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Mercenaries 2: World in Flames Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 5/10. 
Estimated time to Platinum: 30 Hours. 
Missable trophies: 5
Bronze Ride the Dragon, Silver …And Justice For All, Silver Digital Man,
Silver We’ll Burn the Sky, Gold Aces High   

Glitched trophies: –
None technically glitched, but many can be considered buggy. 
Difficulty related: None. 
Playthrough: 2. 


Welcome to the Mercenaries 2: World in Flames Trophy Guide!
The sequel to the hit 2005 open world game Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction, Mercenaries 2 is well known for having one of the most glitched trophy lists of all time. Hopefully, this guide will help you overcome the glitches & earn the platinum!


Step 1: Complete the Story
The first stage will involve completing the entire story of the game. Along the way, you will want to earn as many of the miscellaneous trophies that you can, though most can still be earned after completing all of the story missions. As I warned in the overview, this game is loaded with glitchy trophies. I do not suggest buying this game for the platinum trophy unless you are a fairly hardcore trophy hunter. If it wasn’t for the number of glitchy trophies and other game glitches the difficulty would be more like a 3/10.

Also, you can technically get all of the trophies in a single playthrough, but I don’t suggest going for Gold Aces High until you have beaten the game once, as you will be familiar with the game by that point and should understand how to deal with all of the HVT’s.

Do note that most of the trophies that require you to do something x number of times are glitched. They generally take more than the number listed to unlock. If one does not unlock right away, just keep doing the event listed until the trophy pops.

You’ll be earning these trophies:
Bronze Schools Out
Bronze The Rage
Bronze Hello, Hooray
Bronze Wild One
Bronze The Analog Kid
Bronze Oil and Gasoline
Bronze Ride the Dragon

Silver Runnin’ with the Devil
Silver You Better Run
Silver No Compromise, No Regrets
Gold The Hero and the Madman

Step 2: Grab any Miscellaneous Trophies you Don’t yet Have (Optional)
Chances are that you will have already earned many of these trophies. But if you haven’t yet earned all of the miscellaneous trophies in the game, now is the time to do so.

Refer to the related trophies for descriptions on how to obtain.

Step 3: Online Co-op
Next up, you will want to complete the four co-op trophies. Unfortunately, co-op does not even work for some people. To play online, make sure your PS3 is connected to the network, and connect to the EA servers after loading up the game. You can attempt to join a game from the main menu, but this never actually worked for me. The best way to do these trophies is to find a boosting partner, so head over to our Discord to find a very helpful group of gamers! Once you load your save file, pause the game and go to options. Select “multiplayer” and invite your partner. Your trophy progress will carry over between sessions, so you don’t have to earn all of them in one sitting.

As of July 2015, the servers have not been shut down, but it likely won’t be long until they are, with the game being almost six years old. If you are unable to play online, or other players are unable to join your game, you may be out of luck. Refer to Gold Billion Dollar Babies for possible solutions to the online problems. Also note that CHEATS DISABLE TROPHIES, so do not ever enter a cheat into the game until you have earned the platinum.

Overall, these four trophies will take a couple hours to earn if they don’t glitch out on you. Good luck.

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
Bronze Partners in Crime
Bronze Wheels of Steel
Silver Damage, Inc.
Silver Nothin’ But a Good Time

Step 4: Playthrough 2 – CAPTURING all of the HVT’s
Are you ready for the toughest trophy in the game? Time to go back through for a second playthrough in which you will be capturing all HVT’s. This time around, you don’t have to waste any time on the challenges or other miscellaneous stuff, just focus purely on capturing the HVT’s and completing the game. Also, go ahead and grab Bronze Ride the Dragon if you missed it on your first playthrough. Once you complete this step, you should have the platinum trophy.

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
Bronze Ride the Dragon
Gold Aces High
40-platinum World in Flames

Tips and Strategies:

This game, as well as many of the trophies, are EXTREMELY buggy/glitchy. Some players can’t even access the online, while others are unable to obtain various trophies until they have gone above and beyond the requirement for the trophy. You WILL encounter glitches during your playthrough(s), so I suggest being ready to deal with them. 

Some of the most common glitches include:

  • Ewan disappearing while bringing you a vehicle.
  • Misha’s airstrikes hitting very far away from the intended target.
  • Various NPC’s randomly dying and buildings, including outposts, randomly blowing up.
  • Weapons phasing into the ground and becoming unobtainable.

