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One Piece: Pirate Warriors Trophy Guide

Everything you need for that 100%/Platinum Trophy!

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 4/10
Estimated time to platinum/100%: 30 – 75 hours (Mainly for “100,000 vs. 10”, and We’re running away! We stole some gold!)
Missable trophies: Yes, in terms of needing to repeat the chapter (Too Slow…/ Got You! Feet!/ Brace Yourself!/ I’m gonna knock him out!!!/ You… Still don’t get it!!/ Move It, You!/ I haven’t given in/ You chose this Path Of Death yourself/ You’re Next, Straw Hat!)
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: No
Playthrough: 1 (Chapter Select is available for anything missed)


Welcome to the One Piece Pirate Warriors/ ワンピース 海賊無双 Trophy Guide!

Enter the world of One Piece where a crew of Hero’s pirates hunt for the legendary treasure of the Pirate King Gol D Rogers.

The first entry in the Pirate Warriors series tells the story of the Straw Hat pirates and their Captain Monkey D Luffy on his quest to find the One Piece and become the King of the Pirates. Along the way, he forms friendships and recruits new crewmen for his ship. Pirate Warriors follows the story of the Manga/Anime until the end of the War of the Best (summit War story Ark) and give a glimpse of 3 of the crew after the 2 Year training they undergo. Starting in Orange town where Luffy recruits his first member to the crew you will follow the path of the straw hats in a compressed story learning some of the best moments and some of the saddest on your journey to be a King of the Majestic Oceans of the World.


Step 1: Story
Play through the story of One Piece Pirate Warriors and can complete both endings. This will require you to complete the final mission twice in separate ways, before moving on to the Crew Missions. The final characters you need to unlock for the Crew Logs are the ones that are around at the War of the Best at Marineford, meaning:

  • Ace
  • Hancock
  • Jimbei
  • Whitebeard

Once the campaign is completed you should unlock these last 4 members.

You’ll be earning these trophies:

Bronze I Smell Adventure!!
Bronze Join Us
“2 Years Later”
Bronze I’m Gonna Clobber You!!
Bronze You have a friend
Bronze I’m by myself. Get out of my way!!!
Bronze I Feel All Weak…
Bronze Sorry, I’m a goner
Gold Straw Hat Luffy

You should try and get the below trophies on your first run as they will speed up your quest to platinum

Bronze Too Slow…
Bronze Got You! Feet!
Bronze Brace Yourself!
Bronze I’m gonna knock him out!!!
Bronze You… Still dont’t get it!!
Bronze Move It, You!
Bronze I haven’t given in
Bronze You chose this Path Of Death yourself
Bronze You’re Next, Straw Hat!

Silver Thank you for Loving me

Step 2: Crew Missions
This stage will see you completing the crew missions and preparing you for the final step of cleaning up and getting the platinum. There are 12 Crew Logs that you will need to complete and by the time you have finished the campaign, you should unlock all the additional characters.

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:

Silver Zoro the Pirate Hunter
Silver Cat Burglar Nami
Silver Black-Leg Sanji
Silver Chopper the Cotton-Candy lover
Silver Demons Child Nico Robin
Silver Cyborg Franky
Silver Humming Swordsman Brook
Silver Fire Fist Ace
Silver Pirate Empress Boa Hancock
Silver First Son of the Sea Jimbei
Silver The Great Pirate Whitebeard

Step 3: Clean up and Platinum
This final stage could be split into two steps, however you it will not change the overall outcome of the situation. You still need to do the same things! By this point you should only really have the K.O. trophy and the Skills and both of them are the longest as killing enemies can take some time and the Skills is more luck based as you get more coins.

During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:

Gold We’re running away! We stole some gold!
Gold “100,000 vs. 10”
40-platinum king of the majestic oceans of the world

Tips and Strategies:

The time is only an estimate of how long it should take to platinum as the 2 trophies are time-consuming and random:

• “100,000 vs. 10”
• We’re running away! We stole some gold!

