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My Aunt is a Witch Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 1/10.
Estimated time to Platinum/100%: 1 – 2 Hours.
Missable trophies: None if you make saves.
Glitched trophies: None.
Difficulty related: None.
Playthrough: 1.5 


Welcome to the My Aunt is a Witch Trophy Guide!
My Aunt is a Witch is a Point and Click story based game by Sometimes You. It also features some Visual Novel elements such as dialogue choices that determine endings.


Step 1: First Playthrough + Partial Playthrough
If you want the easiest path to the platinum then check out the walkthrough below. You will get all of the trophies if you follow it exactly.
Some notes before you begin.
There will be several dialogue choices that will either give you a game over screen or will let you progress. However each of the choices that gives you a game over will have a trophy tied to that. So I will be highlighting key points to save so that you can get the specific game over related trophy and then reload your save to continue the full playthrough.
There is also choice tied to an object interaction that will determine which of two possible trophies you will get at the very end of the game. This choice happens ~20mins into the game so I will make this very clear where you should save for this as to reduce platinum time.

During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
Bronze Potions loser
Silver Kraken from the boiler
Silver Deadly Hug
Silver Offended bear
Silver Close Encounters of the Fourth Type
Silver Creepy Tea Party
Silver Lucky coin
Silver Silent Hello
Silver Master of Shadows
Silver Spider Sly

Gold Skull Collector
Gold Best student
Gold Teddy Bear
Gold Fateful Meeting
Gold Treasurer
Gold Inquisition
Gold Meeting with an old friend
Gold It Takes Two: Malicente and my shadow

40-platinum My Aunt is a Witch 

Video Walkthrough:

Text Walkthrough:

To get through all the dialogue just keep pressing x over and over. There are big blocks of it too so to keep it simple I’ll refer to these points in the guide as story dialogue.

As for how to play the game once you make it through the massive dialogue scenes. Basically you need to go around the house finding ingredients for potions and then make the potion.
As I mentioned above in the roadmap certain object interactions will give you a dialogue choice where 1 choice will be a game over and also have a trophy attached.
I have shown all points in the walkthrough in which you must save to game to spare any additional playthroughs. 

Notes: there are 6 skulls to pick up and are very obvious. These track over multiple saves as well so if you missed one it should be fairly quick to pick up.
This is for the trophy Gold Skull Collector
#1 in library
#2 in cauldron room
#3 in balcony room (this is potentially missable if you progress too far so make sure you get it when I suggest to in the walktthrough)
#4 when you revisit the starting room / your room
#5 in forest town scene
#6 in forest in scene between big tree and crossroads

Playthrough 1:

story dialogue
Shown how to highlight all interactable objects with You will need this during your playthrough
You can see the first potion recipe ingredients list with
*There is a skull in this room, come back later to get it*

– Go forward to living room

– Click wolf rug
– Click table that the lamp is on to get forceps
– Open bag to select forceps  
– Use on wolf rug at the bottom of the screen
Get tooth

– Go left to kitchen
– Open double doored cupboard to get shards of a plate
– Go forward to storeroom
– Click bucket in lower right
Get the rag

– Go right to the greenhouse
– Click mandrake in the bottom right
– Click gardening shears on the wall
– Select gardening shears 
– Use on mandrake 
Get mandrake leaves

– Go back left then up to the library
#1 Skull Christian – click on it, in bottom right corner.

– Go up to cauldron room
#2 Skull Ludwig – in tree
– Click glove on the floor
Get glove

SAVE #1 (click on the icon at the top middle of screen to be able to save)
– Click on piece of paper pinned on the tree
– Select ‘Remove seal’
Silver Deadly Hug

Load SAVE #1
– Click on piece of paper on the tree
– Select ‘Do not touch the seal’
Get skull

– Open inventory to select skull
– Use on mortar sitting on top of left cupboard
– Click bucket of leaves in bottom left
Get whispering leaf

– Go left to balcony
#3 Skull Samuel – by balcony (this one is potentially missable if you progress too far so best to grab it now)

– Go down to the library
– Click book in center hanging from vines
– Click bird

– Go down to storeroom
– Go down to kitchen
– Open cupboard
– Open inventory and select glove
– Use on jar
Get sugar eye

– Click pumpkin
Get cookies

– Go up to storeroom
– Go up to library
You will automatically get the mouse
– Give mouse to bird
Get page

– Use page on book in vines
Get soul

– Go down to storeroom
– Go down to kitchen
– Go right to living room
– Go down to your room
#4 Skull Jack – in top left corner

– Go up to living room
– Open inventory and select the rag
– Use on all 3 pictures
Get dust
(Press L1 to check you have all ingredients)

– Go down to your room
– During the dialogue select ‘Challenge accepted!’
Silver Kraken from the boiler

Load SAVE #2
– During the dialogue select ‘Go back to sleep.’

save during dialogue with aunt in cauldron room if you want to be cautious
– Keep failing the potion mini game 
Bronze Potions loser

Your aunt will reset things
– Press and hold square to skip the mini game
Gold Best student

You will then get a new recipe to find ingredients for

– Pick up sleeping mask in aunts room
Get sleeping mask

– Select back of sofa

– Pick the following options:
‘Horse on a banana’
‘Rubik’s cube’
‘Cheese ball’
‘A box of chocolates’
Gold It Takes Two: Malicente and my shadow

Load SAVE #3
– Select back of sofa

– Select the correct answers:
‘Horse on the crescent moon’
‘Tennis ball’
‘A box of chocolates’
Silver Master of Shadows

Automatically get ladle
– Open bag and use ladle on cauldron
Get key
– Use key on cupboard door
Get fertilizer
– Click book on shelf
Get coin #1

– Go down to library
– Click book with heart on in top left  
Get coin #2
– Click book on far right 
Get coin #3

– Go down to storeroom
– Click cat house 
Get coin #4
– Click shelf on right side 
Get the jar

– Go down to kitchen
– Go right to living room
– Click book on shelf in centre
Get coin #5

– Go left to kitchen
– Click the samover (pot/vase thing on left bench)
– Click cupboard 
Get teabag

– Go right to living room
– Go down to your room
– Click barrel in bottom left corner
Get handle

SAVE #4 (needed to only have to do a partial playthrough later!)

