One Piece: World Seeker – Where Justice Lies Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 2/10
    Estimated time to platinum/100%: 10 – 20 hours
    Missable trophies: None
    Glitched trophies: None
    Difficulty related: None
    Playthrough: 1


    Welcome to the DLC 2: Where Justice Lies Trophy Guide for One Piece: World Seeker.

    Take control of the Infamous Revolutionary Army’s Cheif of Staff, Sabo! In this second expansion into World Seeker, we see what Sabo is up to on Prison Island, in a little more detail than in his missions for Luffy in the base game. In his investigation, he stumbles onto a dark plot set into motion by CP0 who plans on devastating Prison island. To keep the Promise Sabo made he must prevent this from happening in an effort to save the family his promise was made to protect.

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    Although Where Justice Lies introduces you to playing as Sabo and tells his story, it also adds the power attack to Luffy’s Gear Fourth. If you are using Bounceman with the Where Justice Lies DLC installed you will be able to use the L1 + Square Button to unleash Snakeman’s King Cobra Special Attack.


    Step 1: The Promise of Family
    The First stage of the game should be to focus on completing Sabo’s story. There are only 6 Chapters in the DLC, and although they will see you running all over the island they are not very long. The main issue that you are likely to encounter is the speed and steepness that the difficulty increases if you do not upgrade and get the gear to help you.

    You’ll be earning these trophies:
    Gold Mission Complete

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    Step 2: Sabo, Revolutionary Army Cheif of Staff
    Within this stage, you will want to focus on getting all the Upgrades for Sabo and completing his random trophies. These random Trophies are Bronze Nap Time! and Bronze Pesky Dodger!, you should obtain these through the natural progression of his story, but in case you are 1 or 2 off then you should focus on them here.

    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:

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    • Silver Chief of Staff
    • Bronze Nap time!
    • Bronze Pesky Dodger!

    Step 3: Challenger
    This final stage will take some trial and error as you will need to complete all Challenge Missions available in Where Justice Lies and complete them with a 5-Star ranking. They are not very troublesome or tricky, just time-consuming, however, with some practice and the right skills you should be able to complete them to a 5-Star rating easily.

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:

    • Bronze New Heights
    • Silver Top of the World

    Tips and Strategies:


    • You can play the DLC in any difficulty
    • Fast Travelling resets the Area, not just the enemies and state of the world but resources.
    • Against Powerful foes, try using all the tricks in your arsenal
    • BULLETS HURT!. Sabo might  be an infamous Revolutionary, and wielder of the Flame-Flame Devil Fruit but he is not Bulletproof
    • Sabo can not swim!
    • Unlike his brother Luffy, Sabo can not use Observation Haki
    • Sabo can hide in Barrels and even sneak around in them.
    • There are no Side Mission in Where Justice Lies
    • You can Lock on to enemies using the Left and Right on the D-Pad
    • There are new enemies, who are not featured in the base game. The most notable of these foes is Commander Katakuri, a member of the Pirate Emperor Big Mom’s crew. The “Mirror World” Challenge mission is in the Base game, however, it is only accessible if you have the Where Justice Lies DLC (Apparently).
    • The bosses from the main campaign will be in their Post-Game spawn points. 
    • There are Treasure Chests located throughout the Where Justice Lies DLC, conveniently they are mostly in the same location as the main game, however, there are fewer in some areas. This has been tested throughout numerous areas and although the rewards are different the locations are more or less the same (for the most part, refer to the Character Specific Treasure Chests part of the Tips & Strategies). If you would like to have a general idea of the chest in an area you can always refer to Silver Treasure Hunter, from the base game. 
    • The Usopp Workshop and Franky Factory are available for Sabo to craft gear, at the Thousand Sunny.
    • If you knock an enemy into the water in combat and they still have health they will respawn back on solid ground, provided they are a named enemy
    • If you die while collecting Treasure Chest and haven’t saved in a while you will lose the ones you have collected and need to recollect them
    • Operating Switches leaves you open to Attack
    • Hovering the crosshair over an enemy will Mark them.
    • To get Perfect Dodge, keep an eye on the icon above the enemy, when you see it flash press the Square Button. If done at the right time you will get a perfect each time, this is invaluable against strong enemies who deal a lot of damage.
    • Remember to upgrade your skills and equipment.
    • Chapter 14 of the main story, which is equivalent to Sabo’s Chapter 5: Plot is the PONR (Point of No Return), once you get the objective to head over to Topaz Mine. The Clear Game will start you here. 

