Resident Evil Resistance Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 6/10. 
Estimated time to Platinum: 25 Hours+. 
Missable trophies: None. 
Glitched trophies: None. 
Difficulty related: None. 
Playthrough: –


Welcome to the Resident Evil Resistance Trophy Guide!
Step into the boots of a group of survivors, as you battle your way through a horde of zombies, looking for survival and escape. Or become a cynical Mastermind, bent on killing everyone, in this Resident Evil take on the 1v4 Multiplayer formula!


Step 1: Play the tutorials
When you first load up the game, you’ll be asked to play the tutorials for each of the roles in the game. Do this and you get two trophies right off the bat!

You’ll be earning these trophies:
Bronze Lab Rat
Bronze Look At Me – I’m The Mastermind Now

Step 2: Play as the survivors
You can do this anyway you want technically. You can play as Masterminds first, or a mix of both, but for this guide, we’re gonna get all of the Survivor specific trophies done first. I recommend just starting at the top of the character list, and working your way down. Also, make sure to remember who you won as, with all 4 teammates escaping. Remember, all trophy requirements must be done in ONE MATCH! By the time you’re done this step, you’ll have more than half the trophy list done!

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
Gold Smells Like Team Spirit
Silver Bye Bye Bye
Silver Ground Zero
Silver Gotta Go Fast
Bronze Blocked
Bronze Gotta Get That Boom Boom Boom
Bronze Sharing Is Caring
Bronze Weapons Don’t Grow On Trees
Bronze Meddling Kids
Bronze Get Back To Work
Bronze Eat This
Bronze Putting The Team Back Together
Bronze ICU
Bronze Jan Shot First
Bronze Over Watched
Bronze Pay To Win
Bronze Kneel Before Your Queen
Bronze Guns N’ Powder
Bronze Destruction 100
Bronze Bet You Didn’t See That Coming
Bronze Does This Spark Joy?
Bronze Y’all Got Anymore Of Them Traps?
Bronze You Are Filled With Determination
Bronze Two Enemies One Kick
Bronze Can’t Touch This
Bronze My Iron Body Is Invincible
Bronze Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru
Bronze I Need Healing

Step 3: Play as the Masterminds
This is where we get into a bit more of the luck based territory. You can try and bargain with Survivors in the pregame lobby, as they can hear you, but for the most part, it’s just hoping for the best. Learn the Masterminds, learn the maps, and hope you get Survivors who have no idea what they’re doing! By the end of this step, you’ll have an ultra rare, and very luck based platinum!

During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
Gold You Cannot Escape From Death
Silver That’s Not A Gun, This Is A Gun
Silver Can I Offer You A Cough Drop?
Silver Premature Annihilation
Bronze Powerbuff Girl
Bronze I Work Out
Bronze Will Of The G
Bronze Minesweeper
Bronze Work Hard Plague Hard
Bronze When The Explosion Is Just Right
Bronze Time’s Up, Let’s Do This!
Bronze Power Overwhelming
Bronze Deal With It
Bronze Well That Escalated Quickly
Bronze Weird Flex But OK
Bronze One Punch
Bronze Payback Time
Bronze Put That Thing Back Where It Came From
Bronze Thou Shalt Not Pass
Bronze Hello Darkness My Old Friend
Bronze The Best Defense Is A Good Offense

40-platinum Resistance

Trophy Guide:

Obtain all Trophies.

Obtain all Trophies.

Smells Like Team Spirit Gold
Escape with your whole team alive using each Survivor character.

Getting this is as simple as escaping as all the original 6 Survivors, while your entire team is alive. So as of writing this guide, September 2020, Jill is not needed. Just Valerie, January, Tyrone, Samuel, Martin, and Becca are the requirements.

You Cannot Escape From Death Gold
Finish a match without letting any Survivors escape using each Mastermind character.

For this trophy, you have to win as every Mastermind. Except for the added characters. So as of September 2020, you only have to win as Annette, Daniel, Alex, and Spencer to get this trophy!

Bye Bye Bye upscale-245262160018212
Pass through an Exit during Overtime using any Survivor character.

When Overtime starts, which is what happens when the timer hits zero, if someone on your team is standing in the exit of an area, they will go through, and this trophy will unlock. This will most likely come without trying to unlock it, while working towards the rest of the survivor related trophies.

Ground Zero upscale-245262160018212
Escape as a Survivor with 3rd phase infection.

