Resident Evil Code: Veronica X Trophy Guide (PS4)

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 6/10. 
Estimated time to Platinum: 15 – 20 Hours.
Missable trophies: 9.
(Bronze Duty and Humanity, Gold Weapon Crazy, Gold From The Young Lady, Gold No Time To Kill, Silver Feeling Blue, Silver It’s Not All Dark And Gloomy, Silver Reading Red, Bronze Tactical Upgrades, Bronze Packing A Punch)
Glitched trophies: None.
Difficulty related: None.
Playthrough: 2. 


Welcome to the Resident Evil Code: Veronica X Trophy Guide!
Play as Claire Redfield, as she searches for her brother Chris, after the events of Resident Evil 1&2! Can you survive another Umbrella Lab!?


Step 1: Beat the game.
During this step, just focus on beating the game at least once. Learn the paths, learn enemy locations, and item locations. Remember to save Rodrigo. If you don’t, don’t worry, as you have to save him in the next playthrough anyways. I recommend getting all the files as well, as once you get to the second half of the game, if you missed any before, you’re out of luck. Also, make rotating saves. There are 30 slots to save in total. Don’t be afraid to use all of them. You can mess up easily, and having many opportunities to fix it, helps a lot! After this run, you’ll have a few trophies out of the way.

You’ll be earning these trophies:
Bronze The Terror Begins
Bronze A Changed Father
Bronze Beyond The Shades
Silver The Fallen Tyrant
Silver The Prisoner Who Lost Everything
Bronze To The Frozen Land
Gold The Arrogant Queen
Bronze Duty And Humanity
Gold From The Young Lady
Bronze The Green Giant
Silver Feeling Blue
Silver It’s Not All Dark And Gloomy
Silver Reading Red
Bronze Tactical Upgrades
Bronze Packing A Punch
Bronze Decorative But Deadly

Step 2: Battle Game!
Now that Battle Game is unlocked, we’re gonna knock it out here. It’s basically a time attack through 18 rooms of enemies. You have unlimited ammo for the weapons in your inventory. These are annoying and stressful, but once you get the layout of the map, it’s rather simple. Sort of. You just have to clear it as 5 different characters, each with their own loadouts. Also, the time is always running. Even in the menu. At the end of this stage, you’ll have the other half of the trophy list done!

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
Bronze Is It Cold In Here?
Bronze Mirror Mirror
Bronze Eye Of The Tiger
Bronze We Don’t Sell 1-Ups
Bronze I Spy
Silver Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better…
Silver I Can Do Anything Better Than You
Silver A Is For Alternate
Silver Rockfort’s Finest
Silver Power Hungry
Gold Battle Master

Step 3: A Rank + 4 Hour Speedrun!
Now comes the fun part. The A rank. You have a plethora of requirements needed for this trophy. Like not saving, or dying, or using first aid sprays. The list goes on. But you can click here, to get an infinite herb, that doesn’t go away unless you accidentally mix it with another. I can’t recommend it enough! Then all you need to worry about is stocking up for the bosses. Refer to “Weapon Crazy” for all the requirements for A Rank! After this step, you’ll have the platinum!

During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
Gold Weapon Crazy
Gold No Time To Kill

40-platinum Slayer Of Evil

File Locations:

Thanks to IBadDriverI for the Video.

Trophy Guide:

Slayer of Evil
Unlock all trophies.

Unlock all trophies.

The Terror Begins
Escape from the graveyard of terror.

At the beginning of the game, the first area you go through is a graveyard. Once you make it through and see a cutscene with a different character, this trophy will unlock after it.

A Changed Father
Liberate the changed man.

This trophy is obtained after you play as Steve, and fall through a floor with him. You then have an emotional cutscene, and the trophy pops after that.

Beyond the Shades
Encounter a former S.T.A.R.S. captain.

When you’re playing as Claire, you’ll reach a part where you meet Wesker in a cutscene. This will pop after the cutscene.

The Fallen Tyrant upscale-245262160018212
Flatten an unstoppable enemy.

This will unlock after you beat the Tyrant in the plane’s cargo hold. This fight is annoying if you’re not prepared for it. Go in stocked with heavy ammo. Or 30 Explosive bolts for the Bowgun! Now, when you start, you’ll be next to a machine. If you interact with it, you’ll shoot the cargo at the Tyrant. Now run around the hold and shoot the Tyrant when you can. He moves slow so he’s easily dodged, but he can knock you out of the back of the plane. When he’s bleeding profusely, you’ll hear a beep noise. Run back to the machine, and shoot the cargo at him again! He’ll then fly from the plane and die!

The Prisoner Who Lost Everything upscale-245262160018212
Defeat the nameless man and end his suffering.

This is for killing Nosferatu in Antarctica. Just before you grab the Sniper Rifle, put everything in the item box. Except a bit of health, a blue herb, the grenade launcher, and some grenades. Now Nosferatu is fought on a helipad that you can get knocked off of if you’re not careful. He moves slow, and when he swings his arm, poison dust flies and can poison you! Now after you use all the sniper ammo on Nosferatu, if he isn’t dead, hit him with some grenades! When he dies, you get the trophy and the fight is over!