There are no difficulty levels to decide between in this game, but there are three different characters to choose from. You will decide on your mercenary at the start of a new game, or when joining someone else’s online game. The three characters actually do kind of resemble different difficulty levels, as they each have different abilities that can make the game easier or harder.

  • Mattias Nelson has the most health, arguably making him the “easy difficulty”. His higher health and faster regeneration are extremely helpful when playing solo, as the other characters take a lot longer to fully regenerate health. He is the “Swede” that is really the poster boy for the series, as he is featured the most of all the characters in ads and game covers.
  • Chris Jacobs can carry the most ammo, generally one or two more rockets and at least two more magazines of ammo, arguably making him the “medium difficulty”. However, he could be considered the best character to play as in co-op since players can revive each other.
  • Jennifer Mui is slightly more effective with sniper rifles and covert weapons, can throw grenades farther, and can sprint the fastest. However, she has the lowest health and carries the least amount of ammo of all the mercenaries, so she is the “hard difficulty”. 

There are six factions in the game that you need to learn about, though only five will actually be your allies.

Faction Name Abbreviation Description Locations Enemy Factions
Universal Petroleum UP Texas based oil monopoly that had taken control of all of Venezuela’s oil, before Solano rose to power. Maracaibo, areas north of the PMC PLAV, VZ
People’s Liberation Army of Venezuela PLAV Left wing radicals fighting to restore Venezuela’s previous government and defeat the “capitalist” UP and “fascist” VZ military. Southwest quadrant of the map UP, VZ
Jamaican Pirates Pirates basically the Russian Mafia of the first game that intends to exploit the war for profit. Northern Islands Everyone
Allied Nations AN or Allies The “United Nations” of the Mercenaries universe, just more corrupt with only one goal (to secure the oil for the United States). Caracas, surrounding areas China, VZ
People’s Republic of China China The nation of China, which seeks to create a pro-China regime in Venezuela and to gain control of the oil. east of Caracas, Caracas AN, VZ
Venezuelan Military VZ Solano’s military force that is always hostile to the player. Everywhere Everyone

In terms of the best weapon loadout, here are my suggestions:

  • You should always have an RPG (or the Chinese sold fuel-air variant) as one of your weapons. An RPG gives you the power of a grenade with the range of an assault rifle. It is best used to help destroy vehicles and buildings, but should not be used against individual enemies.
  • Your other weapon can really be anything you want, but it really depends on your playstyle. If you prefer to rush into the fight and attack from close range, then you will likely be using shotguns, assault rifles, etc. If you plan to attack from long range, you will be using sniper rifles or Blanco’s hunting pistol. It all depends on how you want to play the game.
  • You should always be carrying as many grenades and C4 blocks as you can; grenades are great for vehicles and groups of enemies, while C4 is better for buildings and tougher vehicles.

Vehicles are divided into five categories (note that a vehicle’s armor is indicated by the number on the gear next to the health meter, with a 1 being the lowest and a 4 being the highest):

  • Unarmed vehicles are generally civilian owned, but have a wide range of speeds and types. This list includes sports cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles without mounted weapons.
  • Light military vehicles generally have a mounted weapon on them somewhere, and have generally decent speeds and armor. This list includes the main vehicles of each faction (like the UP pickup trucks and PLAV jeeps).
  • Heavy military vehicles are generally slower, more heavily armored, and armed with stronger weapons. This list includes tanks and other bigger, heavier vehicles.
  • Helicopters are the fastest way to travel from one place to another (aside from fast travel), and come in many different types. Some are unarmed, but most have at least one weapon (miniguns, mounted machine guns, dumbfire missiles, AA missiles, and anti tank missiles).
  • Boats are the only vehicles that can travel on water but are generally useless because of helicopters.
  • Personally speaking, I believe the best vehicles are the Chinese Iron Mountain Heavy Tank, the Pirate sold Anaconda helicopter, the Chinese Warsong Attack chopper, and the Allied Nations Ambassador Gunship. Once you get these helicopters, you won’t be using many other vehicles, though the Iron Mountain Heavy Tank is still highly effective. 

Airstrikes are basically divided into four categories based on how they are called in: smoke grenades, beacons, laser guided, and satellite.

