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PokéDEX -3- “Generation 1”

Welcome back again to PokéDEX! Our weekly series where we discover new facts about our favorite creatures: the Pokémons. We will check out between 3 or 5 of them every week. Ready to keep on rocking with us, in our new adventure? As always… Gotta discover ’em all!

#063 Abra

Abra is a psychic-type Pokémon who lives in contact with humans in big cities, especially in abandoned buildings. It’s famous because of its psychic and telekinesis abilities. In fact, it uses them for almost everything: getting food, escaping from dangers and teleport itself.
Its name is part of an incantation used in stage magic, Abracadabra. It can also come from the Spanish word “Cabra” Which means goat. Furthermore, its Japanese name ( ケーシィ – Casey) it’s a reference to the purported psychic Edgar Cayce.

Level 16With Trade

Fun Facts

  • Its Pokédex description explains that it can teleport itself even if it’s sleeping. However, if you try to use the “Teleport” move while you have a sleepy Abra on your team, it won’t work;
  • Abra can sleep even 18 hours a day in order to regain the energy spent to use its psychic powers;
  • In the Pokémon Red and Blue beta, its original name was “Hocus” in reference to the state magic Hocus Pocus”

Source: Bulbapedia

#066 Machop

Machop is a fighting-type Pokémon introduced in the first generation. It likes living in the mountains, where it can upgrade its skills by spending its time and energy practicing all different forms of martial arts.
Its name comes from the Spanish and Portuguese word “Macho” which indicates a strong man and from the English Word “Chop”. Its Japanese name (ワンリキー – Wanriky) it’s a combination of the on’yomi readings of 腕 wan (arm) and 力 riki (strength).

Level 28With Trade

Fun Facts

  • Before the release of the English versions of Pokémon Red and Blue, Machop was known as “Kara-Tee” which is a corruption of the word “Karate”, a martial art;
  • Even if the word “Macho” indicates a masculine adjective (Strong Man), you can find a female Machop too. However, it’s evolution line has a 3:1 Male/Female ratio which makes the species predominantly male;
  • Machop may seem the weakest one in its evolution line, but the Pokédex tells us it has enough strength to throw away one thousand men with a single throw.

Source: Bulbapedia

#086 Seel

Seel is a water-type Pokémon introduced in the first generation. It’s based on a harp seal pup and its fur is so thick that it retains both air and water to keep the Pokémon warm.
Its name obviously comes from the English word “Seal”, which indicates the sea creature. Furthermore, its Japanese name ( パウワウ – Pawou) may come from the Japanese onomatopoeia of a seal bark

Level 34

Fun Facts

  • Seel takes its meal by hunting it under the iced sea and when it needs to breathe, it breaks the ice by using its horn on the head. Its horn can be based on the narwhal’s horn too;
  • It’s more active in deep seas than on earth, in fact, it goes on the land just to make friends or to give birth like real seals;
  • Despite its calm and carefree looking, Seal can be a though enemy both from close and long distances. In fact, it can learn moves like Headbutt or Aurora Beam to hit you without caring about the distance.

Source: Bulbapedia

That’s all for this week guys, see you next Thursday with a few new Pokémon to look at. If you’ve missed it, check my previous articles as well HERE and, as always: Gotta Discover ‘Em All!

My career of trophy hunter starts from the AC II platinum. I love videogames and I want to transmit my passion to the whole world by writing guides etc.


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