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How to Become a Pro Builder in Fortnite

Building is by far the most important skill you can master in Fortnite. It is incredibly impressive too, which you will know if you have seen the lightning-fast edits and high-rise buildings some players have made. Building does take a certain amount of practice but the process is really rewarding and fun. You can find maxed-out accounts at ChicksGold. Practicing will involve a lot of grinding, but with this guide, the process will be sped up much more. Welcome to our Fortnite building guide! Let’s get into it.

Some valuable tips

Change the binding on your keys – if you have not done this yet, it is absolutely essential that you do it immediately. If you have a mouse that contains some extra buttons it’s a good idea to move some of your controls to them as it is much quicker to press them than one of your keys. If you’re using a controller you should change your settings to ‘builder pro’ to allow maximum pliability.

Enable turbo building – The difference between turbo building and normal building is that you can press and hold your build key and your next structure will be automatically placed down. When in a normal building setting, you will have to look at an area and manually press the key. Turbo building allows you to do things like quickly spin around and place down walls to make a safe house or just hold in the key when you ramp up to continually do so.

Always harvest materials – This is extremely important! People are often reluctant to do this but it’s cardinal to always harvest materials as you are floating around the map or running to the circle.

Trees, wooden pallets, and fences are great sources of wood – of which you will need at least 600 of as building battles can last for a long time. As you get better battling with other pro players will use more and more resources.

Brick can be easily harvested all around the map from buildings in towns and boulders lying
around the landscape. You can find some mining areas with insane amounts of bricks for you to mine at key points around the map which might be worth learning about. It is important to have some brick in your inventory for extra protection and to place a ramp or two.

Metal can be gathered by smacking cars, steel fences, girders, and gates. They take a while to harvest but can be clutch in the end, so if you have the extra time, it is well worth mining some metal.

Learn to edit

It is extremely important to know how to edit. By being moderately good at just this, you will easily beat up to 90% of the opponents you face, so make sure you master this!

The wedge – By selecting three blocks in any corner of a wall a triangle will be created. This is extremely useful to use when you want to get out of a wall quickly, especially when it is in an awkward position. It opens up a big space into which you can shoot too.

The door – By selecting two blocks that are ontop of each other a door is opened in the wall. This is very useful as an escape route. It can be opened for future use without immediately exposing yourself. Note that this method is risky, so watch your enemies as they can just enter, but you will then have the upper hand still.

The half wall – By selecting a horizontal line of the top three boxes you can create a half wall. This is useful as cover for you to shoot from or jump over. It is also useful when the wall is sunk into the ground. Many interesting and valuable structures can be made with the half wall. The key is to know how to use it.

Things to remember

The techniques listed in this guide are only the basics you need to become a pro builder in
Fortnite. Although, they are very valuable and are guaranteed to help you beat virtually every opponent if you follow the methods correctly. It is important to do more research of your own and to practice. Grinding is the best way to master building. Enjoy gaming!

Die by the Blade, Kwalee’s One-Hit-Kill Sword Fighting Game, to Launch for PC and Consoles this November

Sharpen your blade and get ready to go head to head with fearsome opponents, all masters of their deadly craft. Kwalee is thrilled to announce that Die by the Blade, the brutal sword fighting game with dynamic one-hit-kill combat mechanics, will be launching on 3rd November 2022 for PC, PlayStation 4 & 5, and Xbox One & Series S/X. Nintendo Switch will launch later in 2023. 

Developed by Grindstone and Triple Hill Interactive, Die by the Blade draws inspiration from legendary titles such as Bushido BladeWay of the Samurai, and the Dark Souls series. Set in a stunning samurai-punk world, players must choose from a range of traditional Japanese weapons to determine their move set, parry their opponents’ blows with lightning speed, and master the art of the one-hit kill!

To mark the release date announcement, Kwalee has released a brand new gameplay trailer showcasing some of the intriguing playable characters, deadly bladed weapons, and stunning locations alongside brutal 1v1 combat. 

About Die by the Blade

Die by the Blade is a 1v1 weapons-focused fighter where the difference between victory and death can amount to a single strike of the blade. Carve your path through this samurai-punk world with nothing but your trusty weapon by your side in the story-driven single-player campaign or crush your friends in local or online multiplayer. Looking for more of a challenge? Test your skills against unknown warriors in online ranked matches and prove that you are the indisputable champion.

