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How to Optimize a MacBook for Gaming: 13 Tips

So you’ve started up to play the best computer rounds of the year, and you need to squeeze all of the execution out of your computer as could be expected. 

We get it – all things considered, MacBooks can be utilized for different tasks, which implies your strength is to be enhanced to bring gaming out of the computer.

With such a lot of quack remedies out there, it’s difficult to know what’ll really work on your experience and what’ll simply burn through your time. The following are a couple of changes that will guarantee you take advantage of your device.

You need these upgrades on your MacBook to win your gaming battles.


Your system brain needs to be quick and smart to play the high-end game, right? The central processor unit of your laptop needs an upgrade for fast performance. 

The latest CPUs are hard to upgrade, but you can select your specifications at the time of purchase. The system should be improved and designed to run heavy programming.

Graphics Card

The graphic card stores illustration data for your game. A few games will require specifications on graphic levels, particularly the most recent titles consisting of detailed visuals. 

These new games frequently have gamers dreading their GPU’s abilities. That is why? You need to ensure you have the best specs accessible to play the best games.


Your usual keyboard needs an upgrade to have a supreme gaming experience. Gaming keyboards are quick and highly responsive. They have additional features that are aligned to consider the gamer’s needs. 

It may consist of RCB backlights, media controls, and programmable keys. Focus on durability and quickness while purchasing a keyboard to optimize your computer.


All the gamers fancy gaming gadgets as they love to showcase and take down their enemies in-game battles. If you can relate to this, having a gaming mouse with special features like light, customized color, programmable and portable features is a must-have as a computer add-on.

Wi-Fi Connection

Suppose you are a gamer who streams day and night with your friends. And gaming is your best recreational activity to ground and distract yourself from your routine. 

Upgrade your internet to avoid lags, server issues, freezes, and interruptions in an ongoing game. Connect your computer directly to the router for better performance.


Your gaming monitor should be packed and detailed with a bigger screen size and high resolution. It has a better refresh and response rate than any usual computer screen. 

High definition imagery and something with close to good RGB coverage. Adding a display will give you continued gameplay in case of screen issues.

LED Lights

If you want to get a true gaming experience, Add LED lights to your gaming zone. Adding different lights will help you zone into the world of gaming. 

It will make your friends join you in various games and fun experiences. Just attach them to your computer, where it complements the vibe.

Keep in mind, though, that if you go overboard with some visuals, particularly that are part of macOS, it will affect the mac battery life.

Cooling System

Gaming can create overheating issues for your computer. You can avoid this by adding a liquid cooling system to your gaming setup. 

Not only does it cool down your MacBook while functioning, but it also prevents it from major technical glitches.


Random Access Memory is the system memory in which data is stored and reserved for you. A balanced memory allocation ensures that you have good gameplay without experiencing lags and performance issues. 

The higher RAM, the better and faster the performance you will get to run the game.


Your gaming setup is incomplete without a set of speakers that adds to your sound system the computer. You would wish to experience a feel-good gaming zone. 

Buy a set of speakers that gives you incredible sound quality. Add a speaker set to your computer and set its bass and light effects to enjoy the fullest.

Bluetooth Headset

Choosing a Bluetooth headset for gaming is necessary for sound efficiency. 

Invest your money in a high-quality headset that has characteristics such as incredible miniature detail recovery, exact sound stage, and vivid sound experience to make it possible to bend over as a couple of gaming earphones.

Bluetooth Controller

A Bluetooth gaming controller creates all the excitement for the gamers. There are basic things to consider when selecting a suitable gaming controller, such as battery backup, wireless connections, Bluetooth, great layout of joystick and keys. 

Comfort is the performance key of a gaming controller, and you can find a perfect match for you.


If you are an online game streamer, then a 4K webcam is a must-have to set up a gaming environment. You will need this to create a presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Find a compatible webcam for your gaming tournaments.

The gaming sector is considered to be the fastest-growing sector in the last few years. If you have recently developed a fondness for gaming, what are you waiting for? Optimize your MacBook for gaming and start playing your favorite game today.