For this trophy, you have to escape while your infection meter is at three. The meter rises when you get attacked by an infectious zombie, or you already have an infection, so it keeps escalating. You can see your infection phase, by the biohazard sign, that’s covered in purple, above your health bar. The annoying thing about this trophy is hoping Valerie doesn’t heal your infection with her special, or keeping an infection rate at the exit. As an infection rate of 3 makes you effectively useless to your team, because you’ll be coughing so much. When you manage to escape and win the match, with a level 3 infection, you get this trophy!

That’s Not A Gun, This Is A Gun upscale-245262160018212
Defeat 2 Survivors using a single camera-mounted firearm.

This is unlocked when you kill 2 people with one camera gun. I recommend using a machine gun, as it has more ammo. You’ll definitely want to weaken the survivors before you try this. This can be acquired while you play as any Mastermind. You can also get items from the equipment chests, to upgrade your efficiency with a machine gun! Once you get lucky enough to get 2 downs with one camera turret, this trophy is yours!

Can I Offer You a Cough Drop? upscale-245262160018212
Make Survivors cough 30 times in a single match.

This is done easiest as Alex, as she has the best kit to advance infections. During the second area, she unlocks a mine that can increase infections. She unlocks the Mutation perk for her Biohazard skill, at level x, that makes the survivors spread infections between each other. She also excels at having zombies spread infections. Unfortunately you don’t know how many times survivors have coughed until the end, and the trophy possibly pops or not.

Gotta Go Fast upscale-245262160018212
Escape within 10 minutes.

Now for this, you either have to hope you have a good, fast team, or the Mastermind lets you escape easily. You have to win a match in 10 minutes! You see your escape time at the end of the game. So long as it’s under 10 minutes, this is yours.

Premature Annihilation upscale-245262160018212
Win a match before the Survivors clear Area 2 as the Mastermind.

This unlocks when you manage to kill all the survivors before the end of the second area! So if you kill them in the first area, even better!

Lab Rat
Complete the Survivor tutorial.

Once you beat the tutorial for the survivors, you get this trophy.

Have 2 cameras disabled simultaneously in a level.

Having 2 cameras disabled is pretty easy to do as January. Her ability lets her hack a single camera to disable it, and she does added damage to cameras as well. So if you hack one and destroy another, one after the other, this trophy will unlock.

Gotta Get That Boom Boom Boom
Use explosive-type weapons to kill 3 enemies at once.

Killing 3 enemies with any explosive will get you this trophy. You can either use a grenade launcher, rocket launcher, or grenade. Frag Grenades are a little more accessible, as they can be bought at the store. The other can as well, so long as you have January’s “Armory” skill. Once you get 3 enemies killed with one explosion, you get this trophy.

Sharing is Caring
Have all Survivors possess at least 1 special weapon at the same time.

This trophy requires a bit of communication, and a bit of luck. First things first, you’ll want to play as January, and have her armoury skill, so you can buy special weapons. You’ll get 3 throughout the game with her skill. One for each area. Then you’ll have to find another special weapon. Either from a supply zombie, or in the Casino level, in the last area, with the slot machine. Then, drop all your weapons for your other teammates. Everyone has to have the weapon in their inventory, and if they use all the ammo, it automatically drops. When everyone has a special weapon, this will unlock.

Weapons Don’t Grow on Trees
Break 3 melee weapons in a single match.

This is easily done as Tyrone or Samuel, as they use melee weapons. Make sure you don’t have repair kits, as repairing a weapon doesn’t count. You can either find or buy melee weapons. Use one at a time, until they break, and once you break 3, this is yours. Again, make sure you don’t use repair kits. They’re used automatically when your durability hits 0 on a weapon. So drop the ones you start with.

Meddling Kids
Incapacitate the bioweapon 3 times in a single match.

This is easily the worst survivor related trophy. You have to kill the Masterminds ultimate monster 3 times. How do you know if you killed it? You don’t. Not only do you have to get lucky that the Mastermind uses their bioweapon 3 times, you have to have a team who will help kill it. Alex is the easiest Bioweapon (B.O.W) to kill. As she summons a plant. It is weak to Molotov’s, and can’t move! So using shotguns, and Molotov’s, and grenades, makes it easy to kill. So you can wait and pray, or beg the Mastermind to use Alex, while in the pregame lobby. Once your team kills a B.O.W three times though, IN ONE GAME, this trophy is yours. HOORAY!

Get Back to Work
Save every member of your team in a single match.

Getting this trophy, is a matter of hoping, your other teammates die at least once each. Once a teammate is downed, you can stand over them and hold , to help them up. Or, if you’re playing as Valerie, your ultimate ability will save them. So if everyone goes down in a room, get to them, and use your ultimate, and this will unlock, along with Valerie’s Bronze Putting The Team Back Together trophy.

Eat This
Counter 3 enemies in a single match using Valerie’s Explosive Knowledge – Counterattack.

