My Name Is Mayo 2 Review

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    Developed by Green Lava Studio, and released in 2020, My Name Is Mayo 2 is the sequel we all wanted but nobody asked for it.
    Be ready to smash the cross button like there’s no tomorrow in this new amazing adventure of our beloved Mayo Jar!

    This review is not supposed to be taken serious.*


    My Name Is Mayo 2 is the epic filled sequel to the cult classic, My Name Is Mayo. With more over the top action and emotion than ever before!

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    The world is broken. Nothing remains, and civilization is dying off. With only one person able to heal the hand, and bring hope back to everything, there stands, Mayo. Step into the feet of the titular jar, as you click, click, click, jump, click, tap, click, and deliver pizza on your way to make the world a better place. 

    The tension runs high, as you experience all forms of emotion. You’ll experience heartbreak, and be at the lowest of low. Where is there to go from rock bottom? Only up. I couldn’t help but cry a little bit as you work your way through the turmoils of Mayo’s love life, in loss and sacrifice, as you learn to love yourself. But how is it that you end up moving a jar of Mayo? Well, by the end of it, you’ll find out.

    About halfway through, the game changes tunes about following your dreams as well! There are all sorts of motivational messages here. Never listen to what others tell you. Follow your nose! Know that horse will always be there for you. I’m sorry you have to play to figure that out. Also, the twist that happens at the end had me in tears. Nothing compares to this game. Not now, not ever! That’s right, not even God Of War can match this!

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    From the start, the gameplay had me hooked. It’s so simple, yet so diverse! There’s so many different ways to play it too! You can play in boring old regular mode, or, you can play in the dark! Invisible enemies! Explosions everywhere you look and tap! Or, the all time best option, dog. You can play, AS A DOG! THE WHOLE TIME! But how do you play as Mayo and a dog you ask!? Beautiful science that’s how! The locals you visit as well bring all sorts of variety to the gameplay too!

    On one level, you sneak and scurry through a farm field. In the next, you find yourself over the moon. Literally!!! Never experienced a proper noire setting level? This game has one! Wanna throw an infinite amount of pizza at people and animals that are walking on the street? We got you covered! Do you want to be a flying Mayo Dog Jar super hybrid!? WELL, THIS GAME IS FOR YOU!!!! The gameplay never gets full or stale, with so many different ways to play, I don’t understand how Green Lava Studios did it! Nothing feels out of place or broken with all the variety! It’s amazing!

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    I’m sorry I can’t write this section. I’m too busy replaying the only game that should be played ever for all time.


    This game brought me through all sorts of emotions. From sobbing like a baby to giggling like a child, to puking from excitement, this game had it all. I never got bored, and I loved every second of all the million gameplay styles! I shall now only play this game forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever!!!! Mayo is my love, my life, my GOD!

    *Disclaimer: This review is satirical. Green Lava Studios has in fact made a good game, and I can’t recommend it enough. Especially considering it’s only a dollar! NOW BUY IT AND BE ONE WITH MAYO!

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    • Best story
    • Best Gameplay
    • More real than real life
    • Take my money
    • Please
    • Take it all


    • Nothing. Play this game.



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