Overcooked Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 4/10. 
Estimated time to 100%: 5 Hours. 
Missable trophies: None. 
Glitched trophies: None. 
Difficulty related: None. 
Playthrough: One. 


Welcome to the Overcooked Trophy Guide!
Welcome to Overcooked, a fantastic couch co-op cooking game! This guide will help you in your quest to obtain three stars on all levels and defeat the Ever Peckish, as well as 100% of the trophies!


Step 1: Completing the Game
Your main step in obtaining this 100% is to simply play through and complete all 30 levels of the game. Along the way, do your best to get three stars in each kitchen, but you can always go back and replay them later. You should also let a kitchen catch on fire at any point and put out the fire for the game’s lone miscellaneous trophy.

You’ll be earning these trophies:
Bronze Lettuce Begin
Silver Hero of Thyme
Bronze Kitchen Nightmares
Bronze The Pieces I Ate (sorry)
Silver Out of this world
Silver Chef Flambe
Bronze Best Served Cold
Bronze Meals on Wheels
Bronze Overcooked

Step 2: 3 Star Every Level
With all levels completed, you will now need to go back and obtain 3 stars in each kitchen. This is by far the hardest part of the game, but with a little practice and patience, isn’t too bad.

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
Gold All the Trimmings

Step 3: Versus Mode
Finally, you will need to complete a single round of versus mode, earning the final trophy and the 100%.

During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
Bronze Does not play well with others

Tips and Strategies:

Overcooked is an indie cooking game where up to four players attempt to cook simple dishes in very crazy scenarios. Almost every level has some kind of unique gimmick, such as ice physics, jumping between moving trucks, earthquakes, and moving tables. In each kitchen, a series of orders will appear on top of the screen, and you will have to complete as many of those orders as possible within a time limit (usually 4 minutes). Completing orders will grant you 20 points, and up to 6 points as a tip if you get it out fast. Failing to complete an order before it expires will cost you 10 points.

Your ultimate goal is to get 3 stars in each of the game’s 30 kitchens. You will get 1, 2, or 3 stars depending on how many points you score. You will need to have a certain number of stars to access each level, though you won’t need to perfect every kitchen just to finish the story. The point requirements for 3 stars will go up depending on the number of players.

This guide is meant to help players obtain those 3 stars in each level, providing layouts and strategies for each level. Most of the trophies will be unlocked naturally, but obtaining 3 stars in each level can be a daunting challenge for new players. It is possible to 100% the game in 3 hours if you really know what you are doing.

It is highly recommended to play the game with just one partner. 2 player scores are usually not too bad compared to 3 or 4 players. If you are playing with 3 or 4 people, you will need very good communication among all players, and the kitchens can get cluttered. Playing solo results in lower score requirements, but the one player will have to control two chefs, and cutting takes much longer. This guide is written under the assumption that you will be playing solo or with one partner. If you are playing with 3 or 4 people, or doing every single level on your own, the difficulty jumps to a 6-7/10, and the time to 100% may increase.

All Dishes

  • Salad: one lettuce, chopped.
  • Tomato Salad: one lettuce and one tomato, both chopped.
  • Onion Soup: three onions, chopped and cooked in a pot.
  • Tomato Soup: three tomatoes, chopped and cooked in a pot.
  • Mushroom Soup: three mushrooms, chopped and cooked in a pot.
  • Plain Burger: one steak chopped at a cutting board and then cooked in a pan, one bun.
  • Lettuce Burger: same as the plain burger but add one chopped lettuce.
  • Works Burger: same as the lettuce burger but add one chopped tomato.
  • Fish and Chips: one chopped fish and/or one chopped potato, both are cooked in the deep fryer. Can be a lone fish, a lone potato, or both combined on one plate.
  • Cheese Pizza: chop one tomato, one cheese, and one dough, combine the three ingredients together, cook in a pizza oven.
  • Sausage Pizza: same as the cheese pizza but add one chopped sausage.
  • Mushroom Pizza: same as the cheese pizza but add one chopped mushroom.
  • Beef Burrito: cook one rice in a pot and one chopped steak in a pan, place both onto a tortilla wrap.
  • Chicken Burrito: cook one rice in a pot and one chopped chicken in a pan, place both onto a tortilla wrap.
  • Winter Stew: a combination of 2-4 of the following ingredients: potato, onion, carrot, and meat, all of which must be chopped and cooked in a pot. Exclusive to The Festive Seasoning DLC.
  • Turkey Dinner: a cooked turkey, sometimes combined with a cooked and chopped potato or carrot, or both. Sometimes only potato and carrot chopped and cooked. Exclusive to The Festive Seasoning DLC.

