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Nexomon: Extinction Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 3/10
Estimated time to platinum: 50 – 75 hours
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 1
Stack: 2 NA and EU


Welcome to the Nexomon: Extinction Trophy Guide!
Go on an adventure in the beautiful world of Nexomon!
Note: The game gets regular updates and the dev listens to what people want a lot. so the guide is maybe changing in the future. They also plan to add stuff like New Game + and Hardcore mode in the future.


Step 1: Beat the game
I know this is a basic step, but some trophies aren’t obtainable until after you finish the game so this should be your main priority. Of course, if you want to do side quests and explore by all means; as at the end of this step you’ll have a vast majority of the trophies already!

You’ll be earning these trophies:
Bronze My First Nexomon
Bronze Learning The Ropes
Bronze Bronze Tamer
Bronze Silver Tamer
Bronze Gold Tamer

Silver Grandmaster
Bronze My First Day At Work
Bronze So Predictable
Bronze Welcome Back
Bronze Omnicron’s Legacy
Bronze Renegade Jin
Bronze Renegade Lydia
Bronze Renegade Atlanta
Bronze Renegade Logan
Bronze Renegade Celine
Bronze I Hate My Job
Bronze Are We The Baddies?
Bronze Grandmaster Edward
Bronze Grandmaster Xanders
Bronze Grandmaster Amelie
Bronze Element Of Fire
Bronze Element Of Wind
Bronze Element Of Water
Bronze Element Of Thunder
Bronze Element Of Earth
Bronze Element Of Life
Bronze Downfall
Bronze That’s Messed Up
Gold Ascension
Bronze Power Of Science
Bronze Beam Me Up, Coco!
Bronze Full Team
Bronze Own 30 Nexomon
Bronze Own 60 Nexomon
Bronze Own 90 Nexomon

Step 2: Complete all sidequests, and clean up miscellaneous trophies!
At this point, you’ll have a whole bunch of side quests that unlock for you. This is the time to do them, as you get really powerful Nexomon that you can use if you like. Also, now would be a good time to get all the random miscellaneous trophies done! At the end of this stage, you’ll only need a few more trophies!

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
Bronze A Dozen Down
Silver Show Them Who’s Boss
Silver Haven’t You Had Enough?!
Bronze You’re A Celebrity!
Bronze A Pretty Coin
Bronze This Should Be Illegal
Bronze Never Forget
Bronze Anger Management
Bronze Fully Powered Up
Bronze Locally Sourced Nexotraps
Bronze They Can’t Run On A Full Stomach
Bronze It’s Honest Work
Bronze Workaholic
Bronze Vanity Issues
Bronze Shopping Spree
Bronze Children of Omnicron
Bronze The Greater Drake’s

Step 3: Catch all the Nexomon!
This is where the RNG comes into play. You have to catch rare Nexomon and hope they show up in the encounters when you start one. You also have to evolve a bunch of Nexomon, to fill out the Database. But by the end of it all you’ll have a nice, shiny platinum!

During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
Silver Peak Nexomon Performance
Bronze Own 150 Nexomon
Bronze Capture The Tyrants
Gold Own Every Nexomon
40-platinum The Age Of Extinction

Tips and Strategies:

Buy a lot of Nexotraps from the 1st store next to the orphanage, the stores in cities are a rip-off. This guy disappears when you get to the 1st big city and you become a bronze guild member.

Trophy Guide:

The Age of Extinction
Unlock all other trophies.

You are the ultimate Nexomon Tamer!

My First Nexomon
Obtain your very first companion for life!

Story related

When you get in the tutorial type bit you can pick 1 Nexomon out of 9; all other starter Nexomon are also available to capture in the grass.

Note: You can capture the normal starter in the 1st grass area, so its best not to pick that one and just catch it early on.

Learning the Ropes
Capture a Nexomon for the first time!

This will come in the tutorial, but to capture a Nexomon you need a trap. Then you need to damage a Nexomon so it’s almost dead and hit + , and use the trap. Then do the QTE action wheel, to increase your capture change on the Nexomon. When it’s caught, you’ll acquire this trophy.

Bronze Tamer
Register at the Tamer’s Guild and receive your bronze badge.

This will come naturally when you get to Parum for the story.
You’ll end up going to the Guild, and getting your tamer badge!

Silver Tamer
Receive a Silver Badge after saving the city of Ignitia.

After your adventures in New Ignitia, you’ll need to go back to Parum City to continue the story. Once you go back to the guild to continue the story, you’ll get promoted!