Once you get Valerie to level 6, you unlock the Counterattack perk for her “Explosive Knowledge” skill. Once you have this active, buy up as many frag/flash grenades you can from the stores. Now, when you get grabbed by an enemy, you’ll have a prompt to use a grenade on them. Do this 3 times in a match, and you’ll get this trophy.

Putting the Team Back Together
As Valerie, use Modified First Aid Spray to help defeated teammates 3 times in a single match.

Valerie’s ultimate ability, is able to revive defeated teammates. You have to use this to revive teammates 3 times in one match! So if everyone is dead, together, and you use your ability, and revive them all together, this will pop right away!

Mark 40 items or threats in a single match using Valerie’s Survival Instinct.

Valerie’s ability lets you mark objects in the level. So this is as simple as using your ability anytime you enter a new room, when the skill is available to you. You have to mark 40 items in a match, but considering you mark many items at once, you’ll get this easily.

Jan Shot First
As Jan, disable a firearm-equipped camera before the Mastermind has a chance to fire.

This trophy is hard to TRY for. As January, your ability lets you hack cameras. Now you have to hack a camera that has a gun equipped to it, BEFORE it can shoot. The only real way of getting it, is by hacking a camera with a red light on it, and hoping for the best. When you do get that lucky hack on a camera with a gun, before the Mastermind shoots it, this trophy will finally be yours.

Over Watched
Disable cameras 15 times in a single match using Jan.

To get this trophy, you have to be playing as January. You then have to disable 15 cameras in one match. This can be done by hacking, and shooting them. Considering Jan has extra damage against cameras, you should make it your priority to destroy every camera you see that has a green light. Once you destroy 15 cameras in one round, this trophy is yours.

Pay to Win
Buy a special weapon from the Armory using Jan’s Cyber Monday – Arsenal.

When you reach level 6 as January, you get access to her Arsenal perk for the Cyber Monday skill. When you attack this perk, you are then able to buy special weapons, from the store. Buy one and this trophy will unlock.

Kneel Before Your Queen
Kill 5 enemies in a single match while using Becca’s Sentry Stance.

As Becca, you get an ability to go down on a knee for added damage and accuracy. This is done by hitting . Using this ability, kill 5 enemies in one match, and this trophy is yours.

Guns N’ Powder
As Becca, expend 300 Ammo in a single match.

As Becca, all you have to do for this trophy is shoot 300 bullets in one game. Simply buy a machine gun, a bunch of ammo, and go wild! Then this trophy unlocks.

Destruction 100
Shoot 100 bullets in a single activation of Becca’s Bullet Storm.

As Becca, your ultimate ability gives you unlimited ammo during its activation. You have to shoot 100 bullets during one activation. Simply buy a machine gun, equip it, activate your special when you can, then go wild! Just hold the trigger down and you’ll get this trophy with no issues!

Bet You Didn’t See That Coming
Using Martin’s Flash Baton, interrupt a bioweapon that has grabbed a teammate.

When you play as Martin, your ultimate ability can blind and stagger people’s B.O.Ws. You have to wait until someone summons their B.O.W and grabs a teammate. Then, you have to activate your ultimate ability, to stop them from killing your teammate. This will also get you this trophy!

Does This Spark Joy?
Shock 3 enemies at once with landmines using Martin’s Makeshift Mine – Shock.

As Martin, your basic skill lays down a shock mine. When it explodes, it stuns every enemy in the area around it. A great place to get this trophy, is usually at exit doors, when the Mastermind is spamming enemies like crazy! Once you catch 3 enemies in one mine, this unlocks!

Y’all Got Any More of Them Traps?
Disarm or destroy 10 traps in a single match using Martin’s Sapper.

Easily one of the worst survivor trophies. As Martin, you have to disarm 10 traps. So not only is it hoping that the Mastermind uses 10+ traps, it’s also hoping that your teammates don’t run into them. Luckily, if you find a trap, Martin can disable them super quickly! You also have to make sure you don’t run into them yourself! Once you disarm 10 traps in a match, this trophy is yours.

You Are Filled With Determination
Save another Survivor after saving yourself using Tyrone’s Determination – Second Wind.

When you level up Tyrone to level 6, you unlock the Second Wind perk, to his Determination skill. Once you do, equip it. Then, when you go down, you can press to pick yourself up, once in a match. Then, proceed to revive a teammate. I suggest waiting until you and a teammate are both downed together, then takes our chance! Once you do that, this trophy will unlock.

Two Enemies One Kick
Send 2 enemies flying with one kick using Tyrone’s Power Kick.

