One Piece: World Seeker Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 2/10
    Estimated time to platinum/100%: 25 – 35 hours
    Missable trophies: None
    Glitched trophies: None
    Difficulty related: None
    Playthrough: 1


    Welcome to the One Piece World Seeker Trophy Guide!

    Wealth, Fame, Power, the King of the Pirates Gol D, Rogers promised this and more. as he sat on the execution stand the crowd yelled in an uproar for his treasure, “You want my Treasure? You can Have it, I left everything together in one place, now you just have to find it”. The world Rogers spoke Echoed through everyone and sparked the Grand Pirate Era, sending countless souls to the Sea.

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    Over 20 Years have passed since that day, one such boy sent in search of riches is a wanted man named Monkey D. Luffy. Leaving his home on a journey to find the legendary treasure of the Pirate King he forms a Crew and becomes renowned as the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. Now adventure beckons and the promise of treasure leads the crew to the Navy-controlled Prison Island, where Navy Marines are the least of their worries as they are drawn into a power struggle that could shake the foundations of the New World.


    Step 1: Complete World Seeker
    Play through the story and complete all the Story related trophies trying to achieve as much around the world as you can. The story of One Piece World Seeker is a short but enjoyable tale that tells the story of a power that could rival the ancient weapons and the greed for revenge against the governing forces of the world.
    Your main goal is to complete all the chapters of the story and along the way work on some of the miscellaneous trophies like:

    Bronze First Step
    Bronze Island Friend
    Bronze See You on the High Seas
    Bronze You’ve Gotten a Lot Stronger
    Bronze Join My Crew!
    Bronze I Want To Get Stronger
    Bronze This is What I’ve Been Training For!
    Bronze Takedown Hobbyist
    Silver Takedown Legend
    Bronze Marksman
    Silver Sharpshooter
    Bronze Evasion Expert
    Bronze Guard Master
    Silver Long Journey
    Bronze Woohoo!
    Bronze I’ll Destroy It!
    Bronze Big Rookie
    Bronze Wanted
    Bronze Material Collector
    Bronze Exploration Hobbyist
    Bronze Treasure!
    Bronze I Love Adventure!
    Silver I Wanna Go to the Sky Islands

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    The above 23 should come through your natural progression of the Main Story and when you branch off into side missions, none of them are overly difficult and for the most part, you are likely to complete the condition without doing too much work.

    You’ll be earning these trophies:

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    • Bronze Find Chopper!
    • Bronze Suspicious Woman
    • Bronze Straw Hats United
    • Bronze The Old Island
    • Bronze To You
    • Bronze Radio Hijack
    • Bronze Protect All
    • Bronze Sky Prison, Ho!
    • Gold We Won!
    • Bronze First Step
    • Bronze Island Friend
    • Gold Island Hero
    • Bronze See You on the High Seas
    • Bronze You’ve Gotten a Lot Stronger
    • Silver Go All The Way to the Top!
    • Bronze Join My Crew!
    • Bronze I Want To Get Stronger!
    • Bronze This is What I’ve Been Training For!
    • Bronze Takedown Hobbyist
    • Silver Takedown Legend
    • Bronze Marksman
    • Bronze Evasion Expert
    • Bronze Guard Master
    • Silver Long Journey
    • Bronze Big Rookie
    • Bronze Wanted
    • Silver I’ll Take You All On!
    • Bronze Material Collector
    • Silver This Could Be Fun
    • Silver Something Smells Good!
    • Bronze Exploration Hobbyist
    • Bronze Treasure!
    • Gold I Love Adventure!
    • Silver I Wanna Go to the Sky Islands

    Step 2: Clean Up

    This stage will see you completing anything that you might have missed, including those long trophies like Silver Fly Away. At this stage, you should only have random trophies like Collection, Using Gum-Gum Rocket or even the Pirate Rank. This is the time to do them, below are some useful links to help you achieve the collection:

    Bronze Woohoo!
    Silver I’ll Send You Flying
    Silver This Could Be Fun
    Silver Something Smells Good!
    Silver Treasure Hunter

    The above trophies are the most time-consuming and can increase your time in the game from the stated hours to near, or more than 55 hours. This is only an estimation as the collection of Treasure Chest and everything will take longer than you think.

    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:

    • 40-platinum I’m Going to Be the Pirate King!
    • Bronze Island Friend
    • Gold You’ve Gotten a Lot Stronger
    • Silver Go All The Way to the Top!
    • Bronze Join My Crew!
    • Bronze This is What I’ve Been Training For!
    • Silver I Won’t Lose to Anyone!
    • Silver Takedown Legend
    • Silver Sharpshooter
    • Bronze Evasion Expert
    • Bronze Guard Master
    • Silver Long Journey
    • Silver Fly Away
    • Bronze Woohoo!
    • Bronze I’ll Destroy It!
    • Bronze Big Rookie
    • Bronze Wanted
    • Silver I’ll Take You All On!
    • Bronze I’ll Send You All Flying
    • Bronze Quartermaster
    • Silver Exploration Strategist
    • Silver Treasure Hunter

    Step 3: Prepare for the DLC
    One Piece is an expanding series and as such, there is so much going on at the same time, World Seeker is no different and it has 3 major DLC and 1 small pack including trophies. These 3 packs see you playing as other characters, who are:

    • Roronoa Zoro
    • Sabo
    • Trafalga Law

    Those of you familiar with One Piece will know these characters, if you are not then you can find the information below along with a link to their DLC guides.

    DLC 1: The Void Mirror Prototype:

    Click HERE to go to the Guide

    Play as the Directionally challenged Moss-Hired Swordsman of the Straw Hat Pirates, find out what his part of the adventure on Prison Island was and what he was up to while his captain and other crew members were fighting to protect what they care about. The Void Mirror Prototype starts in Chapter 6 of the main story and continues to the end of the story, it is advised to wait till you have completed the main campaign in-game, however, once you have completed the events that will impact chapter 6 of Luffy’s story you could head to play as Zoro. You will probably get spoilers at the start and towards the end of the Void Mirror but it is a personal choice if you want to play them together.

    DLC 2: Where Justice Lies:

    Click HERE to go to the Guide

    The Revolutionary Army Chief of Staff enters Prison Island to hunt down the truth hidden in the darkness of the island. Take the reigns as Sabo and find what is hidden by the warden and stumble over the plot orchestrated by CP0. Where Justice Lies stars in Chapter 9 and will last until Luffy concludes the final battle. This DLC doesn’t feel as long as The Void Mirror Prototype but it starts later so it is understandable, however, Sabo’s events seem to be faster. One thing to note before starting on the adventure is those new enemies are introduced in this DLC and are added into the base game for Luffy as well as new moves made available for him.

    DLC 3: The Unfinished Map:

    Click the HERE to go to the guide

    The final main DLC sees you take control of the infamous Surgeon of Death, Trafalgar Law. Member of the Worst Generations Super Nova and Forma Warlord of the Sea, Law is a dangerous character in the hunt for the One Piece. Captain of the Heart Pirates and an unrivalled doctor, part in thanks to his power granted by the Op-Op Devil Fruit, he has a goal to hunt for the Treasure the Straw Hats were drawn to Prison Island for, however, he stumbles over a much darker truth when fate entwines him with a boy dreaming of being the worlds greatest Adventurer. Laws DLC picks up from the conclusion of the Side Mission Mystery of the Sky Island, which can be found in Chapter 8 of the main game and spans only 6 chapters which are pretty easy.

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:

    The Void Mirror Prototype Trophies:

    • Gold Return
    • Silver Enthused Warrior
    • Bronze Relentless
    • Bronze Serious Battle
    • Bronze Challenger
    • Silver Master

    Where Justice Lies Trophies:

    • Gold Mission Complete
    • Silver Chief of Staff
    • Bronze Nap Time!
    • Bronze Pesky Dodger!
    • Bronze New Heights
    • Silver Top of the World

    The Unfinished Map Trophies:

    • Gold Adventurous Dawn
    • Silver Trouble with a Capital “D”
    • Bronze Passage Granted
    • Bronze Take it Easy
    • Bronze Take What’s Yours
    • Silver The Throne

    Tips and Strategies:


    There are Spoilers in this guide, not just about World Seeker, some refer to the Anime/ Manga although small they are still spoilers. You have been warned!
    This is still a Spoilers, however, it should be listed under the General Information, and Notes. If you have seen One Piece Film Z you might have the nagging feeling that you know something more about the game. This is mainly because of the plot line of Film Z utilised the use of Dyna Stones. Back in 2012 the film hit the big screen and featured this concept, from this, we can assess that World Seeker would ideally either be part of the build-up to the film or a closing, however, this is only speculation.


    DLC packs, which are:

    They all influence the base game, by adding the main areas the pack takes place in. Below is a breakdown of this.

    DLC PackNewly Accessible Area
    The Void Mirror PrototypeSecret Factory
    Where Justice LiesAmber Harbor MineshaftTopaz Mineshaft
    The Unfinished MapFloating Islands

    You will need to complete the pack and have finished the base game in order to access these areas, in addition to this, Where Justice Lies will also add a special attack to Luffy in Fourth Gear.

    General Information:

    Enter into a unique adventure from the world created by Eiichiro Oda. Join the Straw Hat Pirates on the Navy-controlled Prison Island, a dangerous place overrun with Marines and Pirates, drawn there in seek of treasure and adventure, but get more than they bargained for. The story of World Seeker is set after Whole Cake Island, however, as you might be aware the Straw Hat Pirates are separated, with half the crew at Whole Cake Island and the other half bound for Wano. We can deduce this is the time frame that the game takes place in from a number of reasons, some of which include but on not limited to:

    • Usopp’s Title.
    • Introduction of Isho
    • Smoker and Tashigi’s casual references to Punk Hazard
    • Luffy is able to use his new ability for Dressrosa
    • Trafalgar Law is travelling with the Straw Hats
    • Nami’s Climatact is the one Usopp give her at Zou
    • Zoro still has the gift given by the fallen Samurai
    • Germa 66 knows Luffy
    • DLC, Commander Katakuri knows Luffy

    Going on the above points the game should be around the time that Luffy’s team head from Whole Cake Island to Wano, however, as highlighted above the crew is separated, therefore this should be treated like any of the One Piece movies that slot into the middle of arc’s and experienced as its own adventure.

