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Multiple Call of Duty Partners played the 2019 Call of Duty game

Get your Scuf controllers and kontrolfreek of the shelve and get ready for new info on Call of Duty. Several Call of Duty partners were invited to a private event where they where able to play the newest game that hasn’t even been announced yet! Last year we also got some teases of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 around this time with Football players wearing hats with the logo on it. This might mean we will get a first look at the game fairly soon.


The first pic is not that interesting but in the Tweet from @Cody_ford74 on twitter we can get a general idea about the game and can make some assumptions.

We see that there are only 4 people player per table so that might mean that its 4v4 but that might also just be because of the set-up space, We also can see a reflection in the tv screen but that does not give us much other than that you can see an outline of a character so that might mean specialists are gonna be returning?

The NFL draft is Thursday April the 25th in Nashville where they are playing. Activision might be paying them to wear MW4 hats that day to tease the logo just like last year.



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