    Flame-Flame Gauge? Mera-Mera No Mi’s True Power:

    The Mera-Mera no Mi (Flame-Flame Fruit) like the Gomu-Gomu no Mi (Gum-Gum Fruit held by Monkey D. Luffy) and the Ope-Ope no Mi (Op-Op Fruit held by Trafalgar Law) hold unique abilities, for Sabo, this is to increase the power of his attacks with each successful hit. Where you would see the Haki Gauge for Luffy in the base game, for Sabo you will see an empty gauge and as it fills with each hit you land, more damage will be dealt to the enemies.

    The higher the number the better the damage output you will deal, needless to say, it’s a good idea to try to increase this for tough fights.


    Through the DLC you can encounter a number of bosses that Luffy fought in the main game and one that Sabo didn’t even meet. Below is a list of these bosses:

    KizaruPrison Tower90SP
    SmokerJade Bridge80SP
    TashigiEmerald Town or Mineshaft 3 in Topaz Mine70SP
    CrocodileAmber Harbor80SP
    LucciCrystal Canyon80SP

    Character Specific Treasure Chests:

    Where most of the Treasure chest locations in the base game can be used to hunt down the DLC Treasure Chest Locations, there are some that break the pattern. Here is where you will find the information pertaining to the Character Specific differences in the Treasure Chest Locations.

    AreaAmount of ChestsAreaAmount of Chests
    Thousand Sunny3Amber Harbor6
    Sapphire Town12Topaz Mine Town3
    Topaz Mine21Graveyard3
    Jade Bridge4Ruby Town7
    Tower Prison5Emerald Town23
    Emery Plaza5Steel City27
    Crystal Canyon29Sea Prison – Aquarmarina10
    Naval Base11Radio Tower5
    Halcum Port2Cannon Island6
    Steel City Mineshaft1Amber Harbor Mineshaft7
    Topaz Mineshaft3

    This section was initially designed to have maps and videos like what can be found in the base game guide found HERE. As the Table above shows there are only a handful of areas that are not the same as the Base Game, which are:

    Sapphire Town
    Topaz Mine
    Emerald Town
    Steel City
    Sea Prison – Aquarmarina
    Cannon Island

    The above 6 Areas are slightly different to the base game ones, in terms of treasure chests, however, the maps that can be found on Silver Treasure Hunter can be used to find all the chests in the DLC. Just make sure to keep an eye on your minimap as well when you are running around looking for the Chest.


    Any good revolutionary knows they need the right gear for the job, not just the tech like the Linetaping Den-Den Mushi (Transponder Snail), but equipment that will augment them. Sabo is no different, and when it comes to the gear he has a few pieces to pick from, however, his best is listed below:

    • Dragon Scarf
    • Dragon Gloves
    • Dragon Bangle

    Needless to say, if you can make these to a + or ++ rank you will be better off, however, standard levels are good as well. Below you can see a stat readout provided you have most of the power skills.

    World Seeker Continues:

    One Piece: World Seeker:

    Click HERE to go to the Guide

    You want my treasure, you can have it, I left everything together in one place. Now you just have to find it!” Gol D. Roger, the king of the pirates spoke these words at his execution and sent countless souls in search of dreams far greater than they dared to imagine. This event sparked the great pirate era. Monkey D. Luffy, a boy who turned to rubber after eating the Gum-Gum Devil Fruit, vowed that he would be the next king of the pirates. Embarking on his adventure and heading to the Grand Line, not knowing where the waves would take them, until now. Escaping from the emperor Charlotte Linn Known to the world as Big Mom at Whole Cake Island, the Straw Hats find themselves on the mysterious Prison Island. A navy-controlled island in the seas of the New World, soon the Straw Hats are divided and scattered around and the darkness of the island starts to fester, however, one person stands against the events and with strength granted by Luffy, fights for the freedom of the island.
    Join Luffy on his adventure on Prison island with familiar faces, heated rivalries, and the promise of treasure.

