Resident Evil Revelations Trophy Guide (PS4)

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 6/10.
Estimated time to Platinum: 30 – 100+ Hours.
Missable trophies: 15.
Surviving Deep Darkness, First Victim, Traces Of Tragedy, Last Victim, Research Complete, Living On The Edge, By The Crosshairs, Bamboozle The Oozes, Die Another Day, Triple Play, A Packaged Deal, Rockets Are For Losers, The Pool Is Open, Dodge Master, Angry Fist
Glitched trophies: 1.
Die Another Day
Difficulty related: None.
Playthrough: –


Welcome to the Resident Evil Revelations Trophy Guide!
The world has been hit by a devastating attack, and the T-Abyss virus is on the brink of being unleashed! Good thing we have Jill and her crew to save it!
The PlayStation 3 version might differ a little bit.


Step 1: Normal Mode with No Deaths + Collectibles!
In this step, you’ll be beating the game without dying, while also getting all the collectibles, and scanning every enemy. You can also get just about all of the miscellaneous trophies as well! If you happen to die, you can hit “No” on the continue menu, and it won’t count as a death! Also, the reason why just about all of the Single Player trophies are missable, is because there is no chapter select! By the end of this step, you’ll have most of the single player trophies done!

You’ll be earning these trophies:
Bronze We’ll Find You Jill
Bronze Get Us Out Of Here!
Bronze The Queen Zenobia
Bronze The Storm Is Done
Bronze The Dark Forest
Bronze The Shores Of Purgatory
Silver Surviving Deep Darkness
Bronze First Victim
Bronze Traces Of Tragedy
Bronze Last Victim
Bronze Researcher
Bronze Research Complete
Bronze B.O.W Hunter
Bronze Living On The Edge
Bronze Bamboozle The Oozes
Bronze Die Another Day
Bronze A Packaged Deal
Bronze Rockets Are For Losers
Bronze The Pool Is Open
Bronze Dodge Master
Bronze Angry Fist

Step 2: New Game+ on Infernal
After you beat the game for the first time, you get the ability to play NG+ on any difficulty you want! This makes Infernal easier than if you played it right away! It will also make the last couple miscellaneous trophies left, quite easier as well! After this playthrough, you will be completely done with the campaign!

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
Gold The Vestibule Of Hell
Bronze By The Crosshairs
Bronze Triple Play

Step 3: Raid Mode
Now this is where most of your time will go. Luckily the game still has an active community who love the hardest level, and will help, but if you’re doing most of it solo, it will eat up a huge amount of time. I recommend getting a teammate for this mode, just to make it quicker and easier. You basically replay all the levels of the campaign, just with more enemies, and there’s a levelling system involved! After this long step, you’ll have the nice shiny platinum!

During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
Bronze First Circle Traveler
Bronze Midland Traveler
Bronze Seventh Circle Traveler
Bronze First Circle Overseer
Bronze Midland Overseer
Bronze Seventh Circle Overseer
Silver Beyond The Veil
Silver Full Speed-A-Dead
Bronze On Your Way
Bronze Moving On Up
Bronze Reaching Higher
Bronze Raising The Bar
Bronze Meteoric Rise
Silver Top Of My Game
Bronze One For Each Minnesota Lake
Bronze That’ll Leave A Mark
Bronze Dynamic Duo
Gold Jumping At Shadows
Bronze Legendary Find
Bronze Legends Are Made, Not Born
Bronze Shop ‘Til Ya Drop
Bronze Turning Up The Heat
Bronze Third Eye Open
Bronze The Unbroken Thread
Bronze Gutsy
Bronze Apex Predator
Bronze Three Is The Magic Number
Bronze Bonus Enthusiast
Bronze Bonus Ace
Bronze Bonus God
Silver Bonus Demi-God
40-platinum Eye On The Trophy

Trophy Guide:

Eye on the Trophy
Obtain all trophies.

Obtain all trophies.

We’ll Find You, Jill
【CAMPAIGN】Clear Episodes 1 – 3.

After you beat Episodes 1-3, this unlocks. Each of the episodes have up to 3 chapters in them.

Get Us Out of Here!
【CAMPAIGN】Clear Episodes 4 – 6.

After you beat Episodes 4-6, this trophy is all yours.

The Queen Zenobia
【CAMPAIGN】Clear Episodes 7 – 9.