Gold Tamer
Receive a Gold Badge for bringing peace to the Frozen Tundra.

After the events in the Cursed Tower in the Frozen Tundra area, you’ll go back to the guild building in the city. During the cutscene, you’ll be promoted and then this trophy will pop!

Grandmaster upscale-245262160018212
Become one of the greatest tamers in Nexomon history.

Becoming a Grandmaster is the highest honour in the tamers guild. Except, with this honour comes great tests.
First you need to have 600 Reputation; easy, you earn that by doing quests, beating tamers and catching stuff. The hard part is 4, back to back fights. Now, this is the hard part. Come to this fight with a party of level 60+ Nexomon. No less. Also, stock up on as many high healing elixirs as you can. So you can heal HP and ST, with just one turn. Now, the fights are all made up of one element per fighter. The order is Water, Fire, Electric, and Psychic. So have a high-level Electric/Grass for the first one, a high-level Earth to get through battle 2 and 3, and a high-level Ghost for the 4th. After all, is said and done, you’ll be a Grandmaster of the Guild! 

My First Day at Work
Survive your first Tyrant encounter! It can’t possibly get any worse than that.

This is acquired in the story. Once you reach the Frozen Lake with the miner you’ll be in a cave.
I recommend having a high-level leaf or thunder Nexomon on your team for this, and have them quite levelled. You’ll fight your first tyrant and it had 90 HP and hits hard. Once it’s dead, this trophy will unlock after the cutscene.

So Predictable
Protect Eliza from the minions.

Once you’re in Immortal Citadel for the story you’ll meet Eliza. She’ll then send you on an errand to defeat 3 Nexomon that are causing chaos in the town. Once you beat them, you have to go back to her. This is where a boss like battle happens.
I recommend having a party of level 20+ Nexon, as all the enemies you’re about to face will be around level 17. You’ll want a water type, and a Physic type, but I managed with a level 24 fire type.

Welcome Back
Retrieve Atlas from the time capsule in the Frozen Tundra.

This is acquired during the story when you’re in Frozen Tundra.
I recommend a party of near level 40 Nexomon for the boss fight you have to fight. After the section is over the trophy unlocks when you first see Atlas.

Omnicron’s Legacy
Uncover your origins, and embrace your new self!

After you escape the prison in Lateria you’ll continue the story at the observatory on the east side of the city. This trophy unlocks during that cutscene.

Renegade Jin
Defeat Jin and Mulcimer in the city of Ignitia!

After you defeat Fenrir, south of New Ignitia you’ll then need to fight Jin.
The strategy is pretty much the same as Fenrir. The only thing is, MAKE SURE YOU HEAL AT THE HEALING STATION! Jin isn’t exactly a pushover, but he’s not hard.
If you walk up to him, the fight starts immediately, so if you don’t expect it you may very well die.

Renegade Lydia
Defeat Lydia and Eurus in Drake Isles!

This fight happens after the shrine in Drake Isles. Similar to how the Jin fight happened, except this time, you get to choose if you’re ready to fight.
Luckily, I found this fight easier than the wind element, so if you had an easy time with that, this will be no problem. So long as you have a well-mixed team of elements at least level 30.

Renegade Atlanta
Defeat Atlanta and Nivalis in the Frozen Tundra!

While in Omnicron’s Tomb for the story, you’ll have 4 paths to go down for bosses. In the bottom left path, is Atlanta. Atlanta just has water Nexomon, so using anything strong against her is a good strategy! That being lightning, or plant Nexomon!
After you beat her, this trophy is yours.

Renegade Logan
Defeat Logan and Bolzen in Cadium!

In Cadium, you’ll end up going through a lab area. At the end, you have to fight a boss enemy. The boss is a lightning element type, so luckily, you can use anything that isn’t water! Rock type elements will work best!
After you beat the boss, the trophy will unlock!

Renegade Celine
Defeat Celine and Petram near Lateria!

During your time in Lateria for the story, you’ll need to head east to fight a tyrant. Here, you’ll meet Celine. I recommend a party of high 40s, and some water and leaf elements in your party. As after the normal fight, you’ll face the tyrant, who hits hard and has a lot of HP. After two back to back fights, this trophy will be yours.

I Hate My Job
Survive the double dragon attack in the Cursed Tower.

When you’re in the Cursed Tower for the story, you’ll end it on a boss fight against a dragon. Now, so long as you have a team with at least 1 rock Nexomon, around level 40, you should be alright. As the dragon, is electric. So water Nexomon are not a good choice! Or ghost Nexomon! After you beat the boss, this trophy will unlock!

