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Paradox Soul Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 2/10
Estimated time to platinum:  20 minutes – 1 hour
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
difficulty related: None


Welcome to the Paradox Soul Trophy Guide! This is a Metroidvania type game that has all the retro looks and feels. Shoot your way through robots and bosses to help Dr. Rose escape from this test facility!


On your journey to reaching the final trophy, Room A33, you will achieve every other trophy along the way.

Step 1: Reach Room A33

Focus on reaching this room and you’ll earn the platinum.

Bronze Armed
Bronze Finding a weapon
Silver Suit up!
Silver Exploding
Gold Electrocuted
SilverUnlocking doors
Gold Unlocking more doors
Gold He wanted a hug
Gold He was dangerous
Gold Do not pet
Gold Crush it
Silver Avoid been crushed
Gold The Spider
Gold The elevator
Gold Blue Screen of the death
Gold Room 33
40-platinum Platinum Soul


Platinum Soul
Get all other trophies

After earning all the other trophies, this platinum is yours!

Find a weapon

A04 – After picking up the card (Unlocking Doors), go right through the door A04 pick up the weapon to unlock this.

Finding a way
Find the map

A05 – after killing the armed robot (He was dangerous) go down the stairs to the left and go right to pick up the map.

Suit up! upscale-245262160018212
Find the Facility Suit

A11 – go down the stairs twice, and go to the right and pick up the suit.

Exploding upscale-245262160018212
Find the bombs

A10 – After defeating the first boss (The Spider) pick up the item he drops to get this trophy.

Find the electro

A29 – After defeating the second boss (The elevator) pick up the dropped item to get this trophy.

Unlocking doorsupscale-245262160018212
Get the 1st ID Card

A03 – Go right from the start and slide (circle) through the tunnel and go through a door marked A03. go down the stairs and it’s all the way to the left.

Unlocking more doorsGold
Get the 2nd ID Card

A16 – watch out for the mini-robots and the armed robot. Go up the stairs, kill the armed robot and dog, and double jump and hold down X to get to the higher platform. Go left to get the keycard.

He wanted a hugGold
Kill a running robot

A04 – after picking up the card (Unlocking doors), go right through the door A04, fire (square) to kill the running robot.

He was dangerousGold
Kill an armed robot

A05 – after killing the dog (Do not pet) go down the stairs and slide left to cover. The armed robot fires 4 times before taking a pause. Kill him to earn this trophy.

Do not petGold
Kill a dog

A05 or A02 – after getting the gun (Armed) go right to A05 and shoot the dog here. Alternatively, you could go back to where you started in the game and kill the dog there.

Crush itGold
Kill a mini-robot

A10 – During the first boss (The Spider), crouch (down) and shoot the mini-robots he spawns to get this trophy.

Avoid been crushedupscale-245262160018212
Kill a bulldozer robot

A25 – stay crouched in the tunnel and just keep shooting (hold down square) and eventually he will die.

The SpiderGold
Defeat 1st boss

A10 – He spawns mini-robots that you can kill by shooting while crouched. after a while, the boss will lower down on one side and let out a barrage of bullets. Hide behind a crate and shoot when he isn’t shooting. Repeat this until he is dead.

The elevatorGold
Defeat 2nd boss

A29 – He lowers down and fires a beam which you avoid by jumping to the top ledge. He also fires his beam at the top, which you’ll avoid by staying on the lower level. He will make all but one rod electrocute the area around it. To avoid, stand by the rod that isn’t lighting up. He will lower down and cause two beams to roll across the ground back and forth. In between all these attacks, shoot him while you can to gradually kill him.

Blue Screen of the deathGold
Destroy a lock terminal

A26 – Go left down the stairs while avoiding or killing the bulldozer robot. Go down the stairs in the middle and go left to the terminal. Hold down R1 (PS4) or R (Vita) to unlock some doors.

Room 33Gold
Reach Room 33

A28 – Kill the mini-robot and the bulldozer robot. Go up the stairs and quickly get to the crates to kill the armed robots or run towards the stairs all the way to the right. Go down the stairs to find another armed robot you’ll need to kill. Watch out for the mini-robot as you go through the tunnel and straight to a crate where you’ll find another armed robot. After, go through the door to A33.


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