In Die by the Blade, there are no health bars, so you can’t afford to let your guard down. The one-hit kill system leaves no room for error. If you want to survive, you’ll need to master the parrying mechanic, memorise the combos for your chosen weapon, and sharpen your reflexes. The victor of any battle could be decided in a matter of seconds, so be prepared for multiple quick bouts against your opponents.

Will you have what it takes to become a master samurai? Or will you fall like countless others before you?


  • One-hit-kill – All it takes is one slice in tense, one-hit-kill based combat
  • Choose your playstyle – A diverse array of weapons with different movesets
  • Multiplayer showdowns – Take the battle online with ranked online modes
  • Customisation – Tailor your character’s style to the way you see fit
  • Brutal encounters – Dismember your opponents with brutal precision
  • Welcome to samurai-punk – A unique art style that merges a cyberpunk aesthetic with Japanese-inspired themes

Die by the Blade will launch for PC, PlayStation 4 & 5, and Xbox One & Series S/X on 3rd November 2022 with the Nintendo Switch version launching later in 2023.

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Do Leaks Ruin A Game Experience?


Gaming leaks have been around for a long time now, but sometimes leaks can absolutely change the view of a game before it’s even out, even if the leaks are fake. One big example of this is The Last Of Us Part 2. Only some parts got leaked that clouded the story from an outsider’s perspective a lot. But this begs the question Do Leaks Ruin A Game Experience?

This weekend over 90 clips of GTA 6 (GTA VI) have been leaked, but when I first heard, I wasn’t happy or anything, but I was kinda sad about it. When you wait for a game for a long time, even when you are not a fan, it gives you a certain hype to see the game in its best form for a teaser or 1st trailer. With GTA VI this totally got voided because we already have clips and gameplay of it now, and the “hype” is there, but this will for sure lessen the hype around the announcement. If you wanna know more about the GTA VI leak, please check this video from MoistCr1tical down below. It does not contain any clips.

Did this leak ruin GTA VI? No of course not, it’s gonna sell millions of copies and will be one of the best-selling games for sure. But it does have a sour taste now and will probably be written off by some people that saw the clips and already made up their minds and are gonna skip it for a while on release.

I personally absolutely love only seeing the 1st trailer/announcement and when i like the game I will not watch anything until I play it, just because this makes me feel more surprised when I do get around to play it, but with leaks, you are sometimes kinda force fed the info and clips on Twitter and other socials. Now with TikTok, this is even worse because in the 1st hour of GTA VI being leaked I already saw like 8 clips on my for you page with nothing I can do about it.

Just having the title alone and knowing that the info is out there, sometimes for games that are not even announced yet or didn’t have any knowledge of just fully ruins the surprise at all, like how the Fable reboot got leaked before its official announcement by Xbox. But not just Xbox has a leaking problem, Nintendo has an even bigger problem with it with games being leaked and blown out of proportion that totally kills the vibe when the actual announcement is underwhelming.

Do Game Leaks Ruin Your Gaming Hype/Experience?

Do Game Leaks Ruin Your Gaming Hype/Experience?

Watch Dogs 2 Review


Playing Watch Dogs 2 for the 2nd time this year I can’t help but feel a lot more appreciation for this game, with its nice and colorful open world and great story. Watch Dogs 2 feels more like how it should have been in the 1st game.

Watch Dogs 2 is developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. The game was released on November 15, 2016, for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC, in 2020 it was also launched on Google Stadia. This open-world action-adventure game follows Marcus on his adventure with his new friends in Dedsec.

In Watch Dogs 2 you fight with some new friends for more freedom and to stop companies spying on the people of San Francisco. During your adventures, you will find some old friends from Watch Dogs 1 and some new villains. This also comes back in the DLC where multiple familiar faces will return.

You will go against a massive evil corporation and its CEO, This CEO uses everything and everyone he can to stop Dedsec and start spying on more and more people to hold a tighter grasp on the city and citizens. There is 1 big story but at the same time is the game also comprised of small stories that fit into the big one like puzzle pieces. I personally really loved the storyline of the actor and movie car due to its humor and epic scenes it had.

One of the best things for me was the characters, they are all just so fun and are really unique in their own way. Josh is the character that stood out to me the most, having autism myself I could really identify myself with him and recognize a lot of things in him that you almost never see in games at all.