    DLC 1: The Void Mirror Prototype:

    Click HERE to go to the guide

    The First of the DLC Packs where you will play as Pirate Hunter turned Swordsman of the Straw Hat Pirates, Roronoa Zoro. His story takes place in Chapter 6: Straw Hats United all the way to the end of the game, fighting his own evils and confronting powerful foes with unlikely allies. The Void Mirror has 6 relatively easy trophies to achieve, which are:

    Gold Return
    Bronze Relentless
    Bronze Challenger
    Silver Enthused Warrior
    Bronze Serious Battle
    Silver Master

    DLC 3: The Unfinished Map:

    Click HERE to go to the guide

    The Third and final DLC for World Seeker, where you will take to the Skies and explore the Floating Islands as Captain of the Heart Pirates, Trafalgar Law. Travelling with the Straw Hats, Trafalgar Law has the power of the Op-Op Devil Fruit making him a formidable opponent and unrivalled Doctor. In the final DLC Law befriends a young boy wanting to be the world’s greatest Adventure, taking up the mantel of his father to map all of the Floating islands and having a knack for trouble, Law forms a bond taught to him by the man known as Corazon. Law’s DLC takes place in Chapter 8: The Old Island, after the Side Mission Mystery of the Sky Island, and has 6 pretty easy trophies which can be found below. Embark on this final tale to complete your adventure in One Piece World Seeker, in The Unfinished Map.

    Gold Adventurous Dawn
    Bronze Passage Granted
    Bronze Take What’s Yours
    Silver Trouble with a Capital “D”
    Bronze Taking it Easy
    Silver The Throne

    Trophy Guide:

    Mission Complete Gold
    Complete all Main Missions in
    “Where Justice Lies”

    Sabo’s DLC takes place once he has arrived on the Island and Luffy has met up with him, in Chapter 9: Family Ties. This will take you through what Sabo was up to on this Island until his confrontation with Sakazuki atop Topaz Mine.

    1: Tunnel200SP
    2: Speculations300SP
    3: Canyon400SP
    4: Proof500SP
    5: Plot600SP
    6: FreedomNone

    Once you have completed the battle against Sakazuki atop Topaz Mine you will have completed the DLC and this trophy should be yours.


    The Prologue: “Sneek” has not been included in the above mission list because you will not be able to complete the above missions without completing the Prologue.

    Chief of Staff upscale-245262160018212
    Learn all of Sabo’s Skills

    Just like in the base game and the other DLC Packs, Sabo has a trophy for obtaining all Skills. There is a list below with the Tree, Skill and Cost:

    Max HP Boost 150SP
    Max HP Boost 2100SP
    Max HP Boost 3200SP
    Max HP Boost 4400SP
    HP Recovery Speed Boost 150SP
    HP Recovery Speed Boost 2100SP
    HP Recovery Speed Boost 3200SP
    Tension Gauge Boost 150SP
    Tension Gauge Boost 2100SP
    Tension Loss Reduction 125SP
    Tension Loss Reduction 250SP
    ATK Boost 150SP
    ATK Boost 2100SP
    Ranged Attack Gauge Boost 150SP
    Ranged Attack Gauge Boost 2100SP
    Ranged Attack Recovery Speed Boost 150SP
    Ranged Attack Recovery Speed Boost 2100SP
    Critical Performance Boost 150SP
    Critical Performance Boost 2100SP
    Movement Speed Boost100SP
    Stun Amount Boost 150SP
    Stun Amount Boost 2100SP
    Aura Clock 150SP
    Aura Clock 2100SP
    Incoming Melee Attack Damage Down 150SP
    Incoming Melee Attack Damage Down 2100SP
    Incoming Melee Attack Damage Down 3200SP
    Incoming Ranged Attack Damage Down 150SP
    Incoming Ranged Attack Damage Down 2100SP
    Incoming Ranged Attack Damage Down 3200SP
    Flame Dodge: Range Boost100SP
    Flame-Flame Loss Reduction 150SP
    Flame-Flame Loss Reduction 2100SP
    Island Knowledge 125SP
    Island Knowledge 250SP
    Equipment Slot Gain 1100SP
    Equipment Slot Gain 2200SP
    Flame Dash: Flight Boost100SP
    Prolonged Barrel Duration 125SP
    Prolonged Barrel Duration 250SP
    Prolonged Barrel Duration 3100SP
    Gather Efficiency Boost 125SP
    Gather Efficiency Boost 250SP
    Drop Rate Boost 125SP
    Drop Rate Boost 250SP
    Chest Open Time Reduction 125SP
    Chest Open Time Reduction 250SP
    Flame Body Bash50SP
    Flame-Flame Perfect Dodge25SP
    Fire Kick: Damage Boost 150SP
    Fire Kick: Damage Boost 2100SP
    Fire Fist50SP
    Fire Fist: Damage Boost 1100SP
    Fire Fist: Damage Boost 2200SP
    Fire Gun (Charged Shot)50SP
    Fire Gun (Charged Shot): Charged Time Reduction50SP
    Fire Tangle50SP
    Fire Tangle: Damage Boost 1100SP
    Fire Tangle: Damage Boost 2200SP
    Ryu No Ibuki25SP
    Ryu No Ibuki: Charge Time Reduction 100SP
    Flame Dragon King100SP
    Flame Dragon King: Damage Boost 1200SP
    Flame Dragon King: Damage Boost 2400SP
    Flame Commandment 25SP
    Flame Commandment: Damage Boost100SP
    Blazing Breath100SP
    Blazing Breath: Damage Boost 1200SP
    Blazing Breath: Damage Boost 2400SP
    Blaze: Attack Duration 150SP
    Blaze: Attack Duration 2100SP
    Low Takedown25SP
    High Takedown25SP
    Consecutive Takedown Available 25SP
    Consecutive Takedown Boost 150SP
    Consecutive Takedown Boost 2100SP

    This comes to a total of 7330SP needed to fully upgrade Sabo.

    Nap time!
    Takedown 20 enemies as Sabo

    Takedowns are simple and performed the same way for Sabo as they are for Luffy. All you need to do is sneak up behind the enemy and press the Square Button when prompted.

    Pesky Dodger!
    Do 30 Flame-Flame Perfect Dodges

    Just like Luffy, you will need to perfectly dodge attacks. To do this you will need to get the Flame-Flame Perfect Dodge ability from the Battle Tree. Once you have it press the Circle Button when the enemy attacks to evade the attack. If this is timed correctly then you will evade taking damage and a purple hue will cover the screen and time will slow for a time.

    New Heights
    Clear 4 Challenge Missions as Sabo

    Challenge missions start appearing at the beginning of Chapter 3 once you have spoken to Isaac. There are only 4 like highlighted in the Trophy Description, however, they can be somewhat challenging to complete the 5-Star requirement, for information on the 5-Star Requirement please refer to SilverTop of the World. Below you can find what missions are in the DLC, where you can first Obtain them, and the reward set you can earn from them. Like in the base game Tips and Strategies, which can be found HERE the Sets will depend on the Grade that you get, if you get 5-Stars you get the Gold rating, and so on. 

    Challenge MissionLocationReward
    “Pick Master”Amber HarborLeather Set
    “Thrillseeker”Sapphire TownFeather Set
    “Battle Test”Steel CityOre Set
    “Mirror World”Steel CityJewel Set

    All you need to do is play through the Challenge and register a score for this trophy. 

    Top of the World upscale-245262160018212
    Get the top Grade as Sabo on 4 Challenge Missions

    This trophy, along with the Silver Chief of Staff will be the longest trophy that the DLC has and will take some patience to achieve in some cases. Each challenge has a specific requirement, which in this case, is listed below. The hardest challenge that Sabo has to undertake is probable “Pick Master” as you are tasked with travelling a good distance to unlock some chests while being attacked. 

    Mission5-star Completion requierment
    “Pick Master”1:30 minute
    “Thrillseeker”1:30 minutes
    “Mirror World”1:30 Minutes
    “Battle Test”80

    If this wasn’t good enough for you, or you need a little extra help, below you can find four videos below, which will show A method for getting the 5-Stars.

    “Pick Master”:


    “Mirror World”:

    “Battle Test”:


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