Retrace: Memories of Death Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 1/10.
    Estimated time to Platinum: 1 – 2 Hours (If you skip Dialogue).
    Trophies: 13. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 11 / Silver 1 / Bronze 0 .
    Missable trophies: None.
    Glitched trophies: None.
    Difficulty related: None.
    Playthrough: –


    Welcome to the Retrace: Memories of Death Trophy Guide!
    You wake up as Freya in a weird world where there’s death all around, and you can never die. Figure out how to get out alive with your friends in tow!


    Step 1: All Character Ending
    During this step, were gonna get all of the character endings out of the way! This will take a couple runs as each character to do, but by the end, you’ll have almost all the trophies!

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    You’ll be earning these trophies:
    Silver Leaving Home
    Gold Retraced Days
    Gold The Adventuress
    Gold The Detective
    Gold I Think We’re Alone Now
    Gold The Courageous
    Gold Back To Black
    Gold The Damsel
    Gold Heavy Cross

    Step 2: True Ending!
    Now that all of the character specific trophies are done, we can continue to the true ending and get both of the endings to finally pop the platinum!

    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
    Gold Until I Return
    Gold The Victory March
    Gold Falling Snow
    40-platinum Retrace

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    Helpful Link:

    In the odd chance you want the steps for each ending more broken down, you can visit this link to another guide for the game!

    Trophy Guide:

    Obtain all other trophies

    Obtain all other trophies

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    Leaving home upscale-245262160018212
    Leave Freya’s home

    Once the game starts, all you have to do is go to the bottom of the screen in the middle, then say yes to leaving home!

    Retraced Days Gold
    Returned to the beginning

    When you die, you get to go back to the beginning of the game. An easy way to get this is to choose to go with Owen. Now go to the bottom left side of the area and hit X on the item that looks like a table. Now when you get to an option, hit triangle! Then in the afterlife click on the blue book to go to the beginning!

    The Adventuress Gold
    Reached Mia’s END

    At the beginning, choose to go with Mia. At the start, grab the rope from the cell, then go down the path to the right. In the nook you see, go into it and examine the body to get the keys. Then walk to the right still, and stay up above the monster to make it past. Then open the cell on the right and the go up to the ladder to leave. Now you’ll be in the main room. Go through the lower middle door, and then to the left to end up in the library. Interact with a bloodstained item on the left then climb the ladder and interact with the statue to get a necklace. Now go back to the big room. Interact with the big double doors and let Mia climb up. Now go through the top left door, and then to the left. Now interact with the middle coffin with a body under it, then the coffin next to it to get the flowers. Now go to the top right corner to leave.

    Back in the big cathedral room, go to the top left and interact with the cabinet. Now go to the top middle and interact with the bird. Now interact with all the circles to place an item on them. For the fourth circle, you need to go to the bottom left door again and get the body from the coffin. Once all the circles are filled, the chest opens. Get the key from it then go all the way down, back to the big main room. Interact with the big door and then a scene will play out and you’ll get this trophy!

    The Detective Gold
    Reached Lucas’ END

    For this, you have to get an ending with Lucas. First you have to choose to go with him at the beginning. Now grab the key on the left side of the area and put it in the middle coffin of the set of three. Choose to insert the key, but then choose not to turn it when you meet resistance. Next go down the stairs and through the bottom middle door! Talk to everyone about a the murder.

    Then talk to Lucas and say you have an accusation. Say it was the sister! Now in the upper left of the room, you can leave. You’ll be in a library and find two bodies. Interact with them. Then take the key off the table. Talk to Lucas and give him the ring, then say “let’s get out of here”. Now go back to the big room, and go down the wooden door on the right side. You’ll see a girl in a locked cell. Follow the path until you see a deadly body. Then go up into the nook and interact with the body to find keys. Take them back to the cell, and see the scene to get this ending.

    Until I Return Gold
    Completed the true puzzle

    After you’ve acquired everyone’s ending, go to the blue book and choose to go with Mia! This time use the Star in the dungeon, avoid the monster, and get Claire from the cell. Now go to the main room and go out the upper left door! Now go to the top of the screen, and get the bird. Now take the bottom left door, and grab the flowers. You’ll see the coffin is open now. Go down the stairs, and go into the top left door and set the item’s you have in the circles.