Knowing the Kitchen
Aside from the gimmicks in pretty much every level, the kitchens have a few basic appliances that will be referenced throughout the guide.

  • Stove/Burner: place a pot or pan on top to cook the dish.
  • Plates: all food items must be put on a clean plate before being served.
  • Ingredients: the 1×1 boxes that provide you with cooking ingredients.
  • Cutting Board: a small white block with a knife used to chop ingredients.
  • Pizza Oven: specifically used to cook pizzas.
  • Conveyor Belts: used to transfer ingredients and equipment on some levels.
  • Fire Extinguisher: pick it up like an ingredient and hold  to use. When something inevitably catches on fire, this is how you put it out.
  • Trashcan: a small green container that is used to dispose of unwanted ingredients or to dump failed/burned orders. If an appliance such as a plate goes into a trashcan, it will respawn after a few seconds.
  • Sink: used to wash dishes in most levels.
  • Order Window: a large window with arrows inside that is used to deliver the orders.
  • Flamethrower: equipped like any other item and shoots fire with  to cook food. If you use it on something for too long, it will end up burning like any other cooking method. Exclusive to The Festive Seasoning DLC.

DLC Notes
Overcooked contains two DLC packs, each of which are $5. The Lost Morsel contains six levels in a jungle setting. It doesn’t contain any new ingredients or mechanics. but some of the levels are pretty brutal compared to the main game, usually due to very limited cooking equipment or hard to reach ingredients. The Festive Seasoning is much more forgiving. The levels are mostly on par with the main game, they are all five minutes long instead of four, and they introduce new recipes (Winter Stew and Turkey Dinner). They also introduce the flamethrower as a new cooking method.

Completing the DLC levels will unlock new versus stages and characters, but neither is needed for the trophies. DLC’s are accessed from the main menu. The score requirements, recipes, and gimmicks can be found in the description for Gold All the Trimmings.

Trophy Guide:

Lettuce Begin
Deliver a recipe to the Great and Terrifying Ever Peckish

You will earn this trophy upon delivering your first meal in the tutorial level (Intro Apocalypse). The tutorial is extremely simple, showing you how to chop vegetables and plate ingredients to be sent out. You will only be making salads, with or without tomato. There is no score requirement, and you will get 3 stars upon successful completion.

Hero of Thyme upscale-245262160018212
Complete Overcooked and save the Onion Kingdom!

After clearing all 29 previous kitchens, the Ever Peckish will awaken for a final showdown. The final “battle”/kitchen is quite challenging, as you will be sending out a ton of orders of pretty much every food item in the game. The battle is split into four phases. Unlike other levels, there are no score requirements to get three stars, you will automatically get them by completing the level. However, the time limit is different based on the number of players. You’ll have 16 minutes if playing solo and 12:30 if playing in 2 player.

The left side of the kitchen has a pizza oven, two pots, two pans, two burners, a deep fryer, and a fire extinguisher. The right side has a pizza oven, cutting board, sink, and deep fryer. You feed the meals directly to the boss. The center will change based on the phase of the battle.

If you mess up an order, or one expires, you don’t get a time penalty, but a fireball will come down from the sky and catch some part of the stage on fire. This will also happen at random intervals with no trigger, so make sure you remember where the fire extinguisher is at all times.

Phase 1

The first phase will require four random soups to be sent out. The central platform will not move, contains all three soup ingredients, and is fairly easy to move around. Have one player clean the dishes while the others chop and cook the soup. Nothing too difficult here.

Phase 2

This phase is all about burgers, four total. Two will be plain, one is a lettuce, and one is a works. The platform in the center will now move up and down, and is now made up of conveyor belts. On the left side are the lettuce, meat, and tomatoes, while the right side has the buns. One player should plate the buns and chop the vegetables, while the other should focus on cutting and cooking meat.

