New Super Lucky’s Tale Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 4/10. 
Estimated time to Platinum: 10 – 15 Hours. 
Missable trophies: None. 
Glitched trophies: None. 
Difficulty related: None. 
Playthrough: N/A


Welcome to the New Super Lucky’s Tale Trophy Guide!


Step 1: Beat the game while finishing all objectives
In the first step, were gonna knock out a bunch of the trophies right away, by doing all the objectives in every level. That means getting 300 coins, finding the hidden page, and spelling LUCKY by finding the collectible letters. None of this will be hard at all. This is the easy step!

You’ll be earning these trophies:
Bronze Gotta Run
Bronze Don’t Need A Third Dimension
Bronze A New Tale
Bronze Slide To The Left

Bronze Marble Madness!
Silver Black Belt
Bronze What’s Down Here?
Bronze You Got LUCKY
Bronze 10,000 League Under The Ground
Silver Brawn Over Brains
Silver Cannon Fodder
Silver The End Of A Tale
Bronze Gather ‘Round, Chicken
Bronze You’re A Fungi!
Silver Sky-High
Silver A Real Veggie Villager
Silver R&R
Gold Not Spooped
Bronze A Sinking Feeling
Bronze Under My Umbrella
Bronze Wormstock
Bronze Showstopper
Bronze Gone Fishin’
Bronze Jump, Man!
Bronze Fistful Of Dollars
Bronze A Few Dollars More
Bronze The Good, The Bad, And The Wealthy
Bronze A Real Hero
Bronze Robot Rock
Bronze Savage
Bronze Brainworm
Bronze On Top Of Things

Step 2: Miscellaneous trophies
At this point, you should just need all the random trophies! A lot may have come naturally, but just in case, now is the time to do them.

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
Bronze Sticky Situation
Bronze Pancaked
Bronze …Monster
Bronze Treasure Hunter
Bronze If There’s A Place You Gotta Go…
Bronze Who Needs Walls?
Bronze Smooth Criminal
Bronze Lucky Is My Name
Bronze Get Set Radio
Bronze Grey Fox
Bronze On Top Of Things
Bronze Soap, Please!
Bronze Beetrayal
Bronze The New Champ
Bronze New Fit 
Bronze Is My Shirt On Backwards?
Bronze Fashion Icon
Bronze A “Diamond” Dozen
Bronze That Went Swimmingly
Bronze Everything Is Mine
Bronze 80s Ready
40-platinum That’s A Wrap

Trophy Guide:

That’s a Wrap
Collect all trophies in New Super Lucky’s Tale

Collect all trophies in New Super Lucky’s Tale

Gotta Run!
Finish a Burrow Run level.

As you’re progressing, you’ll reach an auto running level. These are known as “Burrow Runs”. After you complete your first one, this trophy will unlock!

Don’t Need A Third Dimension
Finish a 2D level.

This will come naturally as you progress the game! As there are plenty of 2D Levels you can play!

A New Tale
Complete the Prologue.

After the opening cutscene, this automatically unlocks.

Slide To The Left
Complete a Sliding Block Puzzle.

In the Sky Castle Hub World, there are six Foxhole levels to find. There’s also 6 Foxhole levels in the Wrestful Retreat Hub World, that all contain sliding puzzles. All of these levels are block sliding puzzles! So you can easily pick one, and complete it for this trophy! Although you do have to complete all the levels for “Sky-High”, so this will come naturally!

Marble Madness!
Complete a Tess Marble Minigame.

This is gained while doing all the levels automatically. It will unlock in Veggie Village, as the Foxhole levels there, are Marble Runs.

Black Belt upscale-245262160018212
Defeat Master Mittens.

Beating the boss of Sky Castle will net you this trophy. This fight is actually relatively simple. First, you defeat the waves of enemies, then you dodge fire. Once you see the boss at the top of the screen, you defeat enemies, so that their heads will bounce to him, and hit him, dealing damage. Then you basically rinse and repeat until the boss dies.

What’s Down Here?
Use a foxhole.

This will come naturally, as you have to use Foxholes to make it through levels in the game! In the first level specifically, it’s needed! Once you see a blue, glowing hole with a spinning top, you stand on it and press /.

Sticky Situation
Fall into a tar pit.

In the boss fight at the end of Wrestful Retreat, just jump off the side into the tar, and this trophy will unlock!

Get crushed.

This can be acquired in the boss fight in the Wrestful Retreat world. Let the one big enemy squash you, after he jumps in the air! Then poof, trophy!

