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5 Indie Games That Deserve Your Attention


In the vast world of gaming, where blockbuster titles often dominate the spotlight, it’s easy for indies to go unnoticed. Indie games, developed by smaller teams with creative passion and innovative ideas, often offer unique and memorable experiences. In this article, we will shine a light on five hidden gem indie games that deserve your attention. These captivating and lesser-known titles showcase the incredible talent and creativity found within the indie gaming scene. Join us as we explore these remarkable games that offer something truly special.


5 Indie Games That Deserve Your Attention - Celeste

Celeste is a critically acclaimed platformer that packs an emotional punch. Embark on a challenging journey with Madeline as she climbs the treacherous Celeste Mountain. With precise controls, stunning pixel art, and a captivating narrative about overcoming inner demons, Celeste offers an unforgettable experience that combines challenging gameplay with a deeply resonant story.

Hollow Knight

Delve into the hauntingly beautiful world of Hollow Knight, an atmospheric action-adventure game that captures the hearts of players with its rich lore and exquisite hand-drawn art. Explore the forgotten kingdom of Hallownest, face formidable enemies, and uncover the secrets hidden within its depths. With its challenging combat, intricate level design, and a sense of exploration, Hollow Knight is a must-play for fans of the genre.

Stardew Valley

Escape to the idyllic countryside with Stardew Valley, a relaxing and addictive farming simulator. Embrace the role of a weary office worker turned farmer as you cultivate crops, raise livestock, forge relationships, and uncover the mysteries of the valley. With its charming retro-inspired graphics, a plethora of activities, and a heartwarming sense of community, Stardew Valley offers a delightful and immersive escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


Undertale is a unique RPG that defies conventions and explores the boundaries of storytelling. Immerse yourself in a world of monsters and humans, where choices and actions have far-reaching consequences. With its memorable characters, innovative combat system, and a deeply impactful narrative, Undertale challenges players’ expectations and offers a thought-provoking and emotionally resonant experience.

Ori and the Blind Forest

Step into a breathtakingly beautiful world with Ori and the Blind Forest, a mesmerizing platformer filled with stunning visuals, evocative music, and a heartfelt story. Embark on a journey as Ori, a guardian spirit, and unravel the mysteries of a dying forest. With its fluid gameplay, challenging platforming sequences, and an emotionally charged narrative, Ori and the Blind Forest is an artistic masterpiece that captivates players from beginning to end.

The world of gaming is a treasure trove of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. These five indie games, Celeste, Hollow Knight, Stardew Valley, Undertale, and Ori and the Blind Forest, offer unique and unforgettable experiences that showcase the boundless creativity and passion found within the indie gaming community. Whether you’re seeking emotional narratives, challenging gameplay, or immersive worlds, these indie games deserve a special place in your gaming library. So, dive into these extraordinary titles and uncover the magic that awaits in the world of indie games.

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LEGO City Undercover Review

Jump into the skin of Chase McCain and go undercover in gangs to track down an escaped villain from his part. Here is our LEGO City Undercover Review.

LEGO City Undercover is developed by TT Games‘ subsidiary TT Fusion and published by TT Games and Warner Bros. Games (2013 version published by Nintendo). The game was released on the Wii U on March 18, 2013, but was ported over to more modern consoles such as the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch on April 4, 2017.

I absolutely love the intro, perfectly encapsulates what you will expect from the game, from characters, to visuals and even the music feels on point. something I do wish it had some type of recap or cutscene that would explain what happened in the DS prequel game because Rex is being made a big bad, but we don’t really know anything about him other than the way he got caught. Unlike the other games from Marvel and Batman, it didn’t really need some backstory because everyone kinda knows some main people from it and it tells a story on its own, and this game is kinda a sequel.

Over the course of the story, you will take up the mantle to take down Rex Fury, something your boss isn’t happy with, so you go behind his back to get closer to Rex, after finding some leads, your boss does find out what you have been doing and sends you undercover in 2 gangs to find out more and you can do anything you want for them to figure out more, and it doesn’t matter what it’s going to cost. This is something that gets used in a lot of the missions, from stealing an expensive gem, a space rover, dinosaur bones, and more.

LEGO City Undercover Review - image 1

The story has a lot of twists and turns and overall it’s really good for an original game not based on already established big IPs, something I didn’t really expect back when I first played it back in 2013, and even 10 years later it holds up amazingly well against the lego games we have been better after this one.

I have fond memories of playing it back in 2013 when the Wii U version came out and comparing this version, it does feel like it became a lot better, especially with the inclusion of Coop. It did remove transfer over some features that used to be on the gamepad that made the game feel unique and stand out at the time, I do miss that a little because it gave the game something to stand out back then, but after getting 100% in the game, I started liking the way it is now more and more and remember how clunky some of the unique features used to be on the Wii U gamepad.

The gameplay feels its own, unlike anything Lego has done before and even after this game came out, this game stayed unique in its own right, the only game that kinda comes close to how this game worked was The Lego Movie the video game 2 and the Lego Ninjago game. The way the open world works with the levels themself being very minimal is a nice change of pace from the regular Lego games.

The world the game is set in is just fun, every region felt its own and was very memorable, even places you don’t really see and just drive past stand out in many ways. During free roam is a lot to do and each type of character you are as chase has its own side objectives that you can seek out in the world that will reward you in various ways.

There was 1 thing that felt a bit unsettling during the free roam, and that was how silent everything was, not hearing any sound just felt a bit off in some ways that I only noticed later on during the collectibles. The only thing you hear is the iconic “Hey!” from the commercials when you drive almost over them sometimes. Another thing that was off was just random characters falling and getting stuck on each other, but it was more fun than anything seeing what happened to them.

The characters you meet are just fun as well, I really liked Frank Honey and thought he was kinda funny at times without it feeling cringe. but I wish there was a bit more focus on the side characters of the police that got introduced in the 1st level, they had a whole intro but felt like they got left behind right after, besides the parody characters of Starsky and Hutch that come back later for only 1 level

The 1st level looked amazing and made the game feel like it was a remaster, but somehow the filter that was over the screen when you first set foot in Lego kinda just disappeared and the colors look more Lego-like. The cutscenes do also look a bit dated on the series x, but the game is older so I cant really say anything bad about it other than that it is a bit weirdly compressed.

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Gaming Nostalgia: What We Don’t Have Anymore


The gaming industry has come a long way since its early days, with technological advancements and changing consumer preferences shaping the way we play. However, there are certain aspects from the past that hold a special place in the hearts of gamers. In this article, we’ll explore five gaming elements that were more prevalent in the past but still evoke a sense of Gaming Nostalgia among gaming enthusiasts. From the beloved game manuals to the excitement of cooperative gameplay, the joy of discovering cheats, the reliability of AAA games on launch day, and the satisfaction of physical game ownership, these elements remind us of a different era in gaming history.

Game Manuals: Unfolding the Story:

Before the age of extensive in-game tutorials, game manuals served as essential guides to the gaming world. These meticulously crafted booklets provided players with crucial information about controls, gameplay mechanics, and the game’s narrative. From unraveling intricate storylines to understanding complex gameplay systems, game manuals offered a tangible connection to the game’s universe and were often adorned with stunning artwork. They remain cherished collectibles for many gamers today.

Co-op Gameplay: Sharing Adventures Together:

Gaming Nostalgia - COOP

Cooperative gameplay has always been a source of excitement and camaraderie among friends. The ability to gather around a console or computer and embark on epic adventures together remains a treasured memory for many gamers. Whether it was strategizing in real-time, overcoming challenging obstacles, or simply enjoying the thrill of teamwork, cooperative gaming provided an unparalleled social experience that fostered lasting friendships and unforgettable moments.

Cheats: Unlocking Boundless Possibilities:

In the past, cheats were like hidden treasures within games, allowing players to unlock unique abilities, access secret levels, or gain powerful advantages. They added an element of fun and experimentation, enabling players to bend the rules and experience games in unconventional ways. Whether stumbled upon accidentally or shared among friends, cheats sparked curiosity and brought a sense of discovery and delight to the gaming experience.

Reliable AAA Launches: Games that Just Worked:

In earlier years, the release of a full AAA game on launch day was a highly anticipated event. Developers worked diligently to ensure that their games were polished, functional, and free from major technical issues. This dedication to delivering a complete and optimized experience on release day was a hallmark of the gaming industry. While modern games occasionally face technical challenges due to their complexity, the reliable launches of AAA titles in the past are a fond reminder of the excitement and satisfaction that came with owning and playing games right from the start.

Physical Ownership: Tangible Game Collections:

Owning physical copies of games used to be the norm, with shelves proudly displaying game collections. The tactile experience of holding a game case, flipping through the instruction manual, and inserting the disc or cartridge into a console evoked a unique sense of ownership and connection to the gaming world. The ability to lend, borrow, or trade physical games added an extra layer of social interaction and nostalgia that digital downloads cannot replicate entirely.

As the gaming industry continues to evolve, it’s important to reflect on the aspects of gaming’s past that have shaped our experiences and left lasting impressions. From the informative game manuals and cooperative gameplay to the thrill of discovering cheats, the reliable launches of AAA titles, and the satisfaction of physical game ownership, these elements represent a cherished era in gaming history. While the landscape has changed, these nostalgic elements continue to hold a special place in the hearts of gamers, reminding us of the joys and unique experiences that gaming from the past brought to our lives.

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Hogwarts Legacy Review

Looking for a comprehensive Hogwarts Legacy Review? We’ve got you covered! With a lot of hype, Hogwarts Legacy is the latest game set in the Wizarding World created by J. K. Rowling. Set in the 1890s, a world very different from the Harry Potter Series set in the 1990s and Fantastic Beast Series set in the early 1900s.

Developed by Avalanche Software and released in 2023, and published by Portkey Games, this tells the story of a newly enrolled 5th-year student in Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. Embarking on his journey to learn the art of magic, but is thrown into a world beyond his understanding and pulled into the goblin rebellion, will our hero learn enough to survive?

