Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 7/10.
    Estimated time to Platinum: 30 – 40 Hours.
    Trophies: 44. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 4 / Silver 7 / Bronze 32 .
    Missable trophies: None.
    Glitched trophies: None.
    Difficulty related: None.
    Playthrough: 4. 


    Welcome to the RESIDENT EVIL REVELATIONS 2 Trophy Guide!
    Step into the feet of Claire and Barry in this call back to survival horror! Claire has been captured by a mysterious person known as “The Overseer”, and thrown on a remote island, and it’s up to her, with Barry’s help, to get home!


    Step 1: Finish the game
    First step will be to complete the game. Each episode is broken up into 2 parts. Claire and Barry. You have to beat both of their parts to be an episode. There’s only 4 episodes in the game. You can play on any difficulty you’d like for this stage. So whatever you’re comfortable with. Don’t expect a lot of trophies here though!

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    You’ll be earning these trophies:
    Bronze Three Woman And A Barry
    Bronze Bounty Hunter
    Bronze Who Needs Fire?
    Bronze Cure For The Afflicted
    Silver Now That’s Teamwork!
    Bronze Friend Indeed
    Bronze Fish In A Barrel
    Bronze Scared To Death
    Silver Pedro, I’m Sorry…
    Bronze “I Do Not Like Glasps,” I Gasped
    Bronze Conquered Fear
    Silver Here’s My Resignation
    Bronze A Ripple In Time
    Bronze True Or False

    Step 2: Medals / Invisible Mode / Countdown Mode
    Welcome to the longest and hardest part of the platinum, which are the level challenges and various modes! I recommend taking this section level by level. So do Claire episode 1 for Medals, then replay it in Invisible Mode seen that you have the enemy locations fresh in your mind. Then after all those runs, do Countdown Mode now that you remember the pathing and enemies spawns, so you don’t waste time! Then do Barry episode 1 the same way. Then Claire episode 2 and so on and so forth. Now the one thing about Invisible and Countdown modes is that your starting items at the beginning of the level are predetermined. So if you finish Barry Episode 2 with 7 herbs for example, you’ll only have 3 in Barry Episode 3. Nothing carries over to episodes, so make good use of things against bosses! You also can’t use the equipment desk to put mods on your guns either.

    Now Invisible Enemy mode is automatically set to Survivor (Hard) difficulty. I recommend having your skill for crouch damage, and any dodge related skills fully upgraded. If you need to shoot, you crouch, but for the most part you’re running past everything. So scavenge when you can! 

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    Then Countdown Mode is set to normal, but you have to speed run the levels. You start with 3 minutes. Each enemy increases your timer by 10 seconds for the most part. Revenants give 20 seconds. Again this is all about running and dodging through! After this step, the hardest step is done and over!

    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
    Bronze “Less Talking, More Walking”
    Bronze “Not Even Close To Easy”
    Gold Only Good Guys Wins Medals
    Bronze Revenant Reaper
    Bronze Knifin’ Around
    Bronze From The Shadows
    Bronze Flashlight Duty
    Bronze “Run, Moira. Run!”
    Bronze “That’s Gonna Be Fun”
    Gold There’s A Medal For That
    Bronze Pedal To The Metal
    Bronze I Can See Undead People
    Gold Sweet, Golden Medal
    Bronze “You Are Authorized To Panic”
    Bronze “There’s Something In Here”
    Gold I’m Not Leaving Without My Medal
    Silver What You Can’t See Can Kill You
    Bronze Routes Of Future Past

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    Step 3: Kill Grinding!
    Now that hardest part is over! You can breathe a sigh of relief. It’s so much easier now! Now to grind the random kill related trophies. You may already have some that are listed here, but there may be somewhere you made absolutely no progress at all! If you’re restarting from checkpoint to get the kills as well, just know that you need to do the grind in one sitting, as it’ll reset your kills. I was at 20/30 for “Unfriendly Skies” while restarting from the checkpoint, and then turned the game off. When I came back I was back to 5/30. So just be warned. After this step, you’ll only need a few more trophies!

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
    Bronze Fudge Them Up!
    Bronze And STAY Down
    Silver I Can Do Blunt Weapons
    Silver Brick Layer
    Bronze Line ‘Em Up!
    Bronze Disarmed
    Bronze Unfriendly Skies

    Step 4: Episode 1 Knife Only!
    Now is the time to finally replay Episode 1 using only your knife. Never use anything but your knife. No bottles, no bullets, no physical attack, no nothing! It’s also unclear if Natalia throwing brick voids the trophy. So if she does throw a brick as Barry, restart the most recent checkpoint! After this step, all that’s left is Raid Mode!

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
    Bronze Cutting Edge

    Step 5: Raid Mode
    We’re at the end of the journey! It’s raid mode time! Unlike Revelations 1, this is a very short experience! You just have to beat a level, a gauntlet, and inspect an item! Then you have this annoyingly hard platinum!

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
    Bronze Raiders Of The Evil
    Bronze Jammin’

    Silver I Saw, I Conquered
    40-platinum The Never-Ending Nightmare

    Useful Links:

    Invisible Enemies Mode Playlist:

    Countdown Mode:

    Military Box (Resident Evil Revelations 2) | Evil Resource

    Gimmick Boxes:
    Gimmick Box (Resident Evil Revelations 2) | Evil Resource

    Trophy Guide:

    The Never-Ending Nightmare
    Unlock all trophies.

    Unlock all trophies.

    Three Women and a Barry
    Clear Episode One.

    This is obtained for beating all of Episode 1!

