Paw Paw Paw Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 2/10
    Estimated time to platinum: 3/5 hours
    Missable trophies: None
    Glitched trophies: None
    Difficulty related: None
    Playthrough: 1


    Welcome to the Paw Paw Paw Trophy Guide!
    Join the antipants squad and bring down the King. Hack and slash your way to victory, and beat all your enemies into pulps!
    This game is developed by Simpleton and published by Ratalaika Games.


    Step 1: Story Mode
    During this step it’s really recommended to set the game on EASY by going into “Settings” > “Game” > “Difficulty”. This will grants you easy platinum even tho it will take longer than any other Ratalaika Games.

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    Now it’s time to select one of the 4 available characters and begin your adventure. If you want, you can also obtain Domba from the beginning of the game as well (Refer to Gold The Thief trophy). 
    All of them have a different combat style with the related weapons, different stats, and different skills, so be sure to pick the one you consider the best and stick with him for the whole game (Kita might be the easiest one due to the long-range attacks but bows are harder to find than the other weapons).

    You’ll be earning these trophies:
    Bronze Bigger Badder Better
    Bronze King of the Hill
    Bronze Godsitter
    Bronze Express Delivery

    Silver Choo Choo
    Silver I Am the Night
    Silver Jail Break
    Silver King Slayer
    Silver The Bannerman
    Gold The Ranger
    Bronze Haul Off
    Bronze Tony Bears Pro
    Bronze City Life
    Bronze The Fallen
    Silver Yo Ho Yo Ho
    Silver Crasher
    Gold The End?
    Silver Gulp Gulp Gulp
    Gold Fiver
    Silver Professional Roller
    Silver Are These Yours?

    Step 2: Clean Up
    This step might be optional, but some trophies might be blocked yet. If so, it’s time to focus on them to unlock the Platinum trophy as well. 

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    The trophy you might have not unlocked yet are:
    Gold The Thief
    Gold The Guardian
    Gold Boss
    Silver Kaboom
    Silver Beast Master
    Silver I Don’t Feel So Good
    40-platinum Platinum Anti-Pants

    Tips and Strategies:

    • Before starting, BE SURE TO SET THE GAME ON EASY!
    • Always collect food by breaking scenario objects and defeating enemies as you will need a lot of them for large potions, companions, and mounts;
    • Potions and other items can be also found during combat but you will mostly find small or medium potions (rarely large ones);
    • Be sure to come back to the closest outpost from time to time to upgrade your skills and buy potions in case you need them;
    • Mostly improve your strength and defense stats as soon as possible and unlock Weapon Masteries to allow yourself to equip higher tier weapons;
    • New weapons can be found in combat or can be bought in outposts;
    • The best way to survive is the rolling skill you will have from the beginning of the game. While rolling, you are invulnerable and you will dodge almost every attack (sometimes traps as well).

    Bosses Video Walkthrough

    Here you can find a video that shows every trophy related boss fight in case you need some help with them.

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    Trophy Guide:

    Platinum Anti-Pants
    Get all other trophies.
    Bigger Badder Better
    Defeat Big Bad Pug.

    Big Bad Pug is located at the end of the Bounty Hunter’s Camp location. He will have some enemies around which can be annoying so make sure to kill/avoid them. There’s also a campfire in the middle of the area which can burn you if you go over. 
    He carries a big hammer but he’s slow and he will swing it occasionally when he’s close to you. You can simply roll away to dodge his attacks.
    Once you defeat him you will have to free Obek from a cage and you will unlock him as a playable character as well (Silver The Bannerman).

    For a visual explanation of the fight, be sure to check the video you can find in the Tips and Strategies section of the guide.

    King of the Hill
    Defeat Grillz.

    Grillz is located in the Rat’s Nest and he will be the second boss fight you will encounter.

    As the first boss, he’s surrounded by other enemies but he will be way faster than the previous one. He wields 2 swords and he will trigger some combos that can reach you even if you are far away. 
    As always, rolling and blocking his attacks will be the best strategy to be able to defeat him. Be aware that after the boss fight there will be other 2 scenes with some other enemies so be careful and spare some health potions just in case.
    Once you defeat him, you will also unlock Welu as a playable character (Gold The Ranger).

    For a visual explanation of the fight, be sure to check the video you can find in the Tips and Strategies section of the guide.

    Defeat Baby God.

    The Baby God boss is located in the Savage’s Liar. 

    This boss can be a little tricky as enemies will keep coming to help him every time he cries. Furthermore, he has a shield on his face that decreases the damage dealt from the front.

    The best way to defeat him is to trigger his running attack and hit him at his back while he’s stunned. 

