Remothered Tormented Fathers Trophy Guide and Text Walkthrough

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 2.5/10.
    Estimated time to 100%: 1.5 – 3 Hours.
    Trophies: 10.  GoldSilverBronze7
    Missable trophies: 3. Bronze Trapped,Silver Mirror Breaker & Gold Collector
    Glitched trophies: None.
    Difficulty related: None.
    Playthrough: 1. 



    Welcome to the Remothered Tormented Fathers Trophy Guide!
    Remothered: Tormented Fathers is an award winning indie psychological horror game, and the first chapter of a Remothered trilogy.

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    It is a stalking type survival horror game, be quiet or they will find you… Or frantically run like a maniac your choice! It also has lots of little mild puzzle elements, more like, how do we get that working… What is this for… Go find a useful key item in the big ol’ mansion… Connect the dots type. I will show you the sequence for how to complete the game in the text walkthrough and video below. I found it a really interesting game and it had plenty going on considering its short length. Definitely worth a play.
    Trophy wise the majority are automatic story related trophies except for 3, and I will show you how to get anything missable in the guide below. 



    Step 1: Complete the game, follow the walkthrough.
    Play blind for fun first or use the walkthrough below to complete the game.
    There is no chapter select so make sure to get everything in one go. There are 19 collectables in the game to find, please use the guide below for all their locations.
    Lastly make sure to grab these 3 missable trophies along the way, but these missables are all very simple so don’t worry. 

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    1. Bronze Trapped for attempting to leave the mansion when prompted near the beginning of the game, it will show up in your objectives list, but you must do it first and not leave it.
    2. Silver Mirror Breaker When you have used the statue to break the wall, this new room will be Celeste’s room and will have 7 mirrors in it. BEFORE you open the drawer for the tape to progress, you must smash all these mirrors with the infinite pile of bricks FIRST. You know you’ve got them all when the moths swarm at you, there your trophy will unlock.
    3. Gold Collector the collectables trophy, but there is only 19 to find, which isnt so bad. Follow the vid or text guide for all collectable locations. Do pick them up as soon as you see them and are in the area, as missing any would result in you needing to do another playthrough.

    Video Walkthrough:


    Text Walkthrough:

    Chapter 1: The Arrival.

    • Collectable (1/19) Movie Poster – Go down the straight ahead path, at the end on the left interact with the ‘Scears’ Poster.
    • Collectable (2/19) Missing – Celeste Felton – Go back till you reach the right turn, on this corner on the right interact with the missing girl poster.
    • Now go down this right hand turn and interact with the gate on the right.
    • To enter the mansion go around the left hand side to get to the back door.
    • Bronze Trophy unlocked (1/10) – The Arrival.
    • Follow the woman to Felton’s office.
    • Collectable (3/19) Coronation of the Virgin – In Felton’s office interact with the lady painting on the wall in front of you.
    • Collectable (4/19) Article – Contaminated Fields – In Felton’s office interact with the item in the drawer of the desk.

    Chapter 2: Disappearance.

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    You have now automatically re-entered the Mansion.