Guidance Thrown range Description
Beacon Very short The least numerous type of airstrike, though beacons can’t be thrown far they can stick to objects, making them useful on moving targets.
Smoke Grenade Vhort Second most common type of airstrike, will generally resemble beacon guided strikes but they don’t stick to targets and can be thrown farther.
Laser-guided Medium, long Third most common type of airstrike, generally a single missile that can cause a lot of damage, must keep the laser aligned on the target until the airstrike hits or else Misha is more likely to miss.
Satellite Short, medium, long Satellite airstrikes are generally very powerful strikes with a wide area of effect, but are far more complicated to use. When you launch the airstrike, you will have to select the target and then play a little minigame. You will have to hit  over all the gray parts of the satellite circle and if you mess up, you will have to start over. Getting shot while using this type of airstrike will kick you out, forcing you to re-acquire your target. These strikes cost money for every second you are in satellite mode, so they can be very expensive to use. Also, they are the most common type.

Trophy Guide:

World in Flames
You earned all trophies in Mercenaries 2

You earned all trophies in Mercenaries 2

School’s Out
You completed the tutorial
This is the first trophy you will earn. You will earn this during the first mission of the game, “Rescue Carmona”.
The Rage
You completed “Rescue Carmona”

This trophy will unlock after completing the mission “Rescue Carmona”. However, some users on various forums have claimed that both this trophy and Bronze School’s Out will not unlock until you acquire the PMC in the second mission of the game, so don’t worry if it doesn’t unlock immediately.

Hello, Hooray
You acquired the PMC

This trophy will unlock after completing the second mission of the game where you acquire the PMC. Once you hijack (or destroy) the tank in the villa and kill the ten enemies that show up after, a cutscene will play, and the trophy should pop right after.

The mission will begin with your mercenary standing outside a bar near the PMC. Take any vehicle you want from the area and drive to the gate. If you are fast, you will be able to go past the gate before it closes, but if you take too long, it will close and you will have to blow it open with C4. Once you destroy the second gate just up the road, you will have to kill five marked soldiers surrounding the building. They will be marked by yellow triangles over their heads, and they are easy to recognize thanks to their white suits. Once you kill all five of them, you will be able to enter the PMC.

When you go inside, a tank will drive through a nearby wall and attack you. You can hijack it to earn the trophy Bronze Ride the Dragon, or you can simply destroy it. You will then have to kill ten attacking soldiers. Once they die, you will complete the mission, and the PMC will become your base of operations.

Runnin’ with the Devil upscale-245262160018212
You verified Blanco

You will encounter Blanco during the mission “Finding Blanco”, about halfway through the game. Once you verify Blanco and complete the mission, you will get the trophy. Keep in mind that he counts toward Gold Aces High, so you need to capture him if you are going for the trophy.

The mission will begin with you exiting the PMC, where the oil rig is visible in the middle of the water. Call in an Anaconda and fly out to the rig with your disguise up. From there, you can land right next to the objective marker, kill a couple enemies, and enter the building. However, if you plan on capturing Blanco, you will want to take out the SAM sites scattered around the rig. You can do it by helicopter, or on the ground with your explosives.

After the cutscene, Blanco will appear on the main floor of the rig. Jump down to where he is and either subdue or kill him. If you kill Blanco, you can pick up his weapon, the hunting pistol. It is a very powerful five shot scoped revolver that only appears this one time (unless you use cheats). However, it often falls through the ground and becomes un-gettable. Either way, once he is verified, you will have to destroy the oil rig. Do this any way you want, though I suggest getting off before it is completely destroyed, as then you run the risk of dying from the many explosions. Once the mission is completed, you will have the trophy.

You Better Run upscale-245262160018212
You verified Carmona

You will encounter Carmona at the end of the mission “Get Solano”, immediately after completing “Finding Blanco”. The mission is long and fairly challenging, so make sure you have some strong weapons. However, you won’t be able to call in vehicles and airstrikes during the mission, so good weapons are necessary. Once you verify Carmona at the end of the mission, you will get the trophy. Just like Blanco, Carmona counts toward Gold Aces High.

The first half of the mission will involve climbing to the top of Angel Falls in the lower right section of the map. You will have to drive to the top. The best solution is to take a VZ vehicle and drive it all the way up the road. Try to stay disguised for the entire drive. Once you reach the top, take out any attacking enemies, including at least one helicopter, and then position yourself in front of the bunker. Launch the bunker buster, and Solano will be revealed, right? Wrong! The bunker buster isn’t strong enough to destroy the outside of the bunker, and to make matters worse, Carmona launches an attack on the PMC.

