Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 5/10. (Depends on if you upgrade your pistols damage!)
    Estimated time to 100%: 50 Hours.
    Missable trophies: None.
    Glitched trophies: None.
    Difficulty related: None.
    Playthrough: 4
    2 Controllers needed


    Welcome to the Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles Trophy Guide! In the second Chronicles game, see an action-packed perspective of Resi 2 and Code Veronica X! Also, see what made Jack Krauser hate Leon, in what’s basically a prequel for Resi 4!


    Step 1: Play the stories on Easy in Coop
    In the first step, just play the game and enjoy the story. You can choose to play on Easy, Normal or Hard. I recommend Easy or Normal. But for the sake of this guide, I’ll say Easy. During this run, try to also destroy environmental objects and gather as many collectibles as you see. This will also be the first time you see me say this, but DON’T UPGRADE THE PISTOLS DAMAGE! If you do, you’ll make the 100% so much more difficult on yourself! There’s a high chance you won’t be able to get the Good Ending from Operation Javier Chapter 5 during this run. But that is easy enough when you have your weapons nicely upgraded! By the end of this step, you’ll have most of the trophies!

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    You’ll be earning these trophies:
    Bronze Angelic Voice
    Bronze The Little Fugitive
    Bronze What Research Holds In Stone
    Bronze The Mad Queen
    Bronze Bye-Bye Mommy
    Silver Forbidden Power

    Step 2: S Rank on Hard
    Now that you have the basics of the game down, it’s time to get S ranks on all the levels on Hard. Go to the options menu and set the difficulty! If you upgraded your pistols damage output, this will be extremely difficult! If not, it’ll be made easier. The only real difference in difficulties is the damage you take, and the headshot box on the enemies is smaller. If you have enough upgraded weapons, you can also do Operation Javier 6 & 7 to S rank as well. By the end of this playthrough, you’ll have more titles for the Archive Collector trophy.

    Step 3: S Rank on Very Hard
    Now to basically redo the last step, except now you’re on Very Hard! The one bonus, is that you now have the Linear Launcher! I recommend upgrading the Charge Time to max ASAP, as it has Infinite Ammo and can destroy everything in your path if you need to go for the time requirement for S ranks! After this run, you’ll have one more trophy! Yippee!

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    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
    Gold Professional

    Step 4: Normal Mode in Co-op + Collectibles
    If you haven’t done a coop run yet, then this is the time to do it! You’ll get a few more titles out of the way in this run for Archive Collector, and be closer to 100%! Also, make sure to get whatever collectibles acquired, that you don’t have yet in this run. Just to minimize level replays.

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    Step 5: Minigame Time!!!
    If you haven’t done so yet, now is the time to do the Minigame! Make sure to have the difficulty set to Very Easy, which is unlocked by hitting yes on the game over screen 10 times on easy, then hit the “Secret” option on the main menu! Now enjoy killing all the Tofu! At the end of the Minigame, you’ll get another trophy!

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
    Silver Tofu Smackdown!

    Step 6: Clean Up
    Now is the time to get Chapter 6 and 7 of Operation Javier done if you haven’t already. Gather whatever collectibles you may have missed, and get the Ninja Skills trophy out of the way! You can also finally upgrade your pistol if you have S on every level on Hard. Then, if you’ve done everything before 50 hours, you can go into a mission, and press triangle to enter the weapon menu, to rack up time needed for the last title. Just make sure your controller doesn’t turn off. Once you have all the titles, make sure to replay a level, to get the trophies to unlock, and get the last of the trophies!

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
    Bronze Ninja Skills
    Silver Other Side Of the Coin 
    Bronze Head Shot Freak
    Silver Archive Collector

    Trophy Guide:

    Angelic Voice
    Hear the singing voice of a little girl.

    You will get this as you reach the boss fight in the very first level that you’re forced to play!

    The Little Fugitive
    Save the little girl.