    The Faster Way to Travel:

    One Piece has countless wonders, World Seeker is no exception, however, with it being a game the developers needed to provide a better way to navigate and traverse the world. The way they handle this is patching in a character introduced in Alabaster, Karoo the Supersonic Duck. Funnily enough, he is a mount in the game to help Luffy travel the wide world of Prison island, and he comes with perks.

    • His normal walk speed is about Luffy’s Sprinting Speed
    • He can run which can close vast distances quickly
    • His jump is pretty high, but he is able to Double Jump also
    • He has a Glide which works better than Luffy’s Gum-Gum Rocket or Gum-Gum UFO

    Below are his controls to help you out a bit.

    Karoo Controls:

    ControlWhat it doesControlWhat it does
     + Mount/ Dismount KarooGlide in the air
    Move Surrender (basically nothing useful)
    CameraSpecial Moves (Observation Haki is the only one)


    • The Game will refer to the Navy “Marines” as Sailors. Just because this is annoying this guide will be referring to “Sailors” as Marines as that’s what the Series and Manga call them.
    • Karoo was added as post-launch content and therefore is a DLC and his mission will reflect this.
    • If you have the DLC Spa Island and have completed the Story of it you will need to use Fast Travel to gain access to the location. This is due to the ferryman not being present.
    • All videos in this guide have Timestamps provided on Youtube. They should be utilised where necessary, there is only Bronze Woohoo! which does not have Timestamps as they are unneeded.


    One Piece World Seeker will let Luffy utilise his abilities differently depending on the mode he is in, there are 2 of these modes, which are:

    Mode IconWhat is it
    Observation Haki
    Armament Haki

    Each of these has its own combat style, Observation is faster whereas Armament deals more damage. It is a personal choice which to use for the situation you are presented with, however, Armament is good against tough enemies who can take a lot of punishment or regenerate their health. On the other side Observation is faster hitting which means you can get more hits in the time your Armament Combo lands. There really isn’t much in it, and it is down to personal choice. The best way to look at it is this,

    • Do I want to Dodge or Guard?
    • Do I want Speed or Power?

    If you can answer these you will have the mode you are comfortable playing in. It should be noted that there is a trophy for each stance, which are:

    • Bronze Evasion Expert
    • Bronze Guard Master

    General Tips:

    • You can play the game in any difficulty
    • Your Stats can be tracked in the Database, do note that not everything is tracked, however.
    • Fast Travelling resets the Area, not just the enemies and state of the world but resources. This does not work if you are close to the Fast Travel Point.
    • Against Powerful foes, try using all the tricks in your you have
    • BULLETS HURT!. Luffy might be a rubber man but Sea Prism Stone rounds ignore the Devil Fruit.
    • Luffy can walk in Shallow Water, however, he can not Swim
    • Luffy can sneak around in a Barrel.
    • Observation Haki lets you see Logia power users
    • To Unlock Karoo you need to complete the Side Quest: It’s Been A Long Time (Refer to Gold Island Hero for information on all known side missions)
    • Karoo can automatically pick up Resouces
    • Karoo can Climb just about anything
    • You can not use Karoo on either Sky Island (Law or Luffy’s Sky Island)
    • If you knock an enemy into the water in combat and they still have health they will respawn back on solid ground, this only applies to Strong Enemies.
    • You can Lock on to enemies using the Left and Right on the D-Pad
    • If you die while collecting Treasure Chest and haven’t saved in a while you will lose the ones you have collected and need to recollect. Don’t be in this situation, Save Often!
    • You can not use big attacks like Elephant Gatling in enclosed quarters like a cave
    • Mission-Related Treasure Chests Count for the Silver Treasure Hunter
    • You can not interact with Quest Givers if you are in combat
    • Operating Switches leaves you open to Attack
    • Hovering the crosshair over an enemy will Mark them
    • Unless you have purchased the Armament Takedown you can not perform a Takedown in Armament Mode
    • If you have the DLC Spa Island you will get 4 easy Side Missions, 4 Treasure Chests, and a place for some resources.
    • Having trouble reaching a high area, you can use Bounceman if you have the Tension to do so. Remember Gear Fourth isn’t just a combat mode.
    • Ready to deal heavy damage to an enemy but nearly out of Gear Fourth’s Bouncman? If you press L1 + Square you can enter Snakeman’s special attack, which is King Cobra. This is only possible if you have DLC Pack 2: Where Justice Lies.
    • You can change your outfit on the Thousand Sunny, go to the door behind where Sanji is to do this. This is only a Cosmetic change and does not have any noticeable benefits.
    • To get Perfect Dodge/ Guard, keep an eye on the icon above the enemy, when you see it flash press the Circle. If done at the right time you will get a perfect each time, this is invaluable against strong enemies who deal a lot of damage.
    • Remember to upgrade your skills and equipment.
    • Visit the Crew Once a day to get a reward
    • Exploration Missions can be cheated using the clock trick. (Details in Silver Exploration Strategist)
    • Gum-Gum UFO and Gum-Gum Rocket can be used as attacks if utilised correctly.
    • Bounce-man should be used as a last resort, you are left unable to fill your tension Gauge after you have used one for a short time. This can cost you a battle if things go wrong!
    • When heading to a Sky Island you should attempt not to alter the camera or move, it can be difficult to land on the island if you alter from where the cannon shoots you and you might fall back to Prison Island.
    • Between the end of Chapters 9 and 13, you are locked into the main story, in this sequence you will not be able to complete any Side Missions
    • Enemies have a power change in Chapter 6: Straw Hats United, and Chapter 12: To You. This means that you will get tougher at these points, however, as a trade they will give more SP.
    • Chapter 14 is the PONR (Point of No Return), before telling Jeanne that you are ready to address the crowd. Once you have beaten the game you will return to this point.
    • The 12 Post-Game chests are (Apparently) DLC Patch based and therefore they have bonus effects added to them. An example of this is the Gear Fourth Master Badge (Gear Fourth Extreme), for more information on these items please refer to SilverThis Could Be Fun.


    This subject might be small and seem insignificant, however, Snipers are a real threat in areas like Crystal Canyon, Emerald Town and Steel City. It is true that Snipers are troublesome until you get used to them, they hinder navigation and can end up killing you pretty easy. Having the skill Aure Clock is a good way to bypass them without raising too much attention, but if you want to take them out a good Gum-Gum Pistol is your safest bet.

    The above image highlights the sniper system. The lines you see coming off Luffy are as follows:

    • Blue
      • Nearby snipers
    • Red
      • Being targeted by a sniper

    They only really show in Steel City, Crystal Canyon, and Emerald Town, but its best to be cautious when navigating, you don’t want to be riding Karoo over buildings or Flying with Gum-Gum Rocket or UFO and get shot out of the air.

    Equipment Tips & Important Skills:


    Since there is a lot of Gear and Skills in the game, to help eliminate some confusion and help with giving you the best possible chance at getting the 40-platinumI’m Going to Be Pirate King! this section will be dedicated to clearing some of that up. It is true that there is plenty of equipment in the game, however, not all of it is useful when you get through the story. Although it might not technically be the best equipment you can equip yourself with, three recommended pieces have been listed below to help you.

    • Protection Belt
    • Haki Badge
    • Observation Choker

    If you are able to get these to a + rank or get ridiculously lucky and manage to get a ++ these 3 can really power you up.


    Not all pieces of gear will assist you, some will decrease other attributes. Anything with a Skull on the attribute will be bad for that area and is advised to stay away from these, however, this is not always the case.

    Stat DifferencesImage
    Without Skulls
    With Skulls

    Although the above information is present and illustrates the fact of gear that is good to use, we should probably address the fact of what gear is best for playstyle. There are 3 playstyles that can be enhanced through Gear, which are:

    • Observation
    • Armament
    • All Rounder

    They are basically what they sound like and you can align your gear to reflect that, below is a rough breakdown of the gear with stats:

    All Rounder
    Optimized All Round (No Negative Effects)

    Do take note of the fact that the Observation and Armament builds have negative effects present for the opposite Incoming damage type. This means that for Observation you will take more Melee Damage, whereas for Armament you will take more Ranged Damage. With all that said there is something that needs to be illustrated before moving on, which is Gear quality.

    + Quality
    ++ Quality

    The table above illustrates that the higher the quality the better the gear will be for you. Although this is true, the way that you get the quality up is completely randomised. There is a fast way to attempt this, however, which is the Save and reload (Save Scumming Basically). All you need to do is set a limit to how many attempts you want to take after you save then reload if you do not get the results you are after (Recommended 3 – 5 tries before reloading).


    Finally, do remember this is all down to personal preference and is no way the best way to look at your gear, after all your playstyle is your own, and your gear is a reflection of the way you play. 