Are We The Baddies?
Somehow, get arrested and end up behind bars. Now you’ve done it!

After the events of Cadium, you’ll end up in jail. After that, you’ll get this trophy!

Grandmaster Edward
Defeat Edward at the top of the Tamer’s Guild!

This fight will happen shortly after Xander, so be prepared, and heal prior to moving on. I highly recommend you try to have one of each type of Nexomon, especially a ghost type for this battle. You can do without wind if you’d like. After you beat Edwards, you get this trophy.

Grandmaster Xanders
Defeat Xanders for once and for all!

During the Climax of the game, you’ll need to fight Xanders. I suggest a party of 65+ for this fight, as it’s no joke. You definitely want a good water and grass type. After you beat the fight, this trophy is yours.

Grandmaster Amelie
Defeat Amelie, the strongest tamer of the Guild!

You will have to fight Amelie just before Vados, when you’re in the volcanic area, at the end of the game. Once you beat her, the trophy is yours!

Element of Fire
Receive the remainder of Fenrir’s power.

While you’re in New Ignitia, you’ll need to go to a shrine. Here, you’ll find Fenrir, the fire Tyrant. You’ll need to beat him in battle to unlock this trophy. He hits hard, and has almost 300 HP. So I recommend a good team of water or stone Nexomon, somewhere in the high 20’s for levels! After you beat him, the trophy is yours.

Element of Wind
Receive the remainder of Nadine’s power.

When you’re in Drake Isles for the story, you’ll be tasked to go to the wind shrine at one point. Here, you will fight Nadine, the wind element. I highly suggest having a team of Nexomon at or above level 30. As she has over 300 HP, and can do crazy damage, even on types that she’s weak against. After this fight, the trophy will unlock.

Element of Water
Receive the remainder of Merida’s power.

After you become a Gold Ranked Tamer, while in The Frozen Tundra, you’ll need to go to the basement of the Guild building. After this cutscene happens, this trophy will unlock.

Element of Thunder
Receive the remainder of Zetta’s power.

When you’re in Cadium, eventually you’ll need to fight in an arena. 3 battles, back to back, no items allowed. The enemies are mostly ground and fire though. There’s an odd lightning and ghost element mixed throughout. So bring a nice rounded team in, of level 40+, and you should make it through easily! After that, the trophy will unlock during the cutscene!

Element of Earth
Receive the remainder of your mentor’s power.

When you’re in Lateria for the story, you’ll reach a point where you have to chase someone because they stole from you. I recommend a party of around level 50, because this character is a boss at the end of the cave. After you beat them, this unlocks during the following cutscene.

Element of Life
Awaken the power inherited from Deena!

When you’re in Khan Woods for the story, you’ll need to defeat invaders eventually. After you beat them, you’ll see a cutscene, and this trophy will unlock during said cutscene.

Watch helplessly as Vados eradicates the Tyrants!

When you return to Drake Isles, after Lateria, for the main story, you and Lydia will meet on a cliffside. During this cutscene, the trophy unlocks.

That’s Messed Up
Hit Vados with an airship in the middle of his monologue.

After you defeat Edwards at the top of the Guild, during the following cutscene, this will unlock.

Ascension Gold
Complete the main story. Claim your rightful place among the Nexomon, and shape the future of our world!

This is acquired, once you beat the game!

A Dozen Down
Beat a dozen tamers around the world!

As you explore the world, you’ll find other trainers to fight. You’ll know you can fight them because they have a sword icon above their head. If you get into their view, they’ll challenge you to a fight. Once you beat 12 different trainers, this trophy will be yours.

Note: This trophy is bugged on the early versions of the game. Make sure you have the game updated to the latest version.

Show Them Who’s Boss upscale-245262160018212
Beat every tamer in the world of Nexomon at least once!

For this trophy and Silver Haven’t You Had Enough?! you will need to go around the whole world and defeat all the tamers the game has to offer.

List of all tamers

This google doc includes all the Tamers with a number and a location. when you battle them for the 1st time you will automatically start them when you walk in front of them. so on your 1st run, note down what are the ones that auto-start the battle. if you go through them all in 1 go and have the ones that auto-started noted down, you only have to battle the ones you wrote down.

Haven’t You Had Enough?! upscale-245262160018212
Beat every tamer in the world of Nexomon, again!

Check out Silver Show Them Who’s Boss for more info on this trophy.