    “Less Talking, More Walking”
    Clear Episode One in Countdown Mode.

    Time to be a speedy boi! In Countdown Mode, you have to beat the chapter as fast as you can! As there’s a timer that’s always ticking. You can find hourglasses around the levels that give you extra time. Also when you kill enemies, you gain +5 seconds though! Revenants give you +20. Claire’s chapter isn’t hard here, but as Barry in the prison, you have to be super quick. As there’s not many time up bonuses in it. The worst part is when you open the cell doors and 5 enemies come out. As you have to deal with them quickly to get through and get Natalia through the furthest door on the right hand side! I just barely hit the timer in this hole, with less than 1 second left! Then the rest of the level had a huge amount of bonuses! After you’ve done both characters, you get this trophy!

    “Not Even Close to Easy”
    Clear Episode One in Invisible Mode.

    This is more beating Claire and Barrys episode 1 stories in Invisible Mode. This is surprisingly easy for the first episode. The hardest part of Claire’s is the end, when Moira is ripping the bars off the exit door. But for that, run to the room, turn the fire trap around, then turn it on and hide under the blade trap. If Moira starts taking damage, just shoot your pistol wildly! As for Barry, the hardest part for him is when you open the cell doors. As there are 5 enemies that come at you, and Natalia has to climb through the one cell to get behind the fire trap to turn it. Other than that, it’s not too bad! Even the Revenants are killed easily so long as you shoot their weak spots with Assault Rifle bursts while crouched!

    Only Good Guys Win Medals Gold
    Get all medals in Episode One.

    As each character, there are 10 medals you have to complete each. You’ll probably get half of them without trying, and the others, you may have to try a bit! Below are the medals needed for each character on Episode 1, and a strategy for them, if needed.


    • Knocked down an enemy 5 times by blinding them with the light, then hitting them with a physical attack – This is pretty self explanatory. Throughout the episode, shine Moira’s flashlight on enemies until they get staggered. Then run up to them as Claire, and hit !
    • Defeated 8 enemies with the rotating blades – If you follow the guide for “Who Needs Fire?”, this challenge will come automatically.
    • Stunned 10 enemies with Moira’s Light – Once you learn how to blind enemies with Moira, do it on 10 enemies!
    • Defeat 8 enemies with sub weapons – At the end of the level, enemy spawns are infinite until you leave! 
    • Defeat 3 enemies using the stealth attack – To stealth attack an enemy, you have to press to crouch, then get up behind them and hit ! This is a pain. You need it in the hallway before the trash compactor room. Go in and out to reset enemies if you need to. Smoke Bottles from Episode 4 make this a lot easier.
    • Defeated 8 enemies with a headshot
    • Found 3 treasures – As Moira, when you learn to find items with the flashlight, look around all corners when there’s no enemies, for items, and this will come easily.
    • Defeat 10 giant whip spiders – You’ll reach a spot where you’ll be in a garbage compactor unit. In this spot, there will be bugs crawling on the floor and wall. Kill 10 for this challenge.
    • Open 3 military boxes – These are little chests found around the level, that give you custom weapon parts! 
    • Found 6 hidden items with Moira – As Moira, you’ll learn how to find items. When there’s no enemies, it’s best to play as her and look for any items you can find! Finding 6 items is very easy!


    • Defeat 5 Revenant By Only Hitting Their Weak Spots – The main enemies in Barry’s campaign are revenants. They are weird undead creatures that appear at the log camp. When you use Natalia, you’ll see a yellow glow on a body part. Shoot ONLY this spot to kill 5 Revenants.
    • Didn’t Fire A Gun In The Detention Centre Control Area – Self explanatory. When you get to the jail room, and get into the control room, you’ll unlock all the doors. Then you can run away without shooting your gun!
    • Hit Enemies With Natalia’s Bricks 15 Times – Self explanatory. Keep a brick on you at all times and throw them at enemies with +. Count out 15 hits. Maybe count a few more just in case!
    • Defeated 2 enemies with a follow-up attack – When you throw bricks at enemies, they can get stunned and fall on the ground! When they’re on the ground, switch to Barry and hit them with !
    • Defeated 8 enemies with sub weapons – This is easier if you come back from later levels with a ton of sub weapons. Then kill 8 enemies with them and you get this!
    • Defeated 6 enemies with stealth attack – Plenty of opportunities for this in the level. Stealth with and get behind an enemy to kill them with . In the section you learn to stealth kill, there’s at least 6+ enemies!
    • Defeated 6 enemies with the knife
    • Opened 2 gimmick boxes – This is Natalia’s item boxes. Equivalent to Moira’s military boxes.
    • Found 6 items with Natalia – This is done the same way as with Moira.
    • Escaped the darkness of the Forest, starting at the detour hut, within 40 seconds – This one is a little confusing. After the section in the cabin where you fight your first Revenant, you’ll be in a dark forest. You have to get to the other side of it, in 40 seconds. I recommend a stop watch. If you fail, you can hit pause and retry, and be at the starting point of this challenge. When you reach the tiny shack on the other side, in under 40 seconds, you get this challenge!
    Bounty Hunter
    Get a total of 50,000 BP.

    This will come once you reach a total of 50,000 BP. You don’t need that much on you at once! You just need to have acquired that much.

    Who Needs Fire?
    Escape from the detention center in Claire’s Episode One without using the flame-thrower bust.

