Pokémon Legends: Arceus Star Rank Guide

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    To get higher-level pokemon to obey you and continue in the story you will need to increase your star rank, but how do you actually do that? Well here is our full Pokémon Legends: Arceus Star Rank Guide!

    This guide is currently a work in progress and will be updated throughout our playthrough

    How do you gain star rank points?

    There are a few ways to gain points to level up your star rank:

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    • Complete Pokedex entries.
    • Catch new pokemon.
    • See pokemon moves.
    • Defeat pokemon.
    • Defeat pokemon using a specific type of move.

    Completing entries will also get you points and should be your main focus, you will be catching a lot of the same pokemon throughout the game.

    Star Rank Rewards

    Every time you rank up you will be able to use new things and pokemon of a higher level will obey you, here is a list of every rank

    • Star Rank 0: Pokemon of level 10 or below will obey you.
    • Star Rank 1: Pokemon of level 20 or below will obey you – Heavy Ball Recipe – Revive Recipe.
    • Star Rank 2: Pokemon of level 30 or below will obey you – Feather Ball Recipe – Super Potion Recipe.
    • Star Rank 3: Pokemon of level 40 or below will obey you – Great Ball Recipe.
    • Star Rank 4: Pokemon of level 50 or below will obey you – Leaden Ball Recipe – Hyper Potion Recipe.
    • Star Rank 5: Pokemon of level 65 or below will obey you – Wing Ball Recipe.
    • Star Rank 6: Pokemon of level 80 or below will obey you – Ultra Ball Recipe – Max Potion Recipe.
    • Star Rank 7: All pokemon will now obey you – Gigaton Ball Recipe.
    • Star Rank 8: Jet Ball Recipe – Full Restore Recipe.
    • Star Rank 9: ???

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