You’re a Celebrity!
Participate in all TV interviews.

For this trophy, you have to participate in all of the tv interviews. Luckily, there’s only two! After you do both, you get this trophy! The locations are as followed:

  • After the frozen lake dungeon, in Parum next to the warpstone.
  • After you beat Mulcimer in New Ignitia, the reporter is in the central island of the area.
A Pretty Coin
Accumulate over 100,000 coins in your adventure.

For this, you have to have gained over 100,000 coins in your adventure. Luckily, this is cumulative, so you don’t have to worry about holding it all at once!

You will get the coins while grinding out for the Tyrants in the late game and also while defeating the tamers. So there should not be a need for end game grinding.

This Should Be Illegal
Discover and break into all nine of Spencer’s hidden vaults.

Throughout the world, you will find vaults, that need a Vault Key to open them. You obtain vault keys by doing side quests throughout the game. The vaults are shown, by their metal door entrance in the world, so you’ll know when you find one. They’re in the following locations.

  • Vault 1: Once you have the power of fire, go to the Outlands. Now, go south once screen and you’ll find a cave entrance, covered with vines. Once inside, head left, and follow the path up the ladder, until you reach the vault.
  • Vault 2: After you clear the story in Immortal Citadel, you’ll have to proceed East. Once you exit the town, go north. You’ll be in a little area, with a cave entrance. In this cave, is the vault, at the end.
  • Vault 3: As you descent to New Ignitia, go north of the town, and find the mine, to the northwest. Then, once in the mine, follow the path in the north east, through the mine area, until you reach the vault.
  • Vault 4: After you defeat Jin in New Ignitia, you can travel east of the town. Go there and follow the path all the way to the mine. Then you’ll find the vault in the mine!
  • Vault 5: In the Drake Isles, when you can enter the village, go right from it. You’ll then see an entrance to a cave just underneath you. Enter it, and follow the path north. Hop over the gap with the wind power, and enter the vault.
  • Vault 6: Once you get the power to make Ice Paths, go to Frozen Tundra. Now go South of it 2 screens, and stay on the right side. You’ll see a mine that you can enter. Once inside, head right and follow the path. You’ll come to an edge. Now you look closely at the edge, you can just barely make out ice symbols to make a path. Use them, and follow the path to the end, to this vault.
  • Vault 7: After acquiring the wind power after the Cursed Tower, you can jump gaps. Go to the Orphanage, then go left, then down a screen. Jump the gap, and go in the hole. Now take the left path, and follow it, until you reach the vault!
  • Vault 8: Once you’re in the Outlands, head right across the bridge. You’ll see a Tamer, and a structure above him. This is a mine entrance. Go inside, and follow the path until you reach the vault.
  • Vault 9: Just east of Lateria is a lake. Once you get the ice power from Cadium, go here. You’ll see a lake, with a cave in the center. With the ice power, you can freeze the water, and go inside to find the vault!
Never Forget
Find the tombstone of the four Mandrasses. You know what you did!

Just south of the Immortal Citadel town, is a tiny little graveyard. In this area, is also a ghost with a side quest. In the group of tombstones, on the bottom of the right side, is a very tall tombstone. Interact with the front of it, and get this trophy afterwards.

Peak Nexomon Performance upscale-245262160018212
Have a Nexomon reach level 99, because why not.

This is as simple as getting one Nexomon to level 99!

You will get this while defeating all the tamers and while grinding out the tyrants and there is no real need to grind out for levels, as this will most probably be achieved prior to other trophies.

Anger Management
Break 500 boulders.

Once you get the pickaxe at the beginning of the game, you can mine rocks. Once you mine 500, this trophy is yours!

Make sure to break all the rocks you see from the start of the game. The rocks also respawn after a certain amount of time.

Power of Science
Craft your first Core at Bonnie’s lab. With this, your Nexomon will become stronger!

In Parum, if you go to the west side of the city, you’ll find the science building. In the back of it, you’ll find Bonnie. Talk to her to make cores! You need to use shards to make cores though, so if you haven’t been mining, you’ll need to wait a bit. After you make one, the trophy unlocks.

Fully Powered Up
Have an entire team of Nexomon fully equipped with cores!

This trophy is a bit misleading, as when I got it, I had two Nexomon with no cores on. So long as you put 4 cores on your Nexomon in your party at least once, this will unlock. So get 4 cores, put all 4 on one Nexomon, then remove them. Then do that on your next, and repeat until you’ve done so on all your Nexomon!