    This will come in level 3 of the Resident Evil 2 campaign “Memories Of A Lost City.”

    What Research Holds In Store
    Bring peace to the sad researcher.

    This trophy will come as you defeat the final boss in the Resident Evil 2 campaign, “Memories Of A Lost City”. The final boss is easy, as it has eyes on the top of it to shoot. The real problem is when you have to shoot the coupling on the train. So try to save a rocket launcher shot for this part and you’ll be fine!

    Ninja Skills
    Slip through the trap without a scratch.

    In the campaign for Code Veronica X, which is “Game Of Oblivion”, this is obtained in level 3. At one point, you’ll reach an elevator, and go down. When you go down, you’ll hit a giant training obstacle course. You have to make it through this without taking damage. There are cardboard cutouts you need to shoot, in specific spots. The areas you shoot are random. There’s also zombies in the course that can hurt you as well. I recommend this video by YouTuber “Onkarian”, and it explains the trophy perfectly. Unfortunately I cannot make my own video. So here is theirs!

    Credit to Onkarian for the video.

    The Mad Queen
    Take out the queen ant.

    This trophy is earned after you beat the Code Veronica X campaign! During the boss fight at the end, Veronica will make a spot come out at the bottom of the plant. Shoot it with a shotgun or rocket launcher. You’ll then run up a ladder and have to shoot some tentacles on your way. After you get the Linear Launcher, damage Alexia with anything you’d like. When you climb up on the ladder again, hit her with the Linear Launcher to finally kill her!

    Bye-Bye, Mommy
    Recover a mother’s instinct.

    In Chapter 4 of the Darkside story “Operation Javier”, you have to fight a boss at the end. The weak point of the boss seems to be a crack on its back, just on the other side of its head. After you beat this boss, this trophy unlocks during the cutscene.

    Forbidden Power upscale-245262160018212
    Witness the end of one suffocated by power.

    In level 5 of the main campaign of Darkside, which is “Operation Javier”, you have to fight the big bad boss of the campaign. This level is just a very long boss fight, where the bosses main weak point is its head. At one point in the fight, the bosses weakness will be the joints of its arms. Now there are 2 endings you can get in this game, from this level. They all depend on Manuela. She can attack the boss, and when she does, she “dies” even more. Leon will always yell at her when she attacks. If Leon stops yelling at her, that means you got the bad ending. You have to get the bad ending for a collectible. So I suggest using your weak pistol during this level on either Easy or Very Easy. If you beat the boss fast enough, you get the good ending, which is needed to get the secret levels needed for the “Silver Other Side of the Coin” trophy.

    Other Side of the Coin upscale-245262160018212
    Capture a glimpse into the changing mind of a comrade.

    If you beat Chapter 5 of Operation Javier with the good ending, you’ll get 2 more bonus chapters, that are all about Krauser. They are just repeats of Chapter 4 and 5, but with added story and they’re a bit harder. Once you beat these chapters, this trophy is all yours!

    Tofu Smack Down! upscale-245262160018212
    Clear the secret stage.

    After you beat the game, you’ll unlock this secret minigame. Then on the main menu, in the bottom right corner will be a “Secret” option. If you click it, you’ll be taken to the minigame. Make sure you have the difficulty set to Very Easy, as the difficulty of the minigame goes off what you have set. To unlock Very Easy, set the difficulty to Easy, then go die 10 times, and hit yes on the continue screen each time! Now you basically have to do the first level of the Resi 2 campaign backwards, and instead of Zombies, it’s killer Tofu! I suggest you aim at the middle of them to have a high chance of staggering them, and just keep firing like mad! This minigame is easier than the Umbrella Chronicles minigame, but still pretty tough. The only problematic areas are the very end, in the alleyway, and in Kendos Weapon store, as the Tofu comes at you in hordes, and you have to fire like mad, hoping for the best! Your pistol is also not upgraded. So it fires slow and reloads slow. I recommend shooting the tofu in the bottom half to make it fall over. Then shoot at it while it’s on the ground. Also, you cannot pause in this mode. So be prepared for that.