After you beat Episodes 7-9, this trophy is all yours.

The Storm is Gone
【CAMPAIGN】Clear Episodes 10 – 12.

After you beat Episodes 10-12, this trophy is all yours.

The Dark Forest
【CAMPAIGN】Clear Casual difficulty or higher.

You get this when you beat the game on Easy or Higher, as the trophy stacks with higher difficulties.

The Shores of Purgatory
【CAMPAIGN】Clear Normal difficulty or higher.

This unlocks when you beat the game on Normal or Higher, as the trophy stacks with higher difficulties.

The Vestibule of Hell Gold
【CAMPAIGN】Clear Infernal difficulty.

This is where you get tested the most in the campaign. I highly recommend you do this difficulty on NG+. It will make all of Jill’s sections easier, as you’ll already have the ability to carry more ammo, and have your mods available to you! I personally used a sniper rifle, with an assault rifle and pistol my whole run. As the Sniper managed to kill almost everything in one headshot, the Assault Rifle was great for quick crowd control, and the pistol was nice for bombers! Unfortunately all the other characters are gonna be a tough ride. Below are some tips for each area on Hard.

  • In Episode 2 Chapter 1, in the mountains, when you’re stuck on the ground when the wolves attack, you only have about 1 herb, and 2 BOW Decoys, and any pistol ammo you have. So try not to use your pistol unless you have too, up to this point. Then the wolves die in 2 shots, so aim accordingly, and don’t waste ammo!
  • Episode 3 Chapter 1, try to shoot the hunters when they run or jump, then try and kill them with a charged melee, so you can conserve ammo! Also, save your shotgun ammo for the last combat section of waiting for the elevator.
  • Episode 3 Chapter 2, the comms officer can still be tough, but with good mods and sniper shots, he drops quick!
  • Episode 5 Chapter 3, when you reach the plane, there will be 5 invisible hunters. You start fighting 3! Have the shotgun ready, and keep and eye on them all. Shoot them when they jump, then do a full charged melee on them. When one dies, more come from where you came from! Keep the same strategy or you’ll run out of ammo quick.
  • Episode 6 Chapter 1, as Chris in the Casino, this fight against the two comms officer creatures, now has some little enemies to go along with it. Try and get them all together with a B.O.W Decoy, and if they don’t die from it, throw a normal grenade! Then kill the officers however you’d like!
  • Episode 6 Chapter 2, the boss in the observation deck moves twice as fast and sometimes doesn’t telegraph his dash attack anymore.
  • Episode 7 Chapter 2, save 2 or 3 pulse grenades! Then when you get in the hold, stun Rachel and the Comms Officer monster and just run like crazy past them! Then before you get to the objective room, have a frag grenade ready to toss down the hall at the door to all the enemies standing in front of it.
  • Episode 9 Chapter 1, in the airstrip, the one thing I recommend before turning on the generators, is getting the G28 pistol from on-top of a box. This pistol is fast firing if you hold R2, and there’s ammo scattered around like crazy. If you find yourself caught in a bad spot, grab one of the many rocket launchers. Also NEVER STAND STILL!
  • Episode 11 Chapter 2, this is just Terragrigia, but backwards. Except this time, you have way less ammo. So definitely try to flip the hunters, and kill them with a charged melee attack!
Surviving Deep Darkness upscale-245262160018212
【CAMPAIGN】Clear the game in Normal difficulty or above without dying once.

For this trophy, you have to make it through the game without dying once. Luckily there is a workaround, in the event that you do die. On the “You Have Died” screen, you can choose to continue by hitting yes or no. ALWAYS HIT NO. This will just send you back to the main menu, but you can load in quick, and skip the cutscenes with options. Once you beat the game with absolutely no deaths, *wink*, this trophy is all yours!

First Victim
【CAMPAIGN】Scan 1 hidden hand print.

In this game, the collectibles are secret hand prints, that are found by using the Genesis Scanning Tool. For this trophy, you have to find just one! Refer to Bronze Last Victim for a link to a collectible guide!

Traces of Tragedy
【CAMPAIGN】Scan 15 hidden hand prints.

To get this trophy, you have to find 15 of the 30 collectibles! Refer to Bronze Last Victim for a link to a collectible guide!

Last Victim
【CAMPAIGN】Scan 30 hidden hand prints.