If it doesn’t pop that way you will need to get a total of 24 cores. you can make those with Bonnie but you will also gain them from side quests and trading.

Locally Sourced Nexotraps
Craft your first Nexotrap using Elemental Shards.

First, you have to get a pickaxe for this. Just outside the Orphanage to the north, is a miner. Buy his pickaxe. Then you can mine rocks. Now, throughout the game, you can find people and some stores, who make Nexotraps. Make your first one, through either of these methods, and this trophy will unlock.

There are 2 places you can make Nexotraps:

  • Drake isle’s – in the city on the right of the healing center is a guy that makes nexotraps
  • Palmaya – there is a girl in a house on the south-west that creates them. She will also have a quest.
They Can’t Run On A Full Stomach
Toss over 100 meals at wild Nexomon

For this, all you have to do is use food on Nexomon in battle. To do that, hit Triangle, then find a piece of food, and use it! Repeat 100 times, and this will unlock.

Start on this right from the start, otherwise you will need to grind this out in the end and its a timely process + it helps out early on when catching all nexomon.

Beam Me Up, Coco!
Activate every warpstone.

As you progress through the game, you’ll find warpstones. These are the fast travel system for the game! You can’t activate them until after you’ve done the Frozen Lake for the story. Once you have them all activated, this trophy unlocks.

The following Locations are where you find the warpstones that might be a bit hidden:

  • Frozen cave entrance – you will walk past it in the story but don’t unlock this feature until after. so you will need to walk back to the cave and activate it
  • Frozen tundra (base) – when you head right over the ice bridge there should be a warpstone in the 1st area
  • Palmaya – for the story you don’t go to this area. But there is a warpstone on that isle right at the entrance of it.

All other warpstones are in big city’s or major areas where you come a lot. Just when you see one activate it right away

It’s Honest Work
Sell over 200 elemental shards to Claive.

For this, you have to sell 200 shards to Claive. I recommend saving before you sell them, so you can get them back. You get shards from breaking rocks with the pickaxe!

Complete all quests.

This is for completing all the sidequests in the game. Now this is only for side quest 501-537, as the others are automatically completed by playing the story. Also, quests 520-536 are all post-game quests. So unfortunately, you can get this trophy until you beat the game. The quests are all listed below!

Steam quest guide – This guide includes all the quests that are in the game.

We also have all the quests here:

501: Liam’s Stolen Letter – Once you get to Immortal Citadel, you’ll experience a scene with a mailman and a thief! You’ll then be asked to help. Just right to the warpstone, is a giant house. In this house is a second floor, with the thief! Beat the thief in a duel, get the letter, and return it to the nice mailman, who’s just outside of the Immortal Citadel entrance. Plot twist! It’s the thief’s. Go give it back to finish the quest.

502: Alfred’s Dream – Once the story takes you to Immortal Citadel, you’ll find Eliza. You’ll also meet her Butler, Alfred. Once you enter the house, go into the room on the right and talk to Alfred. Give him 10 Nexotraps. Then he’ll leave the house.

503: The Missing Kid – In the Outskirts, you’ll see a person with a star. They’ll tell you about a child who is missing. If you go South of the camp, two screens, then you’ll be on a sort of small map. If you go out the top right exit, you’ll enter a destroyed town area. Here, you’ll find the child. She’ll battle you and has 4 Nexomon to defeat. Once you beat her, she’ll warp away. Go to the guard at the Outskirts outpost to finish the quest.

504: Pretty Rocks – In the Northern Woods, which is north of the Orphanage, is a miner. Pay him the coins he wants, and get the pickaxe!

505: In the Immortal Woods, as you cross the first bridge, head to the exit right above the bridge. The tree will ask for a Dreaver, found in the woods, and a Griff, which is found in the Outlands a lot. Bring them to him to beat the quest.

506: Ultimate Antidote – Once you reach Grunda’s Chasm, go to the screen just west of it. You’ll find a bandit on the ground and you’ll need to give him 5 Anti-Poisons. You can buy them from the shop in Grunda’s Chasm. After you give the NPC the items, he runs. There’s a guard you can talk to nearby that says he’s ran to Lateria, probably. If you head south of the city, past the Mercenary Outpost, you’ll come to a lake. The NPC is here. Then, you have to battle him! Win, and the quest is over.

