Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Review

The seventh main entry in one of Capcom best-selling franchises released at stores in January 2017. As a modern attempt to reborn a classic genre, the game feels refreshing compared with its predecessor. A new graphic engine, first-person view, and new gameplay mechanics are just a few of the surprises this game has to offer.


Ethan Winters receives an email from his wife Mia, who was missing and presumed dead for 3 years. Little he knew he was about to live a true nightmare he would never forget


We take control of Ethan Winters on his journey to Louisianna in order to find his wife. His search will lead him into Baker’s family grounds. There he will be physically and psychologically tortured. In a videogame style that reminds of games like Outlast but with the essence of the old Resident Evil games. As always, there are plenty of B.O.Ws (Bio-Organic Weapons) as well as bio-terrorism involve in the plot. So you better be ready to read some “confidential” documents scattered across the Baker’s grounds.


The gameplay is probably the best part of Resident Evil 7. It features both old and new mechanics. Unlike the classic games and their typewriters, here we will need recorders to save our game, of course, the game features an auto-save function. The item boxes are also back, ideal to store those items we don’t want to carry at the moment.

One of the new mechanics is the first-person view, perfect to create more tension for the player. The tension is present everywhere, even when there’s no threat insight thanks to the amazing graphics and sounds.

Exploration plays a huge part in the game. There a lot of resources you can find if you search deeply in every place. It is also very important to get to know each room since you will need to avoid the Bakers while traversing on their grounds.


Both beautiful and horrific. the RE Engine provides highly detailed expressions on the characters as well as splendid use of lights and shadows. This game will surely make the best of your TV.

The sounds are an important part of the game as well. To get the best experience use your headset and pay attention to those little sounds in the background, it may save your life.

Let’s not forget this game is totally compatible with VR, so if you happen to have a VR set-up at home, you’re in for a terrific and horrifying experience.


Subsequent playthroughs will be way shorter since you know the solutions for puzzles and where to find the key items. Even so, it still provides extra hours of enjoyment due to the unlockable items and the madhouse mode where the enemies and items placement are changed, there are also more special items available in this mode.

The game also has 2 different endings as well as some DLC content. If you decide to go for the DLCs (1 free and 3 paid) keep in mind that some add extra modes full of challenges for the hardcore fans, while others provide more argument and character background to the plot.


Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is a wonderful mix between the classic horror setting and the modern graphics. It’s a game that both veterans and new players can enjoy and a total must-play for the horror fans. So, if you need something spooky to play this Halloween, do yourself a favor and try this game, you can’t go wrong with it.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Review











  • High quality graphics and sounds
  • VR compatible
  • Classic-modern horror


  • Arguably short


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