To get this trophy, you have to find all 30 collectibles. Now there is a benefit to finding all the collectibles, as you unlock guns when you find them all, that can be useful for you, if you like it! Once you have them all, the trophy unlocks!

Click the link below for a text guide of the Collectibles!

【CAMPAIGN】Scan an enemy.

In Episode 1, Chapter 2, you’ll end up getting the scanner. You have to use it by holding  then holding to scan things. Simply scan an enemy and this trophy will unlock!

Research Complete
【CAMPAIGN】Scan all enemy types.

For this trophy, you have to scan every single enemy in the game, including bosses!

There’s a list here that shows all the enemies!

B.O.W. Hunter
【CAMPAIGN】Defeat 150 enemies.

This is as simple as beating 150 enemies in the campaign!

Living on the Edge
【CAMPAIGN】Stop an enemy bullet with your knife.

In the campaign, when you hit Episode 3 Chapter 2, you’ll end up seeing enemies that can shoot projectiles at you. You have to have these enemies shoot one at you, while mashing to break it’s projectile mid air. I managed to get this trophy, even though I took damage from the projectile I hit with my knife!

By the Crosshairs
【CAMPAIGN】Defeat Rachael before she gets to the cafeteria.

This trophy is honestly a bit easier on NG+, as you have a better arsenal of weapons, and if you saved a rocket launcher, you can do a lot of Damage to Rachel when you see her. In Episode 4 Chapter 1, you’ll need to go get a key for the bilge elevator. You’ll then come across Rachel! Now she has 4 areas to attack you before she reaches the cafeteria. If you don’t put her down before then, the trophy is void! She meets you outside the hallways after you get the key. In the bathrooms. In the hall outside the bathroom. Then finally after you go down the stairs, it’s your final chance. Luckily she likes the run to B.O.W Decoys, and they knock her down, so you can pump her full of bullets when she’s laying on the floor! Or again, if you saved a rocket launcher, you can do a lot of damage! Then have a high powered sniper and Magnum ready, as she’ll still need some bullets in her! When she’s dead, this trophy is yours.

Bamboozle the Oozes
【CAMPAIGN】Defeat 10 Oozes with headshots.

Once you get the sniper rifle from doing the steps for Bronze The Pool Is Open trophy, this trophy is made a lot easier! You have to shoot 10 enemies in the head for this trophy. You know you got a head shot, because there’s a high chance they’ll be blown backwards off their feet when you shoot them!

Die Another Day
【CAMPAIGN】Evade a Scagdead’s instant-death attack.

In the campaign, on Episode 3 Chapter 2, you’ll end up having to fight the comms officer. The type of enemy that he is, is a Scagdead. They have an insta-kill attack. When you hear him say “mmmm, tasty!”, you have to dodge by pressing up or down on the left stick, while also pressing , just before he hits you. If you do it successfully, you will dodge his attack and get this trophy! This is a little glitchy, because I’ve heard people dodging the attack, and it not unlocking, so they had to keep trying!

Triple Play
【CAMPAIGN】Defeat 3 enemies with one shock grenade.

This is very easy on Infernal. When you reach Episode 5 Chapter 2, you’ll be in a room with a bunch of dead fish, early in the level. Use a shock grenade when there’s easily 5+ fish around, and you’ll get this trophy.

A Packaged Deal
【CAMPAIGN】Defeat a Scarmiglione as a whole without killing both parts of its body separately.

At the end of Episode 8, you’ll fight your first Scarmiglione. During Episode 9, Chapter 2, you’ll fight many, many more. They are the enemies that look like knights, with a shield, and sword. If you damage their tops or bottoms enough, they will split apart and you’ll lose the chance at this trophy. If you have the M4A01 equipped with a Damage 4 mod, you can easily kill one with a single headshot on Normal. But, they are also weak to shock grenades. So if you hit one with a sniper bullet and it’s still alive, hit it with a shock grenade! To get a good chance to headshot one, throw a pulse grenade at them, because it will stun them briefly! Once you kill one without it breaking apart, this trophy is yours!

Rockets are for Losers
【CAMPAIGN】Defeat a Malacoda without using a rocket launcher.

At the beginning of Episode 11, you fight the Malacoda. The fight starts on foot, and this is the part where you can’t use a rocket. Unfortunately, you have to stock up when you find the equipment box in Episode 10, Chapter 2. I had a Sniper, Assault Rifle, and Magnum as my weapons. All with the best damage mods on. Now for this fight, you just have to shoot all the tentacles you see! But don’t use the rocket that gets dropped for you, or you’ll void this trophy! Once the scene ends, and you didn’t use rockets, this trophy is yours.