    Out of all the skills that are located in the game there are some that are of more use than others and some that are related to trophies that you might want to take the time to focus your attention on. These skills are as follows:

    ParameterExploreObservation Haki
    Ranged Attack Guage Boost 1
    Ranged Attack Guage Boost 2
    Ranged Attack Recovery Speed Boost 1
    Ranged Attack Recovery Speed Boost 2
    Tension Guage Boost 1
    Tension Guage Boost 2
    Tension Loss Reduction 1
    Tension Loss Reduction 2
    Conqueror’s Haki (Bronze  I’ll Send You All Flying!)
    Conqueror’s Haki: Range Increase 1 (Bronze  I’ll Send You All Flying!)
    Conqueror’s Haki: Range Increase 2 (Bronze  I’ll Send You All Flying!)
    Gum-Gum UFO
    Gum-Gum UFO Duration Boost 1
    Gum-Gum UFO Duration Boost 2
    Gum-Gum UFO Duration Boost 3
    Item Drop Rate Boost 1
    Item Drop Rate Boost 2
    Gum-Gum Rocket (Silver  Fly Away & Bronze  Woohoo!)
    Gum-Gum Rocket Flight Increase (Silver  Fly Away & Bronze  Woohoo!)
    Incoming Ranged Attack Damage Down 1
    Incoming Ranged Attack Damage Down 2
    Incoming Ranged Attack Damage Down 3
    Perfect Dodge (Bronze  Evasion Expert)
    BattleArmament Haki
    Gum-Gum Eagle Storm (Silver  Go All The Way to the Top!)
    Gum-Gum Elephant Gatling (Silver  Go All The Way to the Top!)
    Incoming Melee Attack Damage Down 1
    Incoming Melee Attack Damage Down 2
    Incoming Melee Attack Damage Down 3
    Perfect Guard (Bronze  Guard Master)

    Of course, all of these will help you on your way to getting the SilverI Won’t Lose to Anyone!


    These are the advised skills only, however, one on the list that is recommended as an early acquisition is Item Drop Rate. The reason for this is that increasing the drop rate will also increase the drop rate of the SP that enemies will provide to you, this, in turn, will let you level faster and give you more skills to utilise. If this is acquired at the start of the game your grind at the end will be significantly reduced, letting you unlock 40-platinumI’m Going to Be the Pirate King! sooner.

    Skill Point Distribution:

    Throughout the game, you will need a lot of Skill Points (SP), below is a rough idea of what each enemy class will grant you if any:

    EnemiesAmount of Skill Points you can get
    Navy Marines3SP
    CP (Cipher Pol) Agent10SP
    Marine Elite Scout15SP
    Expert Soldier15SP
    Gunner Captain15SP
    Iron Striker15SP
    Tri-Shot Panther (Rocket & Shield Marine)15SP
    Immortal Grizzly (Big Pirate)15SP
    Deceitful Merlin (Rocket & Shield Marine)15SP
    Advancing Tornado15SP
    Charging Boar15SP
    Pirate Ship Immortal/ Big Pirates20SP
    Battlefield Calamity20SP
    Disastrous Propetra20SP
    Assault Master20SP
    WInged Gloves20SP
    Winged Wall20SP
    Wolf the Shredder20SP
    Prison Ghost20SP
    Slaughter Captain (Big Pirate)30SP
    Fiendish Crow (CP Agent)30SP
    Navy Mammoth Machine (Marine Leader)30SP
    Expert Agent30SP
    Dreadful Pirate (Big Pirate)30Sp
    Windblade Diomis (Marine Leader)30SP
    Crazy Assault Typhoon30SP
    PX-B (Pacifista)40SP
    Expert Commander40SP
    Command Master40SP
    Slaughter Champion40SP
    Kilmei Black40SP
    Immoveable Gatling Man40SP
    Brett the Exorcist40SP
    Dark Guardian40SP
    Blade of Godsword40SP
    Master Agent40SP
    Macho Man Champion40SP
    Anemos the Slasher (CP Agent)40SP
    Ranged PX (Pacifista)50SP
    Gunner Model PX (Pacifista)50SP
    Melee PX (Pacifista)50SP
    PX-A (Pacifica)50SP
    Enhanced PX50SP
    Germa 6680SP
    Kuzan (Aokiji)90SP
    Sakazuki 100SP

    Do keep in mind that this is only a very rough outline of the SP you can get from each unit, there might be more in the game that is not included on the list above. You should also know that the farther you enter into the game the more SP you can gain an example of this is Basic Marines and Pirates would only give 1SP at the early stage of the game, after chapter 6 they would give you 2SP.

    The Dilemma of SP?

    Although you can get SP a multitude of ways in the game you will probably find that you need to farm out a good amount in the post-game (this can vary). The reason for this is all upgrades are in the triple digits and SP, unless you get it from a mission only comes in Single or Double Digits. This rapidly limits what you can gain, and how long you will take to get SilverI Won’t Lose to Anyone!.

    Fret not there is a way around it, which can be done from Chapter 12: To You, or in the post-game. When wandering around the world you can find any of the Bosses that you fought in the campaign, it is advised to use the above table to find the best candidates to do this on, however, the choice is yours. They will all spawn in set locations around Prison Island, except for Isaac (and Sakazuki), who you can replay the end game to beat again. Below you can find who they are and where they will spawn:

    TashigiThere are 2 locations where you can find Tashigi both of which are frequent spawns.
    2nd Street in Emerald Town
    Mine Shaft 03 in Topaz Mine, is located on the right side of the big chamber.
    SmokerJade Bridge at the Wanted Board
    Germa 66Like some of the other bosses, you can find Germa 66 in more than 1 location.
    Found in Crystal Canyon at the Pirate Camp near the entrance
    Dungeon under Amber Harbor. Accessed through the Manhole under the town of Amber Harbor.
    LucciThere are 2 locations where you can find Lucci, one of these is in the open world while the other is located in a Dungeon.
    Near the Dragon Rock in Crystal Canyon
    Dungen under Topaz Mine. Accessed through the Manhole at the end of Mine Shaft 03.
    CrocodileIn Amber Harbor, on the platform located above the Thousand Sunny.
    KuzanNot far from the pond in the Graveyard, where you found the Treasure chest on the rock
    KizaruAdmiral Kizaru has 3 locations, like a few of the bosses his second location is at the end of a Dungeon.
    Out Front of Prison Tower
    Under the Sea Prison – Aquamarine. The Door on the bottom floor of the Sea Prison will lead you to the Secret Lab which is a Prominent location in DLC 1: “The Void Mirror Prototype” 
    The endpoint of the Floating Island, accessed from Law’s Sky Island which is a prominent location in DLC 3: “The Unfinished Map”
    FujitoraThe only Guaranteed Spawn location for Fujitora is in Sapphire Towns outskirts.
    On the Road behind Sapphire town, at the back of Turtle Rock, there is a house and usually a few marines there.
    ONLY AVAILABLE in Chapter 15: Protect All
    SakazukiSakazuki arrives on the island at the end of Chapter 14: Assembly, therefore he has no “Random” Spawn in the open world in the Post Game. You will have to fight him in Chapter 15 or in the Boss Rush DLC. That being said there are 2 locations where you can find him, provided you have completed the Side Mission Navy Fleet.
    The First can be used as a Farm Point, whereas the second is the Story confrontation with him at the Summit of Topaz Mine.
    Naval Base in Chapter 15: Protect All. You do not need to complete the mission Protect South Steel City.


    • Do remember this, they are random Spawns, In addition to this all enemies, with the exception of Fujitor & Sakazuki, can have the Takedown move performed on them, this makes most of the battles pretty easy and you do not need to worry about having to fight them. With all that in mind some of them, like Kizaru and Lucci have a “Miss Hit Zone” where you perform the Takedown but they manage to survive with 100% Health.
    • It has been speculated that you can not get a boss to spawn if you have a Karma Event for them active. This is not the case, remember they randomly spawn which means that if you do not have them where they are meant to spawn you are more than likely unlucky and all you need to do is try again. Karma Events play no part in the spawn rate of the boss and do not affect if they are going to be there or not.

    Challenge Missions:

    These are missions which will spawn at the end of the main story and are little repeatable tasks which will gain you resources. It should be noted at this stage that the reward is split into 3 tiers, which are:

    • Gold
    • Silver
    • Bronze

    Each of these will give a reward from the indicated resource area, and the rank you obtain will determine the quality of the item. An example of this is that a Bronze rank will net you low-quality resources while a Gold rank will give you a high-quality resource. Needless to say to get the best resources in order to craft better equipment you should want to aim for the Gold rank in each Challenge you attempt. Below is a breakdown of the missions, where to find them, and what rewards you can obtain:

    EngravingAmber HarborPlant Set
    “Looking For Medicine”Amber HarborThread set
    Boss RushThousand SunnyJewel Set
    “Pick Master”Amber HarborBone Set
    “Thrillseeker”Sapphire TownPlant Set
    “Buttons of Admiration”Ruby VillageShell Set
    “Mussel Training”Emerald TownWood Set
    “Mirror World”Steel CityJewel Set
    “Battle Test”Steel CityOre Set
    “Dream Shoes”Steel CityFeather Set
    All InSea Prison – Aqurmarina (Dungeon Entrance)Bone Set
    “Showdown”Sea Prison – Aqurmarina (Dungeon 2nd Floor)Leather Set
    Lost on the Floating IslandFloating IslandBone Set


    You will need to have DLC 1: The Void Mirror Prototype installed to gain access to the Sea Prison – Aquamarine’s dungeon levels. In addition to this, to Access the Floating Island, you will need to have DLC 3: The Unfinished Map installed. You do not need to complete any challenges for specific completion requirements or even base game trophies, they are just additional things that will help you with Crafting Resources. There is a DLC pack which does require you to play a Challenge Mission, which is Boss Rush, for more information on it refer to the below part.

    DLC Pack 4: Boss Rush

    Finally, for this section, we will talk about DLC Pack 4: Boss Rush. Boss Rush is a Challenge mission which will be accessed from the back deck of the Thousand Sunny. There will be a Robot there who will let you battle against the bosses of the game, for the Trophies however you will need to do something more than just battle the enemies.