    At the end of Episode 1 as Claire, you’ll need to use Moira to pry off some bars from a door. In this room is a giant fire machine, a valve on the right side, and in the back left corner is an iron maiden with spinning blades. Don’t ever touch the valve to turn on the fire machine! While Moira prys the bars off the door, crouch with , and go under the blades of the iron maiden. The enemies will run to you and die constantly. The second Moira is done, run through the door. Then when you’re out of the area, this trophy will unlock.

    Cure for the Afflicted
    Defeat 100 Afflicted in the main campaign.

    This is as simple as killing 100 enemies throughout all of Claire’s episodes. It’s cumulative too!

    Revenant Reaper
    Defeat 100 Revenants in the main campaign.

    This is just for killing 100 enemies throughout all of Barry’s episodes!

    Knifin’ Around
    Defeat 100 enemies with the knife in the main campaign.

    You have to kill 100 enemies with the knife go get this. Luckily finishing moves count as knife kills. I recommend getting the knife related skills too, because it will help!

    Fudge Them Up!
    Defeat 50 enemies with physical attacks in the main campaign.

    This is easiest attained in any of Claire’s levels. It’s also best to have the “Charge Attack” fully upgraded. Use Moira to stun enemies with her flashlight, then run up to enemies as Claire and hold until she unleashes her attack, which should instantly kill enemies!

    And STAY Down
    Perform 50 follow-ups in the main campaign.

    To get this, you have to perform 50 follow up attacks. These are a bit easier performed as Claire, as you have Moira who can stun enemies. When you stun them with Moira’s light, you can run up to them and tap to melee them. Now here’s the important part. When the enemies are on the ground, press on them to stab them with the knife or crowbar! This even works on enemies who are crawling! So episode 4 as Barry has a lot of areas with crawling enemies that you can stab then restart checkpoint, if you still need a few after all your playthroughs.

    From the Shadows
    Defeat 20 enemies with stealth attacks in the main campaign.

    To perform a stealth attack, you have to get up behind an enemy by crouching with , then sneaking up behind them and hitting . Stealth kills come in high numbers as Barry, so reply his chapters to get this easily! You can also get stealth kills by using smoke Bottles near enemies! Stealth kill 20 enemies, and this is yours!

    Flashlight Duty
    Use Moira’s light to stun 50 enemies in the main campaign.

    This will most likely come naturally, as stunning enemies with Moira is very helpful. To do that, you just have to hold and shine the light on enemies until they stagger! After 50 times, this is yours.

    I Can Do Blunt Weapons upscale-245262160018212
    Use Moira’s crowbar to defeat 50 enemies in the main campaign.

    Moira’s main attack is a crowbar. Like Jill and her knife! Except a little slower. The easiest way to kill enemies with the crowbar is by stunning them, then hitting them. If Jill does a melee up attack, and you finish them off with , it also counts towards this trophy. In the right skill tree, you can also get the skill to let Moira do more damage with her crowbar!

    Brick Layer upscale-245262160018212
    Defeat 20 enemies with a brick as Natalia in the main campaign.

    To get this trophy, you have to kill 20 enemies with Natalia’s bricks. You will definitely need her upgraded brick damage in the right skill tree. When it’s completely maxed, enemies die in one brick hit on Amateur. But at the same time, this makes her brick related challenges harder on every level. So be wary if you upgrade the skill. After 20 brick kills, this is yours!

    Cutting Edge
    Clear Episode One only using the knife.

    For this you have to beat Episode 1 as Claire AND Barry, using just their knives. No guns, no bottles, and possibly no teammate interference. The description isn’t very clear on the last one. To be able to fully best Claire’s chapter without using a gun, you have to have beaten it before, then you chapter select it. This is also much easier when you have the “Hair Splitter” ability unlocked! Then run through each episode, using only your knife! I’m not sure if melee attacks or follow ups void the trophy, but just incase, don’t use them. I also read reports of people not getting the trophy if AI Natalia threw any bricks. So if you can, play as her most of the time. Also make sure you NEVER get the “Unholstered” perk in the off chance it voids the trophy as well!

    Line ‘Em Up!
    Defeat two enemies with one shot in the main campaign.

    This is for killing 2 enemies with one bullet. Now this can be done in many many places in the game. I got it on Claire’s episode 2 when you first fight the dogs, when Moira is ripping metal bars off a door. But a good spot to also get it is in Barry’s episode 4 in the mines. There are so many times there’s 5+ enemies, and you can just line them up and hit them with a magnum shot or a sniper rifle shot!

    Destroy 30 Revenants’ weapon arms.

    As Barry the main enemy of the game are Revenants. Sometimes the Revenants have big blades on their arms, and these are weapons. Now the odds of you getting this trophy naturally are very slim, as there is NEVER any reason to shoot Revenants in spots that aren’t their weak spots. So in Barry’s episode 4, when you’re in the room to get the “Lift Activation Key”, there are 2 Revenants with arm weapons to kill. So first, shoot the Goop Thrower to get his attention, then switch to a sniper and kill him. Then when the Revenant you see starts walking towards you, shoot the arm on the left with a sniper, destroying the weapon, then kill the Revenant. Now behind the rock in front of you, is a Revenant laying on the ground, shoot him to wake him up, then shoot his arm with the blade on it, then restart the checkpoint. Repeat this 15 times to get this trophy.

    Unfriendly Skies
    Shoot down 30 Afflicted in mid-jump in the main campaign.

    This is for shooting 30 enemies out of the sky as they jump. Another trophy that you would never get in normal progression. After all the trophies were done, I only had 3/30. So in Claire’s chapter, you’ll reach the room with the staircase that leads down to the blade room. Two enemies will come slamming out of a door at you. Kill them, then go around the corner and an enemy will jump through the window. Shoot him with the shotgun as he’s jumping and you’ll get credit. Then restart the checkpoint and continue this until you get the trophy!

