Skateboarding – Breakthrough Gaming Arcade Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 1/10.
    Estimated time to 100%: 5/10 Minutes
    Trophies: Gold 3 / Silver1.
    Missable trophies: None.
    Glitched trophies: None.
    Difficulty related: None.
    Playthrough: n.a


    Welcome to the Skateboarding: Breakthrough Gaming Arcade Trophy Guide!
    Do your best and skate to get a high score in this 2D side-scrolling skateboarding game from Breakthrough Gaming LLC!


    Step 1: Play the game and reach a score of 7.000
    That’s it. All you have to do is repeat the game until you have scored more than 7.000 points.
    Each game has 3 runs and you have a limited time to score as many points as you can by balancing your skateboard and doing frontflips or backflips.

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    At the end of this step, you will unlock all the trophies of the game.

    Trophy Guide:

    Your Journey Begins! upscale-245262160018212
    You scored over 1000 points! Good job!

    Refer to the Gold You scored over 7000! trophy description for more details.

    You Scored Over 3000! Gold
    You scored over 3000 points! Good job!

    Refer to the Gold You scored over 7000! trophy description for more details.

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    First Run Complete!  Gold
    You completed your first run!

    Simply play a game. Each one is composed of 3 runs and the trophy will pop right after completing them all.

    You scored over 7000!Gold
    You scored over 7000 points! Great job!.

    To get this trophy you need to reach a score of 7000 points in total.
    You have 3 runs each game and the only things you have to do are frontflips, backflips, and balancing your skateboard before touching the ground. All you have to know is how to tackle each ramp.

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    There are 4 types of ramps:

    • Trapezoidal: always do a frontflip;
    • Pyramidal and triangular: do one backflip;
    • Ramps: do one backflip.

    Pro Tip: At the beginning of each run, jump by pressing the button and do a frontflip for extra points.

    Follow this video for a visual breakdown of the game:


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