    Head Shot Freak
    Land at least 5 headshots in a row.

    This trophy description is a little misleading. It says to get 5 headshots in a row, but the thing is, they have to be in quick succession in an UNBROKEN COMBO! The easiest place I found to do this early on, was the Resident Evil 2 campaign “Memories Of A Lost City”, in the 3rd level. As it starts, you get a choice of going two ways. Go left to “Break Through”. You’ll then be faced with about 7 zombies. Aim at the forehead and fire! If a head doesn’t explode, or the combo score on the side of the screen disappears, you’ve messed up. So hit pause and click retry. Once you get 5 headshots IN QUICK SUCCESSION, this trophy is yours.

    Professional Gold
    Clear all chapters on the hardest difficulty with an S rank.

    To get this trophy, you first have to beat the game on Hard, which then unlocks Very Hard. You then have to get an S rank on EVERY level, to get this trophy. Although, you don’t have to do Chapter 6 or 7 of Operation Javier for this trophy. But you will need to S Rank those chapters on Hard for collectibles. One thing I will say, that has been said earlier in the guide as well, is NEVER UPGRADE THE PISTOLS DAMAGE! If you do, eventually the enemies will die from one bullet, even on Very Hard, and makes getting Headshots so insanely difficult, that you’ll want to throw your console out entirely. But, if you played Umbrella Chronicles, just know that the requirements are so much easier in this game. You also don’t need to get a pure S rank in one run. So you can focus on just headshots, or just time. So long as you have 3 S ranks and 1 A rank in all the categories at some point, you’ll get an S rank in total on the level. Makes it very easy only having to worry about one requirement each run if you wanted to. So here’s the breakdown of everything:

    • Score: This is such an easy requirement, that you should never have to worry about it. Killing enemies and destroying the environment nets you enough score 95% of the time! Although, if for some reason you come up short, you gain score multipliers if your HP goes below 50% and even 20%! So if you need a better score, beat the level while being dead!
    • Clear Time: This requirement is only really an issue if you happen to die in a level. If that happens, and this is what you’re going for, I recommend you just restart.
    • Enemies Killed: This requirement can be a little annoying in some levels, especially in the Resi 2 campaign. As in some levels, there’s a ton of bugs, and you have to hit them with grenades to kill them, to count towards your total kills. Or when you’re running from Zombies, you have to try and kill a few as well. Not a hard requirement. Just annoying.
    • Headshots: Now this is where it gets annoying and hard. Again, make sure you DON’T UPGRADE THE PISTOLS DAMAGE! When you aim at a zombie, you have to basically aim at their foreheads. When you do, the reticle will blink, indicating you’ll get a headshot. When they’re head explodes, it counts as a headshot. With a weak pistol, you get many chances at this!

    If you wanted to, you can run every level, getting the headshots requirements to either an A or S, then upgrade your pistol, and rerun all the levels for the other requirements! This is a doable tactic, considering you don’t need a pure S rank in one run. After you beat every main level with an S rank on Very Hard, this trophy is yours.

    Archive Collector upscale-245262160018212
    Collect all archives.

    For this trophy, you have to complete the Archives. The archives are where the collectibles go, except this time around, there are also titles! These are simple things like killing zombies, or getting money. You also need to beat the game in couch co-op! So you need a second controller. Also, the difficulty trophies don’t stack, so you need 4 runs. Then some tough things, like beating every level without dying, on at least Hard. But the worst one is getting an S rank on all levels on Hard, even Chapters 6 and 7 of Operation Javier! Only because, if you upgraded your pistol, headshots are very tough to get! Refer to “Professional” for more info on getting S ranks! Once you’ve got all the collectibles and titles, and in the event the trophy doesn’t unlock, replay a level to get this trophy!

    Here is a link for all the titles too!

    There’s also a link here for the collectibles!


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