    Now That’s Teamwork! upscale-245262160018212
    Have Moira stun an enemy and Claire follow up with a physical attack in the main campaign.

    This one will probably come without trying. When you play as Moira, you hold to shine the flashlight on enemies. Eventually they will get blind, and stagger around. Now the AI Claire will more than likely run up to the enemy, hitting them with a melee follow up, and you’ll get this trophy!

    Friend Indeed
    Save your captured partner ten times in the main campaign.

    When your teammate gets grabbed by an enemy, they will get a little pulsing icon above their heads. You then have to melee or shoot the enemy off of them. Do this 10 times and the trophy is yours!

    Fish in a Barrel
    Defeat five enemies with one exploding bottle or one firebomb bottle in the main campaign.

    For this, you have to kill at least 5 enemies with one explosive bottle sub weapon. This is easily done on many occasions in Episode 4 as Barry. When you’re in the mines, there’s plenty of opportunities! Like when you get the electric lock open when turning on the ventilation system. When you walk through the newly opened door, toss an explosive bottle in and kill everything!

    Raiders of the Evil
    Clear one Raid Mode mission.

    When you choose Raid Mode, you are tasked to pick a character. Once you do, you can then pick your level. Right away there’s only one level to play. It has 38 enemies in it, but I cleared it after only killing 32. You run from point A to point B, while killing enemies in your way! Sometimes there will be a lock in front of you, but when you interact with it, more enemies will spawn, with them having the key! Then when you kill the boss of the level, a medallion will appear. When you break the medallion, the level is over!

    Evaluate an item in Raid Mode.

    In Raid Mode levels, you’ll find chests scattered through them. When you open them, you get items from them. You have to complete the level to keep them. You then have to use money to evaluate the items to be able to use them! Luckily the game shows you how to do this, so evaluate one, and this trophy is yours!

    I Saw, I Conquered upscale-245262160018212
    Clear one Gauntlet in Raid Mode.

    This is a bit confusing as to what a “Gauntlet” truly is. Basically you have to complete a set of levels! So after you beat the first level of raid mode, you go to select your mission again, and you’ll only have one option. Once you click it, it opens up to show 6 different options, going from Mission 1 to Mission 6. Although you have to complete them all in order, this is a “Gauntlet”. So once you beat all the levels in a set, this trophy unlocks!

    Scared to Death
    Clear Episode Two.

    This is for beating Episode 2!

    “Run, Moira. Run!”
    Clear Episode Two in Countdown Mode.

    Just like with Invisible Enemy mode, this is also awful as Claire! It is imperative that you have the 130% damage while crouched. In the Village, when you come back from the helicopter, take your first right to find the wall at the fuel depot. Then keep following that path, and you’ll find Pedro on the first left you can take! Then in the bar, you’ll have plenty of time here, as you can shoot a ton of enemies in the head. I recommend using an herb with a cloth for some tourniquets. You’ll need them! Then run around the small square of debris right next to the ladder when you’re waiting for Neil. If you have the time, wait before you hit the orange hourglass when you jump into the mine shaft. Do the dialogue, then run back for it to instantly get 3 minutes. This will see you through. Now for the boxes in front of the bus, try the same strategy as you did in Invisible Mode. May work, may not. Just hope for the best! Then the bookstore fight….because you don’t have the time to look everywhere for items, you’ll be really low. I had to use everything to win. Pistol, machine gun, shotgun, all of it! You’ll need to keep a couple herbs too. Make sure you kill the executioner ASAP! At least with the drum guy, he can kill little enemies, getting you more time. Just try to kill him super fast when the executioner is dead, and he’ll give you a whole minute to the timer! 

    As Barry, this episode is relatively easy to run through, as you can stealth kill most of the Revenants and they give you 20 seconds each! You should have no issues with it. Just remember to expose the weak points of the Revenants and crouch to kill them with the assault rifle in bursts, if you have to fight them head on!

    “That’s Gonna Be Fun”
    Clear Episode Two in Invisible Mode.

    Welcome to the hardest chapter of the game on Invisible! Especially for Claire. So first things first in Claire’s part, the bar defence. There’s no good way to do this. Make sure you have the skill to do 130% damage when crouched. That will help. Now try and quickly look at every window as Moira to see what enemies are where, and try to shoot them in the head with the pistol while crouched. When windows start getting broken, go to the staircase, and put Moira in front of Claire. The enemies will likely hit her first, and then you can shoot them or stab them. The Pedro AI won’t react to enemies until you shine your light on them, so he’s absolutely useless. Then when Pedro changes form, just do big laps of the village while dodging constantly. This is where all the dodging skills come in handy too! Then when Neil drops the ladder, just run. Then walk around on the roof swinging your knife, and hoping Moira gets up fast enough. The next sort of annoying spot is when you have to push the boxes in front of the bus. Take control of Moira, and hold triangle and press down on the d-pad. Claire will stand still. Now run to the bus and push the boxes fast! Then switch to Claire and hold triangle and press up, then run to the bus while dodging! Now the next part is the ending in the book store. Heaven help you. Make sure you have a TON of sub weapons and shotgun ammo handy. Then you’ll need at least two herbs give or take. There’s one in the fight. Now when you start, get Moira to shine the light on the first executioner. Whether you damage him with melee or kill him is up to you. Now get to the middle to spawn the drummer. Now welcome to hell. Throw everything you have at him! Subweapons, all your ammo, just everything! You’ll also be dodging a lot! This is a very hectic area that’s cheap. So very cheap. When he’s dead, the enemy spawns stop, but you can let up! Only when the girls say to go get Natalia, can you stop! When I killed the fat guy, I had a second executioner to deal with, and no health! So I had to take pop shots while dodging! 