Welcome to Hogwarts students! Enter into the world envisioned by J. K. Rowling for the Harry Potter franchise, now reconstructed for a century-earlier tale. The Team at Avalanche Software is probably best known for their work on Disney Infinity, and the video games accompanying Disney Films. Hogwarts Legacy IS so far away from their catalogue of projects it is hard to believe the same studio built the reputation and series of games they have, honestly, Hogwarts is on a different level in comparison. This isn’t a bad thing, for me, this shows so much that the studio must have had to transition through in order to make the dream of the game a reality, it is truly inspiring. This is only made more impressive when you know that the Unreal Games Engine is used to power Hogwarts Legacy. Where you might think that it was built on an in-house engine you would be mistaken, Hogwarts is powered by one of the most intuitive and powerful game engines on the market which is free to use, and it isn’t even Unreal Engine 5.


While we did enjoy the game, we do not support the views of the creator of Harry Potter, does this mean you should not buy the game? No, because the game is pretty good, but we do recommend waiting for it to be on sale, mainly due to the profits of the game being donated to anti-trans organizations. What we do recommend is to donate to pro-trans charities that are active in your country when buying the game, even a tiny bit can help people in need.

Bonus Mentions:


Although the game is called Hogwarts Legacy, there is far more than the castle to explore. From the depths of the castle to the dark and treacherous world of the Forbidden Forest, and even Hogsmead and far to the south. When running around the castle you can be mistaken to have a massive map that is sprawling and easy to get lost in, in reality, the world of Hogwarts Legacy is not all that big when you see the world map.

Hogwarts Legacy Review - map 1

In all truth, the biggest part of the map is the interior of the castle, which is so big and detailed it should really be experienced as images and video don’t do it justice.


Contrary to what you might think, this is not to do with anything about the player’s character really. What we do want to highlight is the amount of ambient life in the world, which makes the world feel really lived in and alive with so much that is going on.

As highlighted in the above image you can actually find Squirrels, and Red Squirrels at that, in the game. This is rather important as England had Red Squirrels until the late 1900s, to see them in the game makes it rather different and interesting. Like the Squirrels, there are plenty of ambient things that breathe life into Hogwarts Legacy from animated suits of armour around the castle to wildlife and magical creatures found in and around the castle.


Most of the game is a Seamless transition between Gameplay and Cut Scenes, and even between areas of the game. Please keep in mind this was written off the PS4 release of the game, and Loadscreens are still present but not as annoying as you might think. What this aspect will focus on is the fact that you can go from Gameplay into conversations, or cutscenes with little difference in immersion. When going to Conversations or interacting with Cats it will flash a Black screen momentarily, but it will resume gameplay pretty well, however. You will be able to move from a Cut Scene to gameplay seamlessly, making the immersion you get pretty good.

With all that being said, there are times when you will hit a loading area where the door will show these little swirling things like those illustrated above.


Unlike in most games where the HUD is in your line of sight a lot of the time Hogwarts Legacy has a more minimalistic HUD. This isn’t anything like Dead Space or anything, it’s more like the elements of the HUD are not distracting to have, and if you find them distracting you can always turn them off.

As you can see from above there is a Minimap with a Quest on the Left Hand Side of the Screen, whereas the Health, Ancient Magic, and Spells are situated at the bottom Right Hand Side of the Screen. There is also the Tracking Marker which can be seen pointing you to your tracked objective. Now this was fine for me, however as stated you can actually turn off the HUD elements in Settings. As highlighted below you can see that most if not all things that are HUD-related can be turned off, including the XP, Damage you deal to enemies, and their health.

Menus, and Customisation Options:

Before starting your adventure, you get bombarded by a multitude of menus and customisation options available to make the game different. There are some that should be highlighted, like the Colourblind Mode, Left Handed, and probably the most interesting Arachnophobia Mode. All of these will alter the way the game works for each user, however, the most important one in this author’s opinion is Arachnophobia Mode. Although this will not be activated for the Author, we feel it necessary to highlight the fact that if you suffer from Arachniphobia you could still play this game. It feels like the team deliberately made accessibility a core mechanic for users, knowing that Spiders would need to be included in the game they didn’t want to limit the player base and instead substitute arachnids out for “Less Frightening Enemies“.

Arachniphobia Mode is all well and good but as highlighted it seems like the developers wanted to keep accessibility for all uses, so colourblind mode is an impressive thing to see in the game. In addition to this, the fact that the key binding settings have been given a lot of freedom feels unique to Hogwarts. The same can be said for the Left Handed Mode. Just because we don’t want to trigger anyone’s Arachniphobia there will not be any visual reference to the creatures, however, for the sake of illustrating the “Less Frightening Enemies” that is put in the game there is an image below.

Although these are powerful settings and how to interact with the game, there are more powerful things to come. This is of course the Character creation and customization options, of which there are a good number.

Really it’s just a good idea to play around and build the character that you would like there is so much to look through it can take a while before you find the right look for your character.


The story is a little hit-and-miss when you start, at first glance the game looks to follow the footsteps of the wizards who came before and put a stop to the Goblin Rebellion. This isn’t entirely inaccurate as they are both storylines that will progress the game, however, they work hand in hand to make the overall campaign.

Most of the time will be to progress your own studies and enhance your knowledge of wizardry while working on finding out about the Ancient Magic of the wizards you are following. Occasionally you get some event that will work to progress the Goblin rebellion path, like the Troll attack on Hogsmeade. That being said, most of the game is a relaxing time where you can explore what Hogwarts has to offer and slowly progress to the end of the campaign.

Graphics, Gameplay, and Mechanics:

Visually the game is stunning, mechanically it can take a little to get into it. The only reason for this is that it is so different to anything else that can be brought to mind. As for the Gameplay, there is so much that can be incorporated into this section it would feel overpowering, the best way to describe it is if you have played any of the Harry Potter games this one feels completely different and unique.

As the image above illustrates, every part of the game has been expertly crafted to make the feel, atmosphere, life, and magic come to life and be the adventure that was expected. That being said this isn’t without some strange and wonderful errors, let’s face it what game releases without bugs and glitches nowadays?

Where this only happened a very small amount of the time it still broke the immersion for me. It’s not to say that is bad but playing through the game felt like it was minutes when in actual fact hours were passing. Other things were minimum like the coat or robe glitching through the characters and so on, however, independent physics rather than animated cloth on the character was the main culprit here. For clarity, there are multiple ways to get the cloth simulation as it does, although it is only the author’s hypothesis that it is physics-based clothing rather than manual animation.

As one might expect, the gameplay is set in the settings. For the purposes of the review, the easiest Story setting was selected, which makes combat pretty simple. There are harder difficulties for those who wish for a challenge, but it seems to only impact the combatant abilities and how to take down combat situations. This isn’t too unexpected as the freedom you have in the game, and the vastness of things to do, like complete collection, explore, or if you wish, battle.

On top of all this, you have the battle mechanics, which is pretty ingenious. Where you need to lock on to the target that you wish to hit, which is nothing new, the ways that you can battle are completely in your hands. From firing off Stupify, to combing spells to make combat easier the possibilities are completely up to you.

This is all well and good but before you can actually cast a spell you will need to unlock it by learning it. This is really rather interesting because you need to use the joystick to trace the pattern that is shown on the screen and when you get to a button press if you press the corresponding button, you can speed up the learning.

It wouldn’t be an RPG-style game if you didn’t get optional conversation points, would it? As highlighted below you can select options to enhance the conversation or gain additional information to better help you understand what to do. Below are the options to pick for the different houses in the Sorting Hat Ceremony.

This one was an interesting mechanic and Gameplay immersion element which helps you navigate. Unlike the Harry Potter games which see you have Nearly Headless Nick taking you around or someone similar, this time you get a Charm that is summoned. While Nick has some nice conversational pieces in The Half-Blood Prince, unfortunately, the Charm will not communicate with you.

Although a lot has been covered there is one more thing that I should point out, which is the Stealth mechanics. Stealth in this sort of game is probably the last thing that you might think of, however, there is a pretty good stealth mechanic using spells or a potion. I have only used the spell thus far but imagine the potion will work the same. The basic idea is to cast the spell and move slowly avoiding enemies or gaining a preemptive attack on them. This came in useful when exploring around and attacking enemies that were far higher level than myself, and it is easy to see this is a good way to get the jump on some of the more irritating combatants.

On the note of attacking higher levelled enemies, unlike some games that would reward you incredibly well for taking out enemies who are out of your league, Hogwarts Legacy will not and it is better to just ignore enemies who are higher-level. The only reason is you get exactly the same EXP for an enemy who is tougher and higher level than you would for someone of the same level. The only thing is you will have a tougher fight but if you play on story mode it’s not all that bad.

The final part of this section that needs some attention brought to it is the fact that your equipment plays a role in how well you actually do in combat, much like in other games. Below are two images that highlight this. The first is the Default loadout highlighting the normal School uniform with 0 Defence and Offence, the second image shows the best gear I obtained after about 3 hours of slow play with 7 Defence and 14 Offence.

It should be noted that if you do not like the appearance of the character with the next items on you can modify the appearance and set it back to the default Hogwarts look.


To summarise Hogwarts Legacy is a rollercoaster of thrills and one of the best games I have played so far in 2023, which is a new launch title. Despite my experience having played this on a PS4 rather than the PS5, it didn’t feel much different that the adventure that I would expect on the PS5. Faster Load/Response times would have been nice but the game hold up on the PS4 remarkably well. As highlighted there are some glitches and bugs but that is to be expected, even though the PS4/ XBOX ONE release just launched and PS5/ XBOX Series users have had access to it for ages.

Above highlights one of the things that was pretty bad at times, however, due to the Technology gap we have seen between the PS4 and PS5 this can actually be overlooked. Basically every now and then I would encounter these blurry or misty textures, all it is, is a resolution glitch and where minor when it constantly occurs it can get a little irritating.

Another thing that was slightly annoying was the difference between the Sorting Ceremony to gameplay. Once I actually stumbled upon the Great Hall this was so apparent. The image below highlights the length of the hall in gameplay, however, it is way too short for the impressive room that it is highlighted to be.

Harry had never even imagined such a strange and
splendid place. It was lit by thousands and thousands of
candles which were floating in mid-air over four long
tables, where the rest of the students were sitting. These
tables were laid with glittering golden plates and goblets.
At the top of the Hall was another long table where the
teachers were sitting.

– Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

Another thing about this room is the fact of the ceiling. In the Harry Potter Books, the ceiling is an impressive bewitched item that is designed to look like the Sky outside. Where you could argue that the outside sky looked cloudy, it’s hard to believe that it is that way a lot of the time.

Harry looked upwards and saw a
velvety black ceiling dotted with stars. He heard
Hermione whisper, ‘It’s bewitched to look like the sky
outside, I read about it in Hogwarts: A History .’

– Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

One thing that did irritate me however was the lack of a Photomode. Where this hasn’t bothered me in the past, and quite honestly I don’t know why it irritated me as much as it did, modern games have come built with a Photomode. The lack of said mode kind of made the game feel like it was missing a core mechanic, where this is not a massive thing and can easily be remedied by the Capture system on the PS4/PS5 a Photomode would have been nice.

Overall the game feels and looks so full it will take hours to go through and find absolutely everything that has been packed into it. Personally, I found that I was distracted far too easily by all the little things around the game, and went off on tangents looking for side quests and collectables.

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One Piece Odyssey Trophy Guide


Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 4/10
Estimated time to platinum/100%: 45 – 55 hours
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 1


Welcome to the One Piece: Odyssey Trophy Guide!

Embark on a new adventure on the perilous Seas of the Grand Line, a dangerous and mysterious place full of new experiences. While the Crew of the Thousand Sunny hunt for the Treasure One Piece, left to the world by Pirate King Gol D. Rogers they encounter a strange island and end up having to make emergency repairs to the ship and encounter more than they expected. Join the latest adventure of the Straw Hat Pirates on the island of Waford, taking them to familiar settings, seeing old friends and encountering deadly adversaries, in One Piece Odyssey.


Step 1: A New Adventure on the Island of Waford

During this stage, you will be tasked with exploring the island and learning what this mysterious island the 5 Elder Stars were talking about. Your journey will take you to both familiar lands and new dawns, on your quest for the legendary treasure One Piece.

You’ll be earning these trophies:

Final Chater Clear
Chapter 1 Clear
Chapter 2 Clear
Chapter 3 Clear
Chapter 4 Clear
Chapter 5 Clear
Chapter 6 Clear
Chapter 7 Clear
Chapter 8 Clear
Escape is Victory

Step 2: Clean up

For this stage, you will want to complete everything that you can that will not take you a mass amount of time, the idea here is that you will be left with the more grind-based trophies for the final stage of the game. Here is all about getting the easier and more “Grounded” trophies, rather than focusing on getting the harder stuff done.

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:

Pit Stop Pro
Bounty Hunter
Certified Fray Fixer
Top Cook
Trick Ball Whiz
Treasure Hunter
Challenge Enemy Beginner
Battle Master
Journeyman Cook
Trick Ball Beginner
Chasing Champion
Craft Enthusiast
Jewelry Master
I Smell an Adventure!
Journeyman Hunter
Fixed a Fray
Party Animal
Cube Collector: Luffy
Cube Collector: Zoro
Cube Collector: Nami
Cube Collector: Usopp
Cube Collector: Sanji
Cube Collector: Chopper
Cube Collector: Robin
Cube Collector: Franky
Cube Collector: Brook
Savings Savant
Bond Battler
Singular Strike
Gum-Gum Rocket
Iron Door Slicer
Usopp’s Slingshot
Archaeologist’s Appraisal
Cook’s Nose
Treasure Sensor
Franky Skywalk
Escape is Victory

Step 3: The Grind!!

Although this stage is referred to as “The Grind!” it really isn’t that bad if you made proper use of everything until this point. What this means is you should be a decent level, maybe so far as 15 levels off the trophy which is highly achievable here with a limited grind. Other things you should be left with are the harder fights which include the stronger enemies.

During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:

Odyssey Master
High Leveler
Challenge Enemy Conqueror
Bounty Hunter
Challenge Enemy Beginner

Tips and Strategies:

The World Of One Piece and its Heroes:

One Piece is a massive and ever-growing world which follows the exploits of a band of heroic pirates known as the Straw Hats. These are named so for their captain’s Straw Hat which symbolises more than the rally to arms. The goal of this crew is a simple one but something only one band of free men has charted before, find the Legendary Treasure One Piece left behind by the former Pirate King Gol D. Rogers. On this adventure, they encountered resistance from both sides of the law, the Marines whose job it is to subdue pirates, and the Pirates whose goal is to find Rogers’s Treasure. Encountering no end to the foes sent against them and prevailing despite the odds The Crew of the Straw Hats finally encounters the Mysterious Island of Waford where not everything is as it seems and the history they forged comes full circle.


The Controls in the game consist of either an Exploration mode or a Combat mode, each with different ways of maintaining how to play, below you can find a breakdown of the two different control schemes.

Images found on Google Search.


One Piece has always had its aspects touch the hearts of fans, however, having to play through them with a more personal feel to the characters in Odyssey might be difficult at times. Be aware that some sequences can feel harder to sit through, having played through the game to them than just watching the anime or reading the manga.

There are spoilers throughout this guide, be warned!

It should be noted, the author of the guide did not go Cube hunting, upgrading abilities, setting many things in the upgrades or anything that would be considered “Making the game easier”. The reason for this is to see how much it would take to get the game done without the added benefit of the other things.

World Modes:

Within the game, there are 2 world states the first being Exploration and the second being Combat. This is much the same as other JRPGs out there, however, this is set against the backdrop of the world of One Piece.


Roughly 90% of the game will be experienced in this mode, where you will be running around your environment collecting Side Quests, finding items of use and engaging in combat.

This isn’t all there is in One Piece Odyssey, there are a number of things that are only available within the Exploration mode of the game, such as:

  • Saving
  • Setting Equipment
  • Upgrading Party Members
  • Purchasing or Selling at General Stores
  • Using Explorative Abilities.


Although there are a lot of battles throughout the world of One Piece you can determine how this plays out, and who you have to battle by your side. Because the game is a Turn Based strategy the way the combat takes place is depend on who goes next.

During Battle, you will have 4 of your possible crew members to use, who they are is entirely up to you. The placement of these characters and enemies is more of a randomised result and battles can take place in over 4 arenas (sometimes a 5th but that seemed rare) which can be comprised of enemies, allies, or both. In order to win you must defeat all the enemies in the battle, you could always run away but that is not really a very good outcome considering you are a Straw Hat Pirate.

At points in the story, you might also gain Guest members who are non-controllable characters. They are normally pretty powerful and should be used if you are having difficulty in combat. Below is a list of them:

  • Adio
  • Jinbe
  • Crocodile
  • Trafalgar Law
  • Sabo
  • Cavendish
  • Rosinante Donquixote

Although that is said you can’t control Guests in any way or even heal them, they really are at their own mercy.

Battle Bonuses:

Occasionally in battle, you will get some optional conditions, these are things that you should really attempt to complete as they will provide you with additional resources and EXP, below are 2 examples:

Most of the time these are really simple and easy to achieve, however, sometimes you will get some really rotten ones where you are asked to do something in a set time or not let an ally fall in battle. When you get one of these just try your best, these mostly happened to the author in the Sky Tower.

Final Notes:

It should be made painfully clear that just because the game gives you a character to control you do not need to actually use them to fight with. If you use the R1/L1 buttons you can cycle through your active battle party, remember this will give you the edge in the battle that you need, don’t just focus on the individual the game gives you… …”Look for what you can do!

Fast Travel:

Within the world of One Piece Odyssey, there are a number of ways to navigate the world, however, one of the fastest to get around a single location has to be Fast Travel which is unlocked during Chapter 2. This will require you to find and interact with the Yosia Sign Posts (Seen below). Once you have, you can travel to that location using Yosia Travel.

Similar Fast Travel points are located throughout the game, an example can be noted below:

  • Alabasta – Crab Movers
  • Water 7 – Yagara

Save Points:

Unlike other games in the One Piece universe, this interaction features a manual save which will double as a checkpoint to respawn you when you load into the game. They are scattered pretty generously throughout the game and you can normally backtrack to your closest location without pushing on through the enemies to get to the next. It will provide you with a total of 20 manual saves which you can use to document your adventure, it is highly advised to not repetitively overwrite the same as if you get to a point where you need to power up you might be out of luck. For this reason, it is advised to alternate between two or three slots to save, this will enable you to have backups as you go through the story and give you a point which you can return to in order to power up. Below is an example of the Save Point.

Combat cheats?

Although not really a “Cheat” there is something you can do to get through combat encounters with some relative ease. This however will not be available until you get some skills, the skills you need are:

  • Chopper: Heal and Cure Single. The area Heal and Cure are better but take some work.
  • Nami: Mirage Tempo.

Using these skills you can have nearly any other 2 party members and manage to take down tough enemies. The way you utilise them is to have them in an area without enemies, this will mean they can stay safe and act as supporting units. The other 2 members of the party will need to be in full combat with the enemy, utilising powerful attacks. This strategy doesn’t matter if the enemy is weak or Strong to the attackers, a recommended attacker is Luffy with either Zoro or Sanji acting as the backup/ Decoy.

All you need to do is cast Mirage Tempo on one of the units each turn if they are not attacked in that turn pick the other, this will keep Nami safe and out of the line of fire while providing a guaranteed miss on the attacker who has the Mirage applied. Remember it only lasts 1 attack so recharge it if the unit is attacked. As for Chopper using his healing you should be able to keep your 2 attackers alive if they take damage each turn. It won’t matter if it is a lot of health they have lost or a small amount just healing. Using this strategy it’s possible to take down most if not all the strong enemies who really pack a punch.

Farming Resources:

Although a little crude for the simpleness of the game there is a farming method for “ALMOST” all resources. These rules come with exceptions and it is for everyone to work them out for the resource they are hunting for. The basic idea is you find the item you are looking for, collect it and run to the nearest save. Once there make a save and quit to the Main Menu, simply load the data you just made and head back out to recollect it and save again, rinse and repeat as necessary until you have the desired amount. On PS5 this shouldn’t take too long with the SSD and the processing power. It is highly advised to do this with the Rarely found resources like the Ringing Apple as there were only a handful of places this was located at the publication of the guide. Not all items, as stated above will follow this pattern, and resources from monsters and chests will break this, be warned!