    63Sfe7a06.pngNo Delayed Fights
    Complete the “Boss Rush” Challenge Mission
    64S32e31f.pngY’all Going Down!
    Complete “Boss Rush” with the top Grade

    To Achieve these you will need to play the Boss Rush for the BronzeNo Delayed Fights. As for the other Trophy in the DLC Pack, you will need to complete it with the Gold Rank, which is way easier than it actually sounds. Below is a Table showing who you have to fight in order, to the point the timer ran out. You should only need to beat 10 bosses, however, if you are fully powered you shouldn’t have too much trouble pulling that off and getting the 2 trophies in the DLC. With only needing to take out 10 Bosses you have the advantage of only needing to win against the individual opponents before they Tag Team you, and with a 5-minute timer, there is more than enough time to beat 10 or even double that if you’re powered enough.

    First Bosses SetSecond Bosses Set
    TashigiSmoker & Tashigi
    SmokerLucci & Crocodile
    Germa 66Kuzan & Tashigi
    CrocodileFujitora & Lucci
    LucciKizaru & Crocodile
    FujitoraSakazuki & Smoker
    KuzanKizaru & Kuzan
    KizaruSakazuki & Fujitora
    Isaac (Admiral Armor)

    Just in case you were struggling there is also a Boss Rush video below:

    Trophy Guide:

    I’m Going to Be the Pirate King!
    Get all trophies

    Your journey On Prison Island is finally concluded, Congratulations, time to set a new course.

    Find Chopper!
    Complete Main Mission “Find Chopper!”


    This is probably the very first trophy you will get in World Seeker and is after you have learned most of the basics of the game.

    Suspicious Woman
    Complete Main Mission “Suspicious Woman”


    Upon reaching Steel City and finishing Chapter 4, you will need to locate the Suspicious Woman in Chapter 5. This woman is of course Nami. Simply complete what Nami needs you to do and you will learn about the Karma System and the multi-mission selection as well as be given the freedom to do anything you want.

    Straw Hats United
    Complete Main Mission “Straw Hats United”


    Nami will tell you where Franky and Robin are upon getting the Suspicious Woman, however, you will need to locate the rest of the crew yourself using the mission markers on your map. The members you are still missions are:

    • Zoro
    • Usopp
    • Sanji
    • Brook

    They are relatively easy to locate so you shouldn’t have too much trouble. For convenience, the related missions are below, along with who you will get:

    Zoro(Theoretically Prison Tower) Main Mission Return to the Thousand Sunny to end the Chapter.
    UsoppJewel Mine
    SanjiNavy Directives
    BrookGhosts Identity

    Just rescue everyone and return to the Sunny and you will get the trophy.

    The Old Island
    Complete Main Mission “The Old Island”


    You will get this for completing Chapter 8: The Old Island, in this mission you will need to help people around the island. The missions that you need to complete in order to progress the chapter are:

    • True Treasure
    • Consideration
    • Memory Lane
    • Treasure Map
    • Warmongers
    • Divided We Stand

    Once these are completed you will be notified by Den-Den Mushi that you are wanted at Emery Plaza where you will need to talk to everyone. While talking with Jeanne you will be approached by Fred, who has come to tell Luffy that there is a Navy Admiral coming for him. The game will give you a marker, showing you where to go next in order to confront the Admiral, the man in question is Isho (Fujitora). You get a quick chat about events with him before you been to fight him, before starting the battle, however, you will unlock the ability to use Gear Fourth, which is a powerful form but at the cost of your Tension gauge. Simply beat Fujitora however you like and the chapter will end getting you the trophy.

    To You
    Complete Main Mission “To You”


    This is for completing Chapter 12. Upon completing the previous sequence of events where Jeanne finally gets to talk to Isaac after her run in with CP0 (Cipher Pol 0), you will have to head over to the Sapphire Town Church. Here you will find a very familiar character, who you will have a conversation with until a commotion can be heard from the square, if you head there you will find that there are battles breaking out all over the island between Anti and Pro-Navy forces, and Jeanne is caught in the middle not knowing what to do to quell the violence. Devastated, thinking that the events of the past are returning and going to happen again she will run off and Luffy will need to find her. If you have been paying attention you will know where she will run to, however, the location is highlighted below:

    • Find Jeanne at her mother’s grave in the graveyard, to the left of the main memorial.

    Once you have located her a conversation will play out where she explains that she doesn’t know what she is meant to do and Luffy reminds her she is not alone, and to lean on him and the Straw Hat Pirates if she needs help. After letting it sink in she realises that she can and wants to ask them to assist in a plan to take the Radio Tower to quell the island.

    Radio Hijack
    Complete Main Mission “Radio Hijack”


    This is for Chapter 13. Once you have talked some sense into Jeanne in Chapter 12, you will need to head over to the Thousand Sunny to outline a plan for the Straw Hats to help take the Radio Tower. Upon reaching an agreement the plan will be put into motion and you will need to head over to the location marked on the map, just down the street from the Tower in Steel Town. Nami will then outline everyone’s role, which are:

    • Nami, Franky and Brook
      • Destroy the backup generator
    • Zoro, Chopper and Robin
      • Defend the main entrance
    • Usopp
      • break into the Radio system
    • Sanji
      • Play Bodyguard for Jeanne

    Even though these are the roles for everyone else Luffy has a different job, which is to just do what he does best. This means that Luffy will need to clear the 2nd floor of the Radio Tower in order to get Jeanne, Usopp and Sanji to enter the tower. When you have, Usopp will inform you that the controls for the upper speakers aren’t present and you are asked to go to the upper control station and activate them. To do this you will end up going to the top of the tower and fighting through a fair few Marines and CP Agents. Upon getting there and interacting you will be told to return to Jeanne and the others, do so and you will get a cut scene where Jeanne will address the entire Island and quell the violence in both the Anti and Pro-Navy forces.

    Protect All
    Complete Main Mission “Protect All”


    This is for Chapter 15. Once you have passed the point of no return you will be tasked with defending the islanders from the war that has erupted on the island. There are a few missions that make up this chapter, which are:

    • Protect Emery Plaza
    • Protect Sapphire Town
    • Protect South Steel City
    • Protect North Steel City
    • Protect Halcum Port
    • Protect Emerald Town
    • Protect Ruby Village
    • Protect Topaz Mine
    • Protect Amber Harbor

    Once you have completed all 9 missions you will be told by Nami to meet at Sapphire Town plaza, head over there to get a breakdown of what is happening. You will be given the option of how to attack to next section, your options are:

    • The Mountain Path (northwest of Sapphire Town)
    • The Staircase (east of Sapphire Town)
    • Topaz Mine (mineshaft)

    Once the conversation is over the mission will be completed, and the trophy will unlock.

    Sky Prison, Ho!
    Complete Main Mission “Sky Prison, Ho!”


    This is for completing chapter 16, and is basically a run-up Topaz Mine. As highlighted in BronzeProtect All, you will have a few ways of scaling the mine and reaching the summit, which are:

    • The Mountain Path
    • The Staircase
    • Topaz Mine (mainshaft)

    You will still need to fight a good few enemies no matter the route you pick, there are mostly:

    • Standard Marines
    • Shotgunner
    • Some shield guys
    • Handful of Pacifista
    • Handful of commanders
    • Limited CP Agents

    All this will vary depending upon the path you take to the summit, however, the easiest way is to ride there on Karoo.

    Upon reaching the summit you will be attacked by Sakazuki, here will technically be your first encounter with him if you did not fight him in the side mission The Navy Fleet. He’s not all that tough despite being Fleet Admiral, and a Logia-type Devil Fruit user. Just beat him down and before Luffy gets the chance to put an end to the fight Sabo shows and tells Luffy he has more important things to deal with and Sakazuki was not the Straw Hats’ priority. After the Sakazuki battle, you will need to just regroup with the Straw Hats at the Omni Cannon, which is just simply walking forward, once the cut scene has played out and you land on the Sky Prison your trophy will unlock, and you will be in the final battle.

    We Won! Gold
    Complete All Main Missions


    This trophy requires you to complete all 17 chapters of the main story of One Piece World Seeker. There are some variations to the missions where in chapters 5 and 15 for example you will need to complete a number of side missions in order to complete the main quest. There is a breakdown below highlighting all relevant information to the stop that you will need to know.

    1: Find Chopper!50SP
    2: Amber Pirates100SP & Thrill Badge
    3: Devil Fruit User100SP
    4: Steel City100SP
    5: Suspicious Woman200SP
    6: Straw Hats United
    Sea Prison
    Navy Directives 
    Prison Tower
    Jewel Mine
    Ghost’s Identity 
    200SP,  Guard Belt Plans, & Healthy Veggie Juice Recipe
    200SP & Critical Bangle Plans
    200SP & Shot Choker Plans
    7: Mother & Brother200SP
    8: The Old Island
    True Treasure
    Memory Lane
    Treasure Map
    Divided We Stand
    300SP & Impact Bangle Plans
    ??? (300SP, Attack Ring Plans, & 2 Gem)
    300SP & Foresight Choker Plans
    9: Family Ties400SP
    10: Isaac Unmasked400SP & Protection Belt Plans
    11: Release400SP
    12: To You400SP & Special Attack Bangle Plans
    13: Radio Hijack400SP
    14: Assembly500SP
    15: Protect All
    Protect Emery Plaza
    Protect Sapphire Town
    Protect South Steel City
    Protect North Steel City
    Protect Halcum Port
    Protect Emerald Town
    Protect Ruby Village
    Protect Topaz Mine
    Protect Amber Harbor
    16: Sky Island, Ho!None
    17: True StrengthNone

    Total: 8850SP

    Upon completing all the main missions you will obtain the trophy.

    Isaac Fight (end boss)

    For anyone struggling with the Isaac fight there is a video below to assist in beating him, please note this was captured using the PS4 video capture rather than an external device like the other videos.


    Once you complete the game you will get a clear game save which will start you at Chapter 14:  Assembly, standing before Jeanne and the Straw Hats. You will want to take reference of the newly added Yellow mission markers scattered around Prison Island, these are Challenge missions and should be used to farm all sorts of resources see the Tips and Strategy section for information on these.