Collect all the LUCKY letters in a single level.

There are letters in every level of the game, that count as collectibles, that spell LUCKY. None of these letters are particularly hard to find. So long as you explore the small levels to their fullest, this will come easily.

10,000 Leagues Under The Ground
Burrow 10,000 meters.

For this, you just have to burrow around until it unlocks. You burrow by holding / on dirt surfaces!

Brawn Over Brains upscale-245262160018212
Defeat Tess.

This is the boss fight at the end of the Veggie Village world. It starts where Tess attacks you right down the middle. So stand to the side. Then, switches appear. Now you have to attack them all to flip them, whole avoiding obstacles! Then, you fight a wave of bees. Repeat this process, until you hit her 3 times, and then you’ll win and the trophy will unlock!

Cannon Fodder upscale-245262160018212
Defeat General Buttons and Lt. Fluffinstuff.

This is for beating the boss in the third world, Wrestful Retreat. Now this boss can get a bit hectic. It starts off with the giant enemy jumping and trying to squish you. If he does, you get the “Pancaked” trophy. After he stomps around a few times, cannons appear on each side of the arena. After each damage phase,  these get more and more hectic. This is what makes the battle hard. Now after that phase, bombs come down. You just have to hit one back at the boss, then the rest diappear. Then, enemies appear in the sky, and will throw projectiles at you. Once you smack them back, they die. Then the fight begins all over again. Once you knock bombs back to the boss 3 times, you win!

The End Of A Tale upscale-245262160018212
Defeat Jinx once and for all!

You get this for beating the boss at the end of Hauntingham. Now this boss is mean and nasty. The battle starts with him making lightning hit the ground, causing shockwaves. So jump over those. He will then shoot lasers from his eyes in a steady stream. So you can wait till it’s near, then jump it. He will then move blocks. Not a big deal. Then he will use his eye lasers again. Next he sound the blocks, and makes more shockwaves. He’ll then lift the blocks up and spawn ghosts. Jump on them to kill him. Now it’s damage phases. Stomp the boss 3 times, then repeat the process. Ne wary though. The bolts come faster each time, his eye laser CAN GO THROUGH BRICKS, and when you stomp him on 2nd and 3rd phases, he shoots out a shockwave! In his last damage phase, he makes clones everytime you kill one. So keep damaging them until they’re all gone for good!

Gather ‘Round, Chicken
Help the Wormal farmer gather his chickens.

In the Egg Roll level in Veggie Village world, if you go to the left side of the area, you’ll find a farmer worm. He’ll ask you to help get his 8 chickens, back into the pen. All the chicken are in the immediate area. So there’s none back over the broken bridge. All you have to do is hit the chickens with an attack to move them. There is a cat paw rock on the ground. If you burrow under it, it will flip over. Making two more chickens accessible. Once you get all 8 chickens into the pen, the trophy is yours!

You’re A Fungi!
Solve the mushroom puzzle in Grave Awakening.

This is done in the Grave Awakening level in the Hauntingham World. At one point, you just have to hit 6 mushrooms to light them up. They’re all in a self contained area, and you have to hit them all to beat the level. So this can’t be missed.

Sky-High upscale-245262160018212
Collect all Pages in Sky Castle.

Collecting all the pages is easier than it sounds. You have to just complete all the objectives in each level. There’s 4 big levels, and 6 Foxhole levels in this world. Each big level has 4 different objectives. Finding the main ending, getting 300 coins, finding the “hidden” page, and spelling LUCKY. All these objectives are very easy, and come as you explore the levels!

A Real Veggie Villager upscale-245262160018212
Collect all Pages in Veggie Village.

This is the same as “Sky-High”, but in Veggie Village instead! Also, it has 5 levels, and 2 Foxhole levels! So you can reference that trophy for everything you need to do to get all 22 pages in the world!

R&R upscale-245262160018212
Collect all Pages in Wrestful Retreat.

Also the same as “Sky-High”, except now it’s done in the Wrestful Retreat World! In this world, there are 5 full levels, and 6 Foxholes, to be completed. Refer to “Sky-High” for information on how to get all the pages in a world.

Not Spooped Gold
Collect all Pages in Hauntingham.

Getting all the pages in Hauntingham is done the exact same way as the rest of the world related trophies so far. In Hauntinghsm, you have 4 full levels, and 2 Foxhole levels to complete! Refer to “Sky-High” for more information on how you go about collecting pages.