The Pool Is Open
【CAMPAIGN】Swim in the Solarium.

In the campaign, once you reach Episode 3, Chapter 2, you’ll eventually find yourself in a big ball room. Go upstairs and you’ll find yourself in a Solarium. Go around the deck of the pool, and use the screwdriver to open the panel, and solve the puzzle. Then go into the room and interact with the big panel on the pumps. Parker will then say the filtration will take a while, so come back later. At the beginning of Episode 4 Chapter 1, you can then go swim in the pool for the trophy!

Dodge Master
【CAMPAIGN】Dodge 20 times.

In the campaign, you dodge enemies by pressing Up or Down on the Left Stick, just before they hit you. If you inspect the playing manual in your inventory, it says you also have to hit , but I never really had too. You can either grind this out on the first you see, or it’ll just come naturally over the course of the game! As sometimes dodges just sort of happen!

Angry Fist
【CAMPAIGN】Land 10 fully charged physical attacks.

Throughout the campaign, you have to use 10 charged melee attacks. To use a charged melee attack, you have to stun an enemy. This is easiest on Hunters, because as they run at you, or jump at you, when you shoot them, they do a backflip. Then you can run up to them and hold until the attack happens. On most normal oozes, you have to shoot them in the head, or hit them with a pulse grenade, then their tongues will hang out. Then do a melee attack on them. Once you do 10, this trophy is yours!

First Circle Traveler
【RAID MODE】Clear all stages on Chasm.

You get this by clearing all 20 Raid Mode levels on the first difficulty, which is Chasm.

Midland Traveler
【RAID MODE】Clear all stages on Trench.

This comes by beating all 20 Raid Mode levels on the second difficulty, Trench. Trench unlocks after you beat all the Chasm levels. The levels now have mixed up enemy spawns, and more enemies!

Seventh Circle Traveler
【RAID MODE】Clear all stages on Abyss.

Abyss is unlocked after Trench difficulty, and is the ultimate challenge. Any enemy type can be in any level now. For example, level 2, doesn’t have just fish in it. It has Knights and Hunters and fish. It’s wild. You don’t want to go into a level at the recommended level, or you’ll struggle. Try to be a few levels over, and you’ll pull through. Don’t be surprised if you need to replay some levels more than once to get a clear.

First Circle Overseer
【RAID MODE】Clear all stages on Chasm with an S rank.

To get an S rank on a stage, it’s composed of 4 stats. Your accuracy, enemies killed, damage taken, and time. Now, from my own experience, so long as you have a good time, and don’t take too much damage, you are likely to get an S. As the kills for a stage will come as you work through them, and so will accuracy, so long as you aren’t the world’s worst shot. Luckily for this, you can return to earlier levels, fully geared out, and still get an S rank! So this is easy to do! After you S rank all 20 levels, this trophy is yours.

Midland Overseer
【RAID MODE】Clear all stages on Trench with an S rank.

After you S rank all the level on Trench Difficulty, the trophy is yours. Refer to First Circle Overseer for info on S ranks.

Seventh Circle Overseer
【RAID MODE】Clear all stages on Abyss with an S rank.

This is where getting an S rank gets more difficult. If you have issues, I suggest looking for a partner. Refer to First Circle Overseer for info on S ranks!

Beyond the Veil upscale-245262160018212
【RAID MODE】Clear the bonus stage, The Ghost Ship.

For this, you have to clear the bonus stage “Ghost Ship”. This is unlocked after beating Chasm difficulty. Refer to Silver Full Speed-A-Dead for Ghost Ship info.

Full Speed A-dead upscale-245262160018212
【RAID MODE】Complete “The Ghost Ship: Chaos.”

This is the ultimate test. What you work towards to finish off Raid Mode. This will not only test your patience, but also your skills. You have to go in fully prepared. There are two routes you can take, prepare, or get carried. Luckily, if you can’t do it with a partner, there’s plenty of people who run Ghost Ship for fun, that you can matchmake with, who enjoy getting clears for people. Below is a list of what to prepare with, if you (and partner recommended), want to do it yourselves.