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The Best Space Exploration Games on Current Gen Consoles

The very first Space Invaders was released in 1978, and since then, the great unknown has formed the backbone of the video game industry. The attraction is clear; we don’t know what is in space, so developers can be as creative as possible. They feed people’s imagination without the limitation of real-life backdrops, such as Egypt, Vikings or the Wild West.

This can be seen by the sheer number of games currently available that take space exploration and space invaders as their core theme. Even owners of mobile devices can find something immersive these days, with Galaxy on Fire 2 on iOS and Android a particular highlight. The original Space Invaders form the basis for many of these games, proving its influence. Among the Gala Casino Megaways titles are Hypernova and Invaders Megaways, which take the popular online slot genre and twist the space angle. Ultimate Space Invaders on the App Store is another which takes the 1978 classic and adds a newer twist. If it is intergalactic thrills you’re after, you can find them on your mobile.

You can also find them on the latest generation of home consoles, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Of course, using the latest technology, those games can be huge, with expansive worlds to explore and lots of surprises to find.

If space is your thing and mobile games just don’t cut it, you might want to try one of these current titles.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

The first entry on the list is a bit of a cheat as it is three games, all of which have been seen before. There are plenty of space games we’d love to revisit, and for fans one trilogy, in particular, stands out. As far back as the PlayStation 3, Mass Effect stunned gamers with its huge world, deep lore and engaging storyline. It was a third-person shooter in essence, but with exploration and role-playing elements. You were Commander Sheppard of the SSV Normandy, battling to save humanity. Across the three titles (and a fourth, Andromeda, not included in the remaster), you shaped Shepard’s personality and explored well-crafted worlds. There is a new Mass Effect game coming, but as Eurogamer reveal, it won’t have Shepard as the protagonist.

No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky had a disastrous launch, and usually, when that happens, a game withers and dies. Fallout 76 and Cyberpunk 2077 are classic examples of this, but the concept of never-ending space exploration meant die-hard fans kept coming back, hoping to see developments and evolution within the title. With a constant stream of updates, free upgrades from PS4 to PS5 and worlds brimming with life, No Man’s Sky could be the best space game available for the current generation of machines.


Chorus is a space game of redemption, as protagonist Nara travels the universe looking to face her past and atone for previous bad deeds. It is a combat game, and as it is designed specifically for the next generation of consoles, it makes full use of the adaptive triggers on the PS5 controller. You can upgrade Nara with new skills that impact gameplay, and it delivers everything you’d expect from a brand-new game, but with plenty of space exploration thrown in. Titles like this demonstrate just how far home gaming technology has come.

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion Review (Xbox One)

Ever wanted to live in a world filled with foods and commit tax evasion, well, in Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion you can do exactly that. Go on an adventure to get your greenhouse back after you have evaded tax too long from the Onion mayor. Here is our Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion Review!

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion is developed by Snoozy Kazoo and published by Graffiti Games. The game was released on Steam in April 2021 and came to Xbox and Gamepass in April 2022. The game has a nice charm to it and is in some ways, visually at least, comparable to the classic Zelda games.

In Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion you play as… well… a Turnip. He is on the brink of losing his beloved family greenhouse because he committed a little bit of tax evasion. Luckily Mayor Onion and the IRS can give him the greenhouse back if Turnip helps collect some specific items for the Mayor. So you go on an adventure to collect all the items the mayor wants and at the same time help, or not really help, some of the inhabitants of the area.

Every character is just funny to interact with and can be so strange at times. In one of the first “side quests” you need to deliver some items and a love letter, but instead of giving it away, you rip it apart. This is kinda a recurring thing, ripping apart documents like taxes, books, and property ownerships.

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion Review

The world of Turnip Boy is filled with puzzles, enemies, and bosses that you will need to get past. You will get some items to help you on your quest like a teleporter box, a watering can, and a sword, these items are super easy to use and you can do a lot of stuff with them to complete the puzzles, especially the teleporter box is one of the items where puzzles get harder.

While the game isn’t really hard by any means, it’s just a ton of fun, I personally just turned on god mode and just tried to enjoy the experience, and you for sure will. It’s just a game where you can turn off your mind and just enjoy it while not being intensive at all. I had no problems with the game at all other than 1 crash, the main starting area was extremely laggy for some reason and 2 achievements are unobtainable at the time of writing.