    Now luckily for Barry, this chapter isn’t nearly as difficult, considering almost all the enemies can be stealth killed if you’re patient enough. The hardest part is probably hitting the Glasps, as they fly around so much! If you save up all your ammo and subweapons for Pedro, he’ll fall quite quickly! Remember to crouch to kill enemies, in the odd chance you get spotted! I’d even recommend going into the room with the Glasp in it, a floor before you reach Pedro. As the red herb in there can give you two extra green herbs if you mix them! Then for Pedro, Natalia should have have spotted most of the time. So crouch and shoot his eyes, and dodge when he’s close, and also throw all of your sub weapons at him! He shall fall nice and quick! I didn’t even take damage from him in this mode!

    There’s a Medal for That Gold
    Get all medals in Episode Two.

    Time for more medals in Episode 2! This will just be the list, with helpful tips for a few. If you want more info about how to do other challenges, refer to “Only Good Guys Win Medals” because they’re basically all the same every chapter.


    • Knocked down an enemy 5 times by blinding them with the light, then hitting them with a physical attack.
    • Cleared the siege in the bar without any of the windows being broken – This is the hardest medal to do. I recommend playing on Amateur and having the skill for 130% weapon damage when crouched. Now sit in the middle of the floor, crouched, and you’ll see every window. Look quick and get headshots when you can. If a window gets fully smashed, restart the checkpoint. This part ends when Pedro transforms.
    • Defeat 8 enemies with sub weapons – Easy if you let the bar windows get smashed.
    • Defeat 3 enemies using the stealth attack – This one only has one opportunity. After Neil runs off, you go through a bar area. After you’re through there, you’ll be in a little park with 2 executioners, 1 afflicted and 2 dogs. This is where you get this. Go forward from the gate and go through the fence opening, and hug the right side. Wait for the executioner to your right to move some. Start going behind him, but watch out for the dog. Get close and knife the dog. Now kill the executioner with stealth. Turn around for the next executioner. Now the 1 afflicted should be in the park still. Go and kill him, but watch out for the dog near the slide!
    • Defeated 8 enemies with headshots
    • Created 3 subweapons by combining items – Lots of empty bottles and gunpowder or odorous chemical.
    • Opened 3 military boxes
    • Found 6 hidden items with Moira
    • Escaped from the village without taking damage from Mutant Pedro – This is easier than it sounds. When Pedro transforms, keep him on one side of the counter bar, and just circle it with him, when the door opens, dodge out of the way of the enemies and run. Now do laps of the town, and keep Pedro in your sights so he doesn’t surprise you. Once you’re up the ladder, he can’t hurt you anymore.


    • Defeated 5 Revenants by only hitting their weak spots
    • Defeated Mutant Pedro by destroying all of his eyes – This is highly dependent on how you did Claire’s chapter in this episode. If you killed Pedro for the “Pedro, I’m Sorry…” trophy, you can’t get this. At the end of the chapter, you fight Pedro for his drill. He has eyes all over him. You have to kill him by only destroying his eyes. If he falls, you have to restart the checkpoint. The eyes on his back are easier to get when he rams his drill into the wall. The hardest ones are on his stomach and his arms.
    • Hit Enemies with Natalia’s Bricks 15 times
    • Defeated 2 enemies with a follow up attack – Considering there are no afflicted in this episode, you have to do this on Revenants. Except there’s only two spots to do this is. In the big open warehouse spot, and the staircase just after it after the bus. You have to have one of the big goop throwing enemies, throw their goop at you, so it also hits the Revenants. Then run up to them and hit R2 while they’re on the ground!
    • Defeated 6 enemies using the stealth attack
    • Defeated 6 enemies with the knife
    • Opened 3 gimmick boxes
    • Found 6 items as Moira
    • Defeated 5 Revenant using stealth attacks in the city warehouse – In the spot where Neil runs off in Claire’s episode is the start of this area. There’s 6 opportunities. One through the opening gate, one in the basement, 2 in the alleyway, and 2 in the big open area. For the last area, if you open the door before running in, you’ll see a giant orange ball. Shoot it with the sniper to kill the big enemy that throws stuff at you. You can also climb on the shipping container to get behind the Revenants. Just don’t let them see you!
    Pedro, I’m Sorry… upscale-245262160018212
    Defeat Mutant Pedro in Claire’s Episode Two.

    During Episode 2 as Claire, you’ll be in a bar with Moira and Pedro. Eventually something will happen to Pedro and you have to run. But instead of running, pump everything you have into Pedro. Shotgun, machine gun, explosives, pistol. Until eventually he falls, and this trophy is yours!

    “I Do Not Like Glasps,” I Gasped
    Defeat 20 Glasps in the main campaign.

    This will come naturally as you play through all the episodes again and again. The Glasps are the monsters that are invisible and mess up your vision. They first appear in Episode 2 as Barry and are mostly in his campaign! Once you kill 20, this trophy is yours.

    Conquered Fear
    Clear Episode Three.

    This trophy is for beating Episode 3!

    Pedal to the Metal
    Clear Episode Three in Countdown Mode.