You will only have eight minutes to get back to the PMC, so hijack the first helicopter you encounter and make the long flight back. You will have to destroy tanks and other armored vehicles that are attacking the building, and if the PMC is destroyed, the mission is failed. After you destroy the vehicles, enter the building for a quick cutscene. You will now have to chase down Carmona and capture or kill him. The best strategy is to steal a VZ jeep and follow the objective marker on the map. Fortunately, Carmona will always go to the same location; an unoccupied helicopter on a hill in Merida. The helicopter will show up on the map as a grey helicopter outline, so you can simply drive to that location and wait for him to arrive. Once you verify Carmona, the mission will end, and the trophy will unlock.

No Compromise, No Regrets upscale-245262160018212
You battled for Caracas

BEFORE you start this mission, make sure that you have completed every single contract, challenge, etc for both the Allies and the Chinese. The reason I say this is because, once you complete the mission, the area around the HQ of the faction you worked with will become inaccessible. If there is anything in that area after the mission, you will be unable to do it.

This will unlock upon completing the mission “The Battle For Caracas”. It doesn’t matter if you side with the Allies or the Chinese, so pick whichever faction you prefer. Each side has a different set of objectives, but each side will involve the destruction of marked targets. After destroying the targets, you will have to verify the leader of the opposing faction. Both count towards Gold Aces High. Once you verify your target, the mission will end.

The Allied version of the mission will require you to destroy four air defense stations scattered around Caracas. Each one will be guarded by at least one armored vehicle and some soldiers, some carrying rocket launchers. Helicopters tend to get shot down, so the best strategy is to go in with a fast tank and try to take out the target as you drive by. Once you have destroyed all four targets, you will have to verify Peng.

Peng is located at the Chinese HQ, but he is actually not all that heavily guarded. The best strategy is to get just outside of the base and bombard the area in front of the castle with airstrikes and RPGs until most of the defenders are dead. There are a few SAM sites in the area that will prevent you from being able to capture Peng, so you need to destroy them first. Once you take out the SAMs, Peng will be fairly easy to capture, though you will likely have to carry him off the castle walkways to actually get him to a helicopter. Once he has been verified, the mission will end.

The Chinese version of the mission will require you to destroy five buildings scattered around Caracas in order to push the Allies back. The building to the north of the city is arguably the toughest target, but all of them are guarded by multiple rocket launcher soldiers and various vehicles. The best strategy is to go in with an Allied tank and take out as many targets as possible before being blown up, then hijack another one and repeat. Once all five buildings are destroyed, you will have to verify Joyce.

Joyce is located at the Allied HQ and will be heavily guarded. Once again, head into the HQ using an Allied vehicle so you can be disguised when you launch your first attack. Capturing Joyce is no easy task; I suggest destroying every single vehicle in the base and killing all of the launcher-equipped soldiers. Don’t go near Joyce until you have done both of those actions, or else he might end up getting killed by a stray rocket. Once you’ve destroyed the vehicles and killed most of the soldiers, go ahead and capture Joyce just like any other HVT. If you aren’t trying to capture all the HVTs, then just rush in and kill Joyce quickly.

Either way, once you watch the cutscene after verifying Peng or Joyce, you will get the trophy. I personally find the Allied side against China to be easier, but that’s just me.

Wild One
You recruited Ewan

Ewan will be the first outsider you recruit. He will be your helicopter pilot that brings you vehicles and supply crates. You will automatically recruit him after completing a few UP missions.

The Analog Kid
You recruited Misha

Misha is the third and final person you will recruit. After you recruit Eva, Misha’s location will be revealed on the Pirate controlled islands in the northernmost section of the map. He will ask you to kill a VZ military officer by destroying his bunker. You will first have to collect three bunker buster bombs, then you have to use one to destroy the officer’s heavily guarded bunker. Completing the mission will recruit Misha.

Misha is your pilot; you will need him because he delivers ordinance to whatever locations you target.

Oil and Gasoline
You recruited Eva

Eva will be the second person you recruit. Once you have recruited Ewan, speak to him in the PMC and he will talk about a mechanic named Eva. She is found in a garage near the rock quarry in the southern section of the map. To recruit her, you will need to complete a race using the Caccharo de Muerte, a monster truck with hydraulic wheels that allow it to jump over gaps and obstacles. Once you complete the race, she will join you at the PMC.

Eva will sell you custom vehicles once you collect enough spare parts. See Silver Digital Man for more information about the spare parts.