    • Bronze Trophy unlocked (2/10) – Disappearance.
    • Collectable (5/19) Happily Together – Right next to the front door interact with the item in the drawer of the right hand desk.
    • Stock up your inventory, from around this area pick up 3 diversion items, and 1 defensive item.
    • Follow the music. Go upstairs and round to the right, and to the end bedroom.
    • Hide in the closet!
    • You are now being stalked! And will be for the entirety of the game. Sneak, run, or hide, as you see fit to get to your destinations!
    • Collectable (6/19) Mr and Mrs Felton’s Marriage – Exit closet, interact with the picture straight ahead of you on the bedroom wall.
    • Key Item: End Corridor Key – Go into the bedrooms en-suite bathroom, and interact with Felton’s gown to get the key.
    • Interact with the bath to add it to the objectives list. (Press TOUCHPAD to view your objectives).
    • Exit the bedroom and to your right you will see a MIRROR. Mirrors are save points, save now and save regularly. You can also heal from mirrors if you have taken damage.
    • Bronze Missable trophy unlocked (3/10) – Trapped – Go downstairs and go up to the front doors, in an attempt to leave the mansion.
    • You can’t leave through the front doors, so turn around and go to the double-doors at the other end of the corridor, and use the End Corridor Key. (You have to press  to use key items from your inventory)
    • Turn left and go into the kitchen
    • Collectable (7/19) Summer  in Rome – Interact with the photo on the kitchen fridge
    • Key Item: Plunger – Pick up the plunger from the kitchen table
    • Take the rope off the door at the back so you have an exit if you need it
    • Key Item: Rusty Handle – Interact with the high shelf next to the kitchen table, then interact with the chair to stand on to reach the rusty handle
    • Interact with the stove in the kitchen
    • Key Item: Film – Use the Rusty Handle on the stove, to get the film.
    • Exit through the door you came, and go into the next door on the left which is the Dining Room.
    • Collectable (8/19) Felton Family Portrait – Interact with the large painting on the wall at the other end of the Dining Room.
    • Collectable (9/19) Article – Wyman’s Suicide – Interact with the note on the corner of the dining table near you.
    • A chandelier will fall.
    • Key Item: Metal Cable – Interact with the chandelier on the floor to get the Metal Cable.
    • Exit the dining room through the side door and follow the corridor to the left where you will find another mirror at the end. Make a save.
    • Make your way back upstairs to the Bedroom.
    • In the Bedroom, go to the en-suite Bathroom and use the Plunger with the bath.
    • Go to the Basement all the way at the bottom of the stairs.
    • Interact with the grate on the floor.
    • Use the Metal Cable with the service hatch next to the grate.
    • Interact with the ladder also in the basement.
    • Go back upstairs and next to the Bedroom & mirror is the upper part of the service hatch, interact with it to turn the power on.
    • Go downstairs and near the front door you will see a flashing red light, that is the generator, interact with it to turn the power on.
    • Key Item: Pendulum Clock Key – Go back to the basement, you can now pick up this key from the grate.
    • Go near the Dining Room, in the corridor on the right hand side you will see the Grandfather clock, use the Pendulum Key.
    • Key Item: Battery – Pick up the battery from the bottom compartment of the Grandfather clock.
    • Go upstairs, turn right, turn right again, and go into Felton’s Office. This room has 2 statues at its entrance.
    • Collectable (10/19) Gloria’s Note – In the office you will see a Projector. Press :l2 to read this note attached to the projector.
    • Use the Battery on the lower part of the projector.
    • Use the Film in the upper part of the projector.
    • Interact with the projector screen in front on the wall.
    • Play the projector.
    • Felton has caught you in the cutscene. When you have wriggled free, run towards the office entrance you came through.
    • Now shit your pants.

    Chapter 3: Nightmare.

    • Bronze Trophy unlocked (4/10) – Nightmare.
    • The Red Nun is chasing you. Dodge her to exit the office, run round to the left and go to the far end of the corridor and hide under the sofa.
    • Go back to the mirror near the bedroom to heal, and save.
    • Walk towards the Attic hatch 2 times (its opposite the elevator) to trigger 2 cutscenes until you hear music.
    • Collectable (11/19) Red Nun – When you hear music, go back into the office, and interact with the large painting of the Red Nun on the wall behind Felton’s desk.
    • Collectable (12/19) Red Nuns – Plantation – Follow the music into the Bedroom. Interact with the photo on the bed where the corpse used to be.
    • Walk towards the gramophone.
    • Key Item: Old Umbrella Handle – When the music stops, this umbrella item will fall in the corner of the Bedroom, pick it up.
    • Head towards the Attic hatch.
    • Use the Old Umbrella Handle to open the Attic hatch.
    • Collectable (13/19) Unpacking Bags – Go towards the candle lit table at the back, you will automatically interact with the collectable.
    • Run back towards the Attic hatch to escape.

    You are now in a new room where Celeste is watching TV.

    • A mirror (the downstairs one we have been to before) is right outside the door near Celeste, grab a quick save.
    • Key Item: Batteries – Go back to Celeste, When she puts the TV remote down, interact with it to take the batteries.
    • Now she’s pissed, she was really diggin that show, so RUN to the basement.
    • Key Item: Oil Can – In the basement, use the Batteries with the ladder. Climb the ladder to get the Oil Can.
    • Go upstairs (twice) to the 1st floor and turn left, at the end of the corridor interact with the fireplace.
    • You have found a secret passage. Go forward until you see a statue.
    • Collectable (14/19) Celeste / Jennifer – To the left of the statue is a dresser table, interact with the drawer to get this collectable.
    • Behind the statue is a new mirror. Heal and save.
    • Also near the statue is a Cart. Interact with it and use the Oil Can on the cart so you can move it out the way.
    • Interact with the icon on the wall where the cart was.
    • Now push the statue over to break the wall.
    • You have now discovered Celeste’s Room.
    • Before you do anything else, grab the missable trophy.
    • Silver Missable trophy unlocked (5/10) – Mirror Breaker – In Celeste’s room is 7 mirrors. Near the Broken wall entrance you came from is an infinite supply of throwable bricks. Smash all 7 mirrors by throwing the bricks at them. You know you have got them all when a swarm of moths comes at you.
    • Make sure you inventory is fully stocked with 3 bricks before you leave.
    • Go in the bathroom to trigger the audio.
    • Now you can interact with the drawer under the fan, and interact with the tape to progress.
    • Exit through the closet.