507: Missing Tamers – After beating Jin in New Ignitia, the mayor will have a quest for you, to find some missing tamers. If you go west of the town, twice, you’ll find the first tamer, trapped in ice. Melt the ice. Then go east one screen, and keep heading North, back to where there was a bit of ice. As you pass the metal bridge, you’ll find the second tamer. Melt the ice again. Now return to the mayor to finish the quest!

508: Catching A Namansi – In the Drake Isles, you’ll come across an area where you can exit in 4 separate directions, very early on. If you exit west, you’ll meet someone asking for a Namansi. Now you can catch one, around Palmaya or south of Frozen Tundra. Or you could catch a Dinja/Dinchala, south of Frozen Tundra and evolve it to a Namansi at level 32. Either way, when you have one, return to the man in Drake Isles for your reward.

509: A Little Help – In Parum, in the tamers guild, you’ll find a guard, needing help to deliver supplies. Accept the quest. Now go to the Outskirts outpost, then go in the building. Youll meet another guard to give the item to and finish this quick quest!

510: Beautiful Parum – In the main city, there is an old lady in the square, who asks you to find trash around the city. You need 12 pieces. They are all located outside of buildings, are the city. Look for the sparkles!

511: Playing With Salem – From the Orphanage, if you go north, then east, then into the North East exit, you’ll find yourself in some woods. A ghost will ask you to play. If you accept, you have to exit in a specific order, or you get kicked out from the woods! The order is as follows: Right side exit, top exit, right side exit, left side exit, top exit. After this, You’ll complete the quest!

512: Lisa’s Lunch – In the very south west of the Palmaya region, you’ll find a shack. In here, you’ll find Lisa, who can make Nexotraps for you, if you complete her quest. You’ll need to head back to the little town in Palmaya, and go to the restaurant. Talk to the chef, and pay 1,000 coins to get Lisa’s Lunch. Then take it back to her, and finish the quest!

513: Tech Support – Just south of the Immortal Citadel town is a ghost in a graveyard. He asks for help with deleting his browsing history on his computer. In the town, go to a house on the Northside. In it, you’ll find a computer, that has the computer. Interact with it and you can then choose to teleport to the ghost to finish the quest.

514: The Lost Ring – As you leave the Outskirts to the east, you’ll end up on an ice bridge. Here, you’ll find a lady who lost her wedding ring. If you go back to the Outskirts and follow the screens all the way down, and to the right, you’ll find the town of Lateria. If you exit this town to the east, you’ll be in a small area eventually with a cave at the top, and a little lake in the center. On the right side of the water, is a tree. Interact with it to find the ring. Then go back to the ice bridge, and give the lady her ring back, and finish the quest.

515: Turning Off The Heat – Once you beat Jin in New Ignitia, you can travel east of the city. There, you’ll find a guard with a quest. All he wants you to do, is capture 8 different fire Nexomon. If you already have that many, you can finish the quest right away.

516: Turning Up The Heat – In the Frozen Tundra, you’ll find an NPC who’s freezing cold. They’ll ask you to bring them a Glontern and an Imburion. Get them, and then return to the NPC! Glontern is the evolved form of Blit, if you have one, and Imburion is the final evolution of Pongo!

517: Evil Spirits – Once you reach the Frozen Tundra for the story, you’ll be in the Guild building. Talk to the lady behind the desk and she’ll tell you of a ghost in a cave to the east. Now, go east, then south, then around and up a couple screens, until you see an ice block to melt. Melt it, then follow the path upwards. You’ll then see a mineshaft. This area is very small. At the end, you’ll duel the ghost. I recommend a party of high-level 30s, or you’ll really struggle through this. After you beat it, return to the guild desk for your reward.

518: Thieves Of The Tundra – In Frozen Tundra, you’ll run into a guard, asking you to beat all the bandits around the area. The requirements for this trophy will be done as you’re clearing out all the tamers in the area. Once you beat all 6, talk to the guard for your reward.

519: The Middleman – Just outside the village in Drake Isles, there’s a man who just needs a couple elemental traps. Get them for him, and the quest is done!

520: The Mad Scientist – Once you have this quest, you have to go to the Cursed Tower, which is north of Frozen Tundra. Now once inside, keep going through it until you can go left or right. Now go right, and follow the path down the ladders. Once you reach the big room, keep going straight. Now, you’ll be in the room where a big event took place. Now there are two sets of boxes. One set on the left, and one on the right. Now, interact with the boxes on the right. There’s no glow to show the blueprints, so just keep clicking around. Then once you have the blueprints, return to the Mad Scientist in Parum, in the Guild Tower.