Visually Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion takes after the 2D Zelda games a lot, it’s a simplistic game, but the visual style really gives the game so much more character. The characters that matter all have their own visual style and if other characters mention someone you know right away where you need to go for some side stuff.

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Achilles: Legends Untold launches into Early Access on May 12th


Dark Point Games‘ first game Achilles: Legends Untold is set to launch into Early Access on May 12th this year. 

“Thousands of people played and enjoyed the beta earlier this year and thanks to their feedback we were able to really fine-tune the experience. We cannot wait to start our path into Early Access and hope that our players will follow our journey every step of the way” said Pawel Waszak, CEO and Lead Game Designer.

Achilles: Legends Untold is an isometric action-RPG, greatly inspired by the souls-like genre and old-school hack & slash games. Players will have to rely on Achilles’ raw power to overcome legendary characters and creatures from Homer’s Iliad, while taking in Ancient Greece through rich lore and environmental storytelling as they make their way to the gates of Troy and beyond.

As the studio wanted to create an easy-to-learn-but-hard-to-master-experience, the combat is designed with souls-like tactics in mind, without letting it become a barrier to newer players. This way, Achilles: Legends Untold may be enjoyed by Souls veterans and new players alike.

For those who prefer fighting side-by-side with friends, the game also provides a robust co-op experience with procedurally generated dungeons to explore, allowing you and your friends to hone their skills even further.

The gameplay features satisfying and skill-based combat, RPG elements, and resource management. Collect raw materials to forge new deadly weapons and sturdy shields to take Achilles to the peak of his power. Become stronger and more ferocious with each ability you unlock and adapt to new challenges in the world, as Achilles is not the only one picking up new tricks along the way.

Achilles: Legends Untold
 features the innovative GAIA system, which means the AI characters’ actions feel lifelike and work together in unpredictable ways. Experience immersive battles in which monsters adapt to your playstyle, try different strategies or create ambush scenarios, all driven by this contemporary, in-house-designed system.

Achilles: Legends Untold will be available on Steam for $19.99 / EUR 18.99

Punched-Up Platformer ‘Kao the Kangaroo’ to Hit PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, & Steam on May 27

Tate Multimedia confirms that more than 20 years after his debut, Kao the Kangaroo will make its return on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam on Friday 27th May 2022.

Kao – pronounced K-O – launched his first adventure on SEGA’s legendary Dreamcast back in the year 2000. Now, two decades on, Tate Multimedia has decided to give the platforming genre a bit of a kick and let Kao off the leash once more, releasing his biggest adventure yet. 

Setting out to find his missing sister and solve the mystery of what happened to his long-lost father, players will join Kao as he picks up his magical boxing gloves and travels the world confronting famous fighting masters who are under the influence of disturbing, dark power, all while exploring a colorful and vibrant world alive with activity and visual flair. 

“We’ve been blown away by the response we’ve had from gamers since we announced Kao the Kangaroo was making a return earlier this year,” says Kaja Borowko, Head of Studio. “With this new chapter, we’ve set out to make sure the new Kao the Kangaroo both honors his previous outings and offers fresh, contemporary gameplay for fans new and old alike. This is a complete reboot for Kao, and we can’t wait to see how people take to it at launch!”

Tate Multimedia can also announce it will be taking a demo build of Kao the Kangaroo to PAX East at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center between Thursday, April 21st to Sunday, April 24th. Attendees are invited to visit Limited Run Games at Booth #21085 for an exclusive hands-on experience with the latest demo build.

The original Kao the Kangaroo series collectively sold more than 700,000 units worldwide, with four games in total having launched across PC, PlayStation 2, PSP, Nintendo GameCube, Xbox, Game Boy Advance, and the aforementioned SEGA Dreamcast.

In his latest adventure, Kao will use his boxing gloves to punch a path through his adversaries, jabbing his way through the obstacles ahead as he pummels his way to glory.