    Chapter 4: Violence.

    You are now in the sewers.

    • Bronze Trophy unlocked (6/10) – Violence.
    • Collectable (15/19) 1973 – In the sewers turn around 180 degrees and the collectable will be at the end of the tunnel on the right hand side.
    • Follow the path of the tunnel, there is only one way to go, around to left. Survive the QTE’s and exit using the ladder at the other end of the tunnel.
    • Collectable (16/19) The Best Roses – At the top of the ladder you are automatically awarded this collectable upon entering the Wine Cellar.
    • Collectable (17/19) Signboard “Rosso Gallo” Farm – In the Wine Cellar interact with any one of the posters that you see on the wall. there will be one down the right hand corridor, or near the hot steam exit.
    • The exit is blocked by hot steam. You need to turn 3 valves to turn off the steam. The first valve is right by the exit hot steam. The remaining 2 are near, at the first fork in the path you see from the exit, a valve will be one each side of the fork.

    In this section you need to be fast.

    • Run around the path until you get to the room with 2 push able bookshelves. Quickly push the bookshelf to close the door you came through so Celeste cannot get in.
    • Interact with the other bookshelf to reveal your exit door.
    • Key Item: Laundry Room Key – Crouch and wait near the first bookshelf till you see the key drop down, and pick it up.
    • Quickly run back to the exit door to use the Laundry Room Key.

    Chapter 5: Torment.

    You are now back in the Basement.

    • Use the Elevator.
    • Inside the Elevator you must interact with buttons and the door when you can, or you will die.
    • Go to the Infirmary. The infirmary is the door on the right hand side of the Grandfather clock.
    • Press  to quickly throw an item at Gloria.
    • Collectable (18/19) Note – Mannequin – Interact with the note attached to the mannequin.
    • Collectable (19/19) Medical Records – Gloria Ashmann – Directly behind the mannequin, interact with the item on the desk to get your last collectable!
    • Gold Missable trophy unlocked (7/10) – Collector – For getting all the collectables.
    • Bronze Trophy unlocked (8/10) – Torment.
    • Press  then  to quickly throw another item at Gloria.
    • Walk towards the corridor double-doors.

    You are now tied to the Dining Room chair with Felton. You have to be fast to survive this encounter:

    • Interact with the 3 items on the table.
    • Turn the camera to look behind you.
    • Before the prompt even arrives immediately begin to button mash &  , that is the only way I was able to survive.
    • QTE… Now he dead!
    • Key Item: Elevator Crank – You automatically acquire this upon Felton’s demise.
    • Before progressing, make sure you stock up your Inventory. Make sure you have 3 diversion items, a weapon/defensive item, and make sure to UPGRADE your defensive item. There are 3 upgrade points, one in the Celeste TV room, one in the Basement, and one at the very top of the stairs.
    • Use the Elevator.
    • In the Elevator stab Gloria with a QTE.
    • In the Elevator use the Elevator Crank.

    Chapter 6: Pain.

    You are now in the finale area.

    • Follow the path around.
    • When you have squeezed through the scaffolding, run to the other end of the room and immediately begin cranking the door open by mashing .
    • She will interrupt you, stab her and immediately continue cranking the door and exit.
    • Follow the path, do pick up the weapon stuck in the wall on the right after the ramp to replace the one you just used. (Unless you used the durability upgrade then you wont need a new weapon).
    • Crawl through the crawl space tunnel to get to a room with Gloria and a cart.
    • Crouch. Throw one of your diversion items to the other end of the room to lure her away, while you move the cart. Squeeze through the scaffolding that was behind the cart.
    • Same again, crouch, throw a diversion item somewhere else to move Gloria so you can get to the power box with the flashing red light. Interact with it.
    • Use the ladder and take an immediate right.
    • Follow the path / keep going straight ahead till you get to the next ladder, again take an immediate right.
    • When you have squeezed through this last scaffolding, you will have your final encounter! In the room is Gloria and the switch on the wall you need. Throw a throwable diversion item directly into her so you have enough time to get to the switch!
    • Bronze Trophy unlocked (9/10) – Pain.
    • Gold Trophy unlocked (10/10 – Forgiveness.

    The End!