Even if you manage to get all the KO’s needed you will still probably be working on the Coins you need. It should be noted now rather than later that some of the coins are not actually needed meaning that you do not need to bother with them, a full list can be found in the trophy.

Another Logs:

In addition to the main story you can play through side missions called Another Log which are designed to tell the story to a certain point from a different character’s view. They are mostly short and comprise of a handful of characters to the point their individual story ends. Below are some pointers of information:

• You cannot complete Another Log with a character other than one intended!
• There are 8 of the Straw Hats who start from when they join the crew till Sabaody. The crew are:
o Zoro
o Nami
o Usopp
o Sanji
o Chopper
o Robin
o Franky
o Brook
• There are 4 for when Luffy is separated from the crew, these are:
o Ace
o Hancock
o Jimbei
o Whitebeard
• These missions are all Musou style missions

It should be noted that the missable trophies that are listed above:

• Too Slow…
• Got You! Feet!
• Brace Yourself!
• I’m gonna knock him out!!!
• You… Still don’t get it!!
• Move It, You!
• I haven’t given in
• You chose this Path Of Death yourself
• You’re Next, Straw Hat!

They are not strictly missable, you will need to complete the mission again in order to attempt it however. The reason for them not strictly being missable is that some of them can be attempted more than once in the encounter, Brace Yourself! is an example of this.

There are 2 types of game modes these are:

• Action
• Musou

Action mission modes are similar to an RPG, this is only in the sense that you will be using different traversal mechanics to reach a goal. Musou mission modes involve you clearing areas of hostiles in an attempt to capture them for your army. Both of these modes are interchanged throughout the game, however it should be noted that Action ones are slightly harder to do, and there are more ways to fail. If you are familiar with later games in the Pirate Warriors Series you will know that the Musou mode is the normal style of how the game works. There is a 3rd type of mission which is Boss but they are pretty straightforward we do not need to go into them like the others.


If you are English/ American (or other nationality) and you are playing ワンピース 海賊無双 (the Asian Version of the game) be warned:
• You will not understand the story (unless you played the Western version) because it is in Japanese and NO English Subtitles.
• The Menus are in Japanese, on the Main Menu you have the English translation but that is about it. DO NOT be surprised.
• One of the biggest troubles if you do not speak the language is that the X and O keys are remapped. In the Asian version the O key is to accept and the X is to cancel/ decline. This is only true inside the application and not in the Save, in here the buttons are mapped to what the Western audience knows.

Trophy Guide:

king of the majestic oceans of the world
All Trophies acquired!

Congratulations you have earned the Pirate Kings shiny Platinum!

I Smell Adventure!!
Successfully completed your first action with Luffy.


You can get this at the very start of the Main Log, and is practically the first thing you do. The Story begins in Sabaody 2 Years after the Straw Hat Pirates parted ways to train, when Luffy is attacked by a Pacifista you will gain control of him and be taught the basics against some marines. In your attempt to avoid the Pacifista you will be put into a QTE, in which Luffy will evade and land where the marines are waiting for him.

Join us
Activated your first skill.

Refer to “We’re running away! We stole some gold!” for more information.

“2 Years Later”
Cleared the first stage.


Once you have beaten the Pacifista you will have completed the first part of the story. This fight will be after the marines have “helped” teach you the basics.

I’m gonna clobber you!!
Stunned an enemy for the first time by attacking their weak point.

Stunning enemies is done by executing a combo of attacks on a strong or boss enemy with a little yellow icon above their head. If performed correctly you should see stars going round the enemy’s head, there is an image below to help with what you are looking for. The Lapins in Drum Kingdom during the story are good for this, they have a combo that leaves them vulnerable like they are in the image.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors Trophy Guide - I'm gonna clobber you!!
You have a friend
Performed your first Crew Strike.

Crew strikes are introduced in Mission 1 once you have completed the Zoro section of the mission and regained control of Luffy. You will know when a Crew Strike is available by the green ring around one of your allies. When you approach them an arching line will attach to you from the ally and if you press the L2 Button you will link to that ally and an image of the linked ally will appear under your Health and Spirit meters. They will also have a button combo to press, this is the Strike combo that you need to input in order to call them in. Once you have performed the combo you will be prompted to press the L2 Button which will place you playing as the ally for a combo attack before returning you to your default character.