    First Step
    Complete first Side Mission

    Refer to Gold Island Hero for more information.

    Island Friend
    Complete 20 Side Missions

    Refer to Gold Island Hero for more information.

    Island Hero Gold
    Complete 100 Side Missions

    Side Missions can range from fetch quests to hunting for Zoro, or even battling someone strong or checking in with them. They start up in Chapter 3, once you have saved the Pirate for Chopper and returned to the Thousand Sunny to learn that there is a Devil Fruit User at a Marine Checkpoint. All Karma missions have been included in this as well, however, there is a slight difference which will be highlighted below:

    • Karma Mission are random and Depend on when you complete enough of the Factions objectives
    • All you need to do for a Karma Mission is go to a Location.
    • There are no registered rewards for the missions 
    • They are automatically added to your Quest Log, keep an eye out for them

    Before continuing you should be aware that it is unknown if the DLC Missions The Phantom Remedy 1 – 4 (Spa Island Pack) actually count towards this trophy. The pack will provide a new area, some missions which are easy and some good rewards so you should not discount completing them on the unknown factor. Additionally, do NOT discount completing the easiest of the missions which are:

    • Treasure Maps
    • Karma

    These 2 types of missions are the easiest in the game to complete, there are 48 Karma Missions, which is nearly giving you half of the trophy. With all that being said there is a total of 129 Missions in the game so there is some leeway when it comes to this trophy. Finally, there are 3 types of missions in the game, which are:

    Important Mission Marker
    Side Mission Marker
    DLC Mission Maker

    For this trophy, the mission makers which are Blue and Yellow (Yellow ones as long as they are not Challenge Missions) will count for this. Because of the amount of information that is included with this trophy a specially designed list has been constructed and can be found HERE, it contains all the KNOWN Side Missions in World Seeker, Where to find them, and key information to complete them.

    See You on the High Seas
    Reach Pirate Rank 10

    Refer to Silver Go All The Way to the Top! for information

    You’ve Gotten a Lot Stronger
    Reach Pirate Rank 50

    Refer to Silver Go All The Way to the Top! for information

    Go All The Way to the Top! upscale-245262160018212
    Reach Pirate Rank 100

    Your Pirate Ranking is determined by your Karma, which in turn is determined by what you have done for each faction.

    NOTE: Karma doesn’t unlock till the end of Chapter 5: Suspicious Woman

    Although Karma is not unlocked and active to use until Chapter 6, you can work on it. This means that if you know what to do for each faction you can actually get a fair amount done before you have them unlocked. Below is a breakdown of the factions:

    FactionWhat they want
    Straw Hat PiratesComplete Side Mission “The Lost Swordsman”
    Complete Side Mission “The Lost Swordsman 2”
    Complete Side Mission “Mystical Treasure”
    Complete Side Mission “The Legendary Gun”
    Complete Side Mission “To Each Their Own… Weapon”
    Complete Side Mission “Isaac’s Plan”
    Complete Side Mission “The Joy Of Cooking”
    Complete Side Mission “The Key To Cooking”
    Complete Side Mission “Island Illness”
    Complete Side Mission “The Medicine’s Source”
    Complete Side Mission “Mysterious Ore”
    Complete Side Mission “Ancient Texts & Dyna Stones”
    Complete Side Mission “The Weapons’ Supplier”
    Complete Side Mission “Secret of the Robots”
    Complete Side Mission “What Haunts the Mine”
    JeanneComplete Chapter 5
    Complete Chapter 6
    Complete Chapter 7
    Complete Chapter 8
    Complete Chapter 12
    Complete Side Mission “Jeanne & the Crew”
    Complete Side Mission “Jeanne & Luffy”
    Complete Side Mission “Karma: Beyond Dreams”
    Travel a distance of 20,000 across the island
    IsaacComplete Side Mission “Unchanging Sea”
    Complete Side Mission “Sea Changing”
    Defeat 100 Marines
    Defeat 250 Marines
    Defeat 500 Marines
    Defeat 50 Pirates
    Defeat 125 Pirates
    Defeat 250 Pirates
    Pro-NavyComplete Side Mission “Nostalgic Place”
    Complete Side Mission “Consideration”
    Complete Side Mission “True Treasure”
    Complete Side Mission “Divided We Stand”
    Defeat 125 Pirates
    Keep a Gum-Gum Rocket going for 10 Seconds
    Anti-NavyComplete Side Mission “Nostalgic Place”
    Complete Side Mission “Consideration”
    Complete Side Mission “True Treasure”
    Complete Side Mission “Divided We Stand”
    Defeat 250 Marines
    Fly with Gum-Gum Rocket for 200 seconds in Total
    SaboComplete Side Mission “Prison Tower Smuggling”
    Complete Side Mission “Within the Sea Prison”
    Complete Side Mission “Bond of Brothers”
    Defeat 15 CP Agents
    Defeat 40 CP Agents
    Defeat 75 CP Agents
    Hit Kizaru with Gum-Gum Red Hawk
    Hit Kizaru with Gum-Gum Eagle Storm
    Hit Kizaru with Gum-Gum Elephant Gatling
    Mark 70 Enemies
    Use Takedown to Defeat Enemies 30 Times
    LawComplete Side Mission “Mystery of the Sky Islands”
    Defeat 8 Navy Leaders
    Defeat 20 Navy Leaders
    Defeat 40 Navy Leaders
    Defeat 5 Pacifista
    Defeat 10 Pacifista
    Defeat 20 Pacifista
    Perform a Takedown on Smoker
    SakazukiComplete Side Mission “The Navy Fleet”
    Hit Sakazuki with Gum-Gum Red Hawk
    Hit Sakazuki with Gum-Gum Eagle Storm
    Hit Sakazuki with Gum-Gum Elephant Gatling
    KizaruComplete Side Mission “Secret in the Mine”
    Defeat 100 Marines
    Defeat 250 Marines
    Defeat 500 Marines
    Defeat 10 Pacifista
    Defeat 7 Robots
    KuzanComplete Side Mission “Man of Ice”
    Complete Side Mission “Survivor”
    Compete Side Mission “Secret Training”
    Hit Kuzan with Gum-Gum Red Hawk
    Hit Kuzan with Gum-Gum Eagle Storm
    Hit Kuzan with Gum-Gum Elephant Gatling
    Hit Smoker with Gum-Gum Red Hawk
    Hit Smoker with Gum-Gum Eagle Storm
    Hit Smoker with Gum-Gum Elephant Gatling
    Hit Kizaru with Gum-Gum Red Hawk
    Hit Kizaru with Gum-Gum Eagle Storm
    Hit Kizaru with Gum-Gum Elephant Gatling
    Hit Fujitora with Gum-Gum Red Hawk
    Hit Fujitora with Gum-Gum Eagle Storm
    Hit Fujitora with Gum-Gum Elephant Gatling
    FujitoraComplete Side Mission “Mystery Map”
    Complete Side Mission “Mavy Justice”
    Hit Kuzan with Gum-Gum Red Hawk
    Hit Kuzan with Gum-Gum Eagle Storm
    Hit Kuzan with Gum-Gum Elephant Gatling
    Hit Kizaru with Gum-Gum Red Hawk
    Hit Kizaru with Gum-Gum Eagle Storm
    Hit Kizaru with Gum-Gum Elephant Gatling
    Smoker & TashigiComplete Side Mission “Rivalry & Coexistence”
    Complete Side Mission “Rumors of Dyna Stones”
    Defeat 50 Pirates
    Defeat 125 Pirates
    Defeat 250 Pirates
    Defeat Crocodile Once
    Defeat Germa 66 Once
    CrocodileComplete Side Mission “Juicy Bait”
    Complete Side Mission “Treasure Party”
    Defeat 8 Navy Leaders
    Defeat 20 Navy Leaders
    Defeat 40 Navy Leaders
    Hit Crocodile with Gum-Gum Eagle Storm
    BuggyComplete Side Mission “Ghost in the Barrel”
    Complete Side Mission “Where’s Buggy?”
    Acquire at least 100 Items
    Acquire at least 250 Items
    Acquire at least 500 Items
    Acquire 15 Different Items
    Acquire 30 Different Items
    Acquire 50 Different Items
    LucciComplete Side Mission “Letters from the Sky”
    Complete Side Mission “Injured Fugitive”
    Defeat 15 CP Agents
    Defeat 40 CP Agents
    Defeat 75 CP Agents
    Mark 70 Enemies
    Mark 150 Enemies
    Mark 300 Enemies
    Use Takedowns to Defeat Enemies 30 Times
    Use Takedowns to Defeat Enemies 70 Times
    Use Takedowns to Defeat Enemies 150 Times 
    Germa 66Complete Side Mission “Mystery Metal”
    Acquire a Counter Bangle
    Defeat 5 Pacifista
    Defeat 10 Pacifista
    Defeat 20 Pacifista
    Defeat 3 Robots
    Defeat 7 Robots
    Defeat 12 Robots

    Additional Notes:


    Missions will be completed through the natural progression of the game and you shouldn’t need to worry about most of them, there is 1 however, which can prove elusive. This mission is the one that Sakazaki want, called “The Navy Fleet”. The reason this is being addressed here is that it is regarded as the only missable mission in the whole game. The mission is only available in Chapter 15: Protect All, and early in Chapter 16: Sky Prison, Ho!. You will not see it on your map and you will not automatically get it, to get it you need to head to the 2 men standing in the garden by the water in Sapphire Town. Once you have done this you will get prompted to head to other locations and it is straightforward to complete it.