Kao the Kangaroo will feature:

  • Beautiful, diverse worlds, packed with secrets 
  • Engaging and fun gameplay for all ages – family-friendly, but for core gamers too
  • Magic gloves stacked with powers 
  • Kao – a cheeky, brave, and feisty kangaroo who embarks on a life-changing journey
  • An engaging story filled with a cast of captivating characters
  • Challenging combat including unique boss battles 
  • A whole host o.f items to collect

Kao the Kangaroo will launch digitally and physically on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam on Friday 27th May 2022 for a digital price of €29.99/$29.99/£24.99 and a recommended physical price of €34.99/$34.99/£29.99.

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Lilith Games Prepares for the Dislyte Open Beta Launch on iOS and Android in May 2022


Lilith Games, the prolific publisher of such titles as AFK Arena and Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade, is thrilled to announce today that Dislyte, an all-new gritty turn-based RPG, is preparing for its next Dislyte Open Beta launch on iOS and Android mobile devices on May 10, 2022. Dislyte is currently accepting pre-registrations via both the App Store and Google Play to USA and UK players. Pre-registration prior to May 10th awards players with loads of in-game rewards not otherwise available.

Dislyte features a roster of characters called “Espers,” all of whom are inspired by various ancient mythic deities, including Greek, Chinese, Norse, and Egyptian. Marrying the game’s diverse range of characters and culturally influenced aesthetics and fashion, Dislyte’s engaging gameplay is enhanced by an electrifying techno-pop soundtrack. 

Pre-Register for Dislyte on the App Store and Google Play: 

[iOS App Store]
[Android Google Play]

The year is 2027, and evil freely roams the streets in the realm of Dislyte. Danger lurks in the shadows, shying away from the bright city lights. Our heroes, who obtain divine power from Gods across the world’s various mythologies, must rise and answer the call to defend humanity from its greatest threat. 

It didn’t begin that way, though; civilization in 2027 ushered in a new lifestyle after humanity faced the reality of Miracles. These Miracles blinked into existence across the world, their arrival awakening Miramon, an ancient and malevolent God whose only goal is to wreak havoc and usher destruction. Certain individuals sensitive to the Miracles absorbed their power, developing new god-like abilities based on deities like Odin, Hermes, Medusa, Loki, and more. These individuals, known as Espers, are the only ones capable of defeating the great tyrant Miramon.

Dislyte’s trendy, urban setting and interwoven storyline make the tactical in-game combat that much more exciting; players build a team of five beautifully 3D rendered heroes, each of whom possesses their own abilities and powers. Using classic turn-based gameplay, players engage enemies and other threats to the beat of trance-inducing tunes, creating battles that are not only fiendishly difficult but also smooth and immersive. With the in-game arena, players are able to practice their skills by competing against fellow Espers. For those looking for a more relaxed gameplayer experience, Dislyte features an automated battle sequence, meaning the game screen can be minimized during this time, allowing players to do other things on their mobile devices

Key Features of Dislyte

  • Battle to the Beat: The combat and various story elements in Dislyte are injected with distinctive pulse-pounding beats across EDM, techno, and pop genres.
  • Espers Worldwide: Explore and battle it out in an urban playground inspired by cities across the globe via spectacular, vibrant backdrops and scenes.
  • Fashionable (and Totally Bad*ss) Gods: Dislyte merges deep mythological themes with an engaging storyline where every Esper is dressed to impress with the attitude to match.
  • Musical Rewards: Uncover new sounds, implement different moods and drop the beat with Dislyte’s music-based “Gacha” gameplay system where you’ll unlock your rewards by “scratching” the turntable like a real DJ.

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Rain On Your Parade Review (Xbox One)

While the Rain On Your parade brings you… well… rain? it doesn’t make you feel like it’s a rainy day. The game makes a perfect balance between the gameplay and introduces new features and even parody levels to keep it light and more fun than expected. Here is our Rain On Your Parade Review!

Rain On Your Parade is developed by Unbound Creations and released on April 15 2021 for Xbox One, PC, and the Nintendo Switch. In Rain On Your Parade, you will control a little rain cloud and bring unexpected doom onto the population.