    This is for finishing Countdown Mode in Episode 3 as both characters. You can take a breather now. Sure it’s a long chapter, there’s a lot of timers. Especially as Claire! Just play it basically the same way you did Invisible and you’ll do just fine! As there are a lot of orange hourglasses that put your timer right back to 3 minutes. Neil has 2 orange hourglasses scattered around his arena as well! It’s also a lot easier than Invisible as you can always see him, so you can bait him into hitting the explosive canisters around the map, so he “burns up” quicker, and exposes his weak spot! It’s also your choice to get the Assault Rifle in the Crypt. I never did and finished it just fine!

    Now as Barry, the opening bit of his episode is very tough on time. As you lose the first 2 ½ minutes to carrying Natalia through the sewers. Then, the enemies only give you 5 seconds, as opposed to 10 seconds. So there’s not much room for error. You start with an exploding bottle though, so I recommend using it on the 3 Revenants in the opening hallway up the stairs. Then just run through the second sewer section. If you’re fast enough, you can dodge the Glasps by staying to the right. Now in the area with the sluice gates, make good use of the explosive barrels Natalia can push down. At the end, the last barrel glitched for me when I pushed it down and I had to restart the checkpoint to get it to appear. The mines on the other hand are super simple and are loaded with time! By the time I fought the Dhurlga for the first time I had over 7 minutes! You have a firebomb bottle that you start with. Use it on Dhurlga then hit his weak point east. Remember to work fast with the conveyor belts as they take a lot of time. Then at the end, just do what you did on Invisible and dodge Dhurlga completely! Again, the hardest part is the opening. If you get through the sewers, the rest is a breeze!

    I Can See Undead People
    Clear Episode Three in Invisible Mode.

    First thing first, is that Claire’s episode is so long, that it has quite a few annoying parts. But nothing too bad. There is a whole lot of running though, so you don’t get many chances to scavenge items. You want to make a ton of fire bombs though, because it helps out on the boss! Also, don’t be afraid to use herbs if you need to, because the area of the last boss has at least 5. You want to interact with the retina scanner at least once before you get the eye. When you get the key from the spike ceiling room, just run everywhere. Too many enemies to deal with. Don’t forget the revolver in the liver room! In the meat factory, you want to just run. When the Fat Fire Shooter shows up, just get Moira behind him to the door and run as Claire. When you shoot the meat off the hooks, after the 3rd one, two enemies spawn. Be careful when they’re dead, as one’s head goo explodes, and the other comes back as a Bloater. Now after that, just run to the exit. Now that you’re in the factory, again just run. In the sewers, you guessed it! Run! Now when you reach Neil, you can either throw fire bombs at him to get him hot, or shoot him with the pistol to expose his weak spot, then nail him with the magnum and the assault rifle! Make sure Moira always has her flashlight on him, so you know where to dodge! If she loses him, quickly switch to her and find him again!

    Now as Barry, through the first two sections, you’ll want to just be Natalia and dodge around everything, and reach the doors and checkpoints as fast as you can. The one thing you truly have to kill in the sewers is the Glasp at the end. Then in the area with the sluice gates, you’ll want to use the sniper on the enemies attacking Natalia, and make use of the explosive barrels she can push down. When you’re attacked by the 3 dogs, just swing your knife like mad. In the mines, stealth kill the very first Revenant and get the conveyor belts moving before you go to the big building with the Dhurlga. When you put the power source on the conveyor belt, tell Natalia to stand still by holding triangle and pressing down on the d-pad. Now summon the Dhurlga and switch to Natalia until she spots it. Now as Barry, run around the trash pile and get some magnum bullets into its back at its weak point. About 6 bullets should do it. Now as Natalia, if you have the skill fully upgraded for her brick damage, kill the next two Revenants with bricks and stealth kill the one in the building by itself. You can bait the Revenant from the elevator, off of it, then get on and leave it if you’re quick enough. Now for the two Revenants at the end, you can hit them with a flame bottle if you’d like, but kill them. Now grab the power source and run. You can skip this Dhurlga entirely. Go around the left side of it. Chances are you’ll get blinded temporarily from the goo thrower, but heal quick, get the power source into its spot, pull the lever, and run! Then you’re done!

    Sweet, Golden Medal Gold
    Get all medals in Episode Three.

    Hooray we’re back on Medals for Episode 3! So fun! So here we go! As always, I’m just listing them, putting strategies if needed and a description for most can be found in Gold Only Good Guys Win Medals. So let’s start.


    • Knocked down an enemy 5 times by blinding them with the light, then hitting them with a physical attack 
    • Escaped the factory with only 1 minute left – In the chapter, about half way through, you’re in a factory that’s exploding. When you get to the end shutter, after you make it through the door trap, just stand around until the timer gets under a minute, then leave!
    • Stunned 20 enemies with Moira’s light
    • Defeated 10 enemies with subweapons – I just want to add, if you throw these into water, they don’t explode! So make sure you hit the actual floor or walls.
    • Defeated 3 enemies using the stealth attack – So for this one we need to break the AI. Once you first exit the ceiling spike room, when you have the Processing Plant Key, enemies will attack you. So go and spawn them, then run back to the door you just came from. When they get close to you, enter the spike ceiling room, then exit it. The enemies notice you, and you can sneak behind them and stab them!
    • Defeated 10 enemies with a headshot
    • Created 5 subweapons by combining items
    • Created 5 recovery items by combining items
    • Opened 4 military boxes
    • Found 7 hidden items with Moira