Must… destroy… sandcastles!

As you start the Gilly Island world, walk off the dock and turn right. You see a chair and a sandcastle near it. Now destroy the sandcastle. I hope the trophy was worth it, monster!

A Sinking Feeling
Defeat General Buttons and Lt. Fluffinstuff in Three Cannon Salute.

This will come automatically as you beat the level Three Canon Salute, in the Gilly Island World. At the end, you’ll be on a ship, and have to get Mittens to blow up three explosive barrels. Once you’ve done that, the level is done, and you can pick up your page!

Under My Umbrella
Complete Trapped in Paradise.

This is obtained automatically, when you best the Trapped In Paradise level, in the Gilly Island World.

Rescue the Soggy Boggy Boys’ audience.

This is will come automatically in the Securing The Talent level in the Gilly Island World, as it’s the main objective of the level!

Defeat Lady Meowmalade in her dance club.

This is for beating the boss at the end of the fourth world Gilly Island. Refer to Smooth Criminal for a strategy.

Treasure Hunter
Collect all Diamonds in Securing the Talent.

This is gained in the Securing The Talent level in the Gilly Island World. You’ll make your way through the level, and come to a spot where you kill 3 waves of enemies. We’ll start here! First one is right behind speakers you have to break after the enemies, on the rooftop. Can’t be missed. The second one is by the diamond behind the speakers. After you break them and jump down, go down the mountain on the left, and this will be on the ledge! As you leave the cliff, you’ll be on a bridge. Follow this bridge to another set of speakers. You’ll have to platform around the water, on falling platforms. At the end of this section is the third diamond. After the third diamond, look to your right. You’ll see a set of coins stacked in a pyramid. Gather them, but watch out, as the platform falls. Then, continue on the path in front of you to find the new diamond. Now go all the way back to where the first diamond was. Then, as you’re standing on the roof, look over the fence on your right. You should see a high cliff with one tree on it. Jump too it, and find some coins and another diamond. Now, jump off the cliff and follow the path to a stall. From there, continue on, and you’ll find a Foxhole that you activate with R2. On the other side of this rock, is the last diamond. So hop on a moving floaty, to get around the rock, and grab the last diamond on your right.

If There’s A Place You Gotta Go…
Look at every map in Trapped in Paradise.

In Trapped in Paradise, there are 5 maps. You have to interact with all of them by walking up to them and hitting triangle. These are all eight by the umbrellas you need to open for the story of the level. But incase you miss one, here’s the general locations. The first is at the start, just to the right on the wall. As you travel to the right side of the level, you’ll open a purple umbrella. The second map is just to the left of it on the wall. From the last umbrella, continue to the left side of the map, and you’ll open a blue umbrella pretty much right after. The third map is just above this umbrella. As you travel more to the left, you’ll open a yellow umbrella. This map is just above it! On the very far left, you’ll open a pink umbrella. The last map us above it!

Who Needs Walls?
Beat Trapped in Paradise without flipping a switch.

This is for beating the Trapped In Paradise level, in Gully Island without using a switch. Now this is a pain, ad you have to bounce on walls a lot and hop over them. One wrong jump could trip you up for minutes. Unfortunately there’s no way to describe this trophy in words, so here’s a video below, of me completing it, in a very sloppy fashion.

Smooth Criminal
Defeat Lady Meowmalade without getting hit.

Prepare yourself. This is one of the worst trophies of the game. You have to beat the 4th world boss without taking damage. The fight starts where you have to stand on certain tiles when they’re blue, and others turn red. You have a second to jump and tail swipe to get there. After that, the boss comes down in the center, on a ball, that shoots lasers. When the lasers are thick, they do damage. Jump over them. Then hit the boss when they go away, until she leaves. Now we’re back to the dangerous floor bit. Except now, enemies spawn. You can kill them, or avoid them. Your choice. After this section, the boss shoots lasers again, except now, you have to be on the certain portion of the floor, that doesn’t damage you. When they lasers leave, attack again. Back to the first phase. Avoid the dangerous floors bit, and kill the enemies if you’d like. The boss will come down for the third and last time. Now this is the worst of the fight. She now has 6 LASERS! The safe floor bits are also very small and move very fast. So stand near the middle of the map if you can, and be prepared! After the lasers leave, hit the boss again to finish her off. Refer to the video below for a visual look at the boss.

Gone Fishin’
Collect all Pages in Gilly Island.