    Enemy Related:

    The enemy-related objective can be farmed in a number of places, below is an idea of some good locations:

    Amber Harbor
    Cannon Island
    Naval Base
    Sea Prison – Aquamarine
    CP AgentsPacifista
    Most Navy Bases
    Steel City  (Near Naval Base Sign Post)
    Halcum Port (on the Far Ship from Steel City)
    Emerald Town (Near Fast Travel Point)
    2 Far Navy Ships (Naval Base)
    Prison Tower – Tourmaline
    Navy LeadersMarking Enemies
    Radio TowerTopaz MineJust Mark enemies when you see them by hovering the cursor over them.

    Ability Related:

    When fighting against a strong enemy, like Smoker, Tashigi, or Fujitora, you will need to use some special abilities. These abilities are:

    • Gum-Gum Red Hawk
    • Gum-Gum Eagle Storm
    • Gum-Gum Elephant Gatling

    You will be given Gum-Gum Red Hawk when you fight Smoker in Chapter 3: Devil Fruit User, as for the other 2, Gum-Gum Eagle Strom and Gum-Gum Elephant Gatling, you will need to purchase them, refer to SilverI Won’t Lose to Anyone! for more information on cost. Just simply use the ability on the enemies that you need to complete the condition on, if the enemies guard and you end up dealing a little damage it can sometimes count also. Below is a breakdown of what you need to do for Abilities against bosses:

    SmokerGum-Gum Red Hawk
    Gum-Gum Eagle Storm
    Gum-Gum Elephant Gatling
    Perform a Takedown
    KizaruGum-Gum Red Hawk
    Gum-Gum Eagle Storm
    Gum-Gum Elephant Gatling
    FujitoraGum-Gum Red Hawk
    Gum-Gum Eagle Storm
    Gum-Gum Elephant Gatling
    KuzanGum-Gum Red Hawk
    Gum-Gum Eagle Storm
    Gum-Gum Elephant Gatling
    CrocodileGum-Gum Eagle Storm
    SakazukiGum-Gum Red Hawk
    Gum-Gum Eagle Storm
    Gum-Gum Elephant Gatling

    These are over multiple people, an example of this is:

    KuzanHit Kizaru with:
    Gum-Gum Red Hawk
    Gum-Gum Eagle Storm
    Gum-Gum Elephant Gatling
    Join My Crew!
    Attain 100% Karma for one faction

    Refer to Silver Go All The Way to the Top! for information

    I Want To Get Stronger!
    Learn 10 Skills

    Refer to Silver I Won’t Lose to Anyone! for information

    This is What I’ve Been Training For!
    Learn 40 Skills

    Refer to Silver I Won’t Lose to Anyone! for information.

    I Won’t Lose to Anyone! upscale-245262160018212
    Learn all Skills

    Skills are introduced once you have saved Chopper for the Bronze Find Chopper!, the first one that you will get is mandatory and is a Parameter Skill, for Maximising your Health once. Upon learning about the skills you will be able to gain SP and spend it on levelling up Luffy however you like. Some Skills will be given to you through your natural progression of the story, however, others might require you to purchase the previous level or a related skill, you can see an example of this below and an image to illustrate the full skills menu:

    • Max HP Boost 4 Requires you to have purchased all other Max HP Boosts
    • Conqueror’s Haki: Range Increase can only be purchased if you own Conqueror’s Haki 

     Below are all the Skills with the different levels laid out: 

    What Tree?What SkillSP Cost
    ParameterMax HP Boost 1TUTORIAL COVERED 10SP
    Max HP Boost 2100SP
    Max HP Boost 3300SP
    Max HP Boost 4500SP
    HP Recovery Speed Boost 1100SP
    HP Recovery Speed Boost 2200SP
    HP Recovery Speed Boost 3500SP
    Stun Amount Boost 1200SP
    Stun Amount Boost 2500SP
    Max Observation Haki Guage Boost 1200SP
    Max Observation Haki Guage Boost 2500SP
    Movement Speed Boost300SP
    Charge Shot200SP
    Charge Shot Time Reduction500SP
    Ranged Attack Guage Boost 1100SP
    Ranged Attack Guage Boost 2300SP
    Ranged Attack Recovery Speed Boost 1200SP
    Ranged Attack Recovery Speed Boost 2300SP
    Tension Guage Boost 1200SP
    Tension Guage Boost 2300SP
    Tension Loss Reduction 1200SP
    Tension Loss Reduction 2300SP
    Aura Cloak 1200SP
    Aura Cloak 2500SP
    Conqueror’s Haki300SP
    Conqueror’s Haki: Range Increase 1500SP
    Conqueror’s Haki: Range Increase 2800SP
    ExploreGum-Gum UFO100SP
    Gum-Gum UFO Duration Boost 1200SP
    Gum-Gum UFO Duration Boost 2300SP
    Gum-Gum UFO Duration Boost 3500SP
    Chest Open Time Reduction 1200SP
    Chest Open Time Reduction 2300SP
    Item Drop Rate Boost 1200SP
    Item Drop Rate Boost 2300SP
    Gum-Gum RocketStory Related
    Gum-Gum Rocket Flight Increase300SP
    Gather Efficiency Boost 1200SP
    Gather Efficiency Boost 2500SP
    Equipment Slot Gain 1500SP
    Equipment Slot Gain 2800SP
    Island Knowledge 1200SP
    Island Knowledge 2500SP
    Lunge + Body Bash300SP
    Prolonged Barrel Duration 1100SP
    Prolonged Barrel Duration 2200SP
    Prolonged Barrel Duration 3300SP
    Low Takedown200SP
    High Takedown300SP
    Observation HakiGum-Gum Gatling100SP
    Gum-Gum Gatling Hit Boost 1200SP
    Gum-Gum Gatling Hit Boost 2300SP
    Incoming Ranged Attack Damage Down 1100SP
    Incoming Ranged Attack Damage Down 2300SP
    Incoming Ranged Attack Damage Down 3500SP
    Observation & Attack Boost300SP
    Consecutive Takedown Available200SP
    Consecutive Takedown Boost 1300SP
    Consecutive Takedown Boost 2300SP
    Long Shot200SP
    Perfect Shot200SP
    Perfect Dodge200SP
    Critical Performance Boost 1200SP
    Critical Performance Boost 2500SP
    Soru: Distance Focus300SP
    Observation Haki: Focus300SP
    BattleGum-Gum Eagle Storm200SP
    Gum-Gum Eagle Storm: Damage Increase 1300SP
    Gum-Gum Eagle Storm: Damage Increase 2500SP
    Gum-Gum Red Hawk: Damage Increase 1200SP
    Gum-Gum Red Hawk: Damage Increase 2300SP
    Gum-Gum Elephant Gatling300SP
    Gum-Gum Elephant Gatling: Damage Increase 1500SP
    Gum-Gum Elephant Gatling: Damage Increase 2800SP
    Armament HakiGum-Gum Bazooka100SP
    Gum-Gum Bazooka Charge Time Reduction300SP
    Incoming Melee Attack Damage Down 1100SP
    Incoming Melee Attack Damage Down 2300SP
    Incoming Melee Attack Damage Down 3500SP
    Armament Attack Boost 1300SP
    Armament Attack Boost 2500SP
    Armament Hardening Boost 1200SP
    Armament Hardening Boost 2300SP
    Multi Shot200SP
    Buster Shot200SP
    Armament Takedown200SP
    Armament Takedown Effect Boost500SP
    Perfect Guard200SP
    Gear FourthGear Fourth Attack Boost500SP
    Prolonged Gear Fourth Effect 1500SP
    Prolonged Gear Fourth Effect 2800SP
    Reduced Gear Fourth Fatigue 1300SP
    Reduced Gear Fourth Fatigue 2500SP

    This comes to a total of 29,110SP needed to fully upgrade Luffy. You should get around 23,000SP after completing all Side Missions and the Main Campaign, which will leave around 6000SP left to collect.

    Takedown Hobbyist
    Defeat 10 enemies with a Takedown

    Refer to Silver Takedown Legend for information

    Takedown Legend upscale-245262160018212
    Defeat 100 enemies with a Takedown

    Takedowns are Stealth Attacks that can kill or severely weaken an enemy. You perform one by going up behind an enemy and using the Square Button when prompted. You can also perform these in combat providing you have stunned the enemy. To stun someone easy you will want to use Conqueror’s Haki, if they are strong enough they will be stunned and you can go up to them and press the Square Button when prompted. Below are the images of when you go up behind an enemy and when you use a takedown on a stunned enemy.

    Sneak up behind the Enemy

    ​​​​Stunned Enemy

    Perform 10 critical shots

    Refer to Silver Sharpshooter for information

    Sharpshooter upscale-245262160018212
    Perform 100 critical shots

    For Critical Shots, you will need to use your Ranged attacks by holding the L2 Button and pressing the R2 Button to “shoot” the enemy. There are 2 key points you can hit an enemy to deal damage:

    • Anywhere other than the Head
    • Head

    These 2 locations give different values and will be harder to hit on some enemies than others. To get a critical, however, you will want to aim for the head, this should give double the damage that the body hit gives and can kill some enemies in a single hit, depending on your gear.

    Below is an image of the Ranged mode in the game.

    Evasion Expert
    Perform 30 Perfect Dodges

    This is done in Observation mode and can be farmed on a single enemy. All you need to do for this trophy is to dodge attacks using the Circle Button, the catch is you will need to purchase the skill:

    • Perfect Dodge

    This is found in the Observation Tree and will cost 200SP. Once you have it you should find an enemy and just start to dodge them perfectly, you only need to do this 30 times and you will likely obtain this naturally through the progression of the game. You will know when you Perfectly Dodge by the screen getting a purple hue, like the image below:

    Guard Master
    Perform 30 Perfect Guards

    Much like the BronzeEvasion Expert, this, however, is done in Armament mode. All you need to do for this trophy is to guard against attacks using the Circle Button, the catch is you will need to purchase the skill:

    • Perfect Guard

    This is found in the Armament Tree and will cost 200SP. Once you have it you should find an enemy and just start to guard against their attacks perfectly, you only need a total of 30 times and you will likely obtain this naturally through the progression of the game. You will know when you used Perfect Guard by the screen getting a purple hue, like the image below:

    Long Journey upscale-245262160018212
    Travel a total distance of 50,000 across the island

    This is cumulative and you shouldn’t need to worry, It should unlock through the natural progression of the story before the end of the Campaign or shortly after completing it. All you need to do is travel around the island, be that by Foot, Karoo, Gum-Gum Rocket, or Gum-Gum UFO.