The Hero and the Madman Gold
You completed Mercenaries 2

Once you complete “The Battle For Caracas”, you will meet with the leader of whatever faction you sided with (in a cutscene) and he will give you a nuclear bunker buster and $25 million as rewards. However, Solano will then nuke the HQ of whatever faction you worked with in the battle. Once the scene ends, call in a VZ helicopter and fly all the way to Angel Falls. Surprisingly, the base isn’t very heavily guarded, containing just an Anaconda, some vehicles, and a few other soldiers. Destroy the helicopter before you lose your disguise, then take out everything else that gets in your way. Next, land and call in the nuclear bunker buster. Make sure to stand as far back from the bunker as you can, as the nuke will damage you very badly if you are near it. Once the bomb goes off, run through the destroyed entrance to Solano’s helicopter.

Solano will attempt to escape, so you have to stop him by hijacking his helicopter. The button sequence is as follows:

  1. rapidly tapping ,
  2. move  to the left,
  3. hit ,
  4. move  to the right,
  5. hit

This sequence should be the same every time you play the final mission. Once you finish the fifth button press, your mercenary will confront Solano in the back of the helicopter. If you have captured all 54 previous HVTs, you will end up jumping out of the helicopter with Solano, “capturing” him. If not, you will jump out with Solano still inside, killing him. Watch the final cutscene, and the trophy should come during or after the credits.

Eat the Heat
You performed a burnout

Hold down (acceleration) and  (brake) at the same time while in a fast car to perform the burnout. This trophy may take quite a few seconds to unlock, so just keep holding the buttons down until it pops.

Shoot to Thrill
You got 25 headshots

You aim down your sights in this game by holding , allowing for more precise shots. Simply kill 25 enemies with headshots to get the trophy. You should easily have this trophy by the end of the game.

Armageddon It
You destroyed 25 buildings

Simply destroy any 25 buildings to get this trophy. The best way to destroy a building is to use RPGs, C4, or any missile equipped vehicle. You should easily have this trophy by the end of the game.

Hail and Kill
You destroyed 50 objects using melee

The best objects to hit are weaker ones, such as flower pots and furniture at the PMC. Crates that contain supplies also count toward this trophy, so you should easily have it by the end of the game.

Holy Smoke
You destroyed 50 Objects With a Grenade

This trophy is just like Bronze Hail and Kill, but this time, you will be using grenades. You can only carry nine grenades at any time, so this trophy will likely take a longer amount of time. Once again, the furniture and flower pots around the PMC work very well, though this can also be earned by destroying weak vehicles and other tougher targets. If you use grenades constantly throughout the game, you will likely have this by the end. Some types of crates contain grenades, so these are the best places to replenish your stock of grenades.

Little Savage
You destroyed 50 Objects with an RPG Launcher

This trophy is similar to Bronze Holy Smoke, but now you will destroy objects with RPG’s instead of grenades. RPG’s are best used for destroying vehicles, including tanks, but you can just as easily get this trophy by destroying the objects scattered around the PMC. As long as you always travel with an RPG as one of your weapons, you should easily have this by the end of the game.

Balls to the Wall Gold
You mastered the Winching Challenge

The winching challenge is given by Ewan at the PMC. To get this trophy, you have to complete all three levels of the challenge. To complete the challenge, you have to use a helicopter winch to stack cargo containers on top of one another, and then you have to place a spare parts box on top. You have five minutes to complete the challenge and are even provided with two helicopters in case you somehow destroy one. The challenge is extremely easy and can usually be completed in less than a minute and a half.

On the first two levels of the challenge, you only need to stack two containers before placing the spare parts box. On the third level, you will need to stack all three containers before placing the box.

Gone Shootin’
You completed one of Fiona’s challenges

Fiona will give you four different challenges throughout the game that can be attempted at any time by talking to her. Her challenges are among the most difficult in the game, but luckily, you only have to complete the first level of any single challenge. Completing level 1 of a challenge will unlock the next challenge. Completing level 3 of each challenge will unlock four total costumes, one for each challenge. The costumes will differ depending on the character you play as. Also, these challenges are significantly easier in co-op, so if you really want to earn the costumes, feel free to tackle the challenges with a partner.

