Resident Evil Revelations Review (PS4)

Resident Evil Revelations was first released in 2012 as a 3DS exclusive. A couple of years later, a PS3 version was released, then an updated version of that was Released on Ps4. With new tweaks and quality to life changes, and a silky smooth 60fps, the title hit its peak! This review is for the PS4 version of the game!


In the aftermath of the Racoon City incident, a special task force was made. The FBC, and the BSAA. Both were made to combat the rise of Bio-Organic Weapons throughout the world. In one of Jill’s outings with the BSAA, she finds herself adrift in the Mediterranean Sea, on a luxury cruise ship, known as The Queen Zenobia. There’s conspiracies and lies to uncover. Plus the truth about the T-Abyss virus. How was it created? Why is it being unleashed now? Who the hell is Veltro!?

Unfortunately the story is a little on the short side. With a run time of about 5 hours. But that doesn’t stop things from getting intense. Throughout the story, you end up switching roles between four playable character, to help unravel the secret of everything, and to learn about past events that unfortunately led to the devastating events you slowly work through.  I do wish this game was a lot longer though. I loved the atmosphere, and setting of the ship, but at the same time it’s wild to see the crazy story that was built, when you think about the fact the game was first on 3DS. So the levels are short and sweet, with the longest running for 15 minutes.


The game plays like a dream on the Ps4. With a silky smooth 60FPS. As a 3rd person shooter, it feels amazing. Shortly after I played this version, I helped someone on the Ps3 version and I could immediately tell the difference. Now the game is a survival horror, so you’ll be scavenging the hallways and crew lockers of The Queen Zenobia, while trying not to get spooked. There were a couple times where I got legit scared. I even played the game with the light on. Even though I’ve played through many times, it’s still crazy to think I can get spooked from this game. Although this is more of an action oriented Resident Evil, it doesn’t mean you can go in with guns blazing, or you’ll find yourself short of ammo pretty quickly. Especially if you’re a bad shot. Luckily throughout the game, you can find ammo cases, so you can hold more maximum ammo for a specific weapon type!

As for the weapons themselves, there’s not many to pick from. There’s about three weapons per category and only five categories. You have your pistols, shotguns, machine guns, snipers, and magnums. But it’s the mods you get for the weapons where it gets fun. Each weapon has a set number of slots in it that you can equip mods to as you find them. These mods range from basic damage, to headshot damage, to something crazy and in depth like, the further an enemy is from you, the more damage you do. At one point I had a pistol, that could shoot it’s entire magazine with one pull of the trigger, and then it would automatically reload, so I could shoot it again instantly! It destroyed all the enemies in my way!

Luckily if you like the game, and the weapon system and want more, there’s always Raid Mode! Raid mode is essentially every level from story mode, but with a lot more enemies, a levelling system, and the ability to co-op! There’s 20 levels in Raid Mode for you to unlock and work through. After you beat them, you unlock a harder difficulty, plus the bonus level, Ghost Ship! The ultimate challenge! I played with a friend this time through Raid Mode, so we both had a common goal. Beating the Ghost Ship, which is the ENTIRE Queen Zenobia ship. But the question is, where’s the ending? It was really fun leveling up through the mode with a friend, while we got better weapons and new mods for our guns, but at the same time, the RNG element of the mode, with weapons and mods, ticked us off sometimes. At one point, to get ready for the last level, we grinded weapons for 30 hours, and still never got the ones we wanted. So we just left them and ran it anyways.


For a 3DS game that was HD enhanced twice, the game looks and sounds surprisingly good. Some boss enemies haunt the area they’re in by being really loud, and sound like they’re right in your ear. Then so long as you don’t look too hard at some things in the game, you won’t really notice the rough textures. Yes there are some, but they weren’t very noticeable. The one thing I didn’t like, is that all the enemies sounded the same. So you never know what enemy is truly around you, until you see it.


The Single Player campaign unfortunately doesn’t have much replayability, but when it comes to Raid Mode, there is so much replayability possible for the mode. Whether it comes from trying to get the best weapons, or from getting all the challenges done in every level, or even trying to get the best mods for your guns to be an unstoppable force of nature! What the single player lacks, Raid Mode definitely makes up for in this department.


As a fan of this game, I can’t recommend it enough. Yes the story is shorter than I would’ve like, but Raid Mode is there to give you more of the game, whenever you want. With a friend, it’s also a really fun time, especially when you’re both building up your weapons side by side, and then start blowing everything away! I wish we’d get more horror games with a derelict shipping setting, but for now, this is all we have, and it’s well worth the time and money!

Resident Evil Revelations











  • Great Atmosphere
  • Good Story
  • Fun gameplay
  • Great gun customization


  • Too short
  • RNG in Raid Mode


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