Resources are randomly spawned in the world so it can vary as to what you get. A method that was proven was to collect absolutely everything in an area and then reload the area by travelling or the above save and quit method. It is down to personal choice but the author found the above method more reliable and faster than running around an area, the only two items that were troublesome for the author to locate were Ringing Apples and Spicy Urchins, both of which were found in Water 7 (Image reference Below). There was a third item, which was Rock Bear Arm, which is a monster drop and can be troublesome, however, there is a bear in the Desert Cave in Alabasta (Image Below)

General Tips:

  • Save Often. There is an auto-save but try not to rely on it!
  • Don’t rely on the game to give you all the instructions, sometimes experimentation is needed
  • You have 20 Save Slots
  • The story does an annoying job of locking you into completing events with giving little to no free-roam. That being said this only seemed to be relevant in the early game.
  • The Combat can be a little overwhelming at times. If this is the case try levelling up and storing TP to use some powerful moves
  • Luffy’s Aim mode can be used for more than just Gum-Gum Rocket, you can use it to break things at a distance or even pick up items found on the ground.
  • Want a Preemptive strike but the enemy keeps noticing you? Stand some distance from them probably on the edge of their sight range and wait for them to move to you. Use Aim mode (L2 Button) when they get close and you will be ignored if done right, simply wait for them to go away and run up behind them.
  • You do not take Fall Damage
  • None of the Crew can swim, granted some of them have the restriction of not being able to but the others can not either.
  • There are two kinds of enemies that you will encounter. The standard enemies, and a “Wild” variant who will be stronger.
  • Utilise the Colour of Observation Haki ability, which is activated using Triangle. With this, you can find things hidden in the world as well as locate enemies who will grant you higher EXP.
  • You can switch to a different Playable protagonist at any time in exploration mode. Each member of the Straw Hats has unique attributes which will make them valuable to play as, try experimenting. There are trophies for these so please refer to them, the only exception being Soul King Brook.
  • Adio’s House is a safe zone where you can build a camp, Party to get bonuses, or head to different areas of the island.
  • Take advantage of the Bonus conditions in Combat
  • Whenever you can use the Party function. It will help with levelling up
  • Auto-Battle can be useful, however, if used carelessly it can cost you valuable equipment
  • If your main attack party falls in battle you will be able to call up your sub-party members
  • If you die in battle you will be returned to the main menu
  • Utilise the Fast Travel mechanic when needed.
  • Sanji can’t attack female characters
  • Zoro can use a map… …Kinda
  • You can not play as Franky or Brook in the open world
  • Level 99 is the max level you can achieve, after this, you will need to power up using Fused accessories.
  • If you are high enough level most enemies will ignore you and you can pass through areas unhindered. There are, as always some exceptions.
  • If you have Guests in your party it won’t matter if they are still alive, if your controllable party members fall it’s Game Over.
  • Remember to Power up your character. Don’t just get cubes for characters and equipment that you can use and leave them sitting there, KEEP YOU PARTY POWERED!
  • “Straw Hat Specific” things like Sanji’s Chef’s Nose or Nami’s Treasure Sense can be utilised if you are not playing as that character. The character in question will pop up a speech bubble at the side of the screen. This is a prompt to use that character if you are not.
  • Although not a “Tip” it’s worth knowing that the menu and maps load rather poorly in Water 7 (Chapter 4) and Dressrosa (Chapter 8) on PS4. As an educated guess, this might be to do with how much is packed together in such “Small” areas.

Trophy Guide:

Odyssey Master
The Mark of a True Adventurer

Your adventure on Waford might be over but there are plenty of adventures yet to have on your journey to find One Piece.

High Leveler
Got everyone past level 70.

This trophy can be a little “Misleading” this is only because when you start the game you start at Level 40 and then get bumped down to Level 1. From there you will need to make up all the levels to get you to level 70 with each member of the Straw Hat Pirates and believe it, some are harder than others. There are a bunch of easy ways to do this, however, by the time you make it to the end of the campaign and have bested the boss you should be somewhere in the range of Level 50 – 60 with all members. This means that you should only need to grind out like 20 or so Levels at the most, this is a lot easier job than grinding for hours in the early stages. To make it more effective the Party bonus should be applied, this means 2 important things. First, you will get more EXP for winning fights, the second is the Battle bonuses. If you happen to get a Battle Bonus Constraint, like outlined in the tips at the top, you can get a massive boost to EXP.

Personally the best way, and to help not burn you out while doing this is heading over to Sky Tower and making your way through slowly getting all the Battle Bonuses you can while under the effect of the Party Bonus. The other main way you can do this is by finding a Challenge Cube enemy who is not too bad for you to take on and farming them. Do remember, however, each time you fight them and beat them they will return stronger.

Challenge Enemy Conqueror
Defeat all the powerful challenge enemies twice or more.

These are the characters that you fought throughout the game and are comprised of all the major bosses, you can however only access them once you have finished the campaign. There are only 11 of them but beating them twice can be a real challenge. Below is a breakdown of the enemies who you will need to fight in order to obtain this trophy.

That being said this is far easier said than done. Each of these opponents will need a strategy to beat, for example using Luffy against Aokiji is not a recommended move as Luffy is weak to his attacks. Instead of outlining a working strategy for each fight, because everyone will have a different party layout, it is best to work with what you know about the enemies. Below you can find the Weakness to types ring. This should be used to work out a strategy that can take on the enemies, you should have a good idea from when you fought them in the story as to how to take them on but remember they are more powerful than the story and your first encounter.

Final Chapter Clear
Cleared the final chapter.


This final chapter hits hard and doesn’t give a lot of time to pool ideas together if you don’t know what you will be up against prior to committing. It is highly advised that if you are not like Level 55+ to take some time and farm the levels before you head on from the Symbols puzzle. You might be able to last out the coming battles if you have been upgrading and have lots of restoratives, however, it’s best to get the power up as well considering what you will fight.

Once you start off after completing the symbols puzzle you will have to fight the following enemies, don’t worry you can return to the save point just behind you after each encounter.

First Encounter:

  • CP9 Kaku
  • CP9 Lucci

Second Encounter:

  • Donquixota Doflamingo
  • Crocodile

Third Encounter:

  • Marine Admiral Aokiji
  • Marine Admiral Kizaru
  • Marine Admiral Akainu

Individually they are not that bad even powered up at this stage, however, when they are together they can prove to be troublesome. The hardest out of these will be the 3 Admirals as 2 of them have a nasty tendency to attack the field rather than the area in front of them, as a personal recommendation it is advised to focus on them in this order:

  • Kizaru
  • Akainu
  • Aokiji

The main reason for this is simple, Luffy using King Cobra has the chance to take Kizaru out within 5 or so rounds, depending on power, Akainu has a nasty power but using a Power type like Sanji or Luffy you stand a good chance. Finally, we have Aokiji who is a pretty tough customer, personally, Usopp was used here and utilising Fire Bird Star and getting Sanji and Luffy to power through him with any fire-based attack worked well.

Finally, we come to the Endgame and the final boss is really no joke. He has control of the divine breath and will abuse the power it has. You should focus on getting your attacks to land on him rather than the enemies in the area you fight in. The reason for this is that he is the one controlling all this, the other things around, are only a decoy and will be respawned if you destroy them. Saying that if you were to destroy them making it so you could move up, that would be a workable strategy. It is highly advised to utilise Power or Technique units for this as you will be against a set of power users. In addition to this having a unit to heal you like Chopper is a highly advised move.

Once you are on to the second stage of the fight there is a slight change but the same rules will apply. The only difference here is that you will have to face the Divine Breath unchained. All you need to do here is beach the monster and unleash some heavy hits into him, when he’s in the air however you will only be attacking the shield. There are images below.

The overall strategy is only to deplete the health however you do that is up to you but be warned the Divine Breath has some truly nasty moves if you are ill-prepared.

Once it has been defeated you will get a pretty lengthy cutscene followed by a final objective to talk to Lim. You will want to tell her you want to Set Sail, this will initiate the conclusion to the game where you need to find all the Straw Hats on Waford and leave. After the Credits and After Credit scenes you will unlock the trophy on the Save Game screen.


Create a “Clear Game Save” here and reloading it will let you return to your adventure and clear up everything.

Pit Stop Pro
Cleared all side stories.

Once you have got into Chapter 2, progress until you get the stolen goods back and have opened the gate. Upon opening the gate you will get your first substories, and can actively work on this trophy. Below the substories have been split into their respective areas, for example, all the ones for Waford are located together regardless of when they unlock.

Waford Side Missions:

QuestQuest GiverLocation
Waford Record 1Madame StonelyWaford – Thunderhead Bluff
Requirement for completion
You will be asked to find some stone tablets for Madame Stonely. You will be directed to the first one in King Kong Garden.
Waford Record 2Madame StonelyWaford – Thunderhead Bluff
Requirement for completion
The Second Tablet is in The Forbidden Valley, just like the first head there collect it and return it.
Waford Record 3Madame StonelyWaford – Thunderhead Bluff
Requirement for completion
The Third Tablet is located in the Ring Inlet
Waford Record 4Madame StonelyWaford – Thunderhead Bluff
Requirement for completion
This one is actually the first one that you are introduced to, which is located in the Thunderhead Ruins.
Waford Record 5Madame StonelyWaford – Thunderhead Bluff
Requirement for completion
This time you are asked to head to the Dust Ruins, you are informed that there are actually 2 in there, however, you are only asked for one of them.
Waford Record 6Madame StonelyWaford – Thunderhead Bluff
Requirement for completion
For this, you will need to head to the Ice Block Ruins, as with the last one you are told that there are 2 in the ruins. You will need both this time round.
Waford Record 7Madame StonelyWaford – Thunderhead Bluff
Requirement for completion
You are informed that this should be the last one that you need to pick up and it is located in the Sky Tower.
Madame Julie’s Pupil – Part 1Madame JuliesWaford – Hermit’s Cave
Requirement for completion
Just Fuse an Accessory with 2 effects using Robin’s Fuse Skill, and return it.
Madame Julie’s Pupil – Part 2Madame JuliesWaford – Hermit’s Cave
Requirement for completion
This tie you need to make an accessory with 3 effects using the Fuse Skill and return it to Madame Julies.
Madame Julie’s Pupil – Part 3Madame JuliesWaford – Hermit’s Cave
Requirement for completion
For this request, if you hadn’t already guessed it, you will need to make an accessory with 4 effects. This means you will need to have a Purple gear piece.
Yaya Cube Collector 1Madame TradeWaford – Circular Inland Sea
Requirement for completion
You are asked to collect a total of 8 Yaya Cubes and return them to her for something.
Yaya Cube Collector 2Madame TradeWaford – Circular Inland Sea
Requirement for completion
This time you need to collect 5 more Yaya Cubes.
Yaya Cube Collector 3Madame TradeWaford – Circular Inland Sea
Requirement for completion
Collect 5 more Yaya Cubes
Yaya Cube Collector 4Madame TradeWaford – Circular Inland Sea
Requirement for completion
Collect 5 more Yaya Cubes
Yaya Cube Collector 5Madame TradeWaford – Circular Inland Sea
Requirement for completion
Collect 5 more Yaya Cubes
Yaya Cube Collector 6Madame TradeWaford – Circular Inland Sea
Requirement for completion
Collect 5 more Yaya Cubes
Yaya Cube Collector 7Madame TradeWaford – Circular Inland Sea
Requirement for completion
Collect 5 more Yaya Cubes
Yaya Cube Collector 8Madame TradeWaford – Circular Inland Sea
Requirement for completion
Collect 5 more Yaya Cubes
Yaya Cube Collector 9Madame TradeWaford – Circular Inland Sea
Requirement for completion
Collect 5 more Yaya Cubes
Yaya Cube Collector 10Madame TradeWaford – Circular Inland Sea
Requirement for completion
Collect 5 more Yaya Cubes
Yaya Cube Collector 11Madame TradeWaford – Circular Inland Sea
Requirement for completion
Collect 5 more Yaya Cubes
Yaya Cube Collector 12Madame TradeWaford – Circular Inland Sea
Requirement for completion
Collect 5 more Yaya Cubes
Yaya Cube Collector 13Madame TradeWaford – Circular Inland Sea
Requirement for completion
Collect 5 more Yaya Cubes
Yaya Cube Collector 14Madame TradeWaford – Circular Inland Sea
Requirement for completion
Collect 5 more Yaya Cubes
Yaya Cube Collector 15Madame TradeWaford – Circular Inland Sea
Requirement for completion
Collect 5 more Yaya Cubes
Yaya Cube Collector 16Madame TradeWaford – Circular Inland Sea
Requirement for completion
Collect 5 more Yaya Cubes
Yaya Cube Collector 17Madame TradeWaford – Circular Inland Sea
Requirement for completion
Collect 5 more Yaya Cubes
Yaya Cube Collector 18Madame TradeWaford – Circular Inland Sea
Requirement for completion
Collect 5 more Yaya Cubes
Yaya Cube Collector 19Madame TradeWaford – Circular Inland Sea
Requirement for completion
Collect 5 more Yaya Cubes
Challenge CubeLimWaford – Adio’s Hut
Requirement for completion
Talk to Lim in Waford who will direct you to Alabasta in search of the Cube.

Alabasta Side Missions:

QuestQuest GiverLocation
Mediator Marzin’s QuestMediator MarzinNanohana – Market Square
Requirement for completion
Complete the Bounty for the Evil Brothers Found at the Tavern
Master and Student ShowdownKung Fu DugongNanohana – in an alley not far from the gate
Requirement for completion
Battle the 3 Kung Fu Dugong and defeat them
Hungry Navi BirdNavi BirdNanohana – on the outskirts of town is a bird, only available once you have headed into the Desolate Valley and returned to Nanohana
Requirement for completion
You need to use Usopp’s Slingshot and shoot down 10 of the floating nests that are on the buildings around Nanohana. These will reward you will Desert Nuts, you need 10 to complete the quest
The Truth About Eye-LashesSaien the ScientistCentral Sandy Desert – On the ridge above Yoisa Shop
Requirement for completion
You will need to hunt down the Camel and find the test subject, a “Harmless” Sandora Dragon.  Saien recommends that you start your hunt near the Sandy Ruins in order to pick up the trail. There are two guys talking in the Sandy Ruin about a Camel with unusually long eyelashes, who will direct you to the east of the Ruins. You can find Eye-Lashes not far from the Crab Mover once you have made it through the Sandy Ruins, however, there are some bandits there who want to sell him to the circus. You will need to fight the bandits and defeat them in order to move on the quest, once they are down you will need to return to Saien and inform him about the Sandora Dragon.
Master and Student RematchKung Fu DugongVast Quicksand – not far from the Sandy Oasis
Requirement for completion
Battle the 3 Kung Fu Dugong and defeat them again. They aren’t all that tough to beat but they do have an after-quest where you will need to cook them something and Sanji will suggest Sandora Dragon Stake. Once you have made it you head back to the Kung Fu Dugong and hand it over.
The Grand Line Quiz Kid – Level 1Quiz Researcher ZonerSandy Oasis
The Grand Line Quiz Kid – Level 2
The Grand Line Quiz Kid – Level 3
Requirement for completion
Refer to our How To guide for the possible answers if you need them HERE.
Master and Student FinalKung Fu DugongAlubarna Ravina
Requirement for completion
Just the same as the other encounters, do battle against them and beat them. Upon beating them a Sandora Dragon will appear and it will be your job to defeat it.
More Important than BerriesPompous TamNanohana – East of the Spice Bean on the map
Requirement for completion
Tam will ask that you find a photograph, unfortunately, he dropped it in the desert somewhere.  He will tell you to try asking at the caravan. This is not very descriptive, however, there are some travellers in the Desolate Valley who match the conditions for this. He will tell you that it might have been what he saw earlier heading west to the ravine, since this is all you have to go on might as well head over to check it out.  You will find this to the west of the Camp Site in the area, you will need Chopper to get further into the area, however. Once there carry on up and you will come to a bridge-building opportunity for Frank, and to the Left, you can find a glowing blue icon on the ground, this is the Photo. Once you have it use the fast travel to take you back to Nanohana faster and talk to the man. Upon talking to him he will query where the other photo is which will send you back out into the desert. Once more head back to talk to the travellers in the Desolate Valley, you will be informed that the other photo might be in the Ravine of No Return and that if there is a caravan there they could tell you more. Head in and ask the travellers at the start, Carry on to the second junction and you will see a man laying on the ground to the right, he will inform you that there are scorpions down that path and you should avoid them. Like any hero head down it and you will come to an area with lots of bones and 2 scorpions. You can also find the second picture here so grab it and head back to Tam in Nanohana, using the fast travel is better but you could also just run back. Once you hand it over to him you will complete the mission.
Night ExterminatorMittSandy Oasis
Requirement for completion
There is a little girl near the bridge onto the oasis from the Great Sandy Desert. She will ask Zoro to eliminate 10 of the Deluck Brothers, which are giant Blue Scorpions. Simply kill a total of 10 and return to her to hand the quest in, this should be compliable within 3 groups of Scorpions.
Battlefield CourierOfficer SegemDesert Near Alubarna – The Royal Army Garrison
Requirement for completion
The Officer in the Royal Army wants you to find his son Hator, who is a Rebel and give him a letter. Once you enter the Rebel’s base you will need to ask around for information. There are 3 people, a big guy at the bottom of the ladder at the main gate, the second, is the guy up the ladder, and the third is the man in a red shirt under the canopy.  The third guy will direct you to the Baroque Works hideout. You will find him in the Hideout and hand him the letter, however, he will request that you deliver his reply to Segem. Once you return the reply you will have completed the mission.
Talented DoctorOld Woman with Back Pain/ Dance Instructor SardanAlubarna – Clock Tower Western Path
Requirement for completion
Heading down the west path out of Alubarna you can find an old woman on the corner sitting on a bench. She will tell you about a doctor who treated her, who came from Drum Kingdom. In order to find the person you will have to head down the path all the way to the gate and find her friend. This person is Healthy Man Gido, who will tell you that the doctor is named Nafk, and you can find him in the tavern by the castle gate. You will eventually inform him of the state of things in the Drum Kingdom and he will ask you to hunt down 2 Banana Gatos to get Gator Bananas for the medicine. You can find them hiding under the surface of the desert located at the path’s entrance leading you down to the Baroque Works Hideout, once you have collected 2 head back to the Doctor and hand them over. He and Chopper will make the medicine needed for the old woman, all you need to do now is head back to her and give it to her to complete the quest.
That Tea Tastes ThornyLief – Weeping WomanAlubarna – Palace Highway
Requirement for completion
She will inform you that she has lost 2 jars of tea somewhere in the area and that the area guards might know something. The first guard is down the street not far from her, head all the way to the end and you should find a guard who picked up a jar. The second Guard is just up the street, a little ways above the area shop. He will tell you that there were some suspicious people going into the ally opposite him holding a jar, head into the ally to find to your left who has the other jar. Eventually, a fight will erupt, they aren’t all that difficult, once beaten head back to Lief and hand over the jars to complete the quest.
Dance RehearsalDance Instructor SardanAlabasta – Lovely Spring Plaza
Requirement for completion
For this mission, you will need to fight her recruits and get them into shape for a dance lesson. Once you accept the mission simply talk to her and battle. The battle is against her 3 students and not really tough you should have an easy time beating them, once you do you will finish the mission.
Why Eye-Lashes EnlistedCommander Kochi – Shouting man near the camelAlabasta – Palace Square
Requirement for completion
For this mission, you will need to head back to Nanohana into the Spice Bean Plaza and find the Aroma and Armour Shop.  Once you are in the square head to the Left when facing Spice Bean and you will see a woman outside a shop a little way up the street, she will be standing outside the Aroma and Armour shop. Head inside and talk to the lady behind the counter, she will recommend 3 perfumes, however, Nami decides on mixing all 3 and getting that. Once the sequence is over Nami makes the comment about having to keep on travelling across the desert, so Sanji says that they will get lotion, which will lead you to Lovely Springs in Alubarna. Once you get there you will find 3 women talking near to where you undertook the Dance Rehearsal Mission, one of them you can talk to and she will direct you to the Plaza in front of the Royal Mausoleum. When you get there you will find out that a maid from the palace just bought up the entire stock, however, Robin points out that they should be in the Royal Plaza, and if they ask the maid they might get some lotion. Unfortunately, when you get to the plaza you will find out that the maid has not returned to the guard and that you will need to search the South Road for her. Head south from that guard and back towards the main gate to find 2 women talking about a commotion. This commotion is about a maid being taken away towards the front gates of Alubarna, start heading in that direction down either route. When you make it to the Gate you will see an old man looking down the left side path, and will inform you that there was a woman being taken away by some thugs and Sanji will want to interfere and save her. Head down and confront the thugs which will begin a battle, They shouldn’t be too tough to take on and you will get some lotion as a reward. All you need to do now is head back to Eye-Lashes and try out the combo.