The four challenges (in the order they are unlocked), as well as their level 1 time limits are:

  • Emplaced weapons: take out a large group of statues with a mounted machine gun, airborne cars with recoiless rifles, and finally another large group of statues with a mounted grenade launcher, all in two and a half minutes.
  • Grenade launcher: take out 21 targets (statues, cars, busts of Solano, and statues behind concrete walls) with a grenade launcher in two and a half minutes.
  • Pistol: take out 21 portraits of Solano using an inaccurate pistol in a minute and a half.
  • Sniper: take out 15 portraits of Solano and four cars using a sniper rifle, in a minute and a half.
Pipeline upscale-245262160018212
You captured all outposts for a single faction

Each faction has a number of outposts you can capture for them. To capture an outpost, accept the first outpost contract when it becomes available, and then complete the mission. Outpost missions require you to go to the outpost, kill most of the enemies in the area, and then get anywhere from three to six faction soldiers into the building. To get the faction soldiers into the building, you will call in strike teams the same way you call in vehicles and airstrikes.

Each outpost gives you the ability to buy items from the faction, may unlock new contracts (often challenges), and will usually allow you to go after the next outpost for that faction. The Pirates only have three outposts, so they are arguably the easiest faction to do this for. However, if you are going for 100% completion including all of the landing zones, you will get this trophy along the way.

Ride the Dragon
You hijacked the tank in the villa

During the second mission of the game where you take over the PMC, you will eventually be attacked by a tank inside the building. You will want to hijack the tank when it appears, and then use it to kill the enemies that spawn in afterwards. This trophy is missable because you can destroy the tank instead of hijacking it. Fortunately, since this mission is so early in the game, you can easily start a new game and play back to this point to get the trophy.

Heavy Metal Thunder
You successfully completed 10 action hijacks

What the description means by “action hijacks” is hijacking a vehicle by pressing a combination of buttons. Small military vehicles, such as UP pickup trucks or AN Humvees, are simply “hijacked” by entering the vehicle. Helicopters and armored vehicles will require you to press a combination of buttons to take control. Missing a button will result in you being thrown off of the vehicle. Each vehicle has its own set of buttons to press, with some vehicles requiring up to four inputs. Aside from the basic , , , and , you will often have to move one of the control sticks up, down, left, or right. Also, if a vehicle has a gunner, you need to kill that soldier before you can hijack. You will easily have this trophy by the end of the game.

Be Quick or Be Dead upscale-245262160018212
You sniped 50 enemy vehicle drivers

This can be done against any faction vehicle drivers, but to be safe, you might want to make sure the factions you snipe are hostile toward you. As the trophy description states, this must be done with a sniper rifle. There are a few different rifles, but the best weapon to use is the anti-material rifle. You can’t obtain this weapon until you meet the Allies and Chinese, so don’t worry about this trophy until you reach that point in the game. Also, only the anti-material rifle can kill the drivers of Allied and Chinese vehicles, as the glass protecting them is bullet-resistant.

Stand Up and Shout
You achieved maximum mood with the Allies

See Bronze Dirty Deeds for information about all five mood trophies.

Forever Free
You achieved maximum P.L.A.V. mood

See Bronze Dirty Deeds for information about all five mood trophies.

Island of Domination
You achieved maximum Pirate mood

See Bronze Dirty Deeds for information about all five mood trophies.

Longing For Fire
You achieved maximum Chinese mood

See Bronze Dirty Deeds for information about all five mood trophies.

Dirty Deeds
You achieved maximum Universal Petroleum mood

Each faction has a “mood/reputation” meter that can be increased or decreased depending on your actions. In order to get the five mood trophies, you must get each faction to like you as much as possible. 

To increase your faction reputation, you can can:

  • Kill members of the opposing faction.
  • Complete missions, side missions, and challenges.
  • Verify HVT’s and destroy marked targets.

Your reputation will decrease if a member of a faction catches you doing something hostile toward a faction member, such as killing them or hijacking a vehicle.  If your reputation with a faction is low, as in that faction is hostile with you, you can talk to Fiona at the PMC to bribe that faction, although the bribe will always cost about 20% of your total money.

The best strategy is to do all the missions, HVT’s, etc. for any one faction until you reach maximum mood/reputation with them, then move on to the next faction until you have completed all five.

No More Mr. Nice Guy upscale-245262160018212
You pissed off everyone in Venezuela

To get this trophy, you need to make all five factions hostile at the same time. The best way to do this is to wait until you beat the game and unlock the nuclear bunker buster. Buy at least five, and then travel to any outpost occupied by any faction. Destroy the outpost with the nuclear bunker buster, and that faction will immediately turn hostile. Do this for all five factions to unlock the trophy.

Tattooed Millionaire
Be connected to EA Servers and earn $1 million

If this trophy doesn’t glitch out on you, it will pop within the first hour of gaming. See Gold Billion Dollar Babies for information about the glitches and possible solutions.