While it did not get an upgrade on series X, it still looks epic and every place you visit has a lot of color to it, but due to how some areas of the game are, it does all kinda look the same. I’m not sure if that is just San Francisco or that the game made those places up itself, but either way, it was still a stunning sight to behold.

The gameplay itself can honestly be better in the aspects of hacking and stealth, I absolutely loved the shooting and some of the hack puzzles, most of the other puzzles that needed stealth and drones were the absolute worst because you got found out so much and super easy a lot of the time. This might just be me being bad at stealth and hating it, but it did make the game a bit worse for wear due to the number of times you needed to do it.

Shooting in the game feels good, especially when you hit a headshot, I didn’t play on hard or anything but it was still enjoyable and kinda hard due to the number of enemies they keep throwing your way. At some moments this did get frustrating, especially later in the game when you got some big guys coming your way, and also that made me enjoy the shooting bits later in the game.

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Tower of Fantasy 1.5 Update Brings Artificial Island, New Weapon, New Character and New Raid


publisher Level Infinite and developer Hotta Studio revealed the 1.5 update for Tower of Fantasy, the smash hit open-world MMORPG with more than 10 million registered global players. The update brings players a host of in-game events, a new 8-person boss raid, a new character and weapon, and a new area to explore, the Artificial Island. Tower of Fantasy is free to play and is available at the official site, as well as on the App Store and Google Play, coming later to Steam and the Epic Game Store. 

Located in a separate area apart from the main game world, Artificial Island is unlocked when Wanderers reach Lv.50 and complete specific missions. Those commissioned Wanderers will embark on a remarkable journey and get ready to interact and solve countless riddles. Heaps of supply materials can be found on the island, including gold, black and even the rare red nucleus. Wanderers will unlock the Construction feature of the Artificial Island to create their exclusive island when they progress. Which lets them unlock exclusive maps and collect construction materials, find the smart servants and pets and create valuable items.

A new Simulacrum character for players to unlock will also join the fray. Claudia, a tall Hykros Executor with a bit of a military demeanor. Reliable, tenacious, first to charge ahead in battle, seemingly cold at first but is more of a kind-hearted older sister once you get to know her. Having a strong sense of righteousness, she fights for justice and for others. Her mastery over one-handed swords and mobility saw her on the front lines of difficult operations, but she was sent to a medical facility after being severely injured in Operation Dark Apocalypse. Claudia brings the fearsome Guren Blade to Tower of Fantasy, a Grevious-type weapon with Shatter and Charge abilities.

Crews of players will find a challenge waiting for them in the new Eight-player Raid. Players can form a team of eight and challenge the mighty Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon boss to win special Fortress Weaponry rewards. There are three instances available with normal difficulty in this update. 

Daily log-ins and the Aida Cafe will host numerous limited-time events and challenges. During the event period, Wanderers can enter the Aida Cafe through the Rewards page to serve three mysterious customers. Wanders must explore the open world to find raw materials to customize delicious food for each customer. The more revenue generated by satisfied customers in the Aida Cafe, the better the rewards.

Set hundreds of years in the future after humanity has escaped the collapsing environment of earth and fled to the distant planet of Aida, the cross-platform, shared open-world MMORPG action of Tower of Fantasy invites gamers around the world to join in on the thrilling action. Developed by Hotta Studio and published by Level Infinite, the game features an immersive open world, co-operative group and solo adventures, freeform character development, unique simulacrums, and epic combat that allows players to switch weapons and gameplay styles on the fly to unlock their own personal fighting style.


  • Shared Open-world MMORPG
  • Co-operative multiplayer mode
  • Free-form character creation tools
  • Post-apocalyptic sci-fi setting
  • Anime-inspired art style with unique characters
  • Exciting immersive combat
  • Multiple mounts and unique sci-fi weapons and relics
  • Open World exploration
  • Cross-platform gameplay between PC and mobile versions 

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Pre-order Persona 5 Royal on Xbox now!


ATLUS announced today that digital and physical editions of the highly anticipated Persona 5 Royal can now be pre-ordered for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. PC players can also place a digital pre-order for Windows. Xbox Game Pass members can play Persona 5 Royal from its release on Oct. 21, 2022.

