Our Gaming Goals In 2021

in 2021 we all set some great goals to try and reach by the end of the year. But what are some of our gaming goals we are trying to accomplish for ourselves?

Dex Fragg – Founder

Currently I’m set at 94 platinums, this number can be waaay higher, but how high? Well, I’m going to be trying to hit 200 platinums this year. That should not be extremely hard because of the easy platinums, but I do want to have the majority be some AAA platinums.

Other than that, I want to play more games on different platforms and make more reviews. I enjoy almost every time of game in some way and I should explore that more and see what is good and bad about a game in the ways I see it.

EssTee – Guide Writer

…Only 94 platinums Dex? …Come on put some muscle into that trophy hunting hehe ;P I’m currently on 844 platinums so I guess I could say my gaming goal for 2021 is to hit 1k plats? *Also this is where Dino will pipe in with “only 844 plats Ess..?!” lol XD
I’ll be honest I don’t have ‘gaming goals’, not something I think about. I just do what I want! Live in the moment, impulsively play whatever I feel like, and don’t worry about anything else 🙂

Game-wise I have no real goals other than really wanting to finally finish bloody Friday the 13th! That devil’s been incomplete on my profile for 3 years arghh!! Other than that I just have my usual intentions of wanting to play more horrors, get more of the classics done etc, yea that’ll do. Nice and simple 🙂

Dino_Roar – Guide Writer and Reviewer

Setting gaming goals for an entire year is always a tricky one for me, as I tend to just play to have fun and see what mood I’m in at the time. Having a definitive goal as such would not really be my sort of thing, as I am at a point where I’m happy with my current gaming habits.

A few years back I went through a big kick to try and raise the completion percentage to what I felt was an acceptable level for myself. That gave me a massive boost gaming-wise and set me along a path to slowly clean up some older games.

I’m never going to pack the PS3 away, but I guess if I would like to achieve anything this year I wouldn’t be too disappointed and finishing off a few of the outstanding older titles on my profile. However, looking at the games that I do not have 100% in they’re going to be a challenge to finish off. Perhaps Battlefield Bad Company 2 may eventually be finished this year.

My ultimate goal…. game and have fun.

(Oh and Ess, you need to raise that Platinum count….)

Oniwalker – Guide Writer and Reviewer

Woo! New year, new me, new gaming goals! Just kidding. It’s not a new me. I’ll be the same person I was. But I’m aiming for one true gaming goal this year. To finally finish Star Ocean 4! 

I’ve been on this game since about April last year. Then I did my big playthrough shortly after, which I’m still doing, to this day. But the game is so long. There’s so many little things to do. But this year, I will have it conquered. It will sit in my trophy shelf! It shall be mine, and it shall forever be known as the mighty 500!!!!!

So what goals do you have this year? 😀

Phoenix Digital – Graphics Designer and Guide Writer

I’m gonna be straight to the point. I have 81 Platinums. I have a 77.75% completion rating. I want to hit 100 Platinums and get at least an 85% completion rating. For my 100th Platinum, I want to get Platinum Saint’s Row the Third remasted. It was my first Plat on the PS3 and it will be my 100th on the PS4/5.

Other than that, I really wanted to try and split my gaming to PC, as I would love to get into PC gaming. There are so many amazing opportunities when moving to PC, And as a Graphic Designer and Video Editor, being able to do everything I love from one system, and the ability to have multiple screens, that’s just an amazing thing.

The DEX.EXE team

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