    For a visual explanation of the fight, be sure to check the video you can find in the Tips and Strategies section of the guide.

    Express Delivery
    Defeat Aegel.

    Aegel is located at the end of the train in the Train II location.

    This boss fight can be tricky due to the little space you will have. 
    At the beginning of the fight, he will send his two “bodyguards” while he stands in the back front. However, he will do some slashes that can only be avoided by rolling.

    Be careful that he can also come close to you to attack you with his weapon as well, so be ready to dodge and to block the incoming attacks.

    For a visual explanation of the fight, be sure to check the video you can find in the Tips and Strategies section of the guide.

    Choo Chooupscale-245262160018212
    Defeat Worm.

    The worm is the train puller and you will have to defeat him at the Crash Site location.

    He will run towards you and you will have to dodge him rapidly. After 3/4 times, he will come back to the surface and spit some fire from his mouth. Here, you can attack him by going behind him but be ready to roll the way around as soon as he goes under the surface again. 
    Once he’s down, he will throw some little rocks and a bigger one that you can use as a repair and as the only way to stun him while he begins to run towards you again.

    For a visual explanation of the fight, be sure to check the video you can find in the Tips and Strategies section of the guide.

    I Am the Nightupscale-245262160018212
    Defeat The Dark Knights.

    Bush and Twain, the Dark Nights, are located in the City II location.

    This is the only double boss fight but it will be easy. Focus on one of the two Knights at a time and you should be able to defeat them rapidly. 
    Dodge the incoming attacks and keep attacking them.

    For a visual explanation of the fight, be sure to check the video you can find in the Tips and Strategies section of the guide.

    Jail Breakupscale-245262160018212
    Defeat Warden.

    Bones is the Warden of the dungeon II area. 

    This boss has a lot of health and will attack you with some chained cages. He will energize himself once his health bar is halved and will become more aggressive.
    As always, keep dodging the incoming attacks and take your time to counterattack.

    For a visual explanation of the fight, be sure to check the video you can find in the Tips and Strategies section of the guide.

    King Slayerupscale-245262160018212
    Defeat King Bunnylord III.

    King Bunnylord III is the last boss of the game and his boss fight has four phases in total so be sure to bring a lot of Large Health Potions.
    He’s located in the Throne Room, the last location of the game.

    Here a little explanation of the various phases of the boss fight:

    1.  He will call other enemies in his assistance while he summons traps around the area. Be sure to dodge spikes, wall flamethrowers, and his minions. Take your time but mostly focus on the boss;
    2.  He will jump over a robot with a sword. He will try to slash you if you are too close but he can also reach you in no time with a sprint attack. He will also stick his sword to the ground to make it appear under your feet;
    3. He will now swap the weapon of the previous robot with a rocket laser cannon. He will try to smash you by jumping over you, be careful that mines will appear on his landing. Also, he will shoot some rockets and a frontal laser beam you can easily dodge;
    4. Time for the real face to face! During this fight, he will only use your main sword but be careful that every time he jumps and sticks it in the ground, some crystal will appear in a + pattern. Furthermore, he can do a slash that causes a sort of shockwave you are obliged to avoid by rolling if you stand too far away from him.

    For a visual explanation of the fight, be sure to check the video you can find in the Tips and Strategies section of the guide.

    The Bannermanupscale-245262160018212
    Unlock Obek.

    Refer to the Bronze Bigger Badder Better trophy description for more details.

    The ThiefGold
    Unlock Domba.

    Domba can be found in the Antipants HQ on the far left of the map behind the right side of the house.
    Check the image below for a better explanation:

    The GuardianGold
    Unlock Doggu.

    Doggu is unlocked after defeating 100 bounty hunter enemies in total. 

    These enemies can only be found in the Forest levels until the Bounty Hunter’s Camp location. You will probably have to repeat a bunch of levels after completing them for the first time but don’t worry because it’s not a huge grind as it’s full of these types on enemies.

    The RangerGold
    Unlock Welu.

    Refer to the Bronze King of the Hill trophy description for more details.

    Haul Off
    Push the payload.

    This trophy can be obtained in the Forest Payload location.

    On this level, you need to push a payload full of explosives while defending it from the enemies until you have filled the bar at the bottom of the screen.

    It can be tricky as the payload, sometimes, doesn’t move even if you hit it and enemies seem to don’t care about it and mainly focus on you.
    The best strategy, if enemies are not interested in the payload, is to kill every enemy of the area before pushing while defending. 
    Be careful to not let the enemies reach the left side of the bar as it will result in a defeat.