Above is what you will see when you get close to an ally who can link. Below you can see under the player icon and health that there is another character icon with a button input. In this instance, Luffy is the main character and Zoro is the Link character.

I’m by myself. Get out of my way!!!
Defeated 1000 enemies in a single Episode for the first time!

This trophy will be easy and should come naturally. All you need to do is defeat a total of 1000 enemies in a single mission; you will have an easier time achieving this on the Musou mission type. The reason for this is that you will get more enemies spawning in and you can farm them to an extent in the enemy territory.

I Feel All Weak…
Fell into the water or off platforms 10 times.

This can be obtained through natural progression, however, if you are struggling then head over to the Baratie, or Water 7 as these are the best to farm out the 10 you will need. With this in mind, it is easier to fall in the water on the Water 7 mission. You can only do this in the Main Log as Luffy and because Musou style battles do not allow you out of the platform boundaries you will have to use an Action style mission.

Sorry, I’m a goner
Retried an Episode.

This is another easy trophy, and all you need to do is be defeated in a mission and retry. The higher the difficulty the easier this is, but it is still possible on easy mode to be defeated by some of the bosses.

Too Slow…
Successfully performed an event attack on a Pacifista.


This is for the prologue mission in the game, 2 Years Later. At the end of the mission you will need to battle the Pacifista, he isn’t all that tough to take on but can damage you if you get careless. The idea of this is that you take his health down enough to perform a killer move, which is a QTE. You will know when he is low enough in health because he will have a glowing golden ring around him and when you approach him you will get prompted to press the R1 button. Once you do there will be a series of buttons you need to press in order to successfully attack land the hit. There is a video below to help.

Got You! Feet!
Successfully performed an event attack on Buggy.


This is achieved on the first mission in the game, Orange Town. This is when you get to let loose in the game and the tutorials start to slow down. At the end of the mission, you will come face to face with Buggy the Clown, on your way to battle him you will go through a few different things, including changing character from Straw-Hat Pirates Captain Luffy to Pirate Hunter Zoro, and back. Once you finally get to battle him all you need to do is drop his health to the point where he can be grabbed. You will know this by him flying in a ring in the middle of the area and his feet running around in a circle with a golden ring around them. Simply stand in the path of the ring when it comes round and press the R2 Button and follow the QTE to complete it. There is a video below to help.

Brace Yourself!
Successfully performed an event attack on Don Krieg.


This is achieved in the second mission of the game, The Baratie. The second mission of the game sees you in a watery arena, which is not the best place Luffy could be in, never the less Luffy will strive for the best he can do. Like the other levels fight your way through and make it to Don Krieg. The main difference with this boss is he doesn’t play, he has an arsenal of weapons and isn’t shy about using them. In addition to this, he is tough to take on, and has backup after so much damage has been dealt to him. Just like the other bosses, you will need to take him to a low-health state to perform an event on him, unlike the others so far he will not need to be grappled, and instead fire a QTE at you. When he jumps up top is your cue to be ready to counter him and attack with the R2 Button, then it’s just a job of continuing through with the QTE. There is a video below to help.

I’m gonna knock him out!!!
Successfully performed an event attack on Arlong.


This is achieved in the third mission of the game, Cocoyashi Village (Arlong Park). This mission introduces a new game type, which is mostly what you will be doing in the game, for information see the “Tips and Strategies” section. When in the fight with Arlong you will need to get to the stage of the fight where you are fighting on the canopy of the building. This will be when he is in his second health bar, and he will jump in the water to attack from a range for a little while. After a few water-based attacks he will jump out of the water trying to bite you. When there is a glow in the water this trophy will trigger, he will dive out of the water and a QTE will start. Complete the QTE and the trophy is yours, there is a video below to help.

You… Still don’t get it!!
Successfully performed an event attack on Crocodile.