Water 7 Side Missions:

QuestQuest GiverLocation
Tavern TroubleGirl Minding the Shop – Proprieties LucieWater 7 – Tavern kajika
Requirement for completion
You will be asked to investigate the Cats All Over Bar on the South of the island and report back to Lucie with your findings. There are 3 people to talk to, a child as you enter, a man behind the door at a table and a woman at the bar. Once you tell Lucie, Nami will get the idea to go to the Armor and Armour shop in Nanohana to get some perfume. Head there and she will give you a perfume on the house, all you need to do now is return it to Lucie in Water 7 at the Tavern.
Grand Line Quiz Lady Level 1Pink Haired WomanWater 7 – Fountain Square
Grand Line Quiz Lady Level 2
Grand Line Quiz Lady Level 3
Requirement for completion
Refer to our How To guide for the possible answers if you need them HERE.
My TreasureCrying Boy/ Crybaby HienWater 7 – Café Park
Requirement for completion
The little boy at the end of the Café Park will be upset because a Yagara took his Germa 66 Dolls. There are 5 in total and can be located anywhere within the Water 7 limits.

1. Head over to the alcove near the bridge to Main Street, there is a man looking at the craftsmanship of a doll (POISON PINK)
2. Top of the elevator, you can find a little girl sitting on the bench in the Money Exchange (Stealth Black).
3. Canal Restaurant, there is a Yagara near the end of the area. As you are running along to the Yagara’s location you might see a sparkling blue thing in the water, this is the doll (Sparking Red).
4. As you are leaving the Canal Restaurants you will see a Yagara to your left, talk to it and he will tell you that one of the dolls was given to an old lady who can be found near the fountain in the Galley-La Company Dock One area. Talk to the lady and she will give you the doll (Winch Green).
5. Stay in Galley-La Dock One but head to the opposite end to find a Yagara. Unfortunately, the Yagara will not part with the doll without being given some Sazae Kancho Pescatore. Head to the tavern to make some and return to give it to the Yagara to get the doll (Shocking Blue).

Once you have all 5 of the dolls just return them to the boy in Café Park and complete the mission.
Helping Iceburg 1IceburgWater 7 – Front of the Mayoral Residence
Requirement for completion
He will ask you to head down to a shop on the Lower Coast to buy some food for Tyrannosaurus, he mentions the food is called Aqua Corn. Once you get there you will find a man by the archway talking about it, you don’t need to talk to him just head through and to the tent on the path from the World Cube. Talking to the shop owner he will tell you that some pirates took all the Aqua Corn and ran off. You can find them down the fork in the road at the bridge into Water 7. Talking to them is not really an option so just beat them and take the Aqua Corn back, once you do head to Iceburg and complete the mission
Helping Iceburg 2IceburgWater 7 – Front of the Mayoral Residence
Requirement for completion
This time he will request that you go talk to some people on his behalf. The first Is the manager at the Tableware Factory, the second is a conference organiser and the third is a deputy mayor.

1. The factory is near the Employee Public Bath, so head to the West from Iceburg and you will find it easy. The answers are: ”The Mayor has a press conference” followed by “I Hear it’s to Advertise your Merchandise”, and finally “It’s for the City”.
2. The Conference organiser is directly south of Icburg in Fountain Square. The answers are: “The Mayor needs to get ready”, Followed by “He’s Preparing for Aqua Laguna”, and finally “The Mayor Trusts you”.
3. The final person is located to the East in the Canal Restaurants area. The answers are: “The Maya has a stomach ache…”, followed by “There’s a dish that is good for stomach aches”, and finally “He said he’d work with your schedule”.

After each of the people you will need to head back to Iceburg and tell him, in addition to this if you manage to get the wrong outcome it will reset the conversation so there is not much to worry about. Talk to Iceburg once you have spoken to the last person in order to finish the quest.
Helping Iceburg 3IceburgWater 7 – Front of the Mayoral Residence
Requirement for completion
This time he is sending you to the Sewers in search of something that is hurting the people nearby. Head over to the Sewer Treatment Plant and talk to the people there. There are a total of 3 people to talk to, 2 civilians and someone the mayor has there. Once you have spoken to them you will find out that there are 3 Wild Golden Bats in the sewer that need to be sorted out. Continue in and find the enemies who spawn as bats, there are 3 of them, one near the entrance, one over by the shop and the third on the ground floor. Engage in combat and beat them then return to the guy outside the Sewers before heading to report to Iceburg.
Natural Underground EnemiesFranky Family FollowerWater 7 – Canal Restaurants
Requirement for completion
Behind the guy who opens the shortcut into the sewers is a scared Franky Family member. He will tell you that he is scared of the rats and requests that you drive them off. Head down there and into the Old Sewers which is accessed by heading to the Sewers B2 Floor, and just across from the Lift. Make your way through until you are nearly at Iceburg’s secret station, and you will eventually see 2 small mice with a larger red one. Beat them up and then head back to report to the quest giver.

Marineford Side Missions:

QuestQuest GiverLocation
A Prisoner’s DesireSuspicious Man/ Fugitive JudeMarineford – Town Outskirts
Requirement for completion
For this, you will be requested to find the materials and repair a boat for Jude to escape Marineford. The first material is the lumber which is located near the Ox Bell, the second is Nails which is located at the broken cannon. This means you will need to head into the Ox Bell Plaza and the South Town. When you get to either area you will need to talk to the person there. When you get both of the items return to Jude and find out you still need some Sailcloth. He will tell you that there is a stall in the city that might have it, head there but you will get into a fight with the owner. Once you beat him he will give you the fabric, simply head back to Jude to finish the mission.
Grand Line Quiz Madam Level 1Pink Haired LadyMarineford – South Town
Grand Line Quiz Madam Level 2
Grand Line Quiz Madam Level 3
Requirement for completion
Refer to our How To guide for the possible answers if you need them HERE.
For Whom the Bell TollsDepressed Man/ Cleaner KevinMarineford – Ox Bell Plaza
Requirement for completion
With this mission, you will be requested to look for a Stray Dog who ran away with a polishing cloth. Once accepted you should start talking to the animals around the plaza. You can find a Cat near the stairs, which will point you towards the fountain. Finding the dog at the fountain he will tell you that he gave it a cat who went up the stairs opposite the fountain. Head up the 2 sets of steps and onto the terrace where the cafés are, by the picnic tables you can see a small black cat. As is the case you knew this wasn’t going to end here, instead the cat will inform you that the kittens were abducted by humans who ran off to the Outskirt. You will find them just before heading over the bridge to the World Cube. You will need to battle the abductors, once you beat them the cat will give you a cloth as payment, all you need to do now is return to Kevin.

Dressrosa Side Missions:

QuestQuest GiverLocation
My Dearest VioletRushed Man/ EllioDressrosa – Dressrosa City East
Requirement for completion
This man can be found only if you enter Dressrosa after the story there has concluded. You will see a tall thin man talking to a shorter man, this is Ellio. He is looking for his treasure which is a picture of Violet. Your first stop should be the tavern, head there and find out if anyone knows anything. Luckily there is someone who knows something, he will direct you to Blacksmith Road which is near the coliseum. Once there you can find a kid who looks like he’s having an argument with the ground outside the Weapon Shop Rose Guerrero. He will be frustrated that he can’t find his friend who he is playing hide and seek with, so why not help him out. Head left to the previous building and head into the corner to find the kid hiding, unfortunately, he doesn’t have the picture that you will need but his friend over at the fountain in front of the coliseum might. Head over there to find a girl next to the tapestry stall on the ring encircling the fountain. She will inform you that her father has the picture and is at the book store, conveniently she tells you it’s the one with the red bricks, which is also right behind the fountain. Once inside hang a right at the counter and find a man looking at the shelves, talk to him and get eh picture, now all you need to do is return it to Ellio.
God Usopp 1Muscular Man/ Blacksmith GarillDressrosa – Dressrosa City East
Requirement for completion
This mission is found near the Yoisa Travel point, you will see a father with his daughter. Talk to him and he will tell you that there are some robbers taking advantage of the chaos caused by the Donquxta Family and askes God Usopp to help stop them. He will tell you that the “Gladiators” wend to the Southern Residential Area which is turning right if you are coming from the World Cube. There you will find 3 Gladiator-looking guys, 2 of them will be towering over a civilian, head over to them to trigger the event. Once the event goes bad as we know it will a battle will take place, simply beat them and go and talk to them. Here you will need to pick some options, the options picked were: “You just need to take action to help to rebuild this country!”, followed by “Just Trust what God Says!”, and finally “Work hard and make them Grateful!”. Once this is done you will need to head back to Garill and tell him of your godly work.
God Usopp 2Worried Old Woman/ LibertaDressrosa – Foot of New Royal Plaza
Requirement for completion
In this area of town, you will find an old woman who is trying to make some mysterious seeds grow. Talking to her she reveals that the man who gave her the seeds was none other than Usopp’s mentor in the 2 years. Unfortunately, Usopp has never seen the seeds before and is unsure how to make them grow, thankfully Robin recommends trying the bookstore before they start tampering with things they don’t know about. The bookstore is located just outside the coliseum in the Head inside and to the main desk to talk to the person and find out he has a book that is needed. Reading through Usopp finds out that to make the seed sprout the Egg of a Bo Bo Bird is needed, and unusually it needs to be planted under moonlight. All you will need to do now is return to the old woman and tell her what the book said, provided you have the Egg. For the next stage you will need to head to the Royal Plateau, in case you were confused this is the Sunflower Fields. Remember that it needs to be Night! Once you are there head to the right of the area where you fought Doflamingo’s clone and you should see her, talking to her starts the events in motion. Wouldn’t you have guessed it but the seeds grow into Ambling Stonecrop’s which are carnivorous plants you have fought before. A battle will ensue which is not that difficult, once the battle is over the mission is pretty much complete.
God Usopp 3Well-Dressed Man/ Gramoo the ButlerDressrosa – Dressrosa City East
Requirement for completion
Just up the stairs from the Yosia fast travel point in The east city is a smartly dressed man looking to talk to God Usopp. Head over to Dressrosa Main Street, which is past the Coliseum. There you will find a large group of people, approach them and an event will play out which sparks the first battle. This is not a difficult one even when reinforcements show up, The second battle is with a Giant, where it is easy it’s also inconvenient. Once the giant is beaten you will need to talk to the attackers, the answers are: “But you cant hate those who suffered like you did!”, followed by “Then you should be working together to rebuild it”. Once you have finished the chat with them you will need to return to Gramoo to complete the mission.
Rebuilding DressrosaThinking Man/ Ship Carpenter TohboDressrosa – N.R.P. Elevator
Requirement for completion
Near the elevator, you can find a man who Franky wants to talk to. It turns out that it’s a friend of Frankie’s from before at Water 7, and he wants to repair Dressrosa. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the materials, thankfully being a memory location Franky comes up with the idea to go to Water 7, get the Lumber needed and return to Dressrosa. Once in Water 7, you will need to head over to Dock 1 to find the person you want. Once you are in Water 7 head over to Dock 1 and find your way over the bridge to the Material Depot. In the first area is the man you are looking for, a younger version of the quest giver in Dressrosa. Talk to him and he will give you all the Lumber you need, however, Franky still needs some Metal to help in Dressrosa and mentions that there should be all that is needed in his Hideout in the Sewers of Water 7. Once inside Franky’s Hideout head down to the ground floor to find 2 members of the Franky family standing under the walkway on the far end of the room, behind the guys sitting in a circle. Talk to the tall man and he will give you all you need, all you need to do now is leave and head back to Dressrosa. Once you hand over the materials to Tohbo you will finish the mission.
Respected ElderShocked Man/ Barto Club ApprenticeDressrosa – Dressrosa City East
Requirement for completion
Just before you drop down from the path you can find a pirate. Talk to him and you will soon learn that he is a member of Bartolomeo’s Crew and admires THE Sniper King. Because of this Usopp decides to make a Trick Ball specially for him, this will be a Perfected Exhaust Ball Plus. You can make it using:
1. Mezcal Cactus
2. Negative Seed
3. Unlucky Herb
4. Nimbus Spider
You can do this either at a Camp or the Tavern, it is recommended that you use the tavern in Dressrosa as it is practically round the corner, then hurry back to him.
Grand Line Quiz Mister Level 1Pink-Haired ManDressrosa – “Old” Royal Plateau Area
Grand Line Quiz Mister Level 2
Grand Line Quiz Mister Level 3
Requirement for completion
Refer to our How To guide for the possible answers if you need them HERE.
Taken by TontattasChild/ DahliaDressrosa – Coliseum Path
Requirement for completion
Not far from the Fountain outside the coliseum, you can find a little girl who looks to be shouting. She is distressed as the “Fairies” of Dressrosa have taken a ribbon that is precious to her. In order to progress this mission you will need to visit different vegetation patches around the immediate vicinity, fortunately, it’s just the bushes behind the girl. Talking to a tontatta there they recommend you try the fountain outside the coliseum. When you get to the fountain head right from the bookshop’s doors and you will see a flower pot which is hiding a tontatta. You will be directed to the cart outside the coliseum by them. Interact with the back of the cart to find out that the Tontatta inside took the ribbon and request you return it to the little girl. All you need to do is head back to her and complete the quest.
Someone I Must MeetWeeping Woman/ Sorrowful PoppyDressrosa – Square, At Fountain
Requirement for completion
Right at the end of the path outside the Coliseum, you can find a woman who is really upset. Talking to her she will tell you that she wants to see her boyfriend who is a member of the Donquixote family and is in hiding on the Royal Plateau 1st Floor after crawling through a small gap. Once in the area head over to the first bridge, however, do not cross it. Instead, drop down and make a left and keep heading to the end, you will come to a chopper point. Crawl through and make another left, ignore the path up, and just carry on going around the route. Eventually, you will see a Donquixote family member, this is not the man you need to bring back sadly. He will start a battle with you, defeat him and he will tell you that one of his friends is hiding between 2 blue walls up ahead, near the exit to the area. Literally just before the exit to the area make a left turn and backtrack to find this guy. As with the first guy he will want to fight you before telling you that the guy you are after probably made it all the way to Spike Canyon. Head up to just before the end of the 3r Floor of the New Royal Plateau and you should see the man you want in your path, unfortunately, you will have to fight him. Once it is over he will decide to leave without telling Poppy, return to Poppy and Sanji will tell her everything.

Bounty Hunter
Turned in all bounties.

You are first introduced to Bounties in Chapter 2 once you have unlocked the gate to the marketplace. In this area you will find a Side quest giver by the name of Mediator Marzin, he will inform you of the Bounty Hunting side job to earn you Beli. After he has explained the little you need to know head into the tavern, Spice Bean, which is located just opposite him. Here you will be able to interact with the Bounty Board to undertake different jobs under the bounty hunt umbrella. Once you complete the first one you are given, Evil Bulbro, more will be added to the board. You can accept all that is available if you so wish but be warned some might need you to power up first, below you can find a full breakdown of them, and where you can find them. In addition to this, the stated bounty has been added, however, we will talk about that below.

Alabasta Bounties:

Water 7 Bounties:

Dressrosa Bounties:

As stated above the bounties need addressing, and before you start thinking you will receive the full amount for any of them, know you will not. It’s easier to just show you what you get so the image below will highlight the pay breakdown.

As you can probably guess this is rather pitiful compared to what you get for a lot of fights or can find in the world, however, it will all be worth it at the end when you are getting EXP along with taking these guys down.

Certified Fray Fixer
Cleared all Memory Links.

Memory Links are gained by completing Frayed Memoria. You are introduced to them in Chapter 2 on your way across the Desert. This first scripted event where you will only have 3 of your Crew who are:

  • Ussop
  • Zoro
  • Chopper

Utilising these 3 you will need to complete the Frayed Memoria and in doing so you will earn the ability to utilise Memory Links with characters. There is a list below and where to find them:

Although it has not been highlighted you can find them easily by looking for the Pink fist on the Map, like what is shown below.

Sometimes you will also get a ghosted character who is related to the Frayed Memory. There is an image to reference below, they will tell you where to go if you get lost, however, you should have the next location marked on the map.

Top Cook
Made all recipes.

Sanji’s Kitchen is unlocked in Chapter 2 once you have met the chef in Nanohana and got the mission to make the Soup. From this point on you will be able to access the Kitchen at any Camp or Tavern throughout the world.

As for this trophy, your requirements are a little stricter than Journeyman Cook, as you are required to make every recipe that Sanji can come up with. For convenience, all the information can be found below along with a gallery of images showing each dish and the stats they provide you with. This is all well and good but some of the resources that you will require will take some time to look for, an example of this is Ringing Apples.

It should be noted that in order to cook anything more than the first 8 recipes you will need to level up Sanji. You can do this by spending the cube fragments that you find in the world for Sanji and increasing his Cook Skill, in total, you will need 6 Fragments.

Trick Ball Whiz
Made all Trick Balls.

Much like Sanji being able to cook, Usopp can make something called Trickballs.

Like Sanji, you will need to level Usopp’s ability called Make to create more than the first 5 Trickballs. This will take a total of 6 Usopp Cube Fragments to get it to Level 3 unlocking all crafting options.

Treasure Hunter
Opened all the locked treasure chests.

There are 2 types of Treasure Chests in One Piece Odyssey the first is the common standard type that you will probably see and open hundreds of. The second is what this trophy is referencing, these are Locked Treasure Chests and you can only open them once you have gained the key. Below you can see the difference between the 2 Treasure Chests.

Ignoring the fact that the Locked Chests are fancier, upon interacting with one Nami will say something like “Remember this location” or something. This is of course provided you do not have the Key. In order to obtain the Key you must first complete the Quizzes that are throughout Memoria, which are:

  • One Piece Odyssey Grand Line Quiz Kid (Alabasta)
  • One Piece Odyssey Grand Line Quiz Lady (Water 7)
  • One Piece Odyssey Grand Line Quiz Madam (Marineford)
  • One Piece Odyssey Grand Line Quiz Mister (Dressrosa)

They are not all that hard and if you need help with them please refer to the respective quiz person above. Once you have completed these, then you will be awarded the key which you can use to unlock the Locked chest. They aren’t all that hard to find and you will probably have stumbled over a few of them just looking around, however, there are some maps below to help you.

Challenge Enemy Beginner
Defeat one powerful challenge enemy.

Please refer to Challenge Enemy Conqueror for more information.

Battle Master
Won 300 battles.


Much like Victor, you will probably obtain this through the natural progression of the game. There are more than enough opportunities throughout the game to get the trophy and asking for 300 battles is nothing too troublesome.

Chapter 1 Clear
Cleared chapter 1.


This chapter is all about learning the ropes and getting to grips with the game, it is advised to take some time to get to grips with how the combat works and look around the island of Waford to understand the game, however, this is not compulsory.

Once you have spoken to Lim about the secret of the larger Cubes you will be at the end of Chapter 1.

Chapter 2 Clear
Cleared chapter 2.


In this chapter, you will be taken back to one of the Straw Hats most defining moments in the series, full of scorching sands, dry lands, and evil organisations to overthrow. Of course, this is Alabasta the desert kingdom where the straw hats fought the Warlord of the Sea, Crocodile in a campaign to recover the princess’s kingdom and prevent a civil war.

Once you have beaten Crocodile your objective will be to return to Alubarna, which will complete the chapter.