Players can pre-order the Digital Edition, which includes the base game Persona 5 Royal and more than 40 items of previously released downloadable content, or the physical 1 More Edition, which is limited edition and available exclusively on Shop ATLUS.

Purchase Options:

  • Physical Standard Edition (console only) – $59.99
  • 1 More Edition (console only)
    Base game Persona 5 Royal
    Premium Steelbook packaging
    Treasure chest packaging
    Akechi’s Briefcase Bag
    Frame and prints
    Tarot Cards

Put on the mask of Joker and join the Phantom Thieves of Hearts to break the shackles of modern society. Devise grandiose heists to infiltrate the minds of corrupt people and change their minds! Persona 5 Royal introduces a new semester at Shujin Academy, a new area of Tokyo to explore, new characters, a brand new storyline and much more! Even for the most seasoned Phantom Thieves among us, Persona 5 Royal is a new challenge to break conventions, discover your inner strength and fight for justice.

Play the acclaimed JRPG from day one with Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Windows on Oct. 21, 2022.

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The Sims 4 will be free from October 18


Electronic Arts Inc. and Maxis today announced that the base game of The Sims 4 will be available for free download for PC and Mac through the EA app/Origin and Steam, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One starting Oct. 18, 2022.

EA and Maxis have welcomed millions of players of The Sims over the years and watched in admiration as they let their imaginations run wild, came up with new ideas and created versions of themselves both in the game and in real life. Now that the base game of The Sims 4 is free to play, the team of developers is more dedicated than ever before to developing new and valuable experiences for players of the game.

Players can learn more about this update during a special stream called Behind The Sims Summit. It will take place on Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2022 at 7 p.m. CET.

Finally, Simmers who purchased the base game of The Sims 4 before Oct. 17 will receive the brand new Desert Luxury Kit as a gift. The Desert Luxury Kit allows Sims to relax in their modern oasis, with luxurious indoor and outdoor furniture inspired by the natural landscape of the desert and materials such as stone and wood.

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Ready, Set, Stop: ‘You Suck at Parking’ Launches on PC, Xbox, and Game Pass Today

Happy Volcano is excited to confirm top-down racer You Suck at Parking™ launches across PC and Xbox today, crucially also debuting on Game Pass for both platforms at the same time.

Also in development for PlayStation and Nintendo Switch – with launches on those platforms set to follow in 2023 – You Suck at Parking™ comprises both single-player and online multiplayer modes, offering players the world’s most extreme parking experience and the only racing game where, uniquely, the goal is to come to a stop. Success is all about racing against the clock as players dash, drift, and drag their handbrakes as they slam into parking spots in quick time. 

The game’s aforementioned multiplayer mode – which will allow four players to take on each other in a full-on parking party – features a total of 60 wild multiplayer levels on rotation on top of the 100 solo levels with ever-increasing difficulty also on offer. Happy Volcano can also confirm its intention to refresh the levels on offer in play every two weeks, with fresh ones delivered for the foreseeable.

“Launch day is here, and we’re so excited not only to hit both Xbox and PC with You Suck at Parking™, but also to do so on Game Pass on day one,” says David Prinsmel, Game Director. “But there’s more to come, not only with launches on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch next year, but in continuous new content for the existing releases every two weeks as well.”

In You Suck at Parking™, players can:

  • Speed through stages navigating obstacles aplenty before hitting the designated parking spots, all whilst somehow keeping cool, calm, and collected in the process.
  • Unlock Parking Tokens with their parking skills that serve up new customization options to pimp your ride with.
  • Climb the global leaderboards and prove to your friends that you truly do have the power to stop. Maybe not the world, but a car, at least.
  • Experience an ever-growing, always-expanding, forever-changing game, where more cars, more biomes, more tracks, and more customisation options are regularly added to the roster.

A physical edition of You Suck at Parking™ on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox will also race onto store shelves in 2023, courtesy of Fireshine Games. Formerly known as Sold Out, Fireshine Games is an established publisher of physical and digital titles, and a leading boxed partner who works extensively with indie developers to help bring their games to physical retail.

Happy Volcano can also announce it is working with LifePack for the first season of You Suck at Parking™, starting today and ending on Wednesday 30th November, 2022. LifePack is a gaming charity that focuses on tackling child malnutrition. Players will be able to purchase a LifePack premium cosmetics bundle in the store, with all proceeds going to the charity.