This is achieved on Mission 7 of the game, Alabaster. Before you can fight Crocodile you will need to navigate through the mission which is an Action mission. Once reaching him you will need to deplete his health to the third bar and he will go to the middle of the area and do a build-up to an attack. This will be your cue to start the event, and the game should prompt you by showing you a pillar to climb with the R2 Button and Square. This will start the QTE, simply complete it for the trophy, there is a video below to help.

Move It, You!
Successfully performed an event attack on Bruno.


This is achieved on Mission 9 of the game, Water 7.  Once you have navigated through the mission and have beaten Franky you will make your way to the Galley-La Headquarters to find Robin. When you finally get there you will come face to face with Bruno, a Member of CP9 (Cipher Pol 9). He isn’t much trouble but can jump around the map once you have beaten his first health bar, conveniently this is when you will be able to perform an event on him. Stager him and initiate the QTE, upon completing it you will get the trophy, a video can be found below to help.

I haven’t given in
Successfully performed an event attack on Lucci.


This is achieved on Mission 11 of the game, Enies Lobby. This is essentially a boss rush where you will play as Sanji, Zoro and Luffy to take on different members of CP9. The fight you will want for this is the Luffy fight against Lucci. The event you are looking to complete is in the third section of the fight and completed once he has gone over to one of the three battleships. When this happens deflect the cannonball back and board the ship till he comes to attack you, on your way back to the tower you will be placed in a QTE. This is one of, if not the hardest, QTE of the game as you need to input a sequence of buttons and have little time to do so. Complete it by smashing him into the ground and the trophy is yours, there is a video below to help.

You chose this Path Of Death yourself
Successfully performed an event attack on Aokiji.


This is achieved on Mission 15 of the game, Marine Ford. At the end of the mission, you will fight Aokiji and like the other bosses, you will need to get him to his last health bar. In order to get the event you will need to stager him which is easier said than done in this case, Aokiji is not an easy boss to stager however a good combo to unleash on him is below:

  • SquareTriangleTriangle

This will let you stun him if you are lucky and have landed all 3 hits. Once you manage to you can press the R1 Button and complete the QTE. There is a video below to help.

You’re Next, Straw Hat!
Successfully performed an event attack on Akainu.


This is achieved on Mission 16 of the game, Marine Ford. At the end of the mission you will fight Akainu, however, this mission has 2 outcomes. The first outcome is the way that Marine Ford actually happens, the second is to Complete the Campaign. If you are going for the Thank you For Loving Me Trophy you will not be able to obtain this meaning that you will need a second run for this trophy. Once you get to the end and are playing as Luffy to battle Akainu you will need to reduce his health to the last bar and wait for him to jump in the air. This will be your cue to start the QTE and get this trophy. There is a video below to help.

The Straw Hat Pirates
Collected all the coins featuring the Straw Hat Pirates.

The Straw Hat Pirates are comprised of 9 members, meaning you need the 9 coins that symbolise the crew, these are:


You will get most, if not all, during your journey through the Main and Another Logs. If for some reason you need to farm a specific Straw Hat then the best way to do it is to play as the crew member, which is done in Another Log. As for the level, Zoro’s final log level is a good one to work through to get coins other than the 11th mission of the Main Log.

It is also thought that you might need the 2 Years Later variant for Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji. If this is the case you have a higher chance of gaining them from using the crew member with the New World costume and playing through levels in their own log.

The full might of the Marines
Collected all the coins featuring members of the Navy.

Like the other 2 trophies:

  • The Straw Hat Pirates
  • I’m gonna defeat you!!

This trophy is no different, however, you will be tasked with collecting the Marines’s coins. There, like the I’m gonna defeat you!!, has a lot of uncertainty about what coins you will need. Below is a speculative guess about what coins you will need.

Lucci (Human)
Lucci (Beast)

It is unknown if you only need “Marines” which would mean that CP9 and Impel Down members would not be needed. This would mean that you would only want to get:


In any case, you will need all these coins for the We’re running away! We stole some gold! Trophy so it is best to just collect them all.