    Fly Away upscale-245262160018212
    Fly with Gum-Gum Rocket for 30 minutes in total

    This trophy is rather a cruel one, although it is easy it will take a long time to achieve. Your goal is to use Gum-Gum Rocket to fly around, however, you will need to fly for a total of 30 minutes. This is very time consuming and will take some patience, and not using Karoo for quickly traversing Prison Island. Your Average flight time in Gum-Gum Rocket is around the 2 Seconds mark per flight, so as you can see you will need to use Gum-Gum Rocket a good number of times to make up the total time needed. Of course, does not cater for elevation and drop-off and other such factors. This means that if you are using it from the top of Topaz Mine You might make 10 seconds per flight, of course, this will get easier the more you use Gum-Gum Rocket.

    The best way to get this trophy’s condition is to use Gum-Gum Rocket throughout the game and get it as high as you can, then in the second stage of the Roadmap find a point you are comfortable using and just keep building up the time using Gum-Gum Rocket. Below is the video link for Bronze Woohoo!.

    Fly for 5 seconds during a single Gum-Gum Rocket flight without landing

    For this trophy, all you need to do is stay airborne by using Gum-Gum Rocket for a total of 5 seconds. There is a video below to highlight how to do this but for more information on Gum-Gum Rocket please refer to Silver Fly Away.

    I’ll Destroy It!
    Break 100 objects

    Breakable objects can be anything from Crates to Barrels. All you need to do is attack them to break them, they are common throughout the game so you shouldn’t need to worry about this trophy. Just destroy them when you see them and the trophy is yours, below are some examples of what you can destroy to get this trophy:



    Explosive Barrels:

    Big Rookie
    Defeat 100 Pirates

    Refer to Silver I’ll Take You All On! for information

    Defeat 200 Sailors

    refer to Silver I’ll Take You All On! for information

    I’ll Take You All On! upscale-245262160018212
    Defeat 1,000 Enemies

    For the Defeating Trophies all you need to do is battle enemies, the 2 specific:

    •  Bronze Big Rookie
    •  Bronze Wanted

    ask you to defeat a total of that faction. The Pirates are commonly found near Amber Harbor and Cannon Island, whereas the Marines are just about everywhere else.



    To get this trophy you are required to just defeat a total of 1000 enemies of any type, be they:

    • Pirate
    • Marine
    • Robot
    • CP Agent
    • Boss Class
    I’ll Send You All Flying!
    Defeat 6 enemies simultaneously

    This can be done at any time you have 6 enemies and Conqueror’s Haki, the reason for this is that Haki is about the only way to take out 6 enemies in a single attack reliably. Note the word Reliably, there are other ways like Elephant Gatling but you can end up missing someone, with Haki you have little to worry about on that front.

    Now that’s out of the way let’s look at where, a Navy Base is a good bet for this trophy or a mission where you need to defend a point, however, the best place in the open world is in Amber Harbor. There are about 10 pirates there if you can get them close enough to you, in addition, there are some big Pirates who you can get Takedowns on if they are caught in your Conqueror’s Haki. You can find a video below showing the method on the Pirates in Amber Harbor. You do not need to be in the mission The Weapons’ Supplier like it shows in the video, it just so happened that it co-insided with the recording, and it’s a good marker. The things you need to remember for this method are:

    • The Weapons’ Supplier (Optional)
    • Amber Harbor
    • Conqueror’s Haki
    • Conqueror’s Haki: Range Boost 1 or 2 (Optional second level but it might help get everyone)

    Material Collector
    Acquire 100 materials in total

    Materials can be obtained through picking them up, gained from defeating enemies or given to you as mission/ Exploration rewards. Collecting 100 materials is not that hard and you will probably obtain them through the natural progression of the story.

    Picking up:

    To pick up resources you will want to walk up to the shiny items on the ground and press the Triangle Button, this will pick up the item. Alternatively using Karoo will automatically pick up the item if you are close enough to it.

    This is covered in the SilverExploration Strategist, however, you will find it here as well. Exploration Missions are when you send a crew member to look for resources, you will need to have a lunch box made by Sanji in order to send a crew member on their own little adventure. This can last for 1 hour up until 24 hours (Real Time) depending on the lunch they have been given. When they return, they will give you what they find, it can depend on who you send out and what lunch they have as to what you get.

    NOTE: This is only available from Chapter 6: Straw Hats United onward. Refer to Silver Exploration Strategist for more information.

    Create 20 equipment items & outfits

    For this Trophy, you need to Craft items, which can only be done at the Thousand Sunny and only by Franky or Usopp. Firstly you will need to progress the game to at least Chapter 6: Straw Hats United, and have found either Franky or Usopp (rescuing Franky will give you the tutorial on this). Once you have either of them from either:

    • Sea Prison
      • Franky
    • Jewel Mine
      • Usopp

    You will be able to talk to them and have them craft items or outfits for you, providing you have the Plans. To get Plans, please refer to SilverThis Could Be Fun for information.
    Simply select what you want to make and as long as you have the required materials you will be able to craft it.

    This Could Be Fun upscale-245262160018212
    Acquire 25 equipment & outfit plans

    Plans are used in crafting items and outfits for Luffy to help his adventure on Prison Island. You will mostly find them from missions, there are some hidden in Treasure Chests also. Below is a table highlighting where and what the plans are.


    Mission Related
    Critical Bangle PlansSea Prison
    Shot Choker PlansJewel Mine
    Survival Belt PlansThe Weapons’ Supplier
    Slugger Bangle PlansThe Lost Swordsman
    Thrill Badge PlansTo Each Their Own… Weapon
    Knuckle Ring PlanMan of Ice
    Warrior Badge PlansRivalry and Coexistence
    Attack Ring PlansTreasure Map
    Muscle Belt PlansUnchanging Sea
    Combat Badge PlanIsaac’s Plans
    Observation Chocker PlansStepping Stone Map
    Charge Ring PlansSecrets in the Mine
    Spy Chocker PlansMystical Treasure
    Counter Bangle PlansThe Lost Swordsman 2
    Haki Badge PlansCloud Map
    Carnage Bangle PlansWaterfall Map
    Armament Ring PlansPond Map
    Incognito Choker PlansTreasure Party
    Foresight Chocker PlansWarmongers
    Mantra Belt PlansSecret Training
    Break Ring PlansSea Changer
    Assassin Chocker PlansInjured Fugitive
    Protection Belt PlansJeanne & Luffy
    Champion Badge PlansWithin the Sea Prison
    Victory Badge PlansBond of Brothers

    Treasure Chest Related Plans
    Adventure Outfit (One Piece Film: Strong World)Golden Chest on Luffy’s Sky Island
    Haki Badge PlansCloud Treasure Map
    Carnage Bangle PlansWaterfall Treasure Map
    One Piece Film: Film Gold OutfitHidden Cave Chest, located in Crystal Canyon
    Armament Ring PlansPond Map
    Party Outfit (One Piece Film: Z) PatternGolden Chest atop Prison Tower
    Adventure Outfit (Whole Cake Island Arc) PatternGolden Chest at the tip of Cannon Island
    Navy Outfit PatternGolden Chest in a hanger near the battleship on the north side in the Navy Base.

    Post-Game Chests
    Guts Belt Plans (Protection)Amber Harbor
    Guts Bangle Plans (Burning Strength)Topaz Mine Outside
    Leo Badge Plans (Raging Leo Rex Bazooka)Topaz Mine Inside
    Organ Badge Plans (Primal Kong Organ Gun)Ruby Village
    Counter Ring Plans (Reprise Shot)Emerald Town First Street
    Kong Gun Badge Plans (Fierce Kong Gun)Emerald Town
    Revenge Ring Plans (Silent Courage)Steel City
    Gear Fourth Master Badge Plans (Gear Fourth Extreme)Naval Base
    Counter Choker Plans (Instant Reprise)Naval Base
    Trick Chocker Plans (Gale Wings)Sea Prison – Aquamarine
    Armament Master Ring Plans (Armament Extreme)Luffy’s Sky Island
    Observation Master Choker Plans (Observation Extreme)Law’s Sky Island

    Chapter Related Plans
    Guard Belt PlansChapter 6: Straw Hats United
    Impact Bangle PlanChapter 8: The Old Island
    Protection Belt PlansChapter 10: Isaac Unmasked
    Special Attack Bangle PlansChapter 12: To You

    Once you have obtained a plan you will need to gain the resources needed to craft the item, and either Franky or Usopp. Either will do, they are both found on the Thousand Sunny once you have saved them, simply talk to them and have them make an item you have plans for. Do this a total of 25 times to get the trophy. It is recommended to get things that will benefit your progression, however, you can find 3 good pieces of gear that is good to get in the Tips and Strategies section.

