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More Dark Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 1/10
Estimated time to platinum: 30/45 Mins
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 1


Welcome to the More Dark Trophy Guide!
return order to Hell, corral the escaped convicts and cleanse each area of chaos and anarchy. Can you save Hell, or perhaps earn redemption?
This game is developed by HugePixel and published on consoles by Ratalaika Games.


Step 1: Reach Level 31.
This will be your only step for this game if you focus on the “missable” trophies as well.
Play normally through the game but when you reach level 4, make sure to also collect the Gold Sandwich Time and the Gold Chop trophies. 
From now on, it’s just a walk in the park until you collect the slime upgrade in level 31 of the game.

Once you are done, you will have all the trophies and new shiny platinum as well.

Step 2: Cleanup (optional)
This step is optional as if you have correctly followed step 1, you should already have all the trophies.
However, there are two of them that you may have missed while reaching level 31:

  • Gold Chop;
  • Gold Sandwich Time.

Trophy Guide:

Platinum Demon
Earn all other trophies.
Complete the 1st level.

This trophy will pop after completing the first level.
This level is really easy as the gate will automatically open you will only have to go right by jumping over two steps to complete it.

Complete the 10th level.

To get this trophy, you need to complete level 10 of the first area.

Build You WayGold
Complete the 20th level.

This trophy will pop after completing level 20 of the first area.

Bonus LevelGold
Reach the 1st bonus level.

Bonus level comes after completing level 14.

This level is an Arkanoid-like minigame where you need to destroy some flies by making a poor guy on your moving platform.

Don’t worry if you lose one guy as there are infinite of them ready to be sacrificed until you complete the level.
You will need to tackle down the red bar you can see in the upper middle part of the screen to proceed further in the game.

First AreaGold
Complete the Dungeon area.

The Dungeon area is the first area and is composed of a total of 30 levels.

The last level is a boss fight where you have to jump on the boss’ head 10 times while dodging him, the bottle he throws, and the rocks that fall from the ground every time a bottle touches the floor.
He will also move back and forth around the arena.

Boots Gold
Jump on the head of an enemy.

This trophy can be first earned in level 3 of the Dungeon area as you are obliged to jump on the head of the only enemy of the level to be able to reach the higher platform on the right.
Furthermore, you have to kill him to open the gate so you will get this trophy no matter what.

Pick up the bomb upgrade.

This trophy is obtained after picking up the grenade upgrade that can be found in level 18.
Avoid the spikes and pick it up from the top of the little pyramid.
From now on, you can destroy all the blocks with an exclamation mark by putting a bomb over it with the button.

NOTE: You are invulnerable to the explosions so there’s no need to walk away when you place a grenade but crates aren’t, so be careful.

Sandwich TimeGold
Crush an enemy with a box.

This trophy can be attempted in level 4 but if you do, you will have to restart it.

This trophy is easy to achieve in this level, furthermore, if you choose to restart by dying or by pressing the button, you will also get the Gold First Blood trophy if you haven’t got it yet.

To get it, you simply have to jump to the top platform and drop the box down whilst the enemy is on the left. Then jump down and push the box up against the left wall squashing the enemy.

Throw a box at an enemy.

This trophy can be attempted in level 4.

To get it, reach the upper platform and drop the crate from the right side when the enemy is perfectly beneath it.

Pick up the high jump upgrade.

The slime upgrade is located on level 31, the first level of the lounge area. 
Avoid the spikes and pick it up from the top of the little pyramid.

From now on, you can place a slime with the and bounce on it to make a higher jump.

First Blood Gold
Die for the 1st time.

This trophy will pop after dying or restarting the level the first time by pressing the button.
You can do this on every level.

My career of trophy hunter starts from the AC II platinum. I love videogames and I want to transmit my passion to the whole world by writing guides etc.