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Minecraft Legends Review

Boring alone, Boring with others.

Minecraft Legends is a new game in the Minecraft “series” that takes us to a new world with new mobs but also new dangers, you are tasked to take down the invading army of Piglins and return peace to that dimension. Check out our full Minecraft Legends review for all the details!

Minecraft Legends is developed by Mojang Studios and Blackbird Interactive and published by Xbox Game Studios. It was released on April 18, 2023, for PC, Nintendo Switch PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Minecraft Legends is also free on Game Pass.

The story of Minecraft Legends starts with a small intro where you, the hero, get pulled from the main Minecraft game and get chosen to be the peacemaker of that world and destroy the Piglins that are invading the lands. During the story, you will come to see that every overworld mob is banding together to stop the Piglins from coming in and destroying the world, so Creepers, Skeletons, and Zombie Villagers will all be on your side to take down 1 big evil.

The story itself isn’t that bad, but it’s not that fun either, and even a bit grim for young kids at times. There isn’t really anything that they give you to care about mainly because it’s just a rope-pulling contest with the winner being the one who can do things the fastest, this is also the same thing in the VS multiplayer mode, a mode so boring that I just quit after trying for an hour to win the match.

They also introduce new mobs that will help you out, but they are not really cool or fun in any way to use and I resorted to just using creepers and zombies because they got the job done way quicker. Especially the new ranged thing was the most useless thing ever, but in the end, most of the mobs were useless for 1 reason, the AI controlling the mobs was just borderline stupid and didn’t do anything unless you command them, sometimes they would attack something if you stand there and other times they won’t, it worked for about 20% of the time…

Of course, you can give them manual commands, but this was just the most annoying thing to do ever, you needed to hold multiple buttons and after being done, you needed to collect all the mobs again instead of just coming back to you. I got pretty frustrated by this most of the time because I ended up having to spam the collect button because it wouldn’t take all the mobs in 1 go most of the time either. This was also an issue with trying to take the “firsts” with you. I’m still not sure if you could only bring 3 with you while there are 4 or if they just kept glitching out because you needed to press the collect button multiple times to actually get the ones you wanted.

The game world felt empty and dead with nothing to do other than take out the Piglin bases. There isn’t really anything to upgrade or make stronger in buildings other than just placing a wall around a village. The rest of the game was just doing the same thing over again, go to a stronghold, take it down, get a group of mobs again, and go to the next until there are none left. After that? nothing, you are done, there is nothing to do afterward, just PVP that is bad and “legends mode” a mindless 20-wave defense mode that rewards you a useless skin. There is also of course the store filled with microtransactions that do 0.

The only good thing the game has are its visuals, the game is nice to look at, if the game got canned and only concept art would have been released it would have been the better option. In the end, this game is just Minecraft Dungeons but without things to do or work towards. I do want to note, I had some high hopes for the game and was eagerly waiting till release time to play it straight away, but my hopes were crushed. Is it worth playing? maybe in coop with a friend if you got Game Pass, but I would personally not play this game if I had to pay more then 5$ for it.

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Not worth the money unless you can play it for free with Game Pass. The more I talked about the game the more I thought about how empty it is lowering the score even more. During my about 6 hours of completing the campaign, I felt nothing more than boredom.
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Not worth the money unless you can play it for free with Game Pass. The more I talked about the game the more I thought about how empty it is lowering the score even more. During my about 6 hours of completing the campaign, I felt nothing more than boredom.Minecraft Legends Review