As Tyrone, your ability is a frontward kick. All you have to do is hit 2 enemies with one kick, and this trophy will unlock!

Can’t Touch This
As Tyrone, escape without being grabbed by enemies.

You have to play as Tyrone for this. You have two options when going for this trophy. Either play super cautiously and don’t get grabbed, or get to level 14, and unlock the Elusive perk, for his Determination skill, to make it so enemies can’t grab you nearly as easy when running. Then, once you escape and win, this trophy will unlock.

My Iron Body is Invincible
Activate Sam’s Fists of Iron twice within 90 seconds.

Playing As Samuel, your ultimate skill is Fists Of Iron. You have to use this twice in 90 seconds. So when you can activate it, quickly activate it, then deactivate it, by tapping + again. Now, when you kill enemies, the cooldown for your skill lessens. When you can activate it again, do so. If you activated it twice in 90 seconds, this trophy will be yours!

Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru
As Sam, kill 5 creatures within 30 seconds using melee attacks.

For this trophy, you have to kill 5 enemies in 3 seconds using melee attacks, as Samuel. There’s no real strategy in this. Just use skills whenever you can, and swing your weapons like mad and hope for the best!

I Need Healing
As Sam, escape without using health-recovering items (Can still be healed by teammates).

As Samuel, you have to fully escape without using a healing item yourself! Teammates can still heal you, but you can’t heal yourself. So when you first start a match, instantly drop your green herb that you start with and NEVER buy anymore. Now, I highly suggest staying next to your teammates at all times. Don’t go off by yourself, or you’re just looking to die. Once you win, without using a healing item on yourself, you’ll get this trophy.

Look At Me—I’m the Mastermind Now
Complete the Mastermind tutorial.

Once you finish the Mastermind tutorial, this will unlock.

Powerbuff Girl
As Annette, have a creature with 3 buffs survive for 1 minute.

As Annette, once you reach level 7, you get a boost card that unlocks in the 3rd area of a match, that can give every buff available. Make sure to equip it. Now, summon a zombie far away from everyone, preferably by the exit door of the map, and then hit it with the special buff card. Now, after a minute passes with it being alive, this trophy will unlock!

I Work Out
As Annette, have 8 creatures with at least 1 buff in the game simultaneously.

First of all, you have to make sure you have an enhancer card in your deck. Now, as Annette, find a small room that will take the survivors a while to get too. Then, summon as many zombies as possible. This is easier in area 2, as you get a special card that summons 3 dogs, and these each count as one. When you have 8 monsters in one room, use a buff card, and start shooting them with the buff. If done right, you will get this trophy.

Will of the G
Successfully use G-Birkin’s Overkill 2 times in a single match.

This one is a little annoying. As Annette, she can summon William Birkin as her B.O.W special. As Birkin, you have to use his Triangle attack to completion, twice in one match. Now, when you hit Triangle, you will do a little dash forward and grab a survivor. Then, you will see a red diamond around them, slowly deplete. When it depletes, they die. You have to have this attack kill 2 people in one match, to get this trophy. There’s no way to speed up the attack, but it can be interrupted. So it’s just a bit of luck, and hope.

As Alex, use traps to defeat Survivors 4 times in a single match.

While playing as Alex, you have to defeat 4 Survivors with traps, in one match. This is a bit difficult and very luck dependent. If you manage to get items from the Equipment Chests to boost trap damage, you’ll have a bit of an advantage. But if you make it to level 19, you unlock the Synchronize perk for her Residence Of Evil skill. This makes it so traps can’t blow themselves up. It will make it a touch easier. At level 5, you also unlock a set of mines that become available in area 2, that lets you lay 3 at once! Now, lay them in rooms, in hallways, and if you can, turn the lights off! So Survivors are more likely to run into them. Or, you can bargain with the other players in the pregame lobby. Let you get 4 trap downs, then give them the easy win. Either way, when you get 4 trap kills in one match, this annoying trophy will be yours.

Work Hard Plague Hard
Use Alex’s Biohazard – Epidemic to buff 4 creatures with infections in a single match.

When you reach level 3 as Alex, you unlock the Epidemic Perk for her Biohazard skill. This causes the infection status to transfer to other zombies, from one who already has it. So get 4+ zombies in a room, with one having the infection status, and this trophy will pop!

When the Explosion is Just Right
As Alex, use Yateveo’s Self Destruct to defeat 1 Survivor during a match.

When you reach level 9, you unlock the Explosive perk for Alex’s B.O.W Yateveo. When you equip this, you can self destruct without needing to first eat a survivor. You do this by holding square. This perk also increases the damage done by exploding. Make sure you get a survivor into yellow or red status before you summon your B.O.W and explode, or else they won’t die. When one survivor dies, you’ll earn this trophy.