I’m gonna defeat you!!
Collected all the coins featuring powerful enemies.

This trophy is for collecting all coins with powerful enemies who are not marines. The best way to get this is to complete the Main and all Another Logs as you will most likely collect all coins you need to with these missions. It is unclear what coins are needed for this trophy other than none marines and the unlock for it can be a little hit and miss due to when some people obtain it, an example of this is some people have redeemed the trophy as early as Water 7, without having fought some of the later enemies. This is why the None Marines coin idea is in place. Below is a speculated list of the coins you need:

Don Krieg
Mr 2
Mr 3

Most of these will come through natural progression so there shouldn’t be anything really to worry about, however, it is unclear if they are the ones you need. For more about the coins please refer to We’re running away! We stole some gold!.

NOTE: Finally do remember that the coins listed above are only speculation and are NOT known to be accurate.

Thank you for loving meupscale-245262160018212
Completed Marineford just as it happened in the original story.

This trophy is for playing through mission 16, the final mission of the main story, as it happened at Marine Ford in the Anime/ Manga. If you do not know how it all happened in the Anime/ Manga, then there is a video and a breakdown of what you need to do below.

  • Capture the Spawn area
  • When playing as Hancock you need to kill the first Pacifista without capturing the area.
  • Once you have beaten the first Pacifista you will need to go to the Bottom Right area on the map. This will be where Sentomaru spawns, and you will need to beat him without capturing the area and without beating the Pacifista with him.
  • Once playing as Whitebeard you will need to capture the area directly ahead of you, there should be a flag icon on the map to show you. This will spawn Kizaru.
  • Initiate battle with Kizaru and drag him back to the area you just captured to beat him without affecting his spawn area.
  • After Ace is saved you will be playing as Luffy, capture the area you are in and wait, Kill enemies between areas if you are bored.
  • Once the Captains spawn take them out without affecting other areas.
  • When the map is opened up head down to the Bottom Right area to reunite with Whitebeard, Which will spawn Aokiji in that area.
  • Defeat Aokiji
  • Now playing as Ace wait till Luffy spawns, kill off the grunts, but DO NOT beat Akainu till Luffy Spawns
  • Sit back and watch the events unfold, after the credits, the Trophy should pop.
Zoro the Pirate Hunterupscale-245262160018212
Completed the Zoro story in Another Log.

This is for completing Zoro’s Another Log using Zoro. There are 7 missions in total and will take you from when Zoro becomes a crew member (Orange Town) to when the Straw Hat crew is separated (Sabaody). The enemies will level to you so you shouldn’t need to worry about being underpowered, the only troublesome points are the bosses but that will be the same for all characters you are not accustomed to using.

Cat Burglar Namiupscale-245262160018212
Completed the Nami story in Another Log.

This is for completing Nami’s Another Log using Nami. There are 5 missions in total and will take you from when Nami becomes a crew member (Orange Town) to when the Straw Hat crew is separated (Sabaody). Most of her attacks are good to use but if you use the Square combo till a dark cloud appears above the enemy then press the R1 Button you will call down a thunderbolt defeating most enemies and surrounding others. Her R2 attack is a good attack also as it will make a vortex and pull enemies into it defeating standard enemies.

The king of snipers, Sniper kingupscale-245262160018212
Completed the Usopp story in Another Log.

This is for completing Usopp’s Another Log using Usopp. There are 6 missions in total and will take you from when Usopp becomes a crew member (Baratie) to when the Straw Hat crew is separated (Sabaody). Using Usopp’s Square combo should be good enough as it should keep enemies at a distance, just remember to dodge if an attack comes your way.

Black-Leg Sanjiupscale-245262160018212
Completed the Sanji story in Another Log.

This is for completing Sanji’s Another Log using Sanji. There are 6 missions in total and will take you from when Sanji becomes a crew member (Baratie) to when the Straw Hat crew is separated (Sabaody). Using Sanji’s Triangle combo is good enough for most situations, but try not to overuse it, and change up your combos when against bosses.