To The Frozen Land
Begin the search for your sister.

This is unlocked when Chris gets to Antarctica! You’re nearing the end!

The Arrogant Queen Gold
Put an end to the Queen’s reign.

This is for killing Alexia at the end of the game. This fight is annoying, and brutal and you need plenty of ammo for it. I had over 100 pistol bullets, and 30 shotgun shells and I barely made it. Go into the fight with as many healing items as possible. Now, I just stood in the corner, shooting her, and aiming down once in a while to kill her plant spawns. I’d also take a step or two now and again and see how bad I was hurt and heal. After you do enough damage, the Linear Launcher pops out of the wall. Now run around until she throws her fire, then try to hit her with the Launcher. This is a big pain in the butt, as the aimer is in first person for the launcher and she flies around a lot. So just hope for the best before time runs out!

Duty and Humanity
Deliver some medicine to a man in need.

If you miss the Hemostatic, Rodrigo dies. When you’re in the Military Training Facility, you’ll hit a point where you have to chase Alfred. In the long hallway, at the far end on the north side, is a save room. In this room, is a bottle of Hemostatic. Grab the pills. Now, when you can, return to your prison cell, and give Rodrigo the pills, and get this trophy!

Weapon Crazy Gold
Get the Rocket Launcher.

This is one of the hardest trophies in the game. To get it, you need to get an A Rank. To get an A rank, you need the following things:

  • Finish the game in under 4 ½ hours. The clock is ALWAYS RUNNING!
  • No Deaths
  • No Saves (Antarctica save can be used)
  • No First Aid Sprays
  • Give Rodrigo the Hemostatic
  • Save Steve quickly in the death room
  • Defeat the Gulp Worm to save Rodrigo as Chris

All of these things need to be achieved to get the A rank. Now if you’re unsure about the paths to take, I recommend playing each section a few times, or watching videos. I highly recommend using an infinite green herb glitch, so you can just run through all the enemies, without wasting ammo. You’ll find the video in step 3 of the roadmap. Just before you beat Nosferatu as Claire, leave the infinite herb, and her upgraded pistol, and ammo in the box. Go into Nosferatu with the Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, found in the Weapons Room of Antarctica, and many healing items. Especially for curing poison! Once you get your A grade at the end of the credits, this trophy unlocks.

From The Young Lady Gold
Receive encouragement from a young lady.

When you reach the point where you take control of Steve, kill the zombies in front of you, then go back into the door you came out of. Claire will give you words of encouragement, and you’ll get a trophy!

The Green Giant
Say farewell to your fallen comrade.

This is acquired once you see the death of a certain character when Chris is in the Antarctic! No spoilers!

No Time To Kill Gold
Finish the game in under 4 hours.

This is for finishing the game in under 4 hours. Very similar to “Weapon Crazy”. If you don’t manage to get this with Weapon Crazy, you’ll get an infinite rocket launcher to help the process along! To be able to use the Rocket Launcher, you have to start an entirely new game. Don’t forget to put the rocket launcher in an item box before Nosferatu, so Chris can have it. You can also get the Assault Rifle in Antarctica as Claire. It’s in the weapons room where you get the Mining Room Key. Once you beat the game in under 4 hours, this trophy is yours.

Is It Cold In Here?
Claire was shivering in the freezer (must be in Battle Game, in third-person view).

When you play as Claire in Battle Game, make sure you pick 3rd Person view. In the 14th room, you’ll be in a freezer. Stay in this room for a minute or two until Claire does an animation of being really cold, then the trophy will pop!

Mirror Mirror
Look in the broken mirror in the locker room with Chris (must be in third-person view).

When you play as Chris in Battle Game, make sure you pick 3rd Person view. In the 14th room, you’ll be in the locker room. Inspect the mirror at the entrance, and get this trophy.

Eye of the Tiger
Look at the tiger statue in the medical hallway with Chris (must be in Battle Game, in third-person view).

When you play as Chris in Battle Game, make sure you pick 3rd Person view. Then in the 4th room, before you exit, go to the end of the hall, across from the exit door, and interact with the Tiger statue for this trophy!

We Don’t Sell 1-Ups
Use the soda machine outside the locker room with Steve (must be in third-person view).

When you play as Steve in Battle Game, make sure you pick 3rd Person view. When you reach the 12th room, before you exit the door, interact with the vending machine, and then this trophy will unlock!

I Spy
Look at the one-eyed statue in the infirmary with Wesker (must be in third-person view).

When you play as Wesker in Battle Game, make sure you pick 3rd Person view. In the 11th map, you’ll be in the doctor’s room. Go into the side room and interact with the one eyed diagram before you leave, and get this trophy.

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better… upscale-245262160018212
Earn an A ranking in Battle Game with Claire.