    Something Smells Good! upscale-245262160018212
    Acquire 20 pirate box lunch recipes

    The first one that you should collect is in Chapter 6: Straw Hats United, from the mission Navy Directive. This should be the Musubi’s Lunch Recipe. Below is a list of them:

    RecipeWhere to get it
    Musubi’s Lunch RecipeNavy Directives – Bonus for finding the Ingrediance she needs.
    Dosko Potato PailleRuby Village Material Request
    Express Shrimp Tempura RecipeCrystal Canyon Material Request
    Sandwich & Tea Set RecipeMysterious Ore
    Hot Rock Stew with Tender Meat RecipeThe Joy Of Cooking
    Large Mushroom Salad RecipeWhat Haunts the Mine
    Fruit Pie RecipeIsland Illness
    Fruity Stew with Meat and Mushroom RecipeThe Medicine’s Source
    Baratie’s Seafood Pilaf RecipeThe Key to Cooking
    Thick-Cut Steak RecipeGhost in the Barrel
    Utopian Tea Set RecipeAncient Texts & Dyna Stones
    Fruit Macedonia RecipeThe Legendary Gun
    Super Energy Drink RecipeSecret of the Robots
    3-Piece Mountain & Seafood Plate RecipeWhere’s Buggy?
    Spicy and Hot Shrimp RecipeRumours of Dyna Stones
    Golden Mushroom Plate RecipeSurvivor
    Golden Fruit Pie RecipeJeanne & the Crew
    Gooey Takoyaki Set RecipeNavy Justice
    Mushroom Omelet RecipePrison Tower Smuggling

    Treasure Chests Related Recipes
    Curry Rice: Pirate Version RecipeChest located in the Harbor of Ruby Village in the closed shed
    Premium Tuna Onigiri RecipeShip Treasure Chest Halcum Port (Image Reference Below)

    Chapter Related Recipe
    Healthy Veggie Juice RecipeChapter 6: Straw Hats United

    These are used when talking to Sanji on the Thousand Sunny and can be created when sending out Crew Members on Exploring quests. The Quality will greatly affect what can be found in addition to this you also need to pick something that crew member prefers. Refer to SilverExploration Strategist for more information

    Additional Information:

    Curry Rice: Pirate Version Recipe:

    Map Location of Chest
    Visual Location of Chest

    Premium Tuna Onigiri Recipe:

    Map Location of Chest
    Visual Location of Chest

    Exploration Hobbyist
    Ask Straw Hat Pirates to go exploring 3 times

    Refer to Silver Exploration Strategist for information

    Exploration Strategist upscale-245262160018212
    Ask Straw Hat Pirates to go exploring 12 times

    This is introduced in the conclusion of the Side Mission Navy Directives, upon returning to Jeanne and Sanji, he will look at the recipe and you will gain the Crew Exploration ability. You will need to return to the Thousand Sunny and talk to Sanji in order to send out a crew member, however, there are some key things listed below to keep in mind:

    • Only one Crew member can go exploring at once
    • You need to have the resources for the Lunch
    • The higher the time the better the reward
    • Each crew member has their own area of expertise

    Below is where you will need to go to talk to Sanji in order to make a Pirate Lunch in order to set out an exploration.

    As mentioned above each crew member has something they alone are perfect for, below is a table showing what each crew member can find.

    Crew MemberMaterial CategoryImage Reference
    ZoroOres & Metal
    Nami Gems
    RobinThreads & Fabric

    To get these trophies all you need to do is send a total of 12 Explorations, they can be 1-hour or 24-hour trips the choice is up to you. Just remember to check in with Sanji (or Chopper if you sent Sanji) to find out if they are back and then the crew member you sent out in order to be able to send a new member.

    Now we have addressed that you should also be aware that different lunches yield different results, meaning that if you pick a lunch that the crew member prefers, an example of this is Nami preferring the Paradise Dessert, you will get a better result. Below is possible the optimal lunch for each character, which should get the best result:

    Crew MemberPrefered Lunch
    ZoroPremium Tuna Onigiri
    NamiParadise Dessert
    UsoppBaratie’s Seafood Pilaf
    SanjiUtopian Tea Set
    ChopperGolden Fruit Pie
    RobinGolden Mushroom Plate
    FrankyBurger & Exploding Cola Set
    BrookPirated Curry Rice


    As highlighted in the Tips and Strategy section you can cheat this by using the Clock Trick. This is where you will send a crew member out Exploring and after you have, pause the game and go to the PS4 Dashboard. Once there navigate to the Settings and then to the Time and Date Options, now just manually alter the time by how many hours you need. If they are out for 1 hour alter it by that, it might be good to add some extra time onto it so an extra hour or an hour and a half. There is a video to help you below.

    Open 15 treasure chests

    Refer to Silver Treasure Hunter for information

    Treasure Hunter upscale-245262160018212
    Open 200 treasure chests

    Welcome to the Great Pirate Era, and what would it be without Treasure Chests to find. There are 249 Chests in the game (including DLC Areas), so just over the amount you need for the trophy. Instead of giving you some useless pointers to finding them easy or anything, there are some tips that are more useful than others, as well as maps and Videos to help you below.

    Just for clarity, below is the chest reference in the game. There is some difference between the Standard and High-Valued Chest, so don’t always expect that the chest will look like it does below.


    • You can not see the Treasure Chests on the main map
    • If you are close enough you can detect them on your Minimap
    • There are 2 kinds of Chest, Standard which is white and Legendary which are Golden
    • Try to wait till Chapter 14: Assembly before collecting Treasure Chests. If you do not you might have to return to areas as more are added later
    • Use Observation Haki if you are having trouble locating one. The chests will be highlighted and you will be able to locate them on different levels, which means you can find out if they are above or below you.
    • New chests will be added to the map incrementally throughout the game. From the start of the game, only White Chests are collectable until chapter 6. This Appears to be because you do not have the facilities to craft new gear until you have saved Franky or Usopp. Once you have entered chapter 6 however, Gold chests will be added to the map. Upon entering Chapter 12 new chests will be added,


    AreaChest No.Map
    Thousand Sunny4
    Amber Harbor6
    Spar Island (DLC)3
    Sapphire Town14
    Topaz Mine Town3
    Jade Bridge4
    Topaz Mine21
    Ruby Village8
    Prison Tower – Tourmaline5
    Emerald Town26
    Emery Plaza5
    Halcum Port5
    Cannon Island7
    Steel City27

    Radio Tower5
    Naval Base13
    Sea Prison – Aquamarine11
    Crystal Canyon31
    Luffy’s Sky Island6
    Law’s Sky Island7
    Dungeon Location Chests
    Secret Factory
    DLC 1: The Void Mirror Prototype
    Steel City Mineshaft1
    Amber Harbor Mineshaft
    DLC 2: Where Justice Lies
    Topaz Mineshaft
    DLC 2: Where Justice Lies
    Floating Island
    DLC 3: The Unfinished Map


    The Maps above DO NOT include the Treasure Map Mission chests, only the Random chests that you will find in the world. This also includes Mission Related and anything else like that, the Post-Game chests are included as a different icon. below is a Key to help you:

    Standard Chest (White)
    High-Value Chest (Gold)
    Post-Game Chest (Red)


    There are a total of 15 videos to help you find the chest easy. They are divided into certain areas to help in this matter for example the first video covers Thousand Sunny, Amber Harbor & Spa Island.

    Thousand Sunny, Amber Harbor & Spa Island Treasure Chests

    Sapphire Town Treasure Chests

    Topaz Mine Town, Graveyard & Jade Bridge Treasure Chests

    Topaz Mine Treasure Chests

    Ruby Village & Prison Tower Treasure Chests

    Emerald Town Treasure Chests

    Emery Plaza, Halcum Port & Cannon Island Treasure Chests

    Steel City Treasure Chests

    Radio Tower, Naval Base & Sea Prison Treasure Chests

    Crystal Canyon Treasure Chests

    Luffy’s Sky Island & Law’s Sky Island Treasure Chests

    Treasure Maps Treasure Chests

    Dungeon Treasure Chests

    Mission Related & Post-Game Treasure Chests

    Floating Island Treasure Chests

    I Love Adventure! Gold
    Explore the entire island

    This trophy can be done once you are in Chapter 4 at the earliest, as that’s when the entire map is open to you. You should know that you do not need to head to the Sky Islands, either Luffy’s or Law’s, and you do not need to visit the Sky Prison. In addition to this, the DLC Spa Island is not needed for the Trophy. This trophy is only for land-based locations, with that out of the way there are a total of 18 locations. 

    • Thousand Sunny
    • Amber Harbor
    • Sapphire Town
    • Topaz Mine Town
    • Topaz Mine
    • Graveyard
    • Jade Bridge
    • Ruby Town
    • Tower Prison
    • Emerald Town
    • Emery Plaza
    • Steel City
    • Crystal Canyon
    • Sea Prison – Aquarmarina
    • Naval Base
    • Radio Tower
    • Halcum Port
    • Cannon Island

    Provided the Fog of war is clear of the area you will have been counted as entering the area. Simply enter and get the Fast travel in each location to obtain this trophy.

    I Wanna Go to the Sky Islands upscale-245262160018212
    Reach a Sky Island for the first time

    This will be combined with the Mission, Mystery of the Sky Island, which is a quest from Trafalgar Law. You can find the mission in Chapter 8: The Old Island. Law will be waiting on the pier to the Thousand Sunny and explain that he wants some assistance in locating the Sky Island that is above Prison Island. You will be sent to hunt down some Cypha Pol Agents to find the information before you regroup with Law on top of Topaz Mine to use the Cannon. Talk to Law to find that you and Law have separate coordinates for Sky Islands,  once you have spoken to Law you will have to interact with the cannon. Upon doing so you will be launched into the sky towards Luffy’s Coordinates, after a short flight you will land on his Sky Island and the Trophy will unlock. After this point, you will be able to interact with the cannon to be sent to either Luffy’s or Law’s Sky Island, there are a few things to keep in mind when travelling to the Sky islands which are below:

    • You can not use Karoo on either Sky Island (Law’s or Luffy’s Sky Island)
    • When heading to a Sky Island you should attempt not to alter the camera or move, it can be difficult to land on the island if you alter from where the cannon shoots you and you might fall back to Prison Island.
    • Jumping off or Falling off a Sky Island will make you travel back to Prison Island, you will return to the ground in a random location.
    • There are Pirates on both Sky Islands
    • Visibility can be difficult with the Clouds


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