Chopper the Cotton-Candy loverupscale-245262160018212
Completed the Chopper story in Another Log.

This is for completing Chopper’s Another Log using Chopper. There are 4 missions in total and will take you from when Chopper becomes a crew member (Drum Kingdom) to when the Straw Hat crew is separated (Sabaody). Chopper seems weaker than some of the other Straw Hats; however, do remember he can identify the weaknesses in enemies using the R2 Button. This will be invaluable against bosses and give you a slightly easier time, in addition to this remember to link with a party member to give you an easier time.

Demons Child Nico Robinupscale-245262160018212
Completed the Robin story in Another Log.

This is for completing Robin’s Another Log using Robin. There are 2 missions in total and will take you from when Robin becomes a crew member (Enies Lobby) to when the Straw Hat crew is separated (Sabaody). She has an array of useful moves but her basic combos are good enough to win most confrontations, the Square combo is good for a handful of enemies in front of you and pushing them back, while the Triangle combo is good for a group.

Cyborg Frankyupscale-245262160018212
Completed the Franky story in Another Log.

This is for completing Franky’s Another Log using Franky. There are 2 missions in total and will take you from when Franky becomes a crew member (Enies Lobby) to when the Straw Hat crew is separated (Sabaody). Franky is a little unique compared to the rest of the crew, his attack power comes from consuming cola which he has a gauge for under his health. If this gauge is depleted his attacks become slower and less powerful, he will also need to take a breather instead of sticking a pose at the end of a combo. Use the R2 Button when his Cola supply is low to restock, just don’t do it in the heat of battle against strong enemies. His Square Combo is a good enough move to take care of the enemies you will come against, but if you need that extra kick you can always try his Triangle Combo, but you are open to attack.

Humming Swordsman Brookupscale-245262160018212
Completed the Brook story in Another Log.

This is for completing Brook’s Another Log using Brook. There is only a single mission for him as he is the last crewman to recruit on the journey before the Straw Hats land at Sabaody. Brook should be strong enough to take the enemies, who you will have to fight without levelling beforehand. His Square combo is a close-range attack that will take out anyone in front, the Triangle combo will dart him around in a sort of zigzag with a piercing hit at the end. These 2 combos will be all you should need, his music gauge shouldn’t be needed as the enemies should be easy to take on.

Fire Fist Aceupscale-245262160018212
Completed the Ace story in Another Log.

This is for completing Ace’s Another Log using Ace. There is only 1 and will take place after his rescue at Marine Ford.

Pirate Empress Boa Hancockupscale-245262160018212
Completed the Hancock story in Another Log.

This is for completing Hancock’s Another Log using Hancock. There is only 1 and will take place after Ace’s rescue at Marine Ford.

First Son of the Sea Jimbeiupscale-245262160018212
Completed the Jimbei story in Another Log.

This is for completing Jimbei’s Another Log using Jimbei. There are 2 Missions for him which will take place at Impel Down and Marine Ford.

The Great Pirate Whitebeardupscale-245262160018212
Completed the Whitebeard story in Another Log.

This is for completing Whitebeard’s Another Log using Whitebeard. There is only 1 and will take place after Ace’s rescue at Marine Ford.

We’re running away! We stole some gold!Gold
Activated all skills.

Skills are activated by combining coins in the menu, which you learn about at the end of the first 2 missions of the game. You start collecting coins in mission 1 and adding them to your active skill board before entering a mission or at the end of a mission will let you use what you equip. Although this sounds easy it really isn’t, there are over 100 unique coins in the game and all of them are random. This means that you will need to spend hours farming out the coin you need, there are some things you can do to make life easier but there really isn’t much other than getting lucky. There are also about 100 skills to use those coins in, which can be found below. Now, as mentioned in the Tips and Strategies section not all coins are needed, however, this is just a small amount and you will probably still get them while you are working on getting the ones you need.