    • Defeated 3 Revenant by only hitting their weak spots
    • Cleared the Episode without destroying any of the Dhurlga tentacles – This one is a bit tough. You first meet the Dhurlga when you get the power source. It comes crawling out of the hole. To kill it you have to hit it’s orange core. Only problem is, it’s covered with tentacles. The only open spot is on its back. So circle the middle trash pile in the building and take magnum shots to it when you can. If a piece comes off it, restart the checkpoint. Now at the end of the level, you fight it again! This spot is a little harder to hit it’s back, because there’s no small spot to circle. Instead you’ll have to wait for it to attack, and hit its core from the front, or rush behind it and take your chance! Remember if a piece breaks off, restart the checkpoint!
    • Hit enemies with Natalia’s brick 15 times
    • Defeated 3 enemies with a follow up attack – Plenty of afflicted at the beginning of this level! So not as hard as the last level.
    • Defeated 10 enemies with subweapons – I recommend coming back with a stockpile of weapons and you’ll get this easily!
    • Defeated 4 enemies using the stealth attack – There are only 4 opportunities for this in the level. When you first get to the mine, you’ll see a Revenant. Take your chance here. After you get the power source from the building, two more Revenants spawn. These are trickier to get, but kill the one that walks furthest to the right first. Then the last one is in the building that you have to go into with the power source.
    • Defeated 10 enemies with the knife
    • Opened 3 gimmick boxes
    • Found 5 hidden items with Natalia
    • Cleared the sewage treatment plant with Natalia taking no damage – In the 3rd area of the level, you’ll need to use Natalia to raise sluice gates. There are a few instances where enemies attack her and you have to use Barry to kill them. You have to make sure she never takes damage here. I had to do this twice because it never credited me for it. I think the reason for that is because I hopped down an edge, instead of going down a ladder. So just go down ladders, and move slowly, keeping the two close together for when enemies attack Natalia. If she gets hurt, restart the checkpoint and try again!
    Here’s My Resignation upscale-245262160018212
    Moira defeats Neil in Claire’s Episode Three.

    At the end of Episode 3 as Claire, you’ll fight a boss. To beat this boss, you have to shoot him in his chest and eventually a giant orange spot will appear. Hit this with all you have. Eventually it pops and the boss falls. Now you get in the elevator, and then a scene will happen where Claire is trapped. You have to hit triangle to become Moira, then crawl towards a gun, and a cutscene will happen and this trophy will unlock!

    A Ripple in Time
    Obtain the item that lies beyond the gate in the sewers in Barry’s Episode Three.

    This is really tough to explain, so I’m going to add a video here as well, just in case. Once you’re in the sewers as Claire you’ll end up fighting a Fat Fire Drummer. Once he’s dead, go up the stairs and there will be a break in the railing. Jump over it and then climb up onto the platform, walk onto the pipe, then jump over to the other platform. Now jump down once and you’ll see a valve to turn. Make sure you turn it! Now as Barry, when you get to the second section of the level, which is the section with all the bugs, go down the stairs and immediately turn left and go through the broken bars and open the gimmick box to get this trophy.

    True or False
    Clear Episode Four.

    For this trophy, all you have to do is beat Episode 4!

    “You are Authorized to Panic”
    Clear Episode Four in Countdown Mode.

    This is basically the same as Invisible Mode. Claire’s part of the episode is simple and requires no real hints. Now Barry’s can be a little close. At the beginning, just run. Kill the first two afflicted that are in your way, to get through them, and get 5 seconds each. Now on the crane, you get Barry on the platform, and pull 1, then get him up the ladder and on-top of the middle section, and pull 3. Now kick down the ladder, get Natalia over to the other side, and pull 5, while keeping Barry on top still. If you have more than a minute when you reach the orange hourglass, shoot it through the fence when you’re at the elevator. Now in the mine, all the enemies die from one headshot with the assault rifle if you’re crouched and have the crouch damage skill maxed out. Get through there, and then in the room with the oft keycard, clear it out normally. In the first room for the air circulation route, stand on the wooden platform in the middle and knife everything. In the room with the lever where you see the Dhurlga, you can fight him if you want, but the time you get from it will likely be what you spent just killing it. So dodge past it and pull the lever. Now the mansion is very easy, and the enemies are by themselves all the time. In the elevator section, expose the Revenants weak points with pistol fire, then crouch with the Assault Rifle and kill them after. Use a firebomb bottle on the Dhurlga to get easier shots on its weak point. Then for Alex, hit her with everything you have, starting with bottles and Magnum! There is an orange hourglass in the room if you need it. Then as Claire, there’s another, but in this area, you should be alright for time! So just down her quick and you win!

    “There’s Something in Here”
    Clear Episode Four in Invisible Mode.

    This is for beating Episode 4 in Invisible mode! Claire’s episode is super easy. There’s enough explosive bottles and smoke bottles to kill the 5 Glasps that you run into in your path!

    Now Barry’s episode is quite long so we’ll break it down section by section, of course. First section is the waterway, all you have to do is run right through. When you get to the end of the crane, just dodge like crazy, and you should be able to get through without damage! Now in the mines is the rough part. In the first section with enemies, throw an explosive bottle at all the enemies that come running from the door. When you pull the lever and go through the next door, just dodge like crazy and hope for the best! In the big section, with all the afflicted, get up on the wooden spot in the center and just start swinging your knife like crazy, watching where Natalia points. Where you pull the next lever, just have Natalia run in and dodge around the Dhurlga, while Barry stays at the door. Now when you go through the unlocked electronic door, just dodge through all the enemies! Now the mansion is very easy, as the enemies are usually all by themselves, so you can kill them easily. The next hard part is where the elevator is, where you have to kill everything. Use Natalia to spot the enemies near you, expose the weak point with the pistol, and crouch to kill them with bursts of the assault rifle. When the Glasps come along, just throw explosive bottles at them to kill them quickly. When the Goop Throwers appear, shoot them with a pistol to expose them, then switch to the sniper to snipe their weak point while they’re still visible! When the Dhurlga appears, throw a fire bottle at it, and crouch to shoot it with the sniper or assault rifle! Now with Alex, just spot her, and unload everything into her! When you’re facing her on the mountain side, if you enter the mine for the 3rd time, there black tentacle goops that you have to shoot, that are in your way! Be quick here or Alex will kill you! As Claire, just fire like mad because you have unlimited ammo, then when you have the rocket, do the same thing!