  • Get Medal Of Courage from Trinity on Abyss difficulty, on level 7, 8, or 9. Set up one good weapon to run Abyss level 1, as level 22. To grind BP (money).
  • Run Ghost Ship Chaos and go to Flooded Area (swim after the opening kitchen), Casino, Solarium (top of ship with big pool), and Observation Deck (elevator in big open ballroom). You get weapon cases from 3 of these. When you do, exit the levels and hope you get the guns you want. If the icon is dark blue, it’s a good level 50 weapon. Rare Finder helps on all your guns as well.
  • Buy Firepower boosts for a level 50 Sniper, Magnum, and Shotgun. They cap out at +30. I recommend some firing rate boosts into shotgun and Magnum.
  • Get Bottomless Pouch Mods, Cornucopia Mods, Autoloader Mods, and Glutton Mods (Shotgun and Sniper), for all your weapons. Put a full burst on your shotgun if you’d like.
  • Now, run Ghost Ship. Do the opening area, clear the flooded area where the first weapon case is, swim back to the casino, clear it out. Go up to the Solarium, clear it out, then run down the stairs in the ballroom, and go to the Promenade Deck. Clear the Wolf’s and hunters out as the second rotating door opens. Then run through Promenade Deck, to the other door. There’s a little Rachel inside. Stun her with a grenade and quickly take the elevator to Deck. Now, clear the waves at the end, and beat the level!
On Your Way
【RAID MODE】Be player level 5 when EXP is awarded.

Reach level 5 in Raid Mode, and this trophy unlocks.

Moving on Up
【RAID MODE】Be player level 10 when EXP is awarded.

Reach level 10 in Raid Mode, and this trophy is yours.

Reaching Higher
【RAID MODE】Be player level 20 when EXP is awarded.

Reach level 20 in Raid Mode, and this trophy will be yours.

Raising the Bar
【RAID MODE】Be player level 30 when EXP is awarded.

Reach level 30 in Raid Mode, then this trophy will pop.

Meteoric Rise
【RAID MODE】Be player level 40 when EXP is awarded.

Reach level 40 in Raid Mode, and this unlocks.

Top of My Game upscale-245262160018212
【RAID MODE】Be player level 50 when EXP is awarded.

Reach max level of 50 in Raid Mode, and this is yours. The best way to grind this trophy is once you reach Abyss difficulty, play level 1 over and over. You can play at player level 35, and should be able to clear it in 4 minutes. With EXP boosts on all your weapons, you should get about 4k experience a run. Unfortunately level 45-50 is a long haul. If you can get lucky, and matchmake through Ghost Ship, you level up really fast as well!

One for Each Minnesota Lake
【RAID MODE】Defeat 1,000 enemies.

This is just for killing 1,000 enemies in Raid Mode. This will come naturally as you work your way through!

That’ll Leave a Mark
【RAID MODE】Inflict 100,000 points of damage to an enemy in one hit.

This is for dealing 100,000 damage to an enemy in one attack. I managed to get it during stage 18, in the water with the shock grenades. But, once you reach level 50, you can buy a Rocket Launcher. Then, go back to the very, very first level of Chasm difficulty and hit an enemy and get it easily!

Dynamic Duo
【RAID MODE】Land a fully charged physical attack on an enemy at the same time as your partner.

COOP PARTNER REQUIRED! For this, you and a coop partner need to do a fully charged melee attack. To do this, first, use a pulse grenade on an enemy. The icon looks kind of like a squid. Then the enemy will be stunned. Now, both of you start holding at the same time, next to the enemy. When the melee attack launches, you will get this trophy, if done right!

Jumping At Shadows Gold
【RAID MODE】Defeat Shadow Norman.

When you or another player is level 50, on the Ghost Ship stage, you’ll face Norman at the end of the stage, as usual. But, when you break the level finish emblem, Shadow Norman will appear. He fights the same as regular Norman, but just has more health and attack power. Once he’s dead, this trophy is yours.

Legendary Find
【RAID MODE】Obtain a super rare weapon.

For this, you need to obtain a legendary weapon, whether it’s from the shop or a level. Once you do, this trophy unlocks. Refer to Bronze Legends Are Made, Not Born, trophy for the weapons you need.

Legends Are Made, Not Born
【RAID MODE】Obtain all super rare weapons.