Skill NameWhat Coins to use in it
16 Rings of the BellJimbeiLuffyRayleigh
9 PiratesAll 9 coin slots with Straw Hat Pirate in. The 3 New World Variants work for this and Usopps alternate personality
CP9KakuLucci (Either)JaburaBluenoSpandamWorld Government Mark
Will of DRogers MarkAnyone with “D” in the name (Luffy, Garp, Ace, Teach/ Blackbeard)D
Romance DawnShanks MarkLuffy (Either)Straw Hat
Stand UpNamiLuffyArlong
Arlong PiratesArlongNamiHatchan
Red MenAkainuZeffBuggy
Big BroFrankyAceJimbei
Destroy That FlagWorld Government MarkLuffySniper King/ Sogeking
The Great ShipsGoing MaryThousand SunnyMoby Dick
Crew’s BondONLINE COINS. You need 3 friends to play a mission with. These coins will be Blue in colour rather than the bronze, silver, or gold of the standard coins.
Right AwayViviLuffyGoing Marry
Leaving TogetherUsoppLuffyLucci
My Foolish SonLuffyChopperDr. Kureha
A Dying WishRogers MarkShanks MarkLuffy New World Mark
Friends of the OceanAny 3 of the following Marks:
WhitebeardHancockSun Pirates
Enemies of the OceanAny 3 of the following Marks:
BuggyDon KriegArlong
AlvidaBaroque WorksWapol
7 WarlordsMihawkCrocodileBlackbeardJimbeiKumaHancock
Men known as KingIvankovSniper King/ SogekingRayleigh
See you Again in the Okama FieldsMagellanMr. 2Transponder Snail
Tainted BloodVivre CardLuffyAce
HeavyUsoppLuffyGoing Marry
Marine ScientistsKizaruSentomaruPacifista
Crew of the Pirate KingBuggys MarkRayleighShanks Mark
CaptainsAny 3 of the following:
Luffy (Either)BuggyDon Krieg
I Will be BackLuffys Hand Drawn MarkBrookLuffy
Galley-LaAny 2 of the following, Galley-La Mark is needed:
IcebergKakuLucci (Either)
Captain UsoppSlingshotUsoppImpact Dial
Venture of BrothersLuffys MarkSabos MarkAces Mark
Damn Load of HelpLuffyZeffSanji
Cheeky LittleLuffyWhitebeardMoby Dick
SwordsmenAny 3 of the following:
Zoro (Either)MihawkHatchan
Love HuntersAny 2 of the following, Either Sanji is needed:
NavigatorClima-TactNamiLog Pose
Island of RestartAll New World Coins:
Three Great PowersAny 1 of the following Marks, Whitebeard/ Shanks and Marines are needed:
Baroque WorksBlackbeardMoriaHancockSun PiratesDoflamingo
SantoryuSandai KitetsuWado IchimonjiYubashiri
Bag of BonesCaneBrookGuitar
Symbols of ConvictionChoppers MarkLuffyChopper
Hells GatekeepersMinotaurusMagellanHannyabal
Jackpot LuffyLuffys MarkLuffyLuffys New World Mark
Jackpot ZoroZoros MarkZoroZoros New World Mark
Jackpot NamiNamis MarkNamiNamis New World Mark
Jackpot UsoppUsopps MarkUsoppUsopps New World Mark
Jackpot SanjiSanjis MarkSanjiSanjis New World Mark
Jackpot ChopperChoppers MarkChopperChoppers New World Mark
Jackpot RobinRobins MarkRobinRobins New World Mark
Jackpot FrankyFrankys MarkFrankyFrankys New World Mark
Jackpot BrookBrooks MarkBrookBrooks New World Mark
Jackpot AceAces MarkAceSabos Mark
Jackpot HancockHancocks MarkHancockLuffys Mark
Jackpot JimbeiSun PiratesJimbeiArlongs Mark
Jackpot WhitebeardWhitebeards MarkWhitebeardMarcos Mark
Justice SymbolsSpandamSengokuMagellan
Shame of the SwordsmanZoroLuffyMihawk
Ship that crossed a Thousand SeasIcebergThousand SunnyFranky
Absolute JusticeAny 9 of the following:
KizaruLucci (Either)Magellan
Man from the Island of SnipersKabutoSniper King/ SogekingImpact Dial
Kinds of JusticeSentomaruKizaruAokiji
ZoanAny 3 of the following:
ChopperLucci (Either)KakuJaburaMinotautusSengoku
Sun PiratesHatchanJimbeiArlong
Battles EndViviLuffyCrocodile
Great EscapeBuggyLuffyJimbei
Defeat the Straw HatsMr. 3BuggyAlvidas Mark
Big NosesArlongUsoppKaku
Why We FightDLuffyRobin
Nothing HappenedZoroLuffyKuma
TearsStraw HatLuffyNami
New Kama LandIvankovs MarkIvankovMr. 2
Conquerors SpiritRayleighLuffyWhitebeard
Buster CallAokijiRobinSpandam
Banaro Island ShowdownBlackbeardWhitebeardAce
Baroque WorksCrocodileRobinMr. 2
Beautiful LadiesNamiViviRobin
Salty DogsZeffRayleighGarp
Straw Hat PiratesAny 3 of the Straw Hats. See The Straw Hat Pirates for more information
Straw Hat Pirates MarkAny 3 of the following Marks:
Straw Hat Pirates New World MarksAny 3 Straw Hat Pirate New World Mark
Voyage of the Straw HatsAny 1 of the following, Going Marry/ Thousand Sunny and Luffys Mark are needed:
Luffy (Either)Zoro (Either)Nami
Usopp (Either)Sanji (Either)Chopper
Flag of the Straw HatsAll 9 of the Straw Hat Pirates Marks
Flag of the Straw Hats New WorldAll 9 of the Straw Hat Pirates New World Marks
Men Who Look Good in Straw HatsRogers MarkRayleighStraw Hat
Residents of HellCrocodileJimbeiAce
Four-EyesSengokuRayleighMr. 3
Call Me Your CrewAny 1 of the following, Vivi and Ally Symbol are needed:
Raging InfernoAceSanjiAkainu
Power of the WildSalomeChopperLapin
Native of the Snowy LandWapolChopperLapin
The Ship of DreamsFrankyThousand SunnyLuffy
ReverieWapolViviWorld Government Mark
East BlueDon KriegBuggyArlong
Take Me With YouRobinLuffyWorld Government Mark
Straw Hat LuffyGold
Cleared the Main Log.