Also the same as “Sky-High”, except now it’s done in the Gilly Island World! In this world, there are 3 full levels, and 6 Foxholes, to be completed. Refer to “Sky-High” for information on how to get all the pages in a world.

Jump, Man!
Defeat the Yeti in Securing the Talent.

In a homage to Mario, in the Securing The Talent level of the Gilly Island World, you’ll find a Foxhole on the back, right side of the map. Inside, you just have to platform to the top of this section and hit a switch. Once you do, this trophy unlocks! This comes automatically though as you finish the level, as you need to do the Foxhole to get a destructible speaker.

Lucky Is My Name
Take no damage at the end of Three Cannon Salute.

This trophy is for beating the end of Three Cannon Salute, in the Gilly Island World, with no damage. Now I’m not sure where the ending starts, because I finished the end with no damage, and didn’t get the trophy. So I beat the entire level with no damage, and the trophy popped. Here’s a run of the full level, with no damage!

Cashing Out
Activate all the Cash Registers.

In the Gilly Island Hub World, there are two stalls with a cash register. One just as you walk off the dock at the beginning of the section, and the other to the left. For the second one, you have to cross a long bridge. Then you’ll see a level portal. To the left of it, is this still with a fish inside. Smack both registers and this trophy unlocks.

Fistful Of Dollars
Collect 1,500 Coins.

You need 1,500 coins to get this trophy. You get roughly 500 coins a level if you get them all.

A Few Dollars More
Collect 5,000 Coins.

Getting this, you’ll need 5,000 coins. You get about 500 a level if you gather all the coins! This is also cumulative!

The Good, The Bad, And The Wealthy
Collect 12,000 Coins.

This trophy is obtained for earning 12,000 total coins. If you don’t have this by the end of the game, you can replay Wrigglemania a ton. It can give you 800+ coins per run if you do it with no damage!

A Real Hero
Watch the Credits.

After you beat the game, just don’t skip the credits, and you’ll get this.

Robot Rock
Complete all Ch1p levels.

This is for beating all 7 of CH1PS level in Foxington. They’re all located on the right side of the map, and are platforming levels! Once you beat them all, the trophy is yours!

Complete all PW levels.

For this, you have to complete all 3 of PW’s levels in Foxington. One consists of a wave based Battle, and 2 are remixed boss fights! One with Master Mittens, and one with General Buttons. Only difference is the obstacle pattern is a bit mixed up. But it’s still the same fight as it was the first time for each boss.

Complete all Anna Lyd levels.

In Foxington, you’ll meet Anna Lyd. On the left side of Foxington is all of Anna’s levels. There are 6 to complete, and they’re all ball rolling levels. After you finish them all, this trophy will unlock.

A True Guardian
Complete all of the levels in Foxington.

This is gained for completing all 16 levels in Foxington!

Get Set Radio
Interact with all 5 radios in Foxington.

After you beat the game and gain access to Foxington, you can start this trophy. From the start point head left. You’ll see a radio next to a door. Hit it. Continue down this path. You can go either left or right up stumps. Go left for now. At the end of this path, is a radio next to a table with a checkers table. Now go back to the fork in the road, and go up the stumps now. Continue left, and you’ll see the radio next to some torches! Now return to the start point and go right instead, past the map. You’ll go up a hill, near some lockers. At the top, look left, and you’ll see the next radio next to a purple yoga mat. Now just to the left of that, you’ll see a bounce pad in a tree. Bounce on it. Follow the path to the left, and you’ll find the last radio, next to an arcade machine!

Grey Fox
Never get caught in a single run through of Under Pressure.

This is gained in the Under Pressure level in the Foxington World. The whole point of this level is to “stealth through”. To do that, you have to complete the entire level, while burrowed. Now, you’ll be avoiding obstacles the whole way, and you can only come out from under the ground, if you’re on yellow tiles. As they act like checkpoints. If you touch an obstacle, or fall off an edge while digging, you have to restart the entire level. Here is a video of a “stealth run” of the entire level!

On Top Of Things
Defeat all of the enemies in Top That!

This is done in the “Top That” level, in Foxington. This may sound quite difficult, but it’s not. All the enemies are in your pathway. If you happen to die, enemies don’t respawn either. So if you lose 2 lives just to kill an enemy, it’ll stay dead! This will pop near the end of the level, if you managed to kill everything!

Soap, Please!
Take a shower in Foxington.