Time’s Up, Let’s Do This!
As Spencer, run out the clock and win a match while your Disintegration Field is active.

To get this trophy, you have to win the game as Spencer, while your ultimate ability is activated. So basically, you have to kill everyone, and get to overtime, and have your ultimate ready to lay down. Then just before you win, activate it, and you get this trophy when you win!

Power Overwhelming
As Spencer, maintain 8 units or more of Bio Energy for 2 minutes.

This is made a bit easier if you get a “Bio Energy Tank” item from a Mastermind equipment box. Then, as Spencer, you just have to keep your energy above 8 for 2 minutes. The item increases your total energy, so you can wait for your energy to get to the max that the item allows, then just manage your cards properly. This will then unlock the trophy, so long as you left your energy  at least at 8 for 2 minutes.

Deal With It
As Spencer, activate 10 skill cards within 1 minute.

As Spencer, in the 3rd area, his default card that’s unlocked lowers his card cost when it’s used. When you use it, just spam cards when you can, and if you use 10 cards in under a minute, this trophy will pop!

Well That Escalated Quickly
As Daniel, use controlled creatures to defeat Survivors 2 or more times in a single match.

When you play as Daniel, you are proficient in zombie control. So you have to kill 2 survivors with controlled zombies, and Tyrant doesn’t count. You can get items from Equipment Chests that boost the damage you do with controlled zombies, do that can help, if you get. Aside from that, at level 3, you get the Rend perk for the Bloodlust skill. This increases the damage done as a zombie, when you grab someone. But the original perk heals you with every hit. So both are valuable, but you can only have 1 active. When you down 2 survivors, while controlling zombies, in an entire match, this trophy is yours.

Weird Flex but OK
As Daniel, use Creature Cards that cost 4 or more Bio Energy units 4 consecutive times.

Sad to say it, but getting this trophy, will likely cause you to lose a match. When you use a card, it costs energy. 4 energy is a lot! So what you wanna do is build a deck, with nothing but high level cards for Daniel. So anything that takes 4+ energy to use. Then, use them, 4 times in a row. When you do, you get this trophy. Then you can sit back and cry at the match you just threw, for a bronze!

Also, make sure they’re Zombie cards! Traps and Turret cards don’t work for this trophy!

One Punch
Defeat Survivors using the Tyrant’s Bull Rush 2 times in a single match.

This trophy is a bit of a pain. As Daniel, your ultimate B.O.W is Mr X (Tyrant), and he has an ability called Bull Rush, that makes him charge at the survivors. When you charge at survivors, they take damage. Then when you press circle again to stop the attack, you do a punch. I recommend damaging them to yellow or red before activating the skill. Also, at level 9, you unlock the Windup Perk for the Tyrant skill, so Bull Rush can do more damage. When you down 2 survivors in one game with this skill, the trophy is yours.

Payback Time
Win as the Mastermind while the Final Exit is open.

This is obtained for defeating the enemy team when the 3rd and final door is open. I suggest learning a Mastermind really well, and if you know you’re gonna beat a team, wait until the end. If you learn Nicholai very well, Nemesis can down an entire team with one rocket launcher shot! So this will come with time and practice. Once you manage to beat a team when the exit is open, you get this trophy.

Put That Thing Back Where it Came From
Defeat a Survivor while they are holding a puzzle piece in Area 1.

As a Mastermind, all you have to do is kill a survivor in area 1, who is carrying a key part. All I can say for this, is fill a room with zombies, and just hunker down. This will happen eventually during your time as a mastermind. Just keep trying. When you do, this trophy is yours.

Thou Shalt Not Pass
Lock doors 10 times in a single match.

When you’re a Mastermind, you can look at a door, and hold Square to lock it. It then causes a cooldown, which you have to wait for before you can lock another door. Lock 10 doors in one match, and this is yours.

Hello Darkness My Old Friend
Turn off lights 10 times in a single match.

When you’re a Mastermind, you can turn the lights off in a room, to make it harder for survivors to see. You have to look at the light switches and hold Square to turn them off. Do this 10 times in one match, and this is yours.

The Best Defense Is a Good Offense
Defeat a Survivor using a controlled Security Guard Zombie in Area 2.

When you play as a Mastermind, you can take control of zombies, by holding square when you look at them. In the second area, you have to control the Security Guard Zombie, and kill a survivor, while controlling it. This can be done as any Mastermind, but it’s easier as Daniel, as he is proficient in zombie control. This will unlock, when you down a survivor, while playing as the Security Zombie.



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