Phase 3

Arguably the most complicated phase overall. You will be making a total of five orders: two fish and chip plates and three pizzas. At least one pizza will be cheese and at least one will have mushroom or sausage. The central platform is now S shaped and will rotate every few seconds, potentially cutting off the other side of the kitchen. However, you also get two cutting boards on this platform. Have one player focus on the pizza while the other focuses on the fish and chips, and once one player is done, both can work on the remaining dishes.

Phase 4

The final push. You will now be making one of every category of dish. You will have to make a tomato soup, a works burger, a fish and chips plate, a mushroom or sausage pizza, and a tomato salad. The central platform will contain all ingredients and two cutting boards, and will rapidly move up and down. You’ll need at least two minutes for this final phase. Once you have handed in the final five orders, you will complete the game. It’s not much of an ending unfortunately.

If you have earned three stars in every other level, you will also unlock Gold All the Trimmings.

Final Level Playthrough (2 Player)

Credit to Colin Kelly for the video.

Kitchen Nightmares
Complete a Kitchen in the Haunted Forest

You will unlock this trophy upon completion of level 4-1, a level which serves as the introduction to making pizza. The only gimmick is that the two horizontal counters will move left and right at approximately 1 minute intervals.

Score requirements for this level:

  • Solo: 120
  • 2 player: 200
  • 3 player: 300
  • 4 player: 320

Dishes: Cheese Pizza, Sausage Pizza, Mushroom Pizza

The Pieces I Ate (sorry)
Complete a kitchen on a pirate ship

You will unlock this trophy upon completion of level 1-3, the first level taking place on a pirate ship. The gimmick of this level is that the two vertical platforms will shift left and right around every 30 seconds. Thankfully, you don’t have to wash dishes, but only one side will have access to the cutting boards at any given time.

Score requirements for this level:

  • Solo: 100
  • 2 player: 200
  • 3 player: 250
  • 4 player: 260

Dishes: Onion Soup, Tomato Soup, Mushroom Soup

All the Trimmings Gold
Be awarded three stars in every kitchen

This is by far the hardest trophy in the game. To get three stars on a level, you must deliver a certain amount of meals within the time limit without failing too many orders. The more people you have playing, the more points you need to score for 3 stars. Below you will find a table outlining each kitchen, the scores, and the dishes. Kitchens marked in red are generally considered to be a lot more difficult.

Ultimately, this trophy comes down to patience and practice. You also need a bit of luck with what orders come up. Some of these levels are definitely frustrating, and may take many tries to complete, but they are all ultimately doable with 3 stars, so just keep at it until you are successful!

Tips and Tricks:

  • Learn the levels. For a new player, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to get 3 stars on your first try on every level. You will need to learn and practice some of them a number of times to understand the layout and gimmicks.
  • Communication is key. Unless you are trying to solo every level, you need to be able to communicate with your partner(s). Each player should have a designated role for each kitchen.
  • It is best to keep trying at a level until you reach 3 stars instead of continuously moving on. Keep working on the level so you don’t forget how it works.
  • Use the floor! You can throw all your ingredients on the floor when you run out of counter space. There’s no contamination or anything like that, with the exception of one kitchen where rats come out and steal ingredients.

Here is a link to a playlist of how to 3 Star every level in 2 player. He also has guides for the game’s 14 DLC levels.