521: The Drake Of Fire – As you clear out the vaults throughout the game, you’ll come across the “Tribute of Blaze”. Once you have this quest, go to Ignitia. Proceed north twice, then west once, and you’ll be in an area with a giant dragon skeleton. Talk to Lydia to be able to fight the Drake, and capture it by weakening it, or use a Gold Nexotraps!

522: The Drake Of Water – Clearing out the vaults in the world will eventually net you a “Tribute Of Water”. Once you have that, and this quest, go to the Frozen Tundra Base warpstone. Now, go north one screen, then go to the top left exit of the map. Here, you’ll see Lydia, and she can summon the Drake. Now capture the Drake however you’d like, to get this quest completed.

523: The Drake Of Nature – As you clear out the vaults around the world, you’ll get a “Tribute Of Nature” eventually. Once you have this quest and this item, go to Khan Village in Khan Woods. From the warpstone, go south, then east. Follow this path and you’ll see Lydia. Now summon the Drake, and catch it however you want, and complete the quest!

524: The Drake Of Wind – When you’re clearing out the vaults in the world, you’ll get a “Tribute Of Tempest”. Once you have that and this quest, go to Drake Isles. Now, if you go to the village, head south from the village, then head west, until you reach the little island with exits in each directions now head north twice, to a little Grove to find Lydia. Now challenge the Drake and capture it however you’d like!

525: The Drake Of Stone – As you roam the world, clearing out the Vaults, you’ll eventually get a “Tribute Of Stone”. Once you have that, and this quest, go to the Outlands. Now head south until you get to the Desert. Now, head east, and you’ll see a giant skull you can enter. In here, you’ll find Lydia. Talk to her to summon the Drake, and capture it however you’d like to beat the quest!

526: The Drake Of Thunder – As you travel around the world and open vaults, you’ll get a “Tribute Of Thunder”. Once you have this quest, head to Palmaya, and from the warpstone, just head south as far as you can until you see Lydia! Now capture the Drake anyway you want and this will be completed.

527: The Drake Of Decay – Clearing out the vaults around the world will eventually net you a “Tribute Of Decay”. Once you have that and this quest active, go to Immortal Citadel. Now, from there, continue all the way East. Eventually, you’ll come across a screen with a giant set of bones. Lydia is here Now, summon the Drake, and capture it however you would like, then this quest will be over!

528: The Drake Of Mind – As you are unlocking the vaults in the world, you get a “Tribute Of Mind.” After you have that and this quest, travel to Immortal Citadel. Now go west, then north and you’ll find Lydia. Get her to summon the Drake, and capture it however you’d like, then this quest will be completed.

529: The Drake Of Power – As you clear out the vaults around the world, you’ll get yourself a “Tribute Of Power”. Once you have it, go to the Outlands, to the destroyed city with the “Lost Child” sidequests. There is a guild building here, with Lydia in front of it. Talk to her to summon the Drake Of Power. If you have a Golden Trap, you can instantly catch the Drake!

530: Fenrir Is Reborn – When you have this quest, head South from Ignitia, so that you find Fenrirs tomb. Inside you can summon him for 25 Fire Shards. If you kill him, you need to spend 25 shards again. When you capture him, the quest will be completed.

531: Nadine Is Reborn – In the Drake Isles, if you head east from the town, then south, you’ll come across Nadine’s tomb. In here, you can pay 25 Tempest Shards to revive her. If you kill her, you have to pay again. Now, capture her how you want, and this quest will complete.

532: Merida Is Reborn – In Palmaya, if you start at the Nexomon healing center, go left one screen, then south as far as possible. Here, you can resurrect Merida for 25 Ocean Shards. If you kill her, you need to pay 25 more. Capture her, and the quest will be complete!

533: Zetta Is Reborn – In Cadium, if you go to Zettas mansion, you can pay 25 Thunder Shards to resurrect him. If you kill him, you will have to pay 25 more shards. When you capture him, the quest will be completed!

534: Grunda Is Reborn – Starting from the Desert Outpost, go east, then south. Now go into the cave, and go to the right. Use the wind symbol to jump down the hole, and follow the path. After the second symbol, walk north, and you’ll find the Scientist, to resurrect Grunda. This will take 25 Stone Shards, and if you kill him, you have to pay 25 more. When you catch him, the quest completes.

535: Deena Is Reborn – If you go to the Hidden Village in Khan Woods, head left then up. Here you can resurrect Deena for 25 Nature Shards. If you kill her, you’ll need to pay again. Now, catch her in any fashion you’d like, and the quest will complete.