    Trophy Guide:

    The Arrival
    Get into the house for the first time

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    Enter inside the web of lies and deceits woven by the residents of the house

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    Meet your worst nightmare for the first time

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    Start at the bottom after a traumatic event

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    Slowly fall into a downward spiral

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    Beat your demons

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    Forgiveness Gold
    Reconcile with an old acquaintance

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    Collector Gold
    Get all the collectibles

    Missable Trophy!

    There are only 19 collectables throughout the game.
    You can check your collectables progress via the touchpad.
    You must grab them as soon as they are active in their corresponding areas as game progression will make many become unobtainable, as some areas you will never return to.
    There is no chapter select so make sure not too miss any to avoid having to do another playthrough.
    If you would like visuals, I will add the timestamps to the collectables to the linked walkthrough video above.

    1. ‘Scears’ Movie Poster – When you gain control, go down the straight ahead path, and this poster will be on the wall on the left near the end. (See video @ 2:12)

    2. Missing Poster – Celeste Felton – Go back n when you see a right hand turn, the missing poster will be at the beginning of the turn on the right hand side corner. (See video @ 2:32)

    3. Coronation of the Virgin – When you first enter Felton’s office, this big painting will be on the wall right in front of you. (See video @ 5:15)

    4. Article – Contaminated Fields – Still in the office, this collectable is in the drawer of Felton’s desk. (See video @ 5:30)

    5. Happily Together – When you re-enter the mansion, before you do anything, grab this collectable from the drawer on the right hand side of the front door. (See video @ 6:07)

    6. Mr. and Mrs. Felton’s Marriage – When you are first in the bedroom and have to hide in the closet, when you exit the closet this picture will be hanging on the bedroom wall. (See video @ 9:09)

    7. Summer in Rome – When you have used the end corridor door key, turn left, and enter the kitchen. This photo collectable is on the kitchen fridge. (See video @ 13:43)

    8. Felton Family Portrait – The room next to kitchen, is the dining room. This collectable is the large painting on the back wall of the dining room. (See video @ 16:29)

    9. Article – Wyman’s Suicide – Still in the dining room, this collectable is on the corner of the dining table, next to the last painting collectable. (See video @ 16:44)

    10. Gloria’s Note – Upstairs go right, and then first right, to enter Feltons office. In this office you will see the projector that this collectable is attached to. You have to read this one differently to all the others, by pressing instead of . (See video @ 30:15)

    11. Red Nun – When you have triggered the cutscenes of Celeste entering the attic, you will hear music begin. While the music is on go to the office and behind Feltons desk on the wall will be this large painting. (See video @ 34:44)

    12. Red Nuns – Plantation – While the music is still playing, enter the bedroom, and this photo will be on the bed where the corpse used to be. (See video @ 35:25)

    13. Unpacking bags – When you have entered the attic, go to the candlelit table at the end and you will be automatically given this collectable. (See video @ 38:25)

    14. Celeste / Jennifer – When you have found the secret passage through the fireplace, near the statue on the left hand side this collectable will be in the drawer. (See video @ 44:20)

    15. 1973 – As soon as you enter the sewers (after you have smashed the mirrors), turn around and go the opposite way, this collectable will be on the wall on the right hand side. (See video @ 49:18)

    16. The Best Roses – Upon exiting the sewers, you will enter the wine cellar, where you will automatically obtain this collectable. (See video @ 51:52)

    17. Signboard “Rosso Gallo” Farm – In the wine cellar there are a few of these on the walls. interact with any one of them to register this collectable. There is one right by the exit near the hot steam. (See video @ 53:12)

    18. Note – Mannequin – When you have met Gloria in the infirmary, right in front of you will be a mannequin with this collectable attached to it. (See video @ 59:18)

    19. Medical Records – Gloria Ashmann – This collectable is directly behind the last one, behind the mannequin, on the desk.

    Mirror Breaker upscale-245262160018212
    Face and destroy your fears before they could come alive

    Missable Trophy!

    You must do this BEFORE interacting with the drawer under the fan in Celeste’s room as that will progress the story and void this trophy.

    When you have used the statue to break a hole in the wall, you will be in Celeste’s room. In Celeste’s room is 7 mirrors. Near the entrance is an infinite supply of throwable bricks. Aim with and throw the bricks with to smash all the mirrors. You know you have broken all 7 mirrors when moths swarm at you.

    Attempt to escape from the house

    Missable Trophy!

    Near the beginning of the game when you first go into the bedroom and you have to hide in the closet for the first time, an objective will appear on screen prompting you to attempt to leave the mansion. You can pick up the collectable and key item from this bedroom but then before you do anything else you must make your way downstairs to the front doors of the mansion. When you are near the doors it will say objective completed and you will get the trophy.


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