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LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Review

Just like Lego Batman: The Videogame, LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga is really one of the classics in the lego franchise that you can probably still remember a lot. And while I could have probably completed most levels in the game, some of the levels from the original trilogy are ones I kinda forgot about but was surprised about in a good way.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga is developed by Traveller’s Tales (now TT Games) and published by LucasArts (now Lucasfilm Games). The game was released on November 6 2007 on PC, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 3, Wii, and Xbox 360. Later also on mobile devices.

Playing through the game while also bingeing the whole Star Wars universe in chronological order really unlocked some core memories for me from way back when I was a kid. I would just play this game constantly over and over again so even now I still remember all the levels almost exactly, but of course, not everything was exactly the same because the story is something I understand a lot more now that I actually know English and have seen these movies.

So do I really need to tell this story? Because it basically follows the first 6 episodes of the movie series almost perfectly. So in the first 3 episodes, you will follow Anikin Skywalker from a little kid to uhm, his full-grown adult self doing some “Heroic” stuff. In the other 3 episodes, you will follow young Luke Skywalker in his journey to become a Jedi and kinda fight the same evil as in the first 3 but not really as well because of time, and oh god I can talk about the story of star wars for hours at this point but you kinda know the gist of it now.

The game lacks in visuals a little bit compared to the Lego games that followed in the years after, but when I’m comparing it to Lego Batman we recently covered, its a lot better than that, it’s really lighthearted and colorful, but it can be a little bit darker when it needs to be. Sadly those darker levels are also the ones I enjoyed way less than the rest of the levels. Scrap that, there is 1 thing worse than the darker levels, and that is the levels where you have to tow around an explosive. Especially in free-play while getting some of the mini kits they have been absolute hell and had me stuck on a snow level for about 10 minutes trying to get it to explode somewhere behind a row of enemies that respawned every time.

Speaking of mini kits, they are there and are pretty much useless because they don’t really unlock anything to my knowledge it’s nice to get them, but other than achievements on Xbox, I don’t really see a purpose. Another extra they put in the game that i thought was new that I don’t remember being in other lego games is the bounty system. It’s just some quick hide-and-seek missions, but playing through them was still a bit of a joy to do, but after completing every mission like 2/3 times, it did kinda feel like a drag for the longer ones.

There are also plenty of characters to buy, but a lot of them feel kinda useless due to how overpowered some of them are, and some get side passed entirely due to some redbricks like the “Dark Side” red brick. there is this 1 robot character called 4-LOM that basically was every robot character in 1 so all the other robots were already a goner. But there were also some characters that only had 1 character that could do the thing you needed, mainly looking at the clone trooper that had the gun to break the golden bricks.

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Tower Of Fantasy 1.5 Update Launches September 15th


publisher Level Infinite and developer Hotta Studio announced that open-world MMORPG Tower of Fantasy is releasing its first major content update to the game since its successful launch last month. 

Beginning on September 15th, players will be able to unlock Artificial Island, a brand new location filled with floating islands, new places to explore, new Developer Logs to obtain and new elite bosses to overcome. 

In addition to a new map, players can unlock Claudia, a tall Hykros Executor with a bit of a military demeanor. Her mastery over one-handed swords and mobility saw her on the front lines of difficult operations, but she was sent to a medical facility after being severely injured in Operation Dark Apocalypse. She is reliable, tenacious, and the first to charge ahead in battle. While she is seemingly cold at first, she is like a kindhearted older sister once you get to know her. Having a strong sense of righteousness, she fights for justice and for others.

Details about Artificial Island:

  • Artificial Island is unlocked when Wanderers reach Lv.50 and have completed specific missions; they can set off to this distant island by taking the Banges Tech’s flying vehicle.
  • Wanderers will embark on a remarkable journey and get ready to interact and solve countless riddles across the island, with heaps of supplies, including the gold nucleus, black nucleus, and even the rare red nucleus.
  • Wanderers can unlock the Construction feature of the Artificial Island to create their own exclusive island! A Wanderer can access the Construction feature once their Artificial Island exploration progress reaches the specified goal OR the specified level (one or the other). Players will be able to unlock exclusive maps and collect construction materials to create different items, get to know the smart servants and pets, and create and exchange valuable items.

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