Base Game

Level 1 player score 2 player score 3 player score 4 player score Dishes Gimmicks
Tutorial N/A N/.A N/A N/A Both Salads None, also no score requirements, just beat the kitchen for 3 stars.
1-1 60 80 100 120 Onion Soup None, basic tutorial kitchen.
1-2 80 150 200 210 Onion Soup, Tomato Soup Has a crosswalk with passing pedestrians that can get in the way.
1-3 100 200 250 260 All Soups On a pirate ship, the vertical platforms shift every 30ish seconds.
1-4 160 280 300 320 All Burgers Has a very narrow passageway between the two sides of the kitchen.
1-5 120 160 250 260 All Soups A single narrow path around the entire kitchen.
1-6 90 200 220 240 All Burgers Earthquakes will raise the right side of the level every minute.
2-1 180 240 260 300 All Burgers Two trucks that come together and separate constantly.
2-2 160 200 250 270 All Soups Rats will run out to steal uncooked/unplated ingredients.
2-3 120 180 220 240 All Burgers Two sides connected by a conveyor belt on the perimeter.
2-4 110 160 200 220 All Burgers Two sides connected by a pair of central conveyor belts.
3-1 200 220 320 340 Fish and Chips A very small iceberg with annoying ice physics.
3-2 100 160 280 300 All Soups Another pirate ship, this time the horizontal platforms shift every 30ish seconds.
3-3 150 270 320 340 All Soups, Fish and Chips Two lower trucks and one upper truck, each containing either burners, cutting boards, or ingredients. Often comes down to what kind of dishes come up.
3-4 170 180 220 240 Fish and Chips Two sides separated by a river that can only be crossed by the icebergs.
4-1 120 200 300 320 All Pizzas The horizontal platforms shift left and right about every minute.
4-2 100 110 260 300 All Soups The level is extremely dark and the lights only flash on a few times per playthrough.
4-3 90 120 200 240 All Burgers The central 1×1 section of each counter will rotate clockwise throughout the level. Constant movement makes it easy to get cut off from some parts of the kitchen.
4-4 100 120 200 240 All Burgers, All Pizzas The horizontal platforms shift up and down constantly and the sides are connected by a central conveyor belt. Comes down to getting in a rhythm and always keeping dishes washed.
5-1 120 150 230 250 All Burritos Two identical kitchens with a lower platform containing the ingredients that is moved between kitchens with the green button.
5-2 100 110 120 160 All Burritos Four islands in lava connected by three bridges that collapse and shift every 30ish seconds.
5-3 110 120 240 280 All Burritos Four chambers accessed by standing on floor switches, each quadrant containing something necessary for cooking.
5-4 100 110 140 160 All Burritos Two small islands in lava with a bunch of tiny floating platforms that circle the main islands. Requires very efficient use of the moving platforms and preventing any dishes from burning.
5-5 70 80 160 200 All Soups Two main kitchen areas and two side rooms that move up and down by hitting green buttons.
5-6 65 65 140 140 All Soups Four quadrants accessed by standing on floor switches with a very complex ingredient movement process. Requires significant communication and perfect movement.
6-1 140 160 280 400 All Soups The last pirate ship level, the cutting boards and a couple 1×1 sections rotate clockwise.
6-2 200 260 380 400 All Soups Two nearly identical kitchens containing slightly different ingredients with a useless conveyor belt down the middle.
6-3 90 100 140 160 All Soups Three kitchen sections separated by a river that requires two icebergs to cross. Quite often you will fall off the side of an iceberg for no reason. Takes perfect movement and a bit of luck.
6-4 190 200 260 300 All Soups, All Burgers, All Salads A small central kitchen with four additional chambers that rotate around the center by hitting green buttons. Be efficient with counter space and use the floor as needed.
The Peckening N/A N/A N/A N/A Everything See Silver Hero of Thyme.

The Lost Morsel

Level 1 player score 2 player score 3 player score 4 player score Dishes Gimmicks
1-1 90 110 170 200 All Burritos Has a horizontal conveyor belt going down the center but not much else.
1-2 160 180 220 300 All Burgers Two sides each with one cutting board, only two burners that are accessed by hitting switches. Best to give the right side both pans and leave the central platform in place until dishes must be washed.
All Soups
Ingredients come out on conveyor belts, you also have a total of 8 burners.
All Burritos
Two statues spit fireballs constantly, getting hit functions the same way as falling off a level.
All Soups
Pretty much everything is behind one of four pressure plate accessed doors.
All Pizzas
Absurdly hard due to only having a single cutting board, also the cutting board, ingredients, and pizza oven rotate constantly. Requires stockpiling lots of ingredients and no down time with chopping and cooking.