To get this trophy, you have to have one of each Legendary weapon, in your inventory. Now there are 4 weapons, but a lot of people say you don’t need one of them. I say, get it anyways! Two of them you can find from the shop, and the other two are random drops from just doing levels! They don’t drop from specific levels, as the weapons you gain afterwards are RNG, this could be quick, or take a while! Once you have all 4, this is yours. The weapons are:

  • High Roller (Assault Rifle – Can be bought in store)
  • Drake (Shotgun – Found from missions)
  • Pale Rider (Magnum – Can be bought in the store)
  • Murasaki (Sniper Rifle – Found from missions)
Shop ’til Ya Drop
【RAID MODE】Spend 1,000,000 BP in the store.

This is as simple as spending One Million BP in the raid mode store!

Turning Up The Heat
【RAID MODE】Obtain a Lv.50 special weapon.

If you do the weapon grinding technique that is laid out in “Full Speed-A-Dead” this will come naturally. But to get a level 50 weapon, you have to get weapon cases off of Ghost Ship Chaos. You’ll know you have a level 50 special weapon, when the icon for it is purple!

Third Eye Open
【RAID MODE】Obtain the three Rare Finders.

To be able to get this trophy, you have to buy all of the rare finders in the store in Raid Mode. The prices are ridiculously high, but as you get later into the mode, you’ll be getting thousands of BP per level! The needed amount of BP is 470,000 for them all! The price for all the Rare Finders are below!

  • Rare Finder 1: 120,000BP
  • Rare Finder 2: 150,000BP
  • Rare Finder 3: 200,000BP
The Unbroken Thread
【RAID MODE】Acquire a No Damage Bonus.

To get this trophy, you just have to beat a level in Raid Mode without taking any damage!

【RAID MODE】Clear a stage at 5 levels lower than the recommended level.

To get this trophy, you have to finish a Raid Mode level, 5 levels UNDER the recommended level. This becomes available once you reach “Level 7: Terragrigia”, as that level has a recommended level of 6! To be able to change your level, you have to go to the Character Select screen, and press Square to be able to change your player level. This also affects the damage output of your guns as well! This is much easier in co-op, but if you choose to do this with another player, BOTH OF YOU need to be at least 5 levels under, or you won’t get the trophy!

Apex Predator
【RAID MODE】Get a Genocide Bonus.

For this, you just have to get a Genocide Bonus, which is acquired by killing all the enemies in a level in Raid Mode!

Three is the Magic Number
【RAID MODE】Acquire a Trinity Bonus.

To get this trophy, you need to get a Trinity bonus on any Raid Mode level. To do this, you need to get a Genocide Bonus, No Hit Bonus, and Recommended Level Bonus, all in one run of a level. Genocide is acquired for killing all enemies in a level. Then the other two are obvious! Though to lower your level, go to the Character Screen, and press Square. You’ll then be able to reduce your level. But your weapon stats will also balance out to that level as well. This is much easier with a second player as well, but know you both have to be recommended level to get the bonus related to levels. Once you get a Trinity bonus, this trophy is yours.

Bonus Enthusiast
【RAID MODE】Acquire 10 bonuses at the results screen.

In order to get this trophy, you need to get 10 bonuses across all the Raid Mode levels! Refer to “Bonus Demi-God” for more info on Bonuses.

Bonus Ace
【RAID MODE】Acquire 50 bonuses at the results screen.

Getting this trophy requires you to get 50 bonuses across all levels on Raid Mode. Refer to “Bonus Demi-God” for more info on Bonuses.

Bonus Legend
【RAID MODE】Acquire 100 bonuses at the results screen.

To get this trophy, you need to get 100 Bonuses across all Raid Mode levels. Refer to “Bonus Demi-God” for more info on Bonuses.

Bonus Demi-god upscale-245262160018212
【RAID MODE】Acquire 150 bonuses at the results screen.

This is one of the more annoying trophies of raid mode, as you need 150 DIFFERENT BONUSES across all the levels. Though there are 248 different bonuses throughout the game, so you have a lot of options. This is also much easier with a partner, as you can sit still, and they can do all the work. But for the recommended level bonuses, you both need to be recommended level. Each level has 4 different bonuses on it. The Trinity bonus, the no hit bonus, genocide for killing all the enemies, and the recommended level bonus. On the level select, you can count all the squares that are lit up across all 62 levels, and once they add up to 150, this trophy is finally yours.



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