This is for beating Claire’s battle game in under 6 minutes for an A rank. The boss is Nosferatu, and he takes 20-25 seconds to kill. So when you load in, immediately open the menu, and equip the bow gun. It has explosive bullets and kills fast. Play the level a few times, to get a feel for all the enemies, then try it in under 6 minutes. If you haven’t hit the boss in about 5:35, restart. You can just stand still while killing Nosferatu if you’d like as well!

I Can Do Anything Better Than You upscale-245262160018212
Earn an A ranking in Battle Game with Chris.

This is for getting A rank as Chris is battle game. The time limit here is 6:30. You’ll wanna be at the boss by 5 minutes. Using the magnum is the best choice, as it kills everything one hit. The boss for Chris is unfortunately Alexia. When you get into the room and the battle starts, run around her one tentacle and get up as close as possible to her middle. Then unload with the magnum, repositioning when needed. When she takes flight, you have to shoot her in the air with the magnum. If you can get her in the top left corner of the map, she’ll be stuck against a wall, and you can keep firing on her until she dies!

A is for Alternate upscale-245262160018212
Earn an A ranking in Battle Game with Alt. Claire.

This is for getting an A rank in Claire’s Alternate costume Battle Game. You unlock this when you beat Claire’s normal Battle Mode. The map and enemy placement is exactly the same as the first version, except now you have an Assault Rifle and Grenade Launcher. Use the launcher with the normal grenade rounds. You have 8 minutes for an A rank this time. The annoying thing is, the boss here is Tyrant, and he can knock you off the helipad. Try and make it to Tyrant in 7 minutes, just in case and just blast him with grenades. Then just hope he gets stunned, a lot! When you beat the round in under 8 minutes, you’ll get an A!

Rockfort’s Finest upscale-245262160018212
Earn an A ranking in Battle Game with Steve.

This is for getting an A rank as Steve in the battle game. To unlock Steve’s Battle Game, you have to solve the drawer puzzle as Chris, in the save room where you first see spiders! The solution is the picture on the wall! Then you get the Luger Replicas, and Steve! You’ll want to use his SMGs the whole run. The worst parts are the room with the stretchy arm guys, and the hunters. If you make it to the boss, who is the Rock Worm, in about 8 minutes, you should be fine! I recommend running to the left of the battle arena, so you have more of an area to dodge! The A rank for this is 10 minutes! The biggest holdup is the Gulp Worm if he knocks you down a bunch. When you get an A, this trophy is yours.

Power Hungry upscale-245262160018212
Earn an A ranking in Battle Game with Wesker.

This is easily the worst battle trophy. You have to get an A rank for Wesker in Battle Game. He has a time limit of about 30 minutes. The reason being is because he has nothing but a knife. You have to clear all 17 rooms with a knife! In the 12th room, you can go to another room and interact with a slot machine. You have a chance of getting a magnum. If you don’t get the magnum, your run is done. As Weskers boss is Alexia in the Main Hall of the mansion. This will take luck, perseverance and a little bit of skill! When slashing at zombies, always aim downward too! You can knock them down and hit them more than once with one swing!
Refer to the map below for the location of the missable 13th Casino Room.

Battle Master Gold
Get the Linear Launcher from Battle Game.

This is for getting an A rank as every character in Battle Game!

Feeling Blue upscale-245262160018212
Collect all Blue Files in the Story.

This is for collecting all of the blue files in the game! Refer to Video Section of the roadmap for a link to a collectible guide!

It’s Not All Dark and Gloomy upscale-245262160018212
Collect all Yellow Files in the Story.

This is for collecting all of the yellow files in the game! Refer to Video Section of the roadmap for a link to a collectible guide!

Reading Red upscale-245262160018212
Collect all Red Files in the Story.

This is for collecting all of the red files in the game! Refer to Video Section of the roadmap for a link to a collectible guide!

Tactical Upgrades
Upgrade the M93R.

If you didn’t do Bronze Duty And Humanity, you won’t have the lockpick. After you regain control of Claire, after playing as Steve, head through the East exit of the room and head North. You’ll end up in a little save room, and there will be an Emblem on one of the walls. Now when you go back to the prison area, and get to the doctor’s office with the Indigo Plate, you’ll end up going through a door, and you’ll see a body bag move. Then you’ll be in a room with incinerators. Clear out the enemies, and grab the briefcase on the other end. Check it in your inventory and open it with the pick lock. Then combine the weapon parts with your gun, and get this trophy.

Packing a Punch
Modify the Glock 17.

As Chris, your starting pistol is a Glock. As you explore Rockfort Island as Chris, you’ll end up in the basement section that you played as Steve. You’ll end up going in a side room to get a green chemical compound. This room also has a workbench in it, that will upgrade Chris’ Glock! Upgrade it and get this trophy!

Decorative But Deadly
Acquire the Gold Lugers.

In the Palace, where you view the video with the Ashford twins, you’ll end up opening a secret room. The Golden Lugers are in the secret room, on the back wall! Pick them up to get the trophy. Then put them back before you die.



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