536: Finding Vados – After you beat the game, return to Lateria. Then, go north from the warpstone to get to the prison. Make your way back to your cell, from the top left entrance. Once you find Amelie, she’ll tell you about Vados. Now go to Frozen Tundra, and go north of the town to the Cursed Tower. Now go right, and work your way down to the big rooms, and you’ll find Vados. I recommend using a Golden Nexotrap right away to instantly catch him and finish the quest super easily!

537: The Extinction Project – In Parum, if you go to the west side, you’ll find some science buildings. In one, you’ll meet a gentleman. He’ll tell you about an item he’s making. Pay him 1,000 Coins to help his research and finish the quest!

Vanity Issues
Nickname a Nexomon the same as your own name.

Simply give a Nexomon the same name you gave your character!

You can do this in the nexomon box but also when you catch it

Note: this is glitched in the earlier versions. You need to give him a name while he is already in your party.

Shopping Spree
Spend over 50,000 coins in your adventure.

After you spend 50,000 coins, this trophy will be yours.

You will get this by buying many nexotraps.

Full Team
Fill up your party with 6 Nexomon. It’s time to take on the world!

For this, you just have to fill up your party with 6 Nexomon. Now I had an issue, where this didn’t unlock, until I caught 6 Nexomon, and traded out my starter for one of them. Once your party is full, this will unlock!

Own 30 Nexomon
Capture 30 unique Nexomon.

When you’re working towards owning all Nexomon, this will unlock when you get 30.

Own 60 Nexomon
Capture 60 unique Nexomon.

This will unlock on your way to owning all Nexomon. When you get 60, this will unlock.

Own 90 Nexomon
Capture 90 unique Nexomon.

On your long journey to owning all Nexomon, this will unlock when you have 90 of them!

Own 150 Nexomon
Capture 150 unique Nexomon.

Once you own 150 Nexomon, this will unlock. Now you’re a little less than halfway to having all the Nexomon!

Own every Nexomon! Gold
Find and capture every Nexomon in the game!

This is for capturing all 381 Nexomon in the game! Refer to the links below for some general locations and more info on some first evolution Nexomon!

There are 3 sources useful for this. There are 2 location guides and the Nexomon discord is a real help. Spawns of some nexomon are sometimes grasspatch specific, especially in Palmaya. There are also a few that require a special lure that is located in the building next to bonnies building.

The google docs divide it all by story unlock points, sometimes the spawns change when you unlock a certain point in the story. (These lists are still being worked on and are a Work in Process)

This 2nd list is an overall list.

And the final source is the Nexomon Discord. If you can’t find a specific Nexomon this discord is super friendly and really helpful. For specific nexomon locations, there is the #spoilers_locations chat.

Capture the Tyrants
Find and capture every Tyrant.

This will come naturally as you capture all the Nexomon.

This is full RNG and it sucks if you don’t have the game patched till the latest version.
On the old patch it could take between 5 minutes to 35+ HOURS of grinding to even find 1 of them if you are unlucky
in the latest patch this cuts down the time a lot. My (dex) longest one on the latest patch took about 5 hours of RNG.

These nexomon have semi-specific locations where you can catch them:

  • mulcimer – ignitia maps including caves
  • eurus – drake isles maps not including lab nor cave
  • bolzen – cadium maps including amelie’s lab
  • nivalis – frozen tundra maps including bunker and tower and cave, including frozen lake cave
  • petram – desert including cave
  • tikala – khan woods including caves
  • byeol – palmaya
  • fane – haunted woods not including cave

There are a few that can be found anywhere in the world

  • ziegler, titan and darine – any wild encounter all maps
Children of Omnicron
Revive and capture each of the ancient primordial Tyrants.

This will come as you finish all the sidequests. To capture these Primordial Tyrants you will need to go to some specific spots on the map and spawn them in. Check out this steam guide all the way at the bottom for the locations:

The Greater Drakes
Encounter and tame every Greater Drake of Lydia.

You’ll get this as you’re completing all the quests. To capture these Drakes you will need to go to some specific spots on the map and spawn them in. Check out this steam guide all the way at the bottom for the locations:

This guide is a colab between Oni and Dex.



  1. Anyone that needs the trophy for defeating all tames twice, the best advice is defeat each tamer twice before moving on to the next one and don’t forget the tamer they added with an update. Unfortunately theirs no checklist so you can see what tamers you haven’t already defeated twice.

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