Just complete all 16 missions in the campaign, the final mission has 2 outcomes and if you get the true outcome you will not be able to get this trophy. For this trophy just play the mission how you feel like taking out any and all enemies if you so wish, do know that you will have to void the outcome for Thank you for Loving Me, which is the true ending.

“100,000 vs. 10”Gold
Defeated a total of more than 100,000 enemies.

This trophy refers back to the story and is a rather large task. Your goal for this trophy is to defeat a total of 100,000 enemies, considering the amount that you can defeat in the course of a mission this is going to take you some considerable time. You should average between 500 and 1000 in a mission when just playing the objective and not trying to get KO’s, which is pretty low. Overall by the time you have completed all the Main and Another Logs you should be sitting pretty nicely in the 35,000/40,000 or more which means that you will need to grind out the remaining KO’s. Thankfully there is an easy spot that can get you quite a few, unfortunately, you will have a 90-minute time limit, so getting as many as you can is imperative. This is located in Mission 15 of the Main Log, when you get to the first big platform where Buggy is fighting you will want to stay here and battle the enemies for as long as you dare. After a while, Mihawk will spawn, take him out and carry on fighting your enemies. It is recommended to stay here till you have around 20 minutes remaining; you will need to pause the game to check the timer. You should be able to get 1000 KO’s in around 8 minutes, if you are using all your 90 minutes (minus the 15 – 20 to be able to finish the mission) then you should get somewhere in the range of 6000 – 9000 KO’s or more. If you are really good you can manage to get 10k or more KO’s, reducing the overall time and runs for the trophy.

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