The game is pretty simple, complete some tasks to complete the level. That’s it, it’s super easy but some levels do take some thinking and a handful of retries to complete, especially if you want all the stars to get all the skins for your cloud. There are also some side-levels, most of them are parodies of other games, one of them being Metal Gear Solid and another one Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

The story is kinda boring and forgettable, I personally played and completed the game a day before writing this piece and was able to remember exactly 1% of it, the only thing I remember was a kid talking about the story. The way it was presented just made it so boring and it didn’t feel engaging at all. I personally would have liked some type of line to follow to give more of a reason to why the cloud does some of the things it does, but it’s not really important in these types of “timewaster” games where you just play it for a few hours and that’s it.

Visually the game is really nice, it has a perfect color pallet, and it’s not extremely good, but it has its own charm to it. During your playthrough, you will unlock a new visual for your cloud like a hat that you can wear if you get all the objectives in a level. This gives the gameplay an extra edge and kinda makes you want to try to play more to unlock them all, especially because of how cute they are. There is like a frog hat, a cat hat, and more, it’s just super cute.

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A Career in Esports: 5 Things You Need to Succeed

Seeking a career in professional gaming might have seemed like a pipe dream some years ago, but the situation has changed since then.

These days, esports is a mainstream phenomenon that continues to increase in popularity. Some of the most established titles include League of Legends, Counter-Strike, and DOTA 2, but there are more video games with millions of fans around the globe.

If you are someone who thought about seeking a professional career in gaming but decided to abandon the idea, why not reconsider your decision?

Sure, the industry itself is quite competitive, and breaking into it is challenging, but if other players make it, what is stopping you?

So long as you are putting effort and time into pursuing your dream, the odds are in your favor. And to increase those odds, here are 5 things that you should emphasize on your journey.

Willingness to Improve

Let’s start with what should be pretty obvious—your willingness to improve. Video games require progress as a player, especially if we are talking about competitive gameplay.

You need to have the will to learn on a regular basis. Even simple things, such as studying your replays, are mandatory.

If you have a coach or someone else willing to help you, you can share videos or screenshots that present a situation in a video game players need to solve and improve.

Because sharing information is so easy these days, you do not have to meet in person to discuss strategies. Figuring how to screenshot full page on mac or another computer and share it with another person takes little effort.  

It might be a bit tricky with replays, however. If a game does not have a built-in replay system, then you will have to record your screen.

Of course, studying the gameplay is just one way to improve. You also need to be gaming constantly, and it is hard to accomplish this consistency without a regular schedule.

Consistent Schedule

A schedule of a professional gamer varies, but for most, the majority of the time spent not sleeping usually consists of gaming.

Of course, it is crucial to establish good sleeping patterns because you do not want to end up with a scuffed routine, like going to bed super late and waking up in the middle of the afternoon.

It is no secret that gamers are not the best when it comes to routines, but if you are aiming to become a professional, you need to treat the whole thing as a job, which includes a consistent schedule.

Early on, it might be difficult to get into the routine, but if you persist, you should be fine in the long run. 

Proper Gaming Equipment

It is hard to imagine being a professional player without proper gaming equipment. For most players, the choice is a custom-built PC, though there are some exceptions, of course.

If you look at video games like Tekken or FIFA, you will notice that professionals play on gaming consoles, which is understandable given the nature of these titles. 

However, for shooters, brawlers, Battle Royale, RTS, and other common video game genres, PCs are the way to go. 

Besides the main platform, you also need accessories. Gaming mice, keyboards, headphones, and other equipment can be pretty expensive, but the investment is worth it if you want to perform optimally.

Gaming accessories are manufactured so that they are durable. As a professional, you will click a lot, and the wear on a keyboard or mouse is not something you want. 

A gaming chair deserves its own mention as well. Sitting in front of a screen for hours every day is not ideal for your back, and you want to make sure that you have good posture. Gaming chairs help with that, not to mention that they are comfortable to sit on. 

Participation in Tournaments

A competitive environment is another crucial aspect for those who plan to make money playing video games.

The first time you enter a tournament can be nerve-racking because the experience is different from the games you play from the comfort of your home. And the whole thing induces even more anxiety if it is a LAN party rather than an online tournament.