Chapter 3 Clear
Cleared chapter 3.


Within this chapter, you will be battling your next Colossus on Waford. This time you will fight a Wind Colossus, however, you must first do some running around and learn how to Freely enter and Exit Memoria.

Chapter 4 Clear
Cleared chapter 4.


Any true fan of One Piece, and some who are not, will know this sequence in the Manga and Series for one reason or another. The chapter sees you going to the Fountain on the Ocean, known as Water 7. If you know One Piece you will know that the infamous Judital Island of Enis Lobby will accompany this sequence meaning you will have some tough fights ahead, it is highly recommended that you have a save before heading here in case you need to level up, which can be achieved at Waford.

Once you have completed one of the most moving sequences in One Piece you will get some free roam where you can complete miscellaneous things such as Bounties, Side Missions, and exploration of Water 7. When you are ready head to Dock One and complete the Chapter after a few little sequences.

Chapter 5 Clear
Cleared chapter 5.


This chapter will take place on Waford and have you taking on the Water Colossus. This can be a kind of a tough fight but utilising some of the Trick Balls here is an advised method, along with the Nami/ Chopper strategy highlighted in the Tips and Strategies section above.

Chapter 6 Clear
Cleared chapter 6.


This chapter is one that is far faster paced than anything you have done in the game until this point, the game will even prompt you by asking if you are sure you are ready for it as it’s just a continuous battle. If you haven’t worked it out yet this is the Paramount War, you should be around Level 40 if not just under to have a simpler time with this mission. The War of the Best is a difficult challenge that will test everything you know about the combat mechanics and then some.

Chapter 7 Clear
Cleared chapter 7.


This is your final challenge in Waford, for this, you will need to conquer the Flame Colossus. This is the toughest of all the ones you have fought and it is highly advised to save before you head to the beach. Once you have beaten it head back to Lim and complete the chapter.

Chapter 8 Clear
Cleared chapter 8.


Unlike your other adventures in Memoria, this one is a fresher wound for the Straw Hats or at least some of them. Originally only five of the nine members set foot on the island and ended a tyrants Rule, this time all crew members are present for a decisive battle under caged skies. Enter the island of Dressrosa and confront the ruling force of the Donquixote family in the climax to Memoria. For the most part of this chapter, you shouldn’t have too much trouble, once you reach the Sunflower Fields is where things will start to get problematic. The main reason for this is you will be confronted by and forced to fight a Black Knight with limited characters. For this encounter, you will want to utilise the guest character, who you have and be stocked with healing items on the off chance you need them.

Journeyman Cook
Made 10 recipes.

Please refer to Top Cook for more information.

Trick Ball Beginner
Made 10 Trick Balls.

Please refer to Trick Ball Whiz for more information.

Chasing Champion
Fused 30 accessories.

Please refer to Jewelry Master for more information

Craft Enthusiast
Fused 5 accessories.

Please refer to Jewelry Master for more information

Jewelry Master
Made an accessory with 4 effects.

For these trophies, you will need to get Robin to construct accessories that you can equip and power your characters up. You will first get the ability after completing Alabasta, which is Chapter 2. The Chasing Champion and Crafter Enthusiast trophies will come through the natural progression of making new accessories, however, Jewelry Master is a little more complicated. For this trophy, you will need to make an accessory that has 4 traits, which is only achievable once you have progressed past The War of the Best, Chapter 6. After Chapter 6, Robin will have all levels of the Fuse Skill available to upgrade which is what you will need in order to make an accessory that meets the criteria.

As with Sanji’s Cook Skill and Usopp’s Craft Skill you will need to add 6 Robin Cube Fragments into the skill. Once you have, head over to a Tavern or a Camp and use the option to Fuse, if you are at a camp then you can find Robin next to the machine below.

After this it is just a case of making a powerful piece of equipment that your characters can benefit from, it is advised you play around and see what you can come up with as it is pretty open to what you create and the power of the individual accessories. Remember that you need to make 30 in total and 1 with at least 4 effects.

I smell an adventure!
Cleared 10 side stories.

Please refer to Pit Stop Pro for more information.

Journeyman Hunter
Turned in 10 bounties.

Bounties are introduced in Chapter 2 as a side Quest line, once you have opened the gate into the Marketplace. After you have spoken with Mediator Marzin he will tell you that you can accept bounties from the Bounty Board/Job Board in the Spice Bean, see images below.

Mediator Marzin will inform you of the first target to go after which is Evil Bulbro, conveniently located down the street from the Spice Bean.

Just beat them, which they are easy, and Mediator Marzin will show up and collect them to hand them over to the Navy. Once you have got through the conversation you will be able to accept some new bounties from the board, for more information please refer to Bounty Hunter.

Fixed a Fray
Cleared 5 Memory Links.

Please refer to Certified Fray Fixer for more information.

Party Animal
Had 30 parties.

Once you return to Adio’s House from your quest to find the first cube you will be introduced to Camping. This mechanic is an optional addition throughout your adventure but one that is highly recommended to utilise. The main reason is the Party function, this will Fully recover the Crew and increase the EXP gain by 30% for 10 battles. For this trophy, it requires you to Party a total of 30 times, which is more than worth it when you are able to. Below is an image of what you are looking for to camp.

It should be noted that the Camping function has more bonuses than just Party, you can also:

  • Cook
  • Construct Trick Balls
  • Fuse Accessories
  • Change your Outfit
  • Read the Encyclopedia of Monsters and Events

Collected 99 Yaya Cubes.

Please refer to Cube Collector: Luffy for more information.

Cube Collector: Luffy
Collected 50 of Luffy’s cube fragments.

Cube Fragments are first obtainable once you have Met Lim and she has stripped most of the Straw Hats of their powers while fighting the Fire Colossus.

In order to get these trophies you will need to obtain the set amount that is requested, fortunately, it is reported that there are more cubes than needed per character, and Luffy is one of these.

All the following trophies will be included in the maps:

  • Collector
  • Cube Collector: Luffy
  • Cube Collector: Zoro
  • Cube Collector: Nami
  • Cube Collector: Usopp
  • Cube Collector: Sanji
  • Cube Collector: Chopper
  • Cube Collector: Robin
  • Cube Collector: Franky
  • Cube Collector: Brook

Cube Collector: Zoro
Collected 50 of Zoro’s cube fragments.

Please refer to Cube Collector: Luffy for more information.

Cube Collector: Nami
Collected 30 of Nami’s cube fragments.

Please refer to Cube Collector: Luffy for more information.

Cube Collector: Usopp
Collected 40 of Usopp’s cube fragments.

Please refer to Cube Collector: Luffy for more information.

Cube Collector: Sanji
Collected 40 of Sanji’s cube fragments.

Please refer to Cube Collector: Luffy for more information.

Cube Collector: Chopper
Collected 30 of Chopper’s cube fragments.

Please refer to Cube Collector: Luffy for more information.

Cube Collector: Robin
Collected 30 of Robin’s cube fragments.

Please refer to Cube Collector: Luffy for more information.

Cube Collector: Franky
Collected 20 of Franky’s cube fragments.

Please refer to Cube Collector: Luffy for more information.

Cube Collector: Brook
Collected 6 of Brook’s cube fragments.

Please refer to Cube Collector: Luffy for more information.

Savings Savant
Obtained a total of 20,000,000 berries.

Considering how you get money in the game you will probably obtain this through naturally progressing. It should be noted that you do not need to hold this much only have gained this much, so spend all you would like on resources, equipment and the like.

Bond Battler
Activated 20 Bond Arts.

Bond Arts are attack-based skills that you gain by completing the final part of a Frayed Memory, for the members who take part. They take up your Bond Gauge instead of the TP power, which is gained by attacking enemies/ defeating them or working as a team. Using 20 of these is easy to do and you shouldn’t need to worry about it too much as there are plenty of opportunities, however, it can be more beneficial to attack strong enemies like the Challenge Cube enemies or bosses with these moves.

Singular Strike
Did more than 10,000 damage to an enemy with a single attack.

Despite when you initially start the game your attack power and damage are pretty low in comparison to what the Straw Hats should be outputting, this will increase as you get through the game. It is advised to get to around Level 50+ and have most if not all the skills at your disposal. The reason for this is that higher skills will output more damage on the enemies who are weak. A personal recommendation is to utilise Luffy against one of the Jura Chou on Waford. Against this enemy using the Gum Gum King Cobra deals over the damage you will need. That being said it is easy to come across this Trophy by just naturally playing the game.

Gum-Gum Rocket
Traveled with Gum-Gum Rocket 100 times.

This is a simple trophy that is unlocked when looking for the missing members of your crew and making your way to Nami. During this section, you will be introduced to the Traversal mechanic Gum-Gum Rocket which allows you to move around to different sections of the map. To perform Gum-Gum Rocket you will need to enter Aim Mode using the L2 Button and move the target cursor over to a grapple point (See image below). Once you are happy press the Rocket button which is the R2 Button. Do this another 99 times and the trophy is yours.

It should be noted that you shouldn’t farm this until you have actively completed the game, as it will take you a good amount of time to obtain it as your first trophy. For this reason, it is best to complete the campaign and get as many as you are able to along the way, which might be enough.

Iron Door Slicer
Cut 20 doors with Zoro’s Door Slice.

Once you have recovered your first cube from the story event you will eventually arrive at a gate. At this point you will learn about switching playable characters, this is where Zoro’s Cut will be utilised. All you need to do is stand in front of the gate and press the interaction button, this will make Zoro cut the gate and you will be able to pass. Do this 19 more times and the trophy is yours, if you are struggling to find doors try heading to the Tower of Law in Water 7, you can find 12 or so there. Below is an image for you to reference.

It should be noted that Gates are not the only thing that Zoro can cut, during chapter 2 you can interact with the man sitting on the floor in the Baroque Works Hidout and gain the skill to cut tough boxes, there is a reference image below:

Where these will not count for the trophy they will reward you with materials and Yaya Cubes, so it is worth doing.

As an afterthought, it is worth noting that if you can not cut a door you might need to upgrade the skill, you can do this by spending Zoro Cube Fragments on the Feild Skill Door Slice (See below), it will cost 3 fragments but you can take them off again after if you don’t want the skill.