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Rogue Company Review

Rogue Company is doing Counter-Strike both great and so wrong at the same time. This game is made by Hi-Rez Studios, the same people behind Smite, Paladins and Realm Royale. This game is a bit different than their other games and is more of a mix between CS:GO/Valorant gameplay and a little bit of Overwatch. Good thing about the game? it is 100% free to play!


Right away when you boot up the game the game puts you in a tutorial, this explains the game in a great way which is easy to understand. But after that you are on your own, every character has their own weapons, perks, gadgets and ultimate skill. You can just pick 1 and stick with him but you can also try out a few of the starter characters, want to try other characters? well you are out of luck because they are all stuck behind a grind.


I think there is a little bit of a story, it seemed to be that way from the tutorial at least, but after that, there is really nothing storywise in the game. Not even the cinematic trailers on youtube give any real story other than some character introductions sadly.


Its a typical 3rd-person shooter game with not much new to add, just like games like CS:GO and Valorant you can buy weapons and tools to try and win against the opponent. The game lets you do the same thing over and over again with not a lot of variation so it gets boring pretty quickly. There are a few challenges and Trophies but they don’t really reward you with anything and they just let you grind out the game.

The game is fun for a few hours but after that, there is no reason to play other than to maybe play it with a friend. Something that makes this even worse is the hacking in the game, because of crossplay you get mostly matched with pc players and tons of hackers, most of the matches are against hackers and there isn’t really a way to report this.


The visuals in this game are great, other then the minimal weird glitches that happen or the character spasms there really is nothing wrong with it. There are some sound issues where you here things at different places than they actually are.


There is no reason to replay the game over and over again. The rewards are minimal and for leveling up a character there isn’t really anything cool. The only reason to play it long term is to get 25 hours of playtime with a buddy and the 100 wins, both for trophies/achievements. You can also keep grinding out daily missions to get in game currency to unlock new characters, but the amount you get per task and per match compared to how much you need to unlock a character are not worth it.

They did just add a competitive mode recently. So if you want to be the best you for sure can grind that out and get a high rank.


When you don’t have to deal with glitches, bugs and hacks the game can be fun, but the amount of those issues has not made it worth it for me to keep playing over and over again and it just wasn’t fun after a while anymore. I do see this game becoming great at one point when they smooth things out and bring a more balanced experience but until that happens I wouldn’t say “do not play this” because this can really be fun if you play with a friend.


  • Dex Fragg

    Founder of DEX.EXE. Guide Writer and Reviewer. Believes this site should be a Persona 5 fan site with the amount of Persona 5 mentions.

Rogue Company








Extra content



  • Free
  • Fun with friends


  • Cross-Play
  • Hackers
  • Glitches
  • No reason to keep playing
Dex Fragg
Dex Fragg
Founder of DEX.EXE. Guide Writer and Reviewer. Believes this site should be a Persona 5 fan site with the amount of Persona 5 mentions.
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