    NOTE: Don’t bring companions as they perceive the payload as an enemy and they can keep pushing it on the wrong side without being able to proceed.

    Tony Bears Pro
    Skate off the avalanche.

    This trophy can be obtained in the Snow Slide location.

    During this level, you will be doing downhill on a snowboard while an avalanche is pursuing you. 
    Try to stay as close as possible to the avalanche to have the best time reaction and avoid all the obstacles.
    As for the payload, you will have to fill the bar at the bottom of the screen to be able to finish the level.

    City Life
    Get into the city.

    This trophy can be obtained in the Village II location.

    This is like normal levels but you will have to destroy a gate with your weapon at the end.
    There will be some citizens covering your back and helping you with enemies so always join their fights to let them survive as long as you can.
    Avoid scarecrows around the scenarios as they will stun you and make your way to the gate.

    Once there, enemies will keep coming until you have destroyed the gate. Be sure to avoid fire arrows coming from the gate as well if you stand for too long behind it (a red mark on the ground will appear). 

    The Fallen
    Survive The Pit.

    This trophy can be obtained in The Fallen location.

    This level is the same as the snowboarding one but you will be falling down a pit while dodging rocks.
    Incoming rocks are indicated by a red light so try to always stay at the top of the screen to have the longest time to move your character.

    As always, fill the bar at the bottom of the screen to reach the Dungeon area and to complete this level.

    Yo Ho Yo Houpscale-245262160018212
    Ride the Skywhale.

    This trophy can be obtained in the Whale Ride location.

    During this level, you will be on the Skywhale and you will need to defeat waves of enemies as fast as possible.

    Be sure to bring a companion here and some potions as well because it’s full of enemies.
    Furthermore, you will have to kill them faster to avoid being swarmed because enemies will keep coming from time to time.

    You will need to fill the bar at the bottom to complete the level. 

    Break into the castle.

    This trophy can be obtained after the City IV location, at The Gate.

    During this level, you will have to make your way to the city’s gate while defending a battering ram.
    Be sure to bring a companion here and some potions as well because it’s full of enemies and even if you have some citizens on your side, this level can be difficult.

    Kill every enemy as fast as you can and keep on moving until you reach the gate.

    The End?Gold
    Complete the story mode.

    This trophy will pop after you defeat the last boss, The Mad King Bunnylord III. You can find him in the Throne Room of the castle. 

    Recruit 5 companions.

    Companions can be recruited from the notice board set in every outpost. 

    They are allies that will help you a little during the fights and you can hire them by spending food. 
    The more food you spend, the more powerful the companion will be.

    You can only have one companion at a time and if you buy another one with the previous still active, you will change it.
    Once you have hired a total of 5 companions, the trophy will be yours.

    NOTE: Cheapest companions can be found in the Antipants HQ. 

    Throw 5 bombs.

    Bombs are items you can find in barrels or chests or you can buy from the item vendors in the outposts. 

    Once you have a bomb, equip it on your item bar and press to throw it.

    Gulp Gulp Gulpupscale-245262160018212
    Drink 5 potions.

    Potions are the most useful items of the game as they can recover your health or your stamina. 

    You can pick them up during combats or from barrels but you will mostly find small or medium potions (rarely large ones) but it’s also recommended to buy them from vendors in the outpost before facing a boss. 

    Once you have a potion, equip it on your item bar and press to drink it.

    Beast Masterupscale-245262160018212
    Ride 5 mounts.

    Mounts can be found as egg drops from enemies with mounts. They are kinda rare so you can decide to “farm” them or buying them from mount vendors in the various outposts.

    Once you have an egg, equip it on your item bar and press to spawn it.

    Reach level 5 on a character.

    This trophy should pop normally while playing if you are focusing on a single character. You will have to earn XP points in combat to level up and every level will give you a skill point.

    These skill points can be used in outposts to learn new skills, increase your stats and your mastery weapon tier. 

    I Don’t Feel So Goodupscale-245262160018212
    Die 10 times.

    To get this trophy, if you are playing on easy, you need to let yourself die because enemies are weak and it’s almost impossible to die.

    However, you will have to, if you want this trophy.

    Professional Rollerupscale-245262160018212
    Roll 50 times.

    Rolling is the best way to dodge incoming attacks so you will get this trophy without even trying. 
    You can perform a roll by pressing the button.

    Are These Yours?upscale-245262160018212
    Break 10 chests or barrels.

    Chests and barrels are breakable items you can find in various scenarios of the game. They require different hits before they break so insist until they go into pieces.

    It’s recommended to break a lot of them even after you have got the trophy as they contain tons of food and useful items such as potions or bombs.


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