You need to get used to the feel of what it is like to play against in competitions. And the more experience like this you get, the more you can expect to improve.

Tournaments are also great because you get to meet other players, and networking is one of the underrated aspects of such events. Who knows, you might stumble upon your new teammates in a tournament.  

Healthy Habits

There is this idea of how gamers are not the healthiest bunch, and it is understandable where such sentiments are coming from.

When you spend most of your time in front of a computer, there is no time for socializing, sleeping enough, working out, or eating healthy. Your focus is entirely on video games.

The problem is that if you do not build healthy habits, you will not be at your best, which affects your performance. Try your best to stay in shape and eat as little junk food as you can.

PM Studios to Co-Publish the Keenly Anticipated My Time at Sandrock


PM Studios is thrilled to announce that it has partnered with Pathea Games to co-publish the highly-anticipated My Time at Sandrock. A sequel to Pathea’s hit My Time at Portia, new and returning fans alike will be able to step into a wholesome post-apocalyptic world to help rebuild a community to its former glory. My Time at Sandrock will be playable on the show floor of this year’s PAX East in Boston from April 21 to April 24, at PM Studios’ booth #19079.

My Time at Sandrock builds on the roots established by My Time at Portia with an epic adventure featuring a smorgasbord of features sure to please any gamer. Whether someone entirely new to the series or an experienced veteran, there is something to love for everyone.

  • Build and Upgrade a Workshop to process materials and produce parts of huge structures needed to assemble piece-by-piece. Players will create hundreds of unique items to decorate their own spaces or to give to Sandrock’s residents.
  • Explore a Vast Open World to search for rare materials, discover long-forgotten relics, or simply to travel to hard-to-reach locations for a one of a kind view.
  • Meet and Get to Know Over 30 NPCs including their individual stories told across hundreds of side quests. Uncover their backstories and make meaningful connections along the way.
  • Fight Intense Battles utilizing a unique hybrid combat system that allows players to quickly shift between melee combat and third-person shooting mechanics. Leverage the right weapon for the right battle to ultimately take down any opponent.
  • Build and Unlock Unique Skills across an array of specializations including master crafter, combat specialist, or social butterfly. There is something to suit any playstyle.
  • Use Workshop Profits to Create Farmable Land by transforming an empty prairie into rich agricultural land.
  • Grow Crops and Cook Them for extra cash.
  • Attend Special Festivals with the Sandrock’s residents
  • Discover and Solve Secrets throughout the world and town.
  • And Much More!

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Solasta: Lost Valley Launches Today


Tactical Adventures has released Solasta: Lost Valley, a brand new campaign for the award-winning, tactical fantasy cRPG Solasta: Crown of the Magister. The publisher has also released a free co-op multiplayer update for both versions of Solasta, meaning that two to four players can now play together online through the original Crown of the Magister campaign, the new Lost Valley campaign, PLUS all DLC content to date! 

The Lost Valley campaign delivers an entirely new story arc that runs parallel with the original Crown of the Magister campaign that players can jump right into at level 1. The new campaign features new locations, enemies, nine new subclasses, and fresh dungeon maker environments. With adaptive difficulty and multiple endings, Tactical Adventures has expanded the freedom of choice available to players, and with one campaign lasting around 20 hours, there is infinite replayability due to these choices. 

This brand new campaign will see a party of adventurers delve deep into the idyllic Valley of the Dominion in search of a missing agent of the Principality of Masgarth, uncovering the old Manacalon ways that were forgotten once the Rift opened. With power dynamics and warring factions at play, there’s plenty to uncover as the party is forced to choose sides to survive.

The premium DLC arrives alongside online co-op multiplayer support, which will be available to all players for no additional cost. Tactical Adventures has responded to fan requests for multiplayer support, meaning two to four players can enjoy the original story together, including all DLC content that has arrived since launch last year. 

The Lost Valley DLC is now available priced at 12,99€, $12.99, and £10.99. To celebrate the launch, Solasta: Crown of the Magister has a big discount (60% off RRP) until April 21, 2022.

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