Billion Dollar Babies Gold
Be connected to EA Servers and earn $1 billion

Though this trophy isn’t difficult to acquire, it requires some grinding and is glitched for many people. If Bronze Tattooed Millionaire doesn’t unlock at the correct time, try a few of these possible fixes.

  • Restart the game and re-connect to the EA servers.
  • Start a new game.
  • Try going for the trophies in co-op.
  • Keep grinding money until you reach anywhere from $200-$400 million and it might unlock.
  • If all else fails, delete your game data (not your save data) and try again.

If none of these fixes end up working for you, then this trophy may just be unobtainable for you. Some players have reported the trophy being unobtainable even after trying just about every possible fix, so you wouldn’t end up being alone. If you can’t end up getting Bronze Tattooed Millionaire, then don’t waste any time grinding for a billion dollars.

If the previous trophy does unlock, then this is how you should grind for money: keep playing the winching challenge at the PMC but don’t ever raise the bet. It will raise on its own and eventually, you will be making over $20 million each time you win. Since the challenge shouldn’t take more than a minute and a half, you can get this trophy in a couple hours of grinding.

There is a glitch that has been reported that allows you to win the challenge in well under a minute. Pick up the box and fly above 100m, staying within the boundary (the giant yellow circle where you stack the crates). Drop the box but continue to fly straight up in the air. The challenge should auto-complete and you’ll win.  Some players have reported that this glitch works and if it does, it is much faster than trying to complete the challenge the way the developers intended for it to be done.  However, this glitch did not work for me, so it may not work for everyone. 

…And Justice For All upscale-245262160018212
You verified all high value targets

HVT’s (High Value Targets) function much like they did in the original “Mercenaries” game. Each faction will begin offering you bounty missions, including HVT’s, after completing one or two of their main missions. Each HVT can be captured (for the full bounty) or killed (for half the bounty). To capture an HVT, you must be friendly with the faction that offered the bounty.

Once you reach the HVT, run up and melee him, then call in an extraction chopper. Load him onto the helicopter and wait for it to fly away, and then you should receive your reward. To kill an HVT, just kill him like any other enemy and take a picture of him by standing over the body and pressing . There are 55 HVT’s in the game, but unlike the first game, only five are actually required to beat the game (Mendez, Blanco, Carmona, Peng or Joyce, and Solano).

Digital Man upscale-245262160018212
You unlocked all shop items

The requirements to unlock all shop items are basically the requirements to reach 100% game completion.

  • Complete the story (the nuclear bunker buster is unlocked upon completing the game).
  • Complete all outpost missions.
  • Complete all challenges to level 3 for each faction (Misha, Ewan, and Eva’s challenges are not necessary).
  • Verify (capture or kill) all HVT’s for each faction.
  • Destroy all marked buildings for each faction.
  • Complete all bounties for each faction (kill a total of 50 of the faction’s enemy).
  • Destroy 50 billboards for the PLAV.
  • Find all 100 spare parts.
  • Complete level 2 of any of Fiona’s challenges (for Fiona’s Favorites).

Completing the story, the outposts, the challenges, destroying the marked buildings, verifying all the HVT’s, and completing the bounties for each faction will unlock most of the items. However, the spare parts are a bit more complicated. Spare parts are located in orange boxes scattered around the map, and there are exactly 100 of them. For every ten you collect, you will be able to buy a new custom vehicle from Eva. Fortunately, there is a helpful glitch with the spare parts that makes collecting them far easier. Once you collect 30-40 of the parts, the game will begin to register previously collected spare parts just by traveling near them. So, you can just fly a helicopter over the parts you already collected, save and quit, then restart and repeat until you unlock 100 spare parts in the statistics screen of the PDA, though you will probably end up with more than 100. The red X’s on the map represent the spare parts.

We’ll Burn the Sky upscale-245262160018212
You unlocked all landing zones

There are 22 landing zones in the game; one at each outpost and another at each faction headquarters. This trophy is missable because once you complete the “Battle For Caracas” mission, either the AN or Chinese HQ will be nuked and become inaccessible, so get all the landing zones before completing the mission. 

Now if anyone ends up with 21/22 landing zones unlocked, then you are all likely missing the same outpost. Do a couple missions for the Chinese including the one at the north-easternmost outpost, and the landing zone should unlock during that mission.

Highway to Hell
You completed 3 races

There are plenty of races in the game, but I have listed what I personally believe are some of the easier races in the game. Simply complete level 1 of three different vehicle races to get the trophy.