    I’m Not Leaving Without My Medal Gold
    Get all medals in Episode Four.

    Welcome to the last level for the challenges! Claire’s are not bad at all for challenges this time. It’s Barry’s that are a pain, but let’s get down to it! Remember that if you want a description for most challenges, refer to “Only Good Guys Win Medals’.


    • Cleared the Episode with a 100% accuracy rate – The level consists of Glasps as the main enemy. On Amateur (Easy), you only have to kill two in your way. You get a smoke bottle when you see the first one, so expose it with the smoke, and shoot it. Then use another bottle on the next Glasps. Preferably an explosive one!
    • Defeat 1 Glasp with a knife – The very first Glasp you reach can be smoked with a bottle. You have to do this to “stun” it. Then run up and stab it to death!
    • Opened 2 military boxes. There are 3 in this level!
    • Cleared the Episode with no retries – Simple, don’t die.
    • Defeated 3 Glasps – This will come with the “What You Can’t See Can Kill You” trophy.
    • Escaped the monument with more than 15 seconds to spare – At the end when a certain event happens and you automatically only have 30 seconds left, turn around and jump out the hole. No lollygagging.
    • Killed 5 indigenous animals – This is a bit tricky. In the room where it’s all red with 2 big generators in front of you, there’s a workbench to your left. Crouch and sneak to it. You’ll see a rat. Knife it. Now crouch walk along the path to the big gate and you’ll find another rat next to the gate. Kill that one! Open the gate then kill the third rat on the other side. Now when you get outside, look to your right and you’ll see the military box. There’s a crow on the box, and one above it. Those 2 crows make 5 animals.
    • Found 4 treasures – Break the pots in Weakers bedroom. There’s quite a few in there!
    •  Found all of the tower emblems – Luckily you just need Claire’s emblems for this, and there’s only 3 in the level! Here’s a handy guide for them! 
    • Cleared the Episode within 20 minutes – Just run!!!!!


    • Defeated 10 Revenant by only hitting their weak spots
    • Defeat Alex in the mine sub-level without taking damage – This description is so very unclear everywhere. So just in case, make a back up save just before you fight Alex. Then heal up before you enter the room! Leave Natalia at the front door of the fight, and hammer Alex with nothing but Magnum shots and bottles! Periodically press R1 to see if you have to heal. If you do, restart the checkpoint. Then in the area where you’re Claire, the very beginning of the fight, Barry can get hit. If you see red on his icon, he got hit. So you have to shoot fast and get lucky! When you switch to Barry, tap R1 to see if you need healing if you don’t, keep running. If you do, restart!
    • Hit enemies with Natalia’s Bricks 15 times
    • Defeated 5 enemies with a follow up attack – Plenty of Afflicted in this level! Some even come crawling at you so it’s an easy attack!
    • Defeated 10 enemies with sub-weapons
    • Defeated 5 enemies using the stealth attack – There are a few opportunities for this. First chance is at the beginning with the two afflicted. Second chance is when you get the lift key! Third chance is when you’re going for the ventilation system switch. Once you move the big mine cart, crouch to the right and find an enemy. Fourth chance is the first enemy you see in the mansion. The fifth and final chance is just before you enter the morgue room, there’s a Revenant in the room at the end of the hall if you go fast enough!
    • Defeated 10 enemies with the knife
    • Opened 3 gimmick boxes
    • Found 10 hidden items with Natalia
    • Cleared the level by moving the crane no more than 3 times – when you climb the crane, have Barry stand on the platform and Natalia pulls the number 1 lever. Have Barry climb the ladder he’s next to, and stand on the crane portion between the two long parts of the crane. Then have Natalia pull number 3. Then drop the ladder and have Barry stand back where he was. Now Natalia runs up the ladder, and across to the other side and pulls number 5 and then you’re done!
    What You Can’t See Can Kill You upscale-245262160018212
    Defeat six or more Glasps in the monument in Claire’s Episode Four, on Normal difficulty or highe

    This can luckily be done on Invisible Enemy mode! During Claire’s episode, there are 7 Glasps that can be killed. You have to kill 6. During your first encounter, there’s one to the right of you, and one on the left walkway. In the room after, it’s the same way! Then as you’re on the outside of the tower, there’s a Glasps where you pick up the metal box. In the final run of the tower, there are two more Glasps! Refer to the video below for more info!

    Credit to Brian at PS5Trophies!

    Routes of Future Past
    Complete both routes through the landfill in Barry’s Episode Four.

    This is heavily affected by what you do in Claire’s Episode 4! If you just run through, you end up taking one path through the water canals as Barry. But to get the other path, you need to interact with the sluice gates changer in Claire’s episode. When you enter the first door, turn left and there will be a tiny monitor with a lever. This opens and closes the sluice of the big water tunnel, and makes the water change direction. You have to go through both waterways as Barry for this trophy, so you need to make sure you switch the waterway as Claire at least once through your 3+ playthroughs!


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