The Festive Seasoning

Level 1 player score 2 player score 3 player score 4 player score Dishes Gimmicks
1-1 100 200 240 320 Winter Stew The vertical tables shift left and right.
1-2 120 180 220 240 Winter Stew The horizontal tables will move up and down periodically blocking each player from certain items.
1-3 120 220 240 260 Winter Stew All of the ingredients are already out on the counters.
1-4 80 200 250 280 Winter Stew The central “t” platform will spin clockwise every 30 seconds.
1-5 200 260 320 360 Turkey Dinner The introduction to the flamethrower as a cooking method, with conveyor belts to send items to the cutting boards.
1-6 240 300 360 380 Turkey Dinner Multiple semi-useless conveyor belts moving in circles in the center, cook with flamethrowers.
1-7 200 340 400 480 Turkey Dinner Turkey only comes out on the central conveyor belt, cook with flamethrowers, extremely high score requirement in 3 and 4 player. The gimmick isn’t really tough but the scores are so high that you can’t make any mistakes.
1-8 120 120 180 280 Winter Stew A slow moving platform moves up and down through the center of the kitchen.
Out of this world upscale-245262160018212
Complete a kitchen in low earth orbit

You will unlock this trophy upon completion of level 5-1, the first level taking place in outer space. Despite taking place in orbit, you and the ingredients don’t really float around. The kitchen is divided into two identical halves each containing a pan, pot, cutting board, and plates. Each side also has access to a button that will move the bottom chamber with the ingredients and the sink to their side. The best strategy is for each side to focus on one type of burrito, and to grab as many ingredients as possible while the bottom chamber is on your side. 

Score requirements for this level:

  • Solo: 120
  • 2 player: 150
  • 3 player: 230
  • 4 player: 250

Dishes: Beef Burrito, Chicken Burrito

Chef Flambe upscale-245262160018212
Complete a kitchen of the underworld

You will unlock this trophy upon completion of level 5-2, the first of the few levels in the game taking place in the underworld. This level consists of four small islands in a pit of lava, with three bridges connecting them. The bridges will rotate every 30 seconds or so, opening new paths and closing old ones. You have two plates and stoves for cooking the meat, but only one pot for rice next to the lone cutting board. There is also a cannon that shoots fireballs down the center; getting hit functions the same way as falling off a level. Move across the narrow bridges slowly and don’t get caught on one when they are switching and you should be fine.

Score requirements for this level:

  • Solo: 100
  • 2 player: 110
  • 3 player: 120
  • 4 player: 160

Dishes: Beef Burrito, Chicken Burrito

Best Served Cold
Complete a kitchen in the Arctic

You will unlock this trophy upon completion of level 3-1, the first level taking place in an Arctic setting. This level introduces ice physics. The kitchen is nothing more than a very small iceberg with four deep fryers, three plates, and two cutting boards, as well as a sink. The score requirements are high, but the dishes are very simple, only fish, chips, or both together. It is best to move in a circular motion and have each player focus on one objective, such as one player focusing purely on chopping while the other cooks and plates the meals.

Score requirements for this level:

  • Solo: 200
  • 2 player: 220
  • 3 player: 320
  • 4 player: 340

Dishes: Fish and Chips

Meals on Wheels
Complete a kitchen on the road

You will unlock this trophy upon completion of level 2-1, the first level taking place between a few moving trucks. The upper truck has the stoves, plates, and order window, while the lower truck has the ingredients and cutting boards. The buns are also in the upper truck. You don’t have to wash dishes. One player should always stay in the upper truck to tend to the meat and place buns on plates, while the other player stays on the lower truck to chop tomatoes, lettuce, and meat. The trucks will constantly separate and come back together, so it isn’t a bad idea to drop ingredients in each-other’s trucks.

Score requirements for this level:

  • Solo: 180
  • 2 player: 240
  • 3 player: 260
  • 4 player: 300

Dishes: Plain Burger, Lettuce Burger, Works Burger

Does not play well with others
Complete a kitchen in versus mode

From the main menu, you can select Versus mode. In this mode, 2-4 players will be paired up on opposite sides of an identical kitchen, with a goal of serving more meals than the other team. For this trophy, you simply need to load up a versus match and complete it. Regardless of who wins, as long as you finish the match, you will get the trophy. Unfortunately, you do need a second controller for this one.

Extinguish a burning kitchen

This trophy is extremely simple and will almost certainly come through natural play. When a dish being cooked in a pot, pan, or pizza oven begins to overheat, a beeping noise will start going off. It will get faster and faster until the dish eventually catches on fire. To put it out, pick up the level’s fire extinguisher and hold  to put out the fire. If you somehow don’t get this by the time you finish all the levels, simply load up 1-1 and burn the first onion soup you make.


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