The Destruction Race and PMC Race challenges are both given by Eva at the PMC. The former requires you to drive through a course in a Vulcan 4×4 while destroying barrels (for extra time). The latter is a simple point A to point B race in Fiona’s Racing Inferno, which is actually considered to be a sports car.

The challenge “Built for Speed” is a sports car challenge given by UP. It is just like the PMC race challenge, but you get to drive the fastest vehicle in the game (the Velace).

Like I said, there are many other races you can attempt, but I personally found these to be the easiest, and all three can be completed fairly early in the game. 

Aces High Gold
You captured all high value targets

This is the most difficult trophy in the game, and it can also be buggy. It is highly recommend that you disable autosave before you go for this trophy, however, I did it with autosave on, so it isn’t necessary. Also, the faction you are capturing the HVT for must be friendly with you to even be able to capture them. For this reason, it is best to capture all of the HVT’s for any one faction, then move on to the next one.

You need to save before every HVT in the game, including Mendez, Blanco, Carmona, and Joyce or Peng. When going after the UP and PLAV HVT’s, you won’t initially have access to the Anaconda or any of the later helicopters. If you want, you can save these HVT’s until after you unlock the better helicopters, or, you can go after them with earlier vehicles. I suggest taking your selected helicopter, flying into the area, clearing out everything you can, and then quickly landing and capturing the HVT. If you do it quickly, you can prevent reinforcements from being called in. If you don’t do this quickly, there is a greater chance that the HVT will be killed. Also, if you leave an HVT alone for a while, or move too far away, he will just drop dead.

Capturing the HVT’s in co-op could be a good idea, as HVTs are invincible while being carried, so one person can pick him up while the other destroys everything in sight with a helicopter. However, when I helped out a friend with this trophy, we captured most of the HVTs in co-op, but didn’t get the trophy. There is the possibility it could have been because I had cheats on in previous sessions, or that he could have accidentally killed an HVT earlier, but we aren’t sure. An HVT is supposed to be counted as captured as long as your payment comes up on screen after loading him onto the helicopter, but there is the possibility the game could glitch and not count the capture if the helicopter is blown up quickly enough. For these reasons, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make separate save files after every few HVTs so you don’t have to restart the whole game.

Finally, you have to have captured 53/55 HVT’s before going into the “Battle for Caracas”. During the battle, you will capture either Joyce or Peng, so you will have 54/55 when you start the final mission. If everything has been done correctly, you will get a special scene where you actually capture Solano instead of letting him die in the helicopter crash.

Partners in Crime
You’ve experienced co-op

Simply join or host an online game with a second player and this trophy will unlock, but, as I stated in section 3 of the Roadmap, many people are unable to even access the online component of the game.

Wheels of Steel
You came in first during a co-op race

Once you are online and have a second player in your game, start up any race and win it. Just note that with many races, both players have to finish. I suggest either of Eva’s races at the PMC due to their short lengths and fairly low difficulty.

Damage, Inc. upscale-245262160018212
You used 20 airstrikes in co-op

This is one of the buggiest trophies in the game. There have been many forums claiming multiple different ways that this trophy can unlock.

  • Some players may get really lucky and have it unlock after using 20 total airstrikes in co-op.
  • Others claim that you must use 20 DIFFERENT airstrikes to make it unlock, but this did not work for me.
  • Another possibility is that you must use 20 total airstrikes, but those that are not delivered by plane/bomber, such as the artillery strike, do not count.
  • Finally, this trophy unlocked for me after I used probably 40-60 airstrikes over the course of multiple sessions, so it could just be like many of the other “do X event Y number of times” trophies and just take a lot more that the listed requirement.
Nothin’ But a Good Time upscale-245262160018212
You destroyed 200 objects from the gunner seat in co-op

The best way to do this trophy is to have one player drive around any fast vehicle with a gunner seat, while the other just shoots everything in sight with the mounted weapon. Once again, driving around the PMC and destroying all the plants and furniture is a good idea. Once you unlock the trophy, switch places with your partner and do the same for them. This trophy usually does not unlock until you have destroyed well over 200 objects, so just keep doing it until it pops.



  1. This game or the first one deserves a remaster. Or a sequel better yet. Imo these were the best third person shooter open world sandbox games of all times, with just cause of course. This game was nothing but fun like we found on GTA. Never a dull moment in the game. I miss air strikes so bad!

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