In Foxington, on the top left portion of the Hub area, youll find two levels. “Gotta Get Back In Time” and “The Fluffle Shuffle”. In between those is a set of pipes and two drains. On each side of the pipes, there is a faucet. You have to hit those, to get the water going, and then stand in the water, and the trophy will unlock.

Have a Buzzkill kill a fellow Buzzkill.

In the Aqueducts level in the Sky Castle area, you can find Buzzkills near the end of the level. Once you’re near them, have one see you and try and shoot you, through its friend! The projectile will hit the other bee, and this will unlock!

The New Champ
Take no damage in WriggleMania.

For this, you have to beat WriggleMania, which is found in Foxington, with no damage. Now this is rough. There’s are 4 rounds of enemies, and 3 waves on each round, minus the first. So let’s get to it. First round there will be 4 birds that spawn. When you kill them, they will spawn 4 flowers in their respective corners. Nice and easy. Now, the second round spawns 3 waves of caterpillar worm enemies. But now the obstacles start. A square in the arena will lift up, and shoot fireballs in a horizontal and vertical fashion. After each wave, a new square will pop up, until 3 squares are shooting fireballs. They move around as well, so always be on the move. Round 3 comes with lasers, spikes, and bees. Now this round can be a bit easy. As you can bait the bees to shoot stingers, then hit them back, so you’re not always on the move. After each wave, the spikes reset and a new laser gets added. Round 4 is the worst. Each wave, a set of bees and golems spawn. Along with a square with lasers. Similar to the fireball squares. Now, the golems take 3 hits to kill if you jump on them. WHEN THEY DIE, RUN! They let out a heat seeking magic ball that hurt you if you’re not ready. This ruined many of my runs before I realized where they came from. After you beat 3 waves of round 4, the level will end. If you beat it with no damage, you also get the trophy. Refer to the video below for a half strategy.

New Fit
Equip your first costume.

All you have to do for this is equip a full costume set. All this requires is 1,400 Coins, and all you have to do is buy the head accessory and body! Sets unlock together though, so you can buy some as they unlock if you have the coins.

Is My Shirt On Backwards?
Equip a mismatched costume.

Simply equip an outfit that doesn’t match! You have to have a head accessory and a body. So it’ll take at least 1,400 coins to buy one of each!

Fashion Icon
Purchase all of the costumes from Sky Castle, Veggie Village, Wrestful Retreat, and Hauntingham.

For this, you have to buy all the outfits that come from Sky Castle, Veggie Village, Wrestful Retreat and Hauntingham. Each world has a burrow run level, which is an auto scroll level. These are the best levels to grind coins in, to buy all the outfits before you move on. If you dont buy the outfits, you’ll get other unneeded outfits in the store, so you’ll be unsure what ones you actually need! Once you buy all the needed outfits, the trophy will unlock.

A “Diamond” Dozen
Find all 4 diamonds in A Road to Nowhere.

The level “A Road To Nowhere”, is found in Foxington. Now you have to find all 4 of the diamonds in the level. At the start of the level, you’ll run on some conveyer belts that push you back. Once you reach the second rotating spike pillar, wait for it to turn, until you see a ladder. Go up and, then jump to the first crystal. Continue on the path, until you see a flower enemy, and kill it. Now go on the conveyer belt that take you left, and you’ll instantly see some boxes on the other side of the wall. Break them, jump on the bounce pad and get the second diamond! After this one, continue left, and reach the checkpoint. Now, continue left and around the wall to another bounce pad. Bounce up, and you’ll see the third diamond. Jump over to it and pick it up. Now, you’ll be on some rotating spike platforms. Once you get over the first three, you’ll hit a platform to get a break. Now, on the second one after this platform, it has bounce pads on it. Bounce on one of them, and go left. You’ll then see the last diamond. Once you pick it up, this trophy is yours.

That Went Swimmingly
Take a dip in Foxington.

Once you reach Foxington, just jump in the water and this will unlock!

Everything Is Mine
Collect all of the collectibles during the cross ladder section of Step by Step.

In Step By Step, found in Foxibgton, you have get all the collectibles in a certain section of the level. Now, I’m not 100% sure where it starts, because it’s not obvious, but if you collect everything in the level, leading up to the giant square box, in the sky, this will unlock!

80s Ready
Defeat WriggleMania while wearing the Maxi-Mullet.

After you beat WriggleMania for the first time, which is located in Foxington, you’ll unlock the Maxi-Mullet in the store. Buy it for 700 Coins, then equip it. Then, after you beat WriggleMania with this wig equipped, you’ll get this trophy.



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