    Now go to the main room and go into the bottom door. Then you’ll see a scene, then go into the library. Go up the ladder and get the necklace, then go to the table on the bottom left, and solve that puzzle, and get the key. Now use the bottom left door to end up in the big room again! Then you’ll end up going through the big door finally! Now you can talk to everyone, but talk to Claire if you immediately want to move forward!

    I Think We’re Alone Now Gold
    Reached an END with Lucas and Owen

    Follow the steps in Gold The Courageous, but instead of leaving Lucas, interact with him to leave the room together. Eventually you’ll find yourself back in the basement. Interact with the rock right next to the entrance to move it and find a key. Now back in the big room, interact with the big door, and get this ending!

    The Courageous Gold
    Reached Owen’s END

    This is for getting an ending with Owen. To do that, choose to go with Owen at the beginning. Now in the library, interact with the table in the bottom left. Now go “Sheep, alone, cabbage, sheep, wolf, alone, sheep”. Now get the key from the drawer and go to the door in the bottom left. Interact with the little blue book on the ground and save your thoughts.

    Now interact with the wooden spot in the bottom right and go down and left to find a body. Take the scarf. Now go back up to where you came from, and enter the bottom door. Now on the right side, interact with the desk to save your thoughts. Interact with the stand in front of the window. A monster will appear, so walk around to the right. When given the chance, choose triangle! Then after the scene, the trophy will unlock.

    Back to Black Gold
    Reached an END with Mia and Lucas

    After doing Gold The Detective, choose to go with Lucas. Your character will remember everything that happens so far, so you can blow past the puzzles and instantly accuse the sister of the crime.

    Then you’ll be in the library. You need to interact with Lucas and Mia to get them out. Then you’ll need to go back to the big room and interact with the bottom left door, causing a monster to come out and take you away! You’ll also get this trophy!

    The Damsel Gold
    Reached Claire’s END

    This is the last character specific trophy you can get, as it required a couple things. First in Mia’s route, you have to use the Star in the dungeon, then look at the star in the Mausoleum where you find Lucas’ body. You also have to do Lucas’ normal ending. Now use the blue book in the void, and do Mias route again, except let the monster in the dungeon catch you. Now complete it the same way. Now use the blue book AGAIN.

    This time use the Star in the dungeon, let the monster catch you, and get Claire from the cell. Now go down the middle bottom door, to the library. Go up the ladder, grab the necklace and go back down.

    Now go back to the main room and go out the upper left door! Now go to the top of the screen, and get the bird and set the item’s down in the circles. Now take the bottom left door, and grab the flowers. You’ll see the coffin is open! Interact with it and then go out the top right door. Interact with the circles again and you should get a scene talking about how the boys are missing. Now exit the room by the bottom door and then a new scene will play. Then you’ll get this end.

    If you don’t get text about the missing boys while checking the circles, check all the rooms first!

    The Victory March Gold
    Reached the Gold End

    When you do the Gold Until I Return trophy, you’ll be in a new area. What you need to do is interact with everything, then interact with the bookcase on the right. Now that you’re in a new room, interact with everything again once you get through the text! Now you’ll be in a room of staircases. Go into the bottom left room and interact with the photos on the wall.

    Then get through the dialogue again! Now go back to the staircase room and go into the top left room. Make it through the text, then go back to the bottom left room. You’ll be asked for proof to your theories. Say the proof is “in this room” and interact with Lilly. Choose any dialogue option until you can say “it’s relevant”. Then pick any dialogue option again. Now exit to the staircase AND SAVE!

    Now go to the top left room, and interact with the wardrobe. Go through all the dialogue then go through the portal when you can!

    Heavy Cross Gold
    Reached an END with Mia and Owen

    In order to get this trophy, follow the steps in the Gold Until I Return trophy. Except instead of talking to Claire in the observatory, talk to Mia and Owen, and then finally Lucas. You should then get this ending!

    Falling Snow Gold
    Reached the White End

    For this trophy, you have to get the other ending. If you followed the steps in Gold The Victory March, then just load your game, go back to the wardrobe and go through the dialogue. Now when you can, talk to Claire instead of going to the portal.


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