete the game without ever using your voice pulse with R2, (or mic), you will get the Gold Stifled trophy. Everything is fine and easy though as you can throw objects to produce sound instead.
Chapters 1, 4, & 6 are very easy and you won’t need to produce any sound at all. (Making the clean up for the second sound based trophy for not throwing objects Gold Hands Free much faster, only requiring another half playthrough to finish off.)

There are not many collectables in the game (24 notes and 11 dolls), and they are mainly in plain sight.  It is not necessary to get them all in your first playthrough as you can just mop up anything you’ve missed via chapter select. But if for ease and speed you want to see all collectables locations I have added timestamps for all of them in the video description of the video walkthrough linked below.

Because the final chapter, chapter 6, does not need you to make any sound, you don’t have to reply that particular chapter for the alternate sound trophy, so do remember to select ‘NO’ when presented with the option near the end, in order to obtain the Gold True End trophy, so you wont have to replay the chapter.

There are only a few miscellaneous trophies, please see the trophy descriptions in the trophy guide below for what you will need to do to obtain them.

In this full playthrough you will earn these trophies:
Bronze House 1973
Silver Crash
Silver Orphanage
Bronze House 1975
Silver Ship
Silver House ????
Gold Safecracker
Bronze Alcoholic
Silver Fear of the Dark
Silver Remembrance
Silver A second look
Bronze Bookworm 1
Silver Bookworm 2
Gold Bookworm 3
Bronze Doll Collector 1
Silver Doll Collector 2
Gold Doll Collector 3
Bronze Pregnancy
Bronze Aftermath
Bronze Orphans
Bronze Depression
Gold True End 
Gold Stifled

Step 3: Replay chapters 2, 3 & 5 without throwing any objects.

Now all you have left is one trophy, for NOT THROWING any objects, so go to chapter select and just quickly replay these 3 chapters:

Chapter 2 – Crash
Chapter 3 – Orphanage
Chapter 5 – Ship

To progress through the dark levels or during enemy encounters this time just use your voice pulse with R2 to see instead of throwing objects.

Make sure to not accidentally pick up any unnecessary objects, as dropping them will count as them being thrown. But if this does happen its not a big deal, you can just press ‘reload checkpoint’ and it will restart you not far away.

Here you will earn:
Gold Hands Free
40-platinum Eden


Video Walkthrough:




Trophy Guide:


Congratulations on obtaining all trophies.

House 1973
Happy times.

Story related for completing Chapter 1.

Crash upscale-245262160018212
The beginning?

Story related for completing Chapter 2.

Orphanage upscale-245262160018212
Threading through the throng.

Story related for completing Chapter 3.

House 1975
Where is she?

Story related for completing Chapter 4.

Ship upscale-245262160018212
Exercise in futility.

Story related for completing Chapter 5.

House ???? upscale-245262160018212

Story related for completing Chapter 6.

Safecracker Gold
Figure out the safe’s password early.

During Chapter 1, go to the safe at the back of the upstairs office, and enter the code: 6572.

Can’t you let go of that bottle?

During Chapter 2, at the start there will be 4 items at the crash site, and one of them will be a bottle. Carry this bottle to the end of the chapter.

Fear of the Dark upscale-245262160018212
Give the children hope.

At the beginning of Chapter 3, In the orphanage turn on all of the light switches for all rooms from the ground floor AND upstairs. 

Remembrance upscale-245262160018212
It’s all coming back to me now.
This trophy unlocked for me during Chapter 4 when I had looked at the 2 collectables in the nursery, I presume it is connected to gathering information. Which you will do anyway while going for the collectables trophies.

*There have been some reports of the trophy not unlocking from simply gathering the collectables.
If this happens to you, during this chapter 4 which is a safe and short area anyway, just have a better look around the house, entering the 2 extra little rooms you hadn’t previously been into, maybe looking in some cupboards and inspecting some random objects, videos, tarot cards, etc and I’m positive you will unlock the trophy.
One person reported when they had entered the downstairs bathroom adjacent to the kitchen, and looked at the hand-print on the mirror, the trophy unlocked for them then. So try that first!

Apologies that I cannot be more specific/clear on the trophies requirements, but you will get it don’t worry!

A second look upscale-245262160018212
Is that paint?

During Chapter 4, when you go to the master bedroom there will be a painting in the bath in the bathroom. When you leave the bathroom there will be a scene change where everything will turn red. After this has happened turn back around and go and look at the bathroom painting again. You will now see a different image, unlocking the trophy.