– Pick up toy bear (it will be placed on the shelf)
– Use handle on barrel in mid of room
Get oil can
– Use oil can on cuckoo clock 
Get iron shavings

– Go up to living room
– Use sleeping mask on lamp
– Click hat in lower left shelf 
Get feather

– Go left to kitchen
– Use tea bag on cup in kitchen
– Use jar on red smoke from samover
– Use key on oven

– Go up to storeroom
– Go up to library
– Use coins on table 
Get magic powder

– Go down to storeroom
– Go right to greenhouse
– Use fertilizer on bone tree
Get bone tree root

– Go left to storeroom
– Go down to kitchen
– Go right to living room
– Go down to bedroom

Automatically go to aunties office (cauldron room)
Complete the minigame to make potion

– Click book in bottom left corner
– Click scroll on ground

story dialogue
Silver Close Encounters of the Fourth Type
Gold Inquisition

You will arrive at a big tree and have to find some specific pictures

– Cosmonauts glove – near top left corner
– Oxygen ballons – left side edge of branch
– Astronauts shoe – right side edge of thin branch
– Astronauts spacesuit – left side under branch
– Astronauts food – right of centre under big branch

story dialogue
Silver Silent Hello
– Click all the toys
– Go right at the crossroads

story dialogue
#5 Skull in bottom right corner
– Click coin in bottom right doorway
– Click chest on right side
Silver Lucky coin

– Click coin in top left corner
– Click coin in tower in the top middle
– Click coin in centre on screen thats in a broken cup
– Click coin in lower left between gap in fence
Gold Treasurer

– Give coins to pig

– Return to crossroads
– Click russian doll in left near tree stump

– Go down
– Click russian doll in top left corner
#6 Skull – in tree
Gold Skull Collector

– Go up to crossroads
– Go right to town
– Go left to spider
– Go down twice back to big tree
– Click base of big tree
Get key 

– Go right
– Go up
– Go left to spider
Get eye and paw

You’ll get placed back at crossroads 
– Click on bush in bottom right
– Use eye on Beam’s face
– Use paw on leg

story dialogue
Gold Fateful Meeting

story dialogue
Silver Creepy Tea Party

story dialogue
Gold Teddy Bear

story dialogue
Gold Meeting with an old friend

Load SAVE #4 (before you picked up the bear)
This time leave the bear on the floor

*proceed through the guide like before, until you reach all the toys tied to the trees in the forest*

– Click on all the toys
– Go left to spider
You’ll be at the crossroads again
– Go right
– Go down
– Go down to big tree
– Get key from base of tree
– Go right
– Go up
– Go left to spider
Silver Spider Sly

You’ll be back at crossroads
– Click on bush in bottom right
– Use eye on beam’s face
– Use paw on leg

story dialogue
This time at the end in the court scene the bears will hate you 
Silver Offended bear
40-platinum My Aunt is a Witch 


Trophy Guide:

My Aunt is a Witch Platinum
Good job! Completed all tasks!
Skull Collector Gold
Find All Skulls
Potions loser
Fail mini-game
Best student Gold
Complete the mini-game on the first try
Kraken from the boiler upscale-245262160018212
Cook a potion with Grimmor
Deadly Hug upscale-245262160018212
Become Laura’s Breakfast
Teddy Bear Gold
Save the Bear
Offended bear upscale-245262160018212
Become the enemy of the bears
Close Encounters of the Fourth Type upscale-245262160018212
Defeat the Banshee
Fateful Meeting Gold
Meet the Master of Fate
Creepy Tea Party upscale-245262160018212
Visit Beatrice
Treasurer Gold
Collect all the coins of Baron de la Pig
Lucky coin upscale-245262160018212
Find a lucky coin
Inquisition Gold
Use dark magic on Elmara
Meeting with an old friend Gold
Meet Elmara for the second time
Silent Hello upscale-245262160018212
Meet the doll from Silenced: the House
It Takes Two: Malicente and my shadow Gold
Outplay Malicente
Master of Shadows upscale-245262160018212
Defeat a shadow girl in a battle of wits
Spider Sly upscale-245262160018212
Defeat the Spider




  1. Thank you yet again for the guide. This game was quite a pain at times without one.

    Just a note. I played on the Vita version. Whilst I really appreciate Sometimes You continuing (hopefully) to support the Vita, this game seems to be a bit buggy.

    The first problem I had was when I loaded the game after playing for a couple of hours and it had somehow deleted all my save files.

    I started the game again and then had a weird issue where all the graphics were replaced with a teal coloured background. I hadn’t saved for ages when this problem started and the game crashed when I tried to save and exit.

    I would strongly recommend any Vita players use the PS+ cloud save to keep a backup of your latest save. I also resorted to keeping the game running when I wasn’t using the Vita and trying to do large sections of it at once just in case.

    It may be just an unfortunate couple of isolated issues that I was unlucky enough to experience but I thought I would mention it.

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