Screamer upscale-245262160018212
Squealed like a little kid.

*You need a mic for this trophy.
Set up the mic calibration via settings. Start the game and when you get control of your character simply scream into your microphone to unlock this trophy!

Bookworm 1
Read 3 items.

See Gold Bookworm 3.

Bookworm 2 upscale-245262160018212
Read 12 items.

See Gold Bookworm 3.

Bookworm 3 Gold
Read everything.
Notes are only in the sections of the game which are in full colour.  You know when you have found a readable collectable when you see the save icon in the bottom right hand side corner of the screen.

Despite there being dozens of cupboards and drawers that you could look through, there is actually only ONE collectable that is ‘hidden’ – in Chapter 4 in the filing cabinet in the office is a ‘future magazine’.  All the rest are in very plain sight, just on the sides or on the walls etc.

But if you would like some help I have all collectables locations including all timestamps in the video description HERE.

Here is a breakdown if you would like an idea of what to expect:
Chapter 1 collectables – 2 Notes, 2 Dolls.
Chapter 2 collectables – 3 Notes, 2 Dolls.
Chapter 3 collectables – 2 Notes, 2 Dolls.
Chapter 4 collectables – 16 Notes, 2 Dolls
Chapter 5 collectables – 1 Note, 1 Doll.
Chapter 6 collectables – 2 Dolls.

Doll Collector 1
Picked up 2 dolls.

See Gold Doll Collector 3.

Doll Collector 2 upscale-245262160018212
Picked up 6 dolls.

See Gold Doll Collector 3.

Doll Collector 3 Gold
Picked up all the dolls in every level
Unlike the Note collectables, Dolls can be found in both the black and white levels and the full colour levels.

Here is a breakdown if you would like an idea of what to expect:
Chapter 1 collectables – 2 Notes, 2 Dolls.
Chapter 2 collectables – 3 Notes, 2 Dolls.
Chapter 3 collectables – 2 Notes, 2 Dolls.
Chapter 4 collectables – 16 Notes, 2 Dolls.
Chapter 5 collectables – 1 Note, 1 Doll.
Chapter 6 collectables – 2 Dolls.

All collectables and Doll locations can be found in my full video walkthrough HERE.

Go to the video description for the list of timestamps to jump directly to the doll locations.

Investigate House 1973.

At the beginning of Chapter 1, when you gain control of your character you will awake in the master bedroom. Look to your right and you will see the bedrooms en-suite bathroom. In this bathroom on the side will be 7 pregnancy tests that you need to look at to unlock the trophy. Don’t miss the 2 pregnancy tests that are in the bin!

Investigate crash site.
At the beginning of Chapter 2, you will awake at a car crash site. The other side of the car will be 4 objects that you have to look at to unlock the trophy.

The 4 items are:
Crumpled paper.
Pill box.

Investigate Orphanage.
At the beginning of Chapter 3, turn left into the office and read the document on the desk to unlock this trophy.

You will automatically get this trophy when going for collectables as this document is also a required note collectable.

Investigate House 1975.

During Chapter 4, when you enter the master bedroom and then enter the en-suite bathroom, there will be 5 boxes of prescriptions that you have to look at to unlock this trophy.

True End Gold
Returned home.

During Chapter 6, near the end, When you encounter Rose on the roof, you will be given a Y/N option. Select “No” to unlock this trophy and continue on.

Stifled Gold
Clear the game without making a Voice Pulse.
For this trophy DO NOT use a voice pulse.
A voice pulse is created either by pressing , or using your mic.

Other than the 2 tutorial prompts which are allowed, just never use .
Instead, you need to throw objects to create sound and navigate through the black and white scenes.

In fact, you even only need to make any sound during chapters 2, 3, and 5.

If you accidentally press , just press pause, and reload the checkpoint, and it will start you not far so you can now continue with your playthrough.

Hands Free Gold
Clear the game without throwing anything unnecessarily
For this trophy DO NOT throw any objects.
Once you have completed your Stifled playthrough, go to chapter select and replay chapters 2, 3, and 5, this time using the voice pulse to create sound. And not picking up any unnecessary objects.

During the final chapter, chapter 6, when you are ascending the spiral staircase make a note not to pick up any of